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Juz’ 6: An-Nisa’ 148-176 – Al-Ma’idah 1-82
An-Nisa’ 148-169


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The importance of forgiveness in the context of operation is highlighted, along with the need for forgiveness in light of oppression. The importance of following rules and following the user's actions to avoid confusion and punishment, as well as following the messenger's instructions and following the user's actions to avoid punishment. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to follow rules and avoid confusion, as well as avoiding false accusations and contacting one's office for help.

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Leonardo Soleil Karim I'm about to be left him in a shell Pinder rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Rubbish. Luckily, suddenly were silly MD. Why on earth data melissani coli?

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Just number six,

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worker, no long semi anonima.

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body, oh,

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Allah does not like the public mention of evil except by one who has been wronged, and ever is a law hearing and knowing if instead you show some good or conceal it or pardon and offense, Indeed, Allah is Ever pardoning and competent in the law, how can our four one pudiera each person, each human being has in himself in herself some weakness, some fault, some deficiency, some error, because we as human beings are not perfect. Now when we see something of this nature in a person than Allah does not like that we highlight another person's fault, that we spread it, that we comment on it in our gatherings and social circles, causing that person to feel embarrassed. When we do see a fault

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in somebody, then it is our duty that we advise that person, because a little bit maruf, nahan, and Moncure is an obligation upon the believers. Now there are two ways of advising someone privately or in front of others. Obviously, if a person is corrected in front of others that will cause them embarrassment. So in that case, also, how is it that a person should correct someone in public by not taking their name? Why, so that they don't feel embarrassed? Remember that part of the objectives of Islamic law is to preserve the honor of people is to preserve their honor, their integrity, especially the honor of a believer. And this is why we see that falsely accusing a

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believer, backbiting him, insulting him, causing him embarrassment are all things that are not allowed. So what do we see over here? That if you do see something wrong in another, do not spread it? Why? Because when Allah forgives His servants every day and every night, then what does he like from his servants that we do should forgive one another? Now, what happens is that when a person is doing something wrong, yes, that is something wrong. But when we are the object of their oppression, when they're wrong, when the target of that wrong of that evil is us, we then what happens is that it is even more difficult to forgive. So Allah says that he does not like that the sins of his

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servants be thrown around, that their errors be publicized. But if someone is being oppressed because of another person sins, then in order to seek justice, he has to speak out in order to seek justice, he has to narrate the oppression that was done to him. So only in that situation, it is allowed to talk about somebody else's wrongdoing, in which case, when we are the object of oppression, and we have to speak up in order to seek justice, but even in that, what is it that we should remember? That Indeed, Allah, what can Allahu Semyon alima, Allah hears and he knows, he's listening to what we are saying, when we are narrating the faults of others, the oppression of

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others against us. And Allah also knows the real situation he knows the reality, he knows the oppression. So let us not exceed the correct bounds and say something that is improper, and from being the oppressed one we turn into the oppressor in the Lucha kanessa Mian alima he hears and he knows, but in any case, we see that Allah says intubate to halen out of foe, if you instead show some good meaning instead of taking revenge, and instead of talking about the faults of other people, if you show some good or concealment, meaning conceal the wrongs of the other person, or do some good secretly, or pardon the offense that was done to you, then remember that for in the Lucha

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Canada for one cloud era, that Indeed Allah is pardoning, while he is competent. You forgive others. Why? Because you're not even able

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To take revenge. Remember that Allah can punish you. Yet he pardons you. So why would you not pardon one another? Why would you not conceal the faults of each other and forgive each other? in our heads, we learned that the person who conceals the fault of a believer than Allah will conceal his faults on the Day of Judgment, Allah will forgive him, he will hide his faults. Because generally what happens is that when someone has wronged us, it's very difficult to hide their wrongdoing. It's almost uncontrollable, that a person wants to speak out against it, he wants to tell everybody about it. If anything we want to share with our family, a hurtful word that somebody said to us, or how

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somebody drove past us in a very harsh way, or how someone cut off us when we were driving. So what do we see here that when Allah hardens? While he's able to punish us, then what is it that we should remember? That we should also pardon others? Why? Because if we pardon them, then what will happen? Then we will be pardoned also. And while we see over here that a person who has been oppressed, he has the permission to speak out in order to seek justice. The lesson we must take from this is that we must never be on the wrong side of the equation, we must never be on the side of the oppression meaning we must never be the oppressors. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, fear the

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prayer of the oppressed one, the person who is oppressed, fear is there all. For indeed it is carried up on the clouds, meaning it is definitely taken up to the skies. And Allah says, By my honor and glory, I will surely help you. Even if it be after a time, by my honor and glory, I will help you even if it be after some time. So it is up to us which way we adopt the way of the oppressor, or the way of the forgiver the pardoner Indeed, those who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers, and wish to discriminate between Allah and His messengers, and say, we believe in some and disbelieve in others, and wish to adopt a way in between Allah eco homolka fue una haka. Those

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are the disbelievers truly, why because denying even one prophet is like denying all of them. So those people who discriminate differentiate between the prophets of Allah, then Allah says such people are disbelievers in reality, and we have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating punishment, but those who believe in Allah and His messengers, and do not discriminate between any of them, how by giving each prophet his help, and what is the heart of each Prophet, that he should be believed in that the way Allah has preferred him, the special gifts, the special qualities that Allah has given him, we also believe in that to such people, to those Allah is going to give them

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their rewards and ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful? So we've seen these verses that call for disbelief in the messengers of Allah. What does that bring about? The punishment of Allah and Eman believe in the messengers of Allah? What does that bring as your reward, and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. In these we learned that once a Jewish man he mentioned Musashi Salaam, in front of some Muslims, and when he mentioned busara salaam, it was as though he exalted him above our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So an unsightly man, he got very angry and he got up and he slapped that you, he slapped him, he got very angry. So that Jewish man went to the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam and he complained to him that this is what this Muslim man has done. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam instructed the believers, he said, Do not compare the prophets exalting one over the other. This is something that is not right, that you begin to compare the prophets Oh, Rizal Islam was better in this way. No, no Mohammed Salah Lawson was better in this way. No, but musala salam was better No, this is something that should not be done, do not compare the profits, exalting one on the other, and the profits or loss and continued, that I will be the first for whom the earth will be opened, meaning on the Day of Judgment, and I will see Moosa holding on to one of

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the legs of the throne. I do not know whether he will be raised before me or after me. So we see over here that the prophets of Allah Sena mentioned the quality of musar SLM, so that the man would also feel better, right. And at the same time, he advised us that we do not need to get into such arguments and discussions. Because each prophet Allah has chosen him. Allah has given him a special status. Each prophet is unique. Each prophet is chosen, and ultimately all of them are servants of Allah.

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hautala but today we see the generally when we do speak about the prophets of Allah, especially Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is it that we highlight his high status? What is it that we highlight His names, or his success, or his special features, his miracles, and sometimes we see that people even cross the correct limits. In praising him, what is done, he is exalted from the status of being a human messenger, a slave messenger to being literally equivalent to Allah or even a status higher than Allah naroda Binda or what happens is that we get lost in the praise of the messenger and we don't think about what we need to do. Many times when Rasulullah sallallahu. senem

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is mentioned when he's spoken about when he's praised than Yes, his special features are mentioned the fact that he forgave someone, the fact that he was so good to someone. And remember, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he already has a very high status, but we don't just need to sing about it, and talk about it and cry about it, or be happy about it. We need to do something as well. We need to do something as well. It's our Iman that's going to be seen, how is it that we follow the messenger because the prophets of Allah was sent in order to be obeyed, not just believed in and loved and praised, we should love him, we should praise Him. But then we must also see how we have to follow

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him. The People of the Scripture asked you to bring down to them a book from the heaven, but they had asked to have Mussa something even greater than that, when they said, show us a law outright. So the Thunderbolt struck them for their wrongdoing. Then they took the car for worship after clear evidence has had come to them. And we pardoned that And We gave Moosa A clear authority, and we raised over them the mount for refusal of their covenant, and we sent to them enter the gate, bowing humbly, and we said to them do not transgress on the Sabbath, and we took from them a solemn covenant. But what happened? What was their reaction instead of being obedient, instead of being

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compliant? What was their reaction? disobedience, arrogance, pride, instead of humility, they mocked at the comments. So what happened? And we cursed them for their breaking of the covenant and their disbelief in the signs of Allah and their killing of the prophets without right, and they're saying, Our hearts are wrapped, rather, Allah has sealed them because of their disbelief. So they believe not except for a few. And we also curse them because of their disbelief. And they're saying against memoriam, a great slander. Now we see over here, these people were the ones who were blessed with the Scripture, the knowledge of the Scripture, these were the ones who made covenants, promises with

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. But yet, despite having all that knowledge, when they did not follow, when they did not change their action, they just got lost and the fact that they were chosen people, they were happy and proud about that. Then what happened, that same high status became a cause of their downfall. Instead of going further, in obedience to Allah, they disobeyed and what happened they brought about the curse of Allah upon themselves. So what do we see over here in these ayat, that it is not just enough to feel happy about the the truth that Allah has guided us to? It's not enough to just feel happy about the fact that Allah has blessed us with the final messenger that we are His

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oma that Allah has chosen us. What matters is our actions. Because the greater the status, the greater the responsibility and when a person disobeys, then the greater the punishment is, what only him inner paternal mercy. And for they're saying very proudly, that indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Raisa, the son of Maria, the Messenger of Allah, this is a lie, because they never killed him. And even if they did kill him, look at the pride over here, pride in sin, that they're happy about the fact that they killed a servant of Allah. They didn't actually kill him, because Allah says they didn't actually kill him. This was a lie that they said. But the fact that they're saying

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this so happily, oh, we killed Teresa. We killed Teresa as if they had done something great as if they had achieved something great. And this is what happens when a person is arrogant. When a person is diluted, he takes pride in the sense that he has committed that he committed a sin a lock and sealed it. But what happens this person takes pride that oh, I committed that sin. I have also done this wrong. I have also done that. How long? What greater foolishness would there be than this? They're saying that we have killed Isa. Allah says no, they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him. But another person was made to resemble him to them. So when they killed him, they thought

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They had killed recently who said Oh, well I can should be held at home. The whole matter was made confusing to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following assumption. And they did not kill him for certain whatnot but Allahu yaquina they did not actually kill him. They did not kill him for certain meaning even when they thought they were killing him. They did not have any conviction they were still doubting themselves. Then where did Aris are they set on goal. Allah says Bella Farah hula hoop LA. Rather Allah raised him to himself and ever is Allah Exalted in Might and Wise, and there is none from the

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People of the Scripture, but that he will surely Believe in your Isa before his death, meaning when he saw the sun and returns, when he returns when Allah decides that he should return before the day of judgment, then what will happen? All the People of the Scripture, they will believe in him, because no other religion but Islam shall remain. Every single person will believe in reincarnation. And when he saw SLM dies, unnatural death, then what will happen? They will not be a single person except that he will be a believer. This can also be understood as that each person from the People of the Scripture when he dies, he is told about the reality of reciting his Salah. So even though

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he's dying as a disbeliever, because he lived like that, but at the time of death, he realizes his error, and he will understand the truthfulness of his or his Salah. And on the Day of Resurrection, he will be against them a witness how sad is this, that they're exalting the status of our listener in love of Risa, or there are others who are not giving the right help have resigned SLM in their bias against him. But what do we see on the Day of Judgment, resign s&m will be against them a witness, he will testify against them. In these we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah will send a son the son of Maria, meaning he will send him back to the earth

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He will return him. An Isa will descend at the white minaret in the eastern side of Damascus. So where is it that our listeners will land? Where is it that he will descend? In Damascus in the eastern side of Damascus on a white minaret? Now what white minaret is this Allahu arlin wearing two garments likely died with saffron. So colored clothing, placing his hands on the wings of two angels. So that is how he will descend. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there is no profit between me and him, meeting between me and rissalah his center

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and he will descend, meaning after Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam there is no prophet that will come. And the reason SLM is the prophet who will come. This doesn't mean that he will be granted Prophethood after Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, because he was a prophet even before Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when he will come, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said when you see him recognize him, a man of medium height, reddish fair, wearing to light yellow garments, looking as if drops were falling down from his head, though it will not be wet, meaning his face will be illuminated. He will fight the people for the cause of Islam because there will be a lot of chaos a

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lot of fitna at that time. What else would he start his Salaam do? What do you know about him? Who is it that he will kill the gel? Exactly, he will kill the gel and then eventually restart his salon. He will rule the people meaning people will believe in Him and follow Him and there is no person except that he will be a Muslim and then restart Islam will die. And then the Muslims will pray over him, meaning they will pray the janaza for him fabuleux my Mina Latina hairdo for wrongdoing on the part of the hood, we made unlawful for them certain good foods, meaning these foods were actually for you. They were clean things good foods. But what happened? Allah forbid

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these good foods to them. Why? Because of their own sense. And these good foods, they had been lawful to them previously. Why else were these good things forbidden for them, for their averting from the way of Allah, many people and for their taking of interest while they had been forbidden from it? And they're consuming other people's wealth unjustly and we have prepared for the disbelievers among them a painful punishment. What do we see here, that when a person disobeys a law in this world, even though he may be gifted with a lot of knowledge, but still he disobeys Allah in this world, and this person may have been blessed from before with many gifts with many blessings

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than what will happen because of his disobedience

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He will be deprived of risk, he will be deprived of good food, he will not be able to enjoy the blessings. He will not be able to live a comfortable life. Why? Because of his sins, which sins are mentioned over here.

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There, averting people from the way of Allah, their loan, first of all their injustice, their wrongdoing, their sins, and they're stopping people from the way of Allah and they're taking interest. What are the new who are and who, while they were forbidden from it? And this is something that is not unclear in our religion. It's clearly mentioned in sort of Baccarat that we're have Rama Riba, Allah has forbidden Riba. Is there any other statement that is clearer than that? What clear statement do we need? What how Rama Riba? Allah has forbidden, he has made it unlawful, the word haram has been used. So they yahood also they knew it was Haram. Yet they legalized it, yet they

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found some loophole, some trick some way through which they made it legal for themselves. And what happened was up to him while unethical battle, because they also consume the wealth of the people unlawfully through theft, and other wrong ways bribe so on and so forth. What happened, they were deprived of good things in life. And this is just the punishment in this world.

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So what do we learn from this, that in all circumstances? What is it that we should do? Firstly, we should be grateful to Allah for the blessings that He has given us. Because if he wanted, he could have deprived us from them. He gave these blessings to us to enjoy, let us remain grateful. And secondly, let us fear Allah in all circumstances also, and not change his law, not violate the limits that Allah has set. Because if we do that, then we are only going to cause hardship to ourselves in this life and the next because in the hereafter what our utter denial Katharina mean home, rather than any man, but those who are firm in knowledge, lacking in lossy, hona filler in

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women home, those people who are firm in knowledge amongst them, what does it mean by being firm in knowledge? firm? When a person is firm in knowledge? What does it mean he's holding on to it, he's not separating himself from it. You see, Russell Hall Russo, is like when you put a nail in the wall, you put a nail in the wall, can you pull it out easily, some nails very easy to pull them out. Why? Because the wall is weak and the nail was not hammered in properly. And the nail also is not that strong. But when there is a big long, solid nail with like a screw almost. And when that is put into the wall, you almost have to rip the wall out to take that out. It's so difficult to take it

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out, you will ruin the wall in trying to take that out. This is Russell. So there are some people who have knowledge, but they keep themselves separate from that knowledge. There's no blend, they don't blend in with that knowledge. And there are others who blend in with that knowledge to absorb that knowledge. What do I mean by that? That they act upon it? They don't just know it in their minds. It is transferred in their lives. It is applied in their lives, that when they're dealing with people, yes, it shows that this is a person who knows the importance of fearing God. Yes, it shows that this is a person who cares about relationships, who cares about the feelings of other

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people who is sensitive towards others. He doesn't have double standards. He likes for others what he likes for himself, then yes, this is a person who doesn't have good information in his head, but he has it in his life. He has absorbed that knowledge. It is in his heart. It is in his words. It is in his body language. It is in the way he deals with people in the way that he worships Allah, then a rasa hoonah filler ailment home, almost minion and also those people who believe such people Allah says they believe in what has been revealed to you. They believe in the Quran. And what was revealed before you they believe in all the scriptures without discriminating why because every scripture is

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from who from God from Allah, then rejecting one is like rejecting all because the sender is Allah the sender is God. And the establishes of prayer those who have established prayer especially, and those who give this a cat who give charity and those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, those we will give a greater reward, such people will be given a great reward. Earlier it was mentioned who the punishment is for, and here we learn. Who is it that the reward is promised to who those people who observe and respect the limits that Allah azza wa jal has said.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever believes in Allah and His Messenger

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offers prayer perfectly, and fasts in the month of Ramadan will rightfully be granted Paradise by Allah. He will be given entry into Gemini who, the one who believes in Allah, His Messenger offers prayers perfectly, and he also fasts in the month of Ramadan. Such people yes, Allah has promised them a great reward. Indeed, We have revealed to you or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, just as we revealed to new and the prophets after him, and we revealed to Ibrahim it's Mary is her yaku and the descendants, which descendants, the descendants of yaku, meaning the profits that came from the bunny, isn't he?

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So we reveal to all of these profits and the last of those profits was who recently salah and au Yunus Harun Suleiman and to the world we gave the book which book what attina, the Buddha, the Buddha, we gave him the Boo, while also not apostles, now Houma, la come and kaaboo was also an alumna, so sama Lake, and we sent messengers about whom we have related their stories to you before, and other messengers about whom we have not related to you. Meaning Allah sent many messengers, many messengers, why to guide people. So messengers, Allah has told us about them, their names, their stories, their struggles, their people and their other messengers about when we don't know. We don't

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even know their names. There were over 300 Russell, messengers that were sent messengers who, someone who is sent to a non believing people. So imagine from Hades, we don't over 300 Russell. Now Who are they? We only know about 20 something from the Quran. And then people wonder that Oh, all of these prophets were sent in and around Africa, Middle East, what about the rest of the world, no prophet sent to them? Well, Allah says over here, that he sent so many messengers, some he has told us about them and others that he has not told us about them. What can llama la who said that Lima and Allah spoke to Moosa with direct speech, Allah spoke to Musa Musa heard Allah, he heard the

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speech of Allah with his ears, and this is why when he heard Allah musar Listen, I wanted to see Allah as well. Well, Calum Allah Musetta calima Rasul Allah, sola MOBA, sharina, Oman zerene, we sent messengers as Bringers of good news. And as Warner's, this was the common responsibility that was shared amongst all of the prophets, every prophet, regardless of who he was sent to whether it was Mousavi incentives around or it was a bizarre lesson and being sent to the money is slightly any messenger that was sent to his people. What was his role? What was his task? To give good news? Good News of what our reward if people abide by the limits that Allah has set and at the same time

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warning, warning against what, against the punishment, if people violate those limits that Allah soprano tada has set.

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So Allah sent messengers for this purpose. Why? Why did Allah send so many messengers so that mankind will have no argument against Allah, after the messengers and ever is Allah Exalted in Might and Wise, so that people cannot say on the day of judgment or Allah, we had no idea. We had no idea what you liked for us and what you disliked for us, no messengers were sent one after the other. So now people have no argument left. So if people believe or not, or messenger Do not worry, why? Because Allah bears witness to that which he has revealed to you. A lot testifies to its truthfulness, a lovely eyeshadow be madonsela la. The question is, do we also believe in that with

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conviction, that which was revealed to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam? If Allah is testifying that it is the truth, then what should we do? Should we also testify that he or sir is the truth? And if Allah is telling us that it is the truth, then should we have any hesitation in believing in it? any hesitation in following it? No, believe with conviction, follow with certainty. This is how this is the best. He has sent it down with his knowledge, meaning this Quran this book is based on whose knowledge the knowledge of Allah, so have confidence that it is the best, have full faith that it is the best. There is nothing doubtful in this book. Why? Because it's based on a lot of

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knowledge. And what is Allah knowledge, it is the reality. It is the reality because Allah is the Harlock and he is the knower. He is the creator of everything, and he also knows about everything. So his knowledge is reality. So his book is based on what

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reality, there is nothing in the book of Allah that contradicts the heck, there is no false statement in the book of Allah. Think about it when you read a book, like, for example, you read a book about how women should be and how men should be. So for example, something about how to improve your marriage. And there's something mentioned in there some advice that you disagree with. And it is said, No, but there's research that backs this up. And this is true, this is practical, it just works. But if you disagree with it, are you going to accept it? No. Why? Because you're going to say, Who knows? The research might be faulty, right? Who knows the people they tested on, we're not

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exactly the best group of people, it's possible, there is always a possibility that there is some error in it.

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Recently, I received a letter from one of the, you know, like the mayors and all of that the senators, they send letters right all the time, so that they can get you to be on their site. So anyway, there was a sentence right at the end, which said, that if you need any kind of help, or if we can help you in any way, please do not contact my office.

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Please do not contact my office, I believe what they meant to say was, please do contact my office. But it was a genuine mistake. And I was thinking this letter must have been printed in the 1000s and mailed in the 1000s. And people must be laughing about it. And I was thinking this is somebody who's working in the government who probably has a personal secretary, maybe more than one, but still we see such a basic mistakes that are basic error. Why? Because we are human beings, anything that is a product of human mind, human research, human knowledge, it will have errors in it, it will be faulty,

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it will be faulty. The Quran is based on whose knowledge, the knowledge of Allah. So when we read, hold on, just put away all your fears. Yes, this is something that I can have my full faith in. You know, like when people go to a doctor. And when they see the doctor, it's as though Shiva is in the hands of the doctor, you can see the desperation in their face. And when the doctor says, I'm sorry,

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this is all that I can tell you to do. No but but this invert that they want an answer. The desperation is on the face, they're seeking shift out from the doctor. But what can the doctor do? You can only guide isn't that so? So how comes from who Allah and zela who bear in me, this Quran when you open it, when you read it, then know that it is the heart.

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So feel happy, feel relaxed, and trust it and accept it and follow it one minute equal to YESHUA Dune. And the angels also bear witness to work to the fact that this Koran is from Allah, the fact that this Quran is help worker fabula he shahida and sufficient is Allah as witness, even if people reject in alladhina cafaro Indeed, those people who disbelieve and avert people from the way of Allah have certainly gone far astray. Indeed, those who disbelieve and commit wrong or injustice, never will ALLAH forgive them. Why? Because Allah has made oppression unlawful. So those who commit injustice and do not repent from it, then there is no forgiveness for them, nor will he guide them

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to a path except the path of hell. They will only be led to hell, they will abide there and forever and that for Allah is always easy. This is why we must avoid oppression.