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You're going to

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sit down ready for more to learn your market

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show the world

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in the hands of Allah

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monastery you don't want us don't feel

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whenever we're gonna be learning jewelry and fusino woman sejati Lena Manya Hila fala galera woman you will find the other one as well you know in no more

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one Mohammedan Abu Omar soon some more alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa something just leave and we can do everybody

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who see Come on FCB Tacoma

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come up all the while so can avoid

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banded arrows will be learning in a shape on watching this new learned white man

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Yeah, a yohannes it does

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mean lapsing wahida wirkkala coming hisao jaha wobec coming Houma region and Kathy on when he says, whatever he does,

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he will or have in a wall, how can I really promote either my brothers and sisters hamdulillah. Thus far, we have learned

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40 names of a loss of one to add in the weeks that we've covered over the last few months. Today we begin the 41st name of a loss of cannibal which we know as we mentioned at the very beginning of this series, the profits of a lot we're having us some of them said that the devil must have had one guy that has 99 names. When I saw that fellow gentlemen, whoever learns and understands them lives by them

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will enter into paradise. And so and hamdulillah so far we've learned 40 of the names of muscle power, the way to add, today we learn name number 41. A 60. The names of a lot, of course are not in any specific order, nor am I going in any specific order. But sometimes we try to to choose the names of Allah that are relevant to things that are happening around in and around us at the time. So acidity, Allah subhanho wa Taala has this beautiful name, the concealer of since acidity, every single one of us wants our sins to be concealed. We all know that we make mistakes. We all accept that between us and Allah we don't need to reveal it. We all know that every single one of us as a

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creation of a muscle counterweight to Allah were given the choice to choose between things. And we choose sometimes what is right and sometimes we choose what is wrong. But at the end of the day, we turn to

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Muscle cannaboids ohana and seek His forgiveness, asking him to cover up those things. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala as a satyr, he is the consumer of sins, but he also loves or likes for us to conceal our own sins, as well as to conceal the sins of others. You see, it's too easy as a human being to reveal the sins of other people. And in fact, it is a disease of the heart, where people feel happy to show what they're doing of goodness, and to speak about the evil or the bad when the mistakes that others are doing because it makes other people look bad and makes them look lesser in the eyes of people in society. Rather Allah Hamad Allah as a CTO, he conceals our sins and He likes

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when we conceal our own sins and He likes when we conceal the sins of others as we will learn in today's clip Been a long time to begin in verse number 110 of so often

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Allah so kindly to Allah gives us an example of how he removes the since he says well me

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Oh, and I we all believe NASA

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is Oh

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yeah, gv.

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EMA almost kind of tells us whoever commits some mistake, does something wrong. Oh, we have enough sir. Right when we do something wrong, and we harm ourselves or we harm ourselves and we know that when we make a mistake, we commit a sin, we are actually harming ourselves because we're doing something that is recorded in our book of deeds as a mistake something that's wrong and bad. So Allah subhanaw taala says when you do something wrong, or you harm yourself, fool Maya stone fibula, and then we seek forgiveness from Allah so kind of want to add yet to the love of God aka Hema, you will find that Allah Subhana Allah is forgiving and merciful love.

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He's telling us I know you're going to make mistakes, but make sure that you seek forgiveness because he is forgiving and merciful upon us the profits on a longer I bet you are some of them tells us in the heavy, Allah will not conceal the sins of his worshippers in this dunya except that he conceals the sins of bears on the Day of Judgment. Think of that? How many times have we done something wrong and Allah subhanho data has concealed it from the ears and the eyes and the hearts and the knowledge of each other.

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When we do something in the in the, you know, in behind the walls of our home, or in our car, or online or on our phones or at work or even in public.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala conceals that and people don't know about it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says when Allah conceals the sins of ours in this dunya he then conceals those sins from the knowledge of others on the Day of Judgment. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to conceal our sins in this dunya as well as in the hereafter a need of Julio probably had our stockroom office coffee will never work before.

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Haven't been 11 or 11. I mean, would it be to live up in San Diego San Diego County and a former Florida to attempt to sleep another night. We take one more lesson from the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with regards to the name of a wants to have or to have a six year the one who conceals sins the concealer of since the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in a highly every one of my followers will be forgiven.

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And every one of my followers will be forgiven.

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Except those who expose their sin as

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an example, is of a man who commits sin at night, which on law covered.

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See that again.

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Every one of my followers will be forgiven

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except those who expose their sins.

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An example the prophet SAW longer it was Southern continues and says an example is of a man who commits sin at night which Allah concealed a lot covered

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and in the morning, that's

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Men meet people. And says last night, I committed such and such thing.

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While on what kept it secret profits on a while ago someone continues to say, during the night, Allah covered it up. But in the morning, he tears up the cover that Allah had put over him himself. Think of that

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we commit a sin. And also can we tie that out of his mercy covers it up.

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And then we go about talking to our friends, talking to family, talking to people exposing our sins, sometimes even boasting about it. I know for the majority of us as Muslims who say why would we ever tell anyone that sins that we commit, but those whose email is weak, sometimes they go about and they boast to other people. You know, last night I did this last night I did that lnt are out there. And they still are believers. Right? still praying, still believing in Allah Subhana Allah is still doing what they're supposed to do, but there's a weakness in there even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, those are the people who will not be forgiven of this.

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Now we know that Allah Subhana Allah says, In the end, he has the ability to forgive all sins. But he chooses and he chooses to forgive what he wishes, but he does not forgive ship. So this is an example of how severe it is of a sin to expose the sins that we ourselves have committed. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says as well, that our Lord will conceal the sins of those who conceal the sins of others. On the day of judgment, Allah will conceal our sins, even though they may be things that we've done publicly and are known to others, but because we conceal the sins of our Muslim brothers and sisters, a loss of habitat and we conceal the sins that we committed in this

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world, we ask Allah Subhana, which I had mercy on every single one of us to forgive us of our sins, and to conceal the sins and mistakes that we've done by date and by night and a lot more Sunday I don't know Hamlet. Hamlet can also lay down that email or that earnings. Even budget for Bodhi, Canada, Mohammed, Ali, Mohammed.

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Majeed a lot more than what I was looking

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at and everything yada yada can either need a loved one been slowly walking in love these conceal our sins and do not reveal them to dislike nor that you're after a lump please make it easy for us to seek forgiveness from our mistakes and shortcomings in love. Please allow us to turn to you in our hearts and our minds and our actions and to do what is right and to stay away from harm and evil. A lot do not allow us to harm ourselves and to have banks and boatloads of sins. When we come standing before you please make it easy for our body and our limbs to testify for us and not against us. Now please make it easy for us to follow your preventative medicine that Mohammed Salah mother

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and he was one of them and bless us with the goodness of this world. And the best of the year after agenda to fifth dose amenia are behind me in the lobby of noble arguably assemble intelligent portable 100 fracture. Valley, Arizona lambda come to the Korean booth for why have broken when the room yesterday on April one o'clock while we aren't on notice.

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A lot my grandma

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Ahmed in Florida

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still pay more.

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On the logo

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we learn

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a marshmallow

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In the

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yeah you can meet

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Better Tomorrow

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is Canada

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70 year old woman can either

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what else

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national lung cancer the clock

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can be so many

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an Indian University yes

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so we are

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coming up

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center we're on a Komara

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