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Can you imagine him accepting Islam? Eyeshadow en la ilaha illa illa Allah wa Shalu anna Muhammadan rasul Allah. Wow. Mashallah, I feel like a new man. I'm someone who, who's been very critical of Trump. I love the Muslims. I think they're great people. I consider Muslim Americans to be an important asset to our country and society. Would you consider putting one in your cabinet or even on your ticket? You consider what? What do you want in your cabinet or on your ticket? A Muslim American?

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Muslim? Oh, absolutely no problem with it? Would I consider putting a Muslim American in my cabinet? Absolutely no problem with that. We think that Muslims pose a danger to the country. I love the Muslims. I think they're great people as Muslims, we got to be fair, we have to be nonpartisan. We're about justice. So again, as somebody I've been critical of Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, you name them. I've probably sued them. I have sued President Trump over his we sue you soon President Trump's Muslim ban. I mean, it was clear he said he wants a total complete shutdown of Muslims from entering the country. And then he banned a number of Muslim majority countries from from being able

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to send people here the last time we gave a shout out to actually his boy, Tara

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Tucker, son, oh, yeah, they start having Trump have changed now too. I love the Muslims. I think they're great people. There's a lot of background to that. Look, I think Trump was susceptible, some bad influences like Steve Bannon and others that tried to hijack him for his agenda. And I think absent that maybe things could have gone a much better direction. But that's neither here nor there. The point is that the reason I'm mentioning this is people know, I'm certainly no fanboy. And in fact, I've sued the guy. But I'm deeply disturbed by what I see unfolding. The reason is this. I mean, ultimately, I think there's two questions that are relevant for all of us. Number one, is

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Trump break the law? Number two is, is the prosecution politically driven? And frankly, I think the answer to both of those is yes. And and both of those is alarming. See, when it comes to the first did Trump break the law? The fact is, there's over 50,000 federal laws. A Harvard study has shown that the average American commits three felonies a felony is a crime punishable by over a year in jail. The average American they say commits three felonies a day. Wow. three a day three, there's over 50,000. And how do you you're not committing it if you don't know them? And how the heck are you gonna know? 50,000 laws. And that's why as a lawyer, I always say never speak to the FBI.

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Without a lawyer, I stand by it, you know, if they ever contact you contact care, contact my law, firm care, we'll do it for free. I'll charge you but but we'll give you good legal representation. But reach out, you know, and never speak to them without a lawyer. Because it's easy to get yourself in trouble. You don't know the law. The point is, there's over 50,000 federal laws, the average American breaks about three laws a year, a day. Why do I say this, because of the full force and power of the government wants to come after you, they can pretty much come after anyone. You know, imagine if they did work, what they're doing that data, they just lock you up until they find

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something that they're bound to find something and someone even if it's inadvertent. So the point is, there's too many federal laws out there. America has some of the highest incarceration rates in the world. It's a problem. And and so yeah, I think he broke the law. But frankly, I think just about all of those politicians have broken the law, but they're selectively prosecuting him for political reasons. And I think that's disturbing. I also think it's a reflection of the of how both the left and the right have used anti Muslim hate before it was the Muslim community getting the brunt of this extreme prosecution, extreme hate now it's being thrown against each other. And the

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other thing is, alright, you want to prosecute Trump for paying $100,000 In hush money payments, and whatever stupid nonsense. All of these hypocrites are engaged in in Washington, DC, what are you going to prosecute other presidents that have killed hundreds of 1000s of innocent civilians made illegal wars destroyed nations? So please spare me with your your cries about justice. So frankly, I think as an attorney, you know, again, as somebody who hasn't been a fan of Trump, I think, yeah, he's broken the law. But so is every other American because America's over criminalizes its people. And I think that kind of prosecution, therefore, is political. I think there was increased focus on

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him. And I think there was ignoring others that have done worse things like crimes against humanity, war crimes, legal wars. And it's disturbing, to see to see that the people who literally have blood on their hands get off I mean, as far as I know, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't know if Trump has invaded any Muslim lands or has caused any new wars while in office. And, you know, a lot of people would argue against me, because I was, you know, maybe too critical of Trump. But that was one thing they always had on me, you know, you know, they would always say, well, listen, at least you didn't start any new bloodshed against Muslim nations, or any nation, for that matter, Allahu

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Allah. So this is the problem. It's overly criminalized. And I think the the, we're just seeing what's been happening in the Muslim community for a long time and for a very long time, the Muslim community was being selectively prosecuted, and now that those same tactics are just being used against each other. But it's sets quite a interesting precedent. I don't think, as the President or former president should get a free pass to break the law and

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Maybe there are other things, perhaps related to the election in Georgia, perhaps related to the riots that that maybe are more appropriate to pursue. But the current charges out in New York do seem to be deeply politically driven. And it's a stretch of the law at best. And it appears to be selectively selective prosecution, which again, I think just opens the door and just shows how in this country, they can really be there's so many federal laws, they can come against anyone. I'm a lawyer, but I'm not a big fan of our justice system. I do think our justice system is better than most other nations. That being said, it's it's still got a long way to go. And I think Trump,

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he needs Islam also. Amen. I think I don't think he's too, really involved here. I think, I don't know correct me if I'm wrong, that he plays this car to go ahead and vent when a certain side, but only Allah knows what's in his heart. As far as because he comes out he's a Christian, correct? Well, I definitely think Trump is just, you know, catering to some bad influences, you know, you see how he gets along, by the way in Saudi Arabia and the parties they have for him? I don't think

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you know, I, I think he's equally ignorant to a lot of different cultures and a lot of different sensitivities. It just how he is and he's very transparent, honest about it. You know, but, you know, on the other hand, you have others on the Democrats side, well, that two piece will hold him back, but what their soul hides is worse. So some people may pretend to be our friends. But what is hidden within their whole hearts is a lot of animosity. With Trump. You know what you're getting into, you know what you're getting this let's close with this sincerity. I don't think any human being who's sincere and ask the creator the heavens and earth for guidance, be a Trump and anybody,

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that God Almighty Allah would not guide them. So I think if someone as intelligent as can be as any politician, Donald Trump or whatnot, he's made a massive lot of money. He's he's one of the most influential human beings now on the planet. He's running for president again, if he was to look into read this book, objectively, with a sincere, open heart open mind, can you imagine him accepting Islam? eyeshadow on La ilaha illa illa Allah wa Shalu anna Muhammadan rasul Allah. Wow. Mashallah, I feel like a new man blood guide. Nothing is difficult for Allah subhanaw taala. And look, I mean, I've compared him to call rune, sometimes somebody who was wealthy and arrogant and misguided. But

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the fact is, no one is beyond the Mercy of Allah, if they sincerely seek it. So we hope guidance for him. We have guidance really, for all humanity. Like, go ahead. No, you go. No, I like what you said. The last time we met that Allah is mercy is encompassing, we cannot restrict it now. That's it. That's it. And ultimately, that's what matters. Look, when you die. It doesn't matter if you're Democrat or Republican, doesn't matter how much money got in the bank matters is Do you know your Lord. And that's what our purpose is, is to call people to that above all else to know who they are. And they cannot know who they are, if they don't know where they came from. And they cannot know

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where they came from. They don't know where they're going, death is inevitable. Our meeting with our Lord is inevitable. Let us know and meet our know our Lord, before we meet our Lord, remember death. All that money, everything that you're going to accumulate in this life is going to stay behind Well, and that's why we see many wealthy, you know, whether they're athletes, celebrities, or, you know, men, women who live like party lifestyles in the US, drinking clubs, all of that, but you find them leaving that, for Ramadan, for fasting, for wearing hijab for a conservative Islamic lifestyle, because they see that following and worshiping your desires, doesn't bring peace, it brings misery,

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but knowing your Lord is what brings peace in this life, and in the next and that's why SNAM continues to be the fastest growing religion. It's to liberate humanity from being enslaved. And that's what modern capitalistic societies are a dusty man, it makes you a slave to your desires slave to your opinion of others. Islam liberates you, that you should only be a slave to your Lord and your Lord only once good for you. Beautiful, beautiful, Oklahoma. Thank you my brother. I will send people here to the website you can get a free copy of the Quran of this Quran actually at the deen Go ahead and visit us there and we'll send this out to you as a gift. And if you have

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any other questions you can call us at one 800 662 Islam and we'll be there to help you along your way answer the questions that you might have we'll see you next time here in the D show until then Peace be with you as salam aleikum.

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in the tour of the V center, so we transforming this from people worshipping the creation to worshiping the Creator now love bless your efforts, Eddie

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All right so you can see we're getting to work and we need your support so go ahead and help us to get this where it's top notch inshallah