Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L176A

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An-Nur 1-10 Translation 1-10

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to suddenly a lot of selenium Karim and about for a little bit let him initiate one over g this manual Rahim furbish. rashly sorry we're silly mg y melissani acabo de la pena sydnor. Emma

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lesson number 176 sora to know I am number one to 10 Translation

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surah tone a chapter a Surah einzelner her We have revealed it well thought out near her and we have made it obligatory

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what Angela and we have sent down We have revealed fee her in it 18 verses versus beginner thin ones clear law law calm so that you that you all take heed

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zania to the fornicators Was there any and the fornicator federally do then you all flog lash color every why hidden one main humor from them to me at 100 gel the lashes Weller and should not the hood gum it take you on be human for them do certain any pity fee in Dini religion Allah He of Allah in if kuntum you were taught me Luna you all believe biLlahi with Allah will yom and the day after the last Walia shirt and he should witness are there Bahama punishment of them to fly if I don't a group, main from a meaning the believers as any, the fornicator learn not Yankee who he marries inla except zanier 10 A fornicators Oh, or mushfiqur a polytheist woman idolatrous was any ADO and the

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fornicators la not Yankee who her he marries her Illa except then in a fornicator out or mushrik a polytheist

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Well, hood Rima and it was made unlawful, it was forbidden there Lika that Allah upon a meanie the believers will levena and those who your moon they accuse and more sanity the chaste women some of them learn not yet do they come the Aruba with for shuhada witnesses federally do home then flog them femenina at gelatin lashes Weller and do not Taco Bell Do you all accept the home for them? Shahada then any testimony? Brother ever what Allah acre and those whom they alpha sukoon those who cross limits Illa except Allah Vina those who terrible they repented men from body after their liquor that were US law who and they reformed for in than Indeed Allah Allah offered on always all

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forgiving Rahim on always All Merciful

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One levina and those who your moon they accuse as Roger home their wives one um and did not yakun it is or he is the home for them shuhada witnesses in law except and foster home themselves. Fisher had to then testimony I had him of one of them. albero is for shahadat testimonies biLlahi by Allah in the who indeed he lemon, surely from a slightly attain those who are truthful while homicidal, and the fifth, and that indeed, Lana curse, Allah He of Allah, Allah He upon him in Ghana, he was men from lKb been the liars

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where the row ended averts on her from her either the punishment and that Tasha she testifies, Oba for Shahada testimonies biLlahi by Allah in the who, indeed he lambing surely from Al Qaeda been the liars while Hamza, and the fifth

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And that indeed, Cordoba, wrath, anger Allahu of Allah. I lay her upon her. In if Ghana he was main from a saw the thing those who are truthful when Allah and if not fabuleux bounty grace, Allah He of Allah alaikum upon you. What are my two who and his mercy were unknown and that Indeed, Allah Allah, the web one greatest acceptor of repentance. Hakeem on always always

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we listen to the recitation of desire

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as danila Eli

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one lady named moon al masana.

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To be

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one homie said

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