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This is a natural consequence,

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a natural consequence of what of their disbelief.

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Think about it, translation of the lesson that we study. Alright. So just because I don't say it doesn't mean you don't have that homework, it's something that is understood. Is it understood? It's clear to everyone, okay? No. Why? Because it has become rusted from inside.

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It needs to be fixed from inside, it was not used for a very long time. If you don't move around as much as you should be moving around, if you do not exercise as much as you should be exercising, and one day you go on a marathon, you try to walk and you say the translation. All right, say that for the entire ayah. Repeat three or four times, then cover the translation, hide it with a piece of paper, you should have a big bookmark a little bit even from one street to the other, from your street to the main road. Will that exhaust you? Will that tire you out? times is it that you're required to read through the word toward in order to memorize it, a minimum of seven times your

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homework is that you actually appoint is going to come where his eyes are not going to work. Even if he sees the truth, he's not going to benefit. Even if he hears the truth, he's not going to benefit. Even if he's pressed down in the sense that you can memorize do if one day, the next to the other day, you know, another two if the other day. So this way, throughout the week, you will have a constant connection with the content of the warning, he is not going to be affected by it while because he has not used his heart properly. He has not used his hearing or his vision. So remember that because in the levina they disbelieved themselves. So when a person disbelieves he does not

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accept the truth, then he will only get what the word to word how many times, seven times Secondly, you have to mark it as what that you've done it seven times. And thirdly, I also want you to listen to the recitation listen to the recitation of the app that we are studying.

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A very good tip is that you listen to the recitation of the car for example from the beginning of the Quran from certified her all the way until we have learned Can you do that as well? Okay, let's continue. Okay. Are with a Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Allah Why? Because it is named after the story of the cow and the money is for you, which is mentioned in verses 67 to 73. As time that mucky sorrows are those which were revealed before the hedger and money sutras are those which were revealed after the hegira so murky, muddy, this division is not according to place but rather it is according to the era the time and certain Baccarat is the

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longest surah of the Quran.

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It covers two and a half years, and the surah has 286 verses. How many verses 286 about worship such as prayer, fasting Hajj. Similarly, there are also laws concerning family life, social life, marriage divorce.

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The doctor has said don't have sugary foods you have it anyway, who will do this the person who has desires so when a person follows is it is a Surah Al Baqarah, learn sudo dakara the Alamo. Learn it why for in the hub Baraka when and his heart. Were Gianna bustle, really shower and he has placed a veil on his muscles. So what's the second reason following the desires? guru Allah implant? Those people who learn who read who recite these two Sutras, what will the sutras do, they will come and give like, he is deprived of a great fortune. The Hadees continues the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that learn sudo tillbaka and surah earlier in one Surah Al Iran is a third suit of the Quran.

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Learn both of these sutras Why? Because they are two lights. They are two lights and they will share their people on the Day of Resurrection just as two clouds or two spaces of shade or two lines of flying birds on the Day of Judgment Surah Al Baqarah and swim believers. So really we don't know when and if Allah has set a seal on their hearts. Why is this iron revealed and why is lots of panel data telling us about such people the person who learns the format and part of that obviously is pseudocode. Similarly, we learn in another Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said ledger Allah Buddha kookaburra do not make your houses graveyards, do not turn your homes into graveyards.

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is that assumption said do not make your houses into graveyards for internal beta Lady tokra ofii surah baqarah laryea the Hulu shape on the house on our website

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under the ground on the surface of may appear to be very beautiful. So what does it mean by this lethargy or lubu the kookaburra do not make your houses graveyards. A house in which the Quran is not recited is like a graveyard.

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It's like a dead house. There is no life over there. The profits are on our way. Is there a problem with having shavon around

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a big problem because Wish Upon initial Ivana Lacan are the one who cited the house in which brutal buckler is recited, that house is alive, the people of that house, they are alive. When the Quran is not recited over there, it's like a graveyard. And when the Quran is not recited over there, then what's going to happen shavon will come. If SoTL Baccarat is where Chopin will go, I do where he is our enemy. Just imagine having your enemy inside your house, having your enemy inside your house, Are you safe, you're not safe at all. So when Shabbat will be there in your house, what's going to happen, there will be fights, there will be arguments, they will be sadness, they will be

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depression, but only if you feel that you're having lots of problems with your family members, whether it's your children, or it's your husband, or it's your in laws, or it's your siblings, whoever is living with you, you feel the traveler go to the mall, I'd rather go to my friend's house, I just don't want to go home, you need to recite to the Baccarat in your house. You need to recite it set of problems with them. There is miscommunication, misunderstanding, and as a result, people are not at good terms. And what should we do besides roto Baccarat, because these problems are a result of what we keep this in mind and read it out loud, share the meeting with the people of

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your house, so that even they can benefit you're not the only person who's benefiting. So let's petitioners sort of color in our houses and as you are doing your work toward memorizing your lesson. Keep this in mind as well as you're reciting the practicing you're seeing sought YesI Baha, these hudl What are they? They are part of the Arabic alphabet.

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Arabic Allah helped me message that there are many many suitors of the Quran that begin with these halluf these hoof Alif Lam meme, or elsewhere, you learn how to implement Olive better, Jean powercore. So these letters are part of the Arabic alphabet. And these hudl they are written together as punishment. Now these verses remember that if you look at the end zone, the home tones at home, you you over here is referring to him, You don't say how I mean that isn't itself. But when it comes to these rules, how do you read them? separately? You don't read them together? This is why in the form of a word. Now what are these hurdles?

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these hurdles, the scholars have different concerning them concerning their meaning concerning their wisdom, superstitious beliefs concerning these hurdles, which is why sometimes they will write them and they will hang them in their house or they will read them over and over again. Or they will think that they have a particular meaning to anyone or something like that. Secondly, it has been said that these who they are of the Arabic alphabet, and they don't have a meaning when you read the Arabic alphabet have a meaning. But we don't know about it. Who knows about it. Allah knows about it. We don't know about it. And fourthly, it is also said that the strongest one seems to be the

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second one, which is that these halluf What are they rufiji. They are Arabic alphabet. And because of that they don't have any meaning. You don't translate them. Just as the letter G does it have a meaning no matter? How does it have a meaning? No. Similarly, Alif Lam? Meem? Literally, these letters do not have change. They don't accept? What does it mean? They know yet they don't accept? Because there are many people out there today. Yes, they're entitled Tada. There's a wisdom behind that. All right, and what's that wisdom? collars have suggested that these who they point out that was able to bring anything even similar to the Quran, even close to it. So these hurdle, if you

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think about it, what are these hurdles, the truth that people speak the letters that people use, the sounds that people use, and everything about the Quran has been revealed in which letters in which words in which sounds the sound convey in America, Bella Marlena herself. So similarly, we must also do the same thing that when we use a sound all the time, but is any human being capable of producing anything like the Quran? Impossible, no way. So these letters Alif Lam mean what do they do? deserve Nakata? They show the miraculous nature of the Quran which is why we see that or indirectly

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exalt the status of the aura, because these roofer reminding us that this Quran is a miracle. So with this in mind, there is but you cannot produce anything like it. So this is not the word of a human being, this is the word of who, Allah, then you can kita boo, this is the book, loud Iver fi in, which is no doubt, this book that you're reading this book, The Quran is in that and it's used to point out to something just as the word this or that in the English language, what do we use it for? point out something this is used for that which is near and that we use to point towards what that which is far. So similarly there, liquor means that and it's used to point out to something. So

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Valley, Calcutta, that book, this is a book and the book, what does this book refer to the Quran? The word Kitab is from the root letters, gaff the BA,

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and get means German together something to collect kita together put together this is what a book is, isn't it? So you may find a document here or there. But when you see your book, a lot has been put together. So this is what a key passion for you when the audio is being revealed to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Did the people have the Quran in a book form like we have? No, they didn't have

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that whoever wishes to guide he opens up his heart to Islam. He opens up his heart to Islam so he accepts it. Whatever Allah commands, he accepts it, which is 21 to 22. Allah subhanaw taala says Bell who are called animoji Philo him, my fools. Similarly, it's called kita. Why? Because 12 to 16 we learn from insha Allah, Allah feels so rufen mocha Rama more for our tiene mucho hora ba de Sephora Keilar mean, it's written with the angels, and it's also written with who, with us in the most heart that you have.

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So then he can kita this book, this one on how to describe it, low labor fee. In it, there is no doubt at all. Right? What does right mean? Doubt and blame is from the ruthless such a doubt that makes a person unsettled. That takes the peace of mind away from a person mean he's not settled, he's not able to trust the other person. He's doubtful, and that's taking his piece away. He cannot leave it he cannot ignore it.

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That is called honors from Allah. There is no doubt about the contents of this Quran meaning every single statement in this book, what is it? It is factual? It is reality. It's not doubtful at all. So there is no doubt in the fact that it has been sent down by Allah, there is no doubt in the last panel, Donna begins this surah

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with the introduction to the Quran, and the first description that is given out the Quran is that there is no doubt about it. Why do you think so? Is it necessary to note that this could honestly have dealt

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as human beings we become doubtful, and many times it happens in our benefit? Can you be a piece? No, you cannot be a piece can answer your questions, it cannot answer your questions. So in order to fully benefit from something, what do you need to have trust and confidence? So when Allah says there likkle kita boo Lera Fie. What's the purpose that as you study this book, have trust, have confidence that what you're reading is factual. What you're reading is 100% true, what you're reading what you're studying is 100% But have no fear, no bias, so that you can benefit from this book. And this book, a loss of power dialysis, it is who the little motor thing, it is all off.

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Yeah. Well, off Yeah. You don't see the well. But as I told you earlier, that there are some letters that are part of the route but you don't always see them why inshallah you will learn about that as well. So it's from the routers, well, coffea and we call is to save yourself to take a shield to protect yourself. Who is Motoki? Mata Ki is someone who has taken a shield in order to protect himself in order to save himself from something that is dangerous from something that is natural. If a person is coughing a lot sneezing a lot, you don't go near them. Why? Because you're afraid and you spent all that money so that I can worship a loss of panel data, I cannot afford to get sick,

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leave very severe, that the blessing will be taken away. So we must use these blessings that are most powerful God has given to us. Then we also learn from these really careful about what they eat. They check all the ingredients they go to somebody's house, they ask them, did you put any nuts in this? Did you put any dairy in this if you did, I can tell from getting depressed

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Should you know? Because at the end of the day, each person is responsible for who? for himself Aleykum and someone who is very careful. Now, okay, there is a person who is trying to protect himself because he has a food allergy, there is another person who wants to protect himself because there's a viral infection going on. Now this person looked up, what is he trying to save himself from? McDuffie is a person who is trying to save himself from the punishment of Allah.

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How in the way that he lives in this dunya in the way that he behaves in this dunya? How can he become careful in what way

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that first of all, he will do what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded. Because when a person does what Allah has commanded, then that is a means of protection from punishment.

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All of you must have experienced this in your childhood as well. And perhaps now you're experiencing this, that sometimes you don't want to get up and have breakfast, but your mother keeps yelling at you. How? By doing what Allah has commanded, and staying away from what Allah soprano data has forbidden. So over here, law says from the kitchen, wake up, come down breakfast getting cold. Perhaps you're working now perhaps in university now but still, your mother doesn't leave you. Why? Because so Tara shows this guidance over here. Where's guidance? Where is it contained? In this book of Allah? If you want guidance, yes, you made the offer it but you also put it as

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this is very similar to how merely reading a book on time management does not make you efficient in managing your time. Many However, this guidance is not received by everyone who studies this book. Everyone who reads this book, who can receive guidance from this book, the person who's reading a book on healthy eating does not make you a person who is healthy, isn't it so many reading a book on writing Well, does not make you inventing anything, they're not benefiting from the book. So in order to benefit from the Quran, we have to have these qualities we have to have the quality of the QA if we business to want to become more efficient in their skills. So they read one book after the

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other but you see no change in them. Why? Because they're reading the books and they're putting them away. They're not employed don't have this quality of the core, then this study will be useless. The study of the Quran will be used as reading of the Quran will not bring any benefit to a person both together and I became very careful in how I was walking that any Thorn I saw any part of the bush that I saw coming my way I avoided it. I stayed away. So he said yes. So he asked him that What did you do? How did you pass through those thorny bushes? He said, I gathered in my clothes, and I became careful. I collected my clip from it I collected myself even more. Like for example, if you

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have to go through the classroom right now through the middle. And if you have something big with you, how will you walk cash of every step you take. This is who are Mata Ki is a moto p person does not live a heedless life. A moto p person lives a conscious life alert. He is alert about his surroundings. And he is alert about what he's doing what he's saying. Meaning that he has certain rules to live by, he will not just follow his desires. I don't feel like waking up right now. CFO, why? Because he wants to save himself from punishment in the hereafter.

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Similarly, a Motoki person is He who is very careful about what he puts in his mouth. I'm hungry, I don't care. I'm just going to go get this food and I'm going to eat it. No, he's going to be careful. What is it made with one after. Similarly, a Motoki person is not one who just says whatever he feels like, or yells whenever he wants to back bites whenever he wants to note conscious, careful, responsible, this is who Motoki is a person who is concerned about his well being about his saves their life very carefully. They're concerned about where they're getting their money from, how they plan to be successful, how they plan to make money, like for example, if a

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person wants to be successful in his career, he will make sure that he studies well he has a good degree, he makes a good resume and then he applies in different cases and when he will put that effort in inshallah he will get somewhere. But if there is a person who barely did his undergrad and he's just sitting with his results, he's not working on improving his resume. He's not working on getting another certification or applying for a job trying to get promoted, will he get anywhere, he will not get anywhere. So a Motoki is who, someone who wants to get the best out of his life. This is why he's conscious. This is why he's alert about what he says what he eats, what he does, where

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he goes, what he listens to, this is who he is. So a person who wants to be

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Successful a person who wants to live a meaningful life a person who is alert and conscious Allah subhanaw taala says this person will find guidance where in the book of Allah, he will find guidance in the book of Allah. Delhi, Calcutta will Nelly Murphy and there's no doubt in this book who then

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it's a guide for those people who have Taqwa. Now over here we see that Allah subhanaw taala since we're dealing with Turkey, do we not understand this that Quran is a guidance for all people? Isn't it? Isn't that what we have been told from the very beginning Quran is guidance for everybody? Yes, because of loss of Panthera himself also says that in sort of Baccarat I 185 Allah says Sharona Madonna lady owns Raphael, who then leanness this Quran in it is guidance for people in this Quran is guidance for who for all mankind, what are we here we see who the little Motoki it has been narrowed down to those people who have Taqwa. This is not a contradiction. Remember that he Daya

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guidance is of two types I told you earlier as well. One type of VEDA is that I have it shall he die off.

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So when it comes to all people, yes, they can get it sure they can get knowledge from where from the Quran. If a person wants to know about prophet new harness Allah, can he find some information from the Quran? Yes, he can. If a person wants to know about what foods are Muslims allowed to eat and what are they not allowed to eat? Can he find this information from the Quran? Yes, he can. Okay, so one type of guidance is he Daya of his shot he died of Israel. And in this sense, the Quran is guidance for all people. All right, in this sense called honors guidance for all mankind, all people, whether he believes or he doesn't believe whether he is Motoki or he's not immortal.

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The second type of guidance is which one he died off the field, he died off. When a person is given the ability to act on the knowledge to benefit from the knowledge when that information turns into real knowledge when it becomes a part of the person. It's not just information that he has recorded, but rather he internalizes that information so he lives by it. You understand? This hedaya of armor is only for who? For those people who have Taqwa. When it comes to knowledge any person can gain information from the Quran, when it comes to truly benefiting from that information, who can benefit? What do we learn from this ayah who then little motor gain? It's a guidance for who for

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those people who have the core. So the first type of a diet is a diet shot and the second type of diet a diet, they'll feel when a person is given the ability to act on the knowledge Allah subhanaw taala says look for sleep I have 44 on who la Latina Avenue who then worship. Let's say this Quran is a guidance and a cure for those people who believe for those people who believe this Quran is a cure. But for those people who don't believe this Quran is not a cure for them, they will not benefit.

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So if a person wants to truly benefit from this call, and then what does he need to do? He needs to have the Aqua hotel motto clean.

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It's a guidance for those people who have Taqwa.

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Now, before we move on, I want you to reflect on this.

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I want you to read this ayah everybody together

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from the beginning?

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Alif Lam Meem.

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There likkle kita boo.

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Lo fi.

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Who then lil Mata Ki?

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What do you understand? there? likkle kita? Allah subhanaw taala uses the word velyka. And then he goes to point out to something that is far or exalted in its status. What does it show to us that the Quran is the great book? It's a very noble book. It's a very exalted book. It's a very special book. What does it show to us? That if this book is great, then a person who holds on to this book, will he become great?

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Will he Yes. If this Quran is very respectable than a person who holds on to this book, will he become respectable? Yes.

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If this Koran is exalted, then a person who holds on to this Koran will he become exalted. Yes.

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If a person wants to become successful in this dunya in the alpha,

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then what does he need to do? Hold on to this exalted book? Hold on to this prestigious book. If a

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person wants to become very prestigious. What do they do? They live in a prestigious house. There are certain standards that people have created.

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If you want to be of the elite, if you want to be great, if you want to stand out, then don't just carry any bag, don't just wear any shoes, why are you going to Walmart go to this particular store? Right? Get a coach bag, get a Louis Vuitton bag, right? This is what you should carry. So in this dunya, also, we have made standards for ourselves that if you want to be exalted, then you have to wear a certain thing, you have to go to a certain place, right? We say, don't go to this store, go to this particular huge, big mall. Why are you going to this small grocery store, go to this expensive grocery store, go to this, you know, new organic store. So this is how we look at dystonia

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as well, if you want to become exalted, you have to hold on to exalted things. If you want to have a good resume, you don't just go to any other college, you go to a good university. If you want to go high up there, then you must have those things which show that great status. So if a person wants to become great and successful, he wants to get distinction in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala in this dunya India, what must he hold on to the book of a law? Because his book is great radical kita. Then Allah says lovely Buffy, there is no doubt in it. There is no doubt in the book of Allah. What do you learn from this? What comes to your mind? What do you understand? When you hear loud? Are you

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Buffy, there is no doubt in this book. What do you understand?

00:26:38--> 00:27:17

When there is nothing doubtful in this book, when there is nothing doubtful about this book, then what does it mean? We have to take this book Seriously? If for example, you want to get a book on cooking? Do you want to get good recipes? What will you get just any book that has beautiful pictures in it? Will you get any book? No, you will look at the book and you will say best seller tried and tested recipes. And perhaps you will read somebody remarks or somebody's comments concerning that book, maybe perhaps a very successful chef or a nutritionist you will read a comment or two and you will say okay, these recipes are good, this is something that I need and then you

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will buy that book, isn't it? But if it's an ordinary book, no reviews, nothing Are you going to take that book Not at all. Similarly, you want to get a book on self improvement, how to improve yourself, you want to develop some of your skills, will you just buy any book? Will you just go read anything? No, what will you get? For example, you will get Stephen Covey. Right You will get renowned authors their books you will get best sellers. Why? Because when you read bestsellers, when you read a comment that was given a New York Times, for example, that gives you trust and confidence then you will benefit. Similarly this Quran Allah says lovely Buffy, he, everything is factual in

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this book, have no doubt Have no fear, have no worry. This is the key. This is what will lead you to success, low labor fee, nothing doubtful at all.

00:28:14--> 00:28:49

And it's very, very important that as we study this book, we must remove all doubts from our mind and heart. all doubts, because if a person has doubts, then what will happen? He will be biased, his vision will be blurry, he will not be able to benefit. For example, if you don't trust an author and you're reading their book, you're going to doubt every other state you're going to be like yeah, right. How is it possible? It's not true? What's their evidence? Is there any study that supports it? Is there any research that supports it? You won't just take it and believe in it. But Allah subhanaw taala says the helical cutter will not tell you a fee. Every statement in this book is

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true. You don't need a study to prove it. You don't need any research to prove it. Why? Because this book is from who? Allah subhanaw taala who is the Lord of the worlds This is why lottery Buffy there's no doubt in it.

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And then Allah says who then lil Mata keen? It is a guidance for who those people who have the power. That's a condition, if we want to benefit from the book of Allah, what quality must we have? The core that we should become careful. We should become conscious, we should become alert. And how is it that a person can become alert and conscious? more conscious when he remembers? Allah subhanaw taala when he remembers the last day when he remembers the accountability in the Hereafter, this is what brings the wha hoo

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hoo, I mean, Allah subhanaw taala describes them further in the following. These are the qualities that the motor can have. I want you to understand what the clean very clearly it's very important

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because who Dillon motoring I told you the two types of die right here die off

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Any day of armor, the key to knowledge, the key to action, what is it? The core, the fear of a law. When a person wants to protect themselves, do they educate themselves? Yes, they do. I have a friend who has a dairy allergy her and her son also both of them have a dairy allergy, she cannot have acidic food, her son cannot have acidic food. And she's very concerned about eating healthy, eating, good, fresh, organic, so on and so forth. So she is extremely careful about what she buys what she eats, what she feeds her son. And when you talk to her, she will tell you so many things, so many benefits of you know, certain foods, or so many harmful effects of certain chemicals because she has

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educated herself. She wants to protect herself and her son. This is why she has educated herself so much about food and nutrition. So this is very true. When a person wants to protect themselves. What do they do? They gain knowledge. taqwa is the key to

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and taqwa is also the key to our armor. When a person wants to protect themselves, they're serious about protecting themselves, then only they will do something. You can tell the person don't drink soda all the time. Don't eat this food all the time. It's not good for you. It's unhealthy. They won't listen to you. Even if they see the harmful effects. They will not listen to you, they will still eat unhealthy food, why? They're not concerned about saving themselves about protecting themselves. They're not concerned about living a healthier life. Because if they were concerned, if they were careful, if they were afraid, then what would they do? They will do so taqwa is also the

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key to action. The core, therefore is a key to success. And only a person who's serious about saving himself, in the hereafter will benefit from the Quran.

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So we all must develop this quality in ourselves as well. That we all must become the key. If we want to benefit from the book of Allah. We must have this burning, desire, desire to really improve, to really change ourselves to really become better in the sight of Allah to really benefit people to become successful in the Hereafter, to not just get by in the Hereafter, but to be in the highest levels of paradise. If we have this desire. If we have this yearning, then we will benefit from the book of Allah. If we don't have this yearning, then what will happen, we will study and this will be over and no change will come. Because it happens people say, I know so and so they have studied the

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Quran, look at them, they talk in this way, look at them, they behave in this way. Look at them, they do such and such. Why is it so there is no desire to change. There's no desire to protect oneself. A person may have but he can only have