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Whether they are in the loop or they are a believer, so it has been clearly established at the very beginning of the Quran, that there is only one way of guidance. You know many times we say yes I make Dora. Yes, I will pray, but we don't actually do it. We intend to but we don't actually do it. You have to do it refer to the Salah. Indeed, the Salah is lockerby Ratan Kabira calf Bella Allahu Akbar. What does it mean? greatest? So great. Kabira one that is great. We're in the Hala Kabira Indeed, it is very great. And what it means by grid is that it's very heavy and burdensome and difficult.

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Meaning solar is very heavy on some people. It's very difficult harsh sheen arraign. From the word who Sure. Have you heard of the word Kishore? Aloo. Sure if is flutter?

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What does it mean by who should mean by that? If a person is standing in prayer, and he says, Yeah, I fear Allah. I mean, he's thinking in his head, yes, I'm supposed to be fearing the loss right now, but arrogantly, but you stand with like a bent posture, with your shoulders bent with humility, and that your entire body is for conquer Sure. So harsh urien are Who? Hi, Shireen are those who when they pray, what is their focus? The greatness of Allah so if a person is meeting an ordinary person, how will his body language be very casual. But if a person is in a professional meeting, for example, he's being hired apologize that everything. So particular we become because we realize the

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importance of that meeting.

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Similarly harsher is though the Ramadan, you go to the mosque to pray that there are some people who are standing in the front rows and they pray from the first record to the last record. They don't skip any in the middle. At the same time that one has fear of Allah realizes that they need to pray. They need to beg Allah for forgiveness because they see the greatness of the crimes that they have committed. And there's another word Allah makes impatient. Whoever tries to be patient, Allah makes impatient. You have to put in the effort. You stay firm, Allah who give you the fee, we have to do two things. Patience, don't give up. And secondly, prayer. Praise Allah. The Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam said that whoever tries to be patient, Allah Shireen. How else does Allah describe them? They are a Latina, those people who yellow noona there are certain yellow Nunez from their letters of law no literally opposite meaning, why? because of certain other words that are coming with them. So for example, the word one It means assumption supposition Palestine, and his son your Kubernetes annum had 12 sons of these 12 sons was also use of artemisinin, what either local Latina, lacunae met, so malaco ones who will meet there are certain that they are going to meet who is ill, among them, which messengers came musasa that would Ursula Suleiman an insulin Zachary are in a salon recently

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said would you and Roger is to return to go back. So those people who are certain that they're going to meet Allah, and there are certain that they're going to who prophets. Just imagine they were the children of the prophets of Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala sent many messengers to them, Allah easy. Do you see the connection between the two verses, that those who are certain of their meeting with Allah are the ones who are harsher in and when they're hot water water? Allah subhanaw taala sent mun and sunhwa upon them special food from the heavens, and there were many other blessings that were given to them. But why does that happen today that the sea is split for people who have

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never seen it, we cannot even imagine it. Similarly, when they were in the desert without any food, ask him about what he has done. Then he becomes careful about every single meeting he has with his Lord. We meet a lot 105 times a day when we praise Allah. That's why they're conscious and careful about every single meeting before that. This is why they're afraid in their prayer. And this is why they concentrate in their prayer as well. We are the children of the prophets. We have the books and the rest of the people. They're illiterate. They know nothing. They're going to hellfire. And we are the best of all.

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When we know that we have to return to Allah. And if we are certain about the meeting with a loss of power, then what does it mean? What should we do? If we are going back? So what did Allah subhanaw taala do that he kept sending messengers again and again and again, to remind them of their purpose to teach them, but what did they do see

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forgiveness, that whichever prayer we pray, we should make sure that we pray properly as if it's the last one.

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Basically, it means that we might find a messenger for 600 years, no messenger was sent. And finally, Allah subhanaw taala sent who Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam but not from Bani Israel. He was from who read? If you have an important interview, aren't you worried? Aren't you afraid? Yes. So first of all, it means that we must have fear of a loss upon terrible. What did they do? Who were they there to share their lineage and their faith? They did not tell any other people about it.

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Now, who are the Christians? The Jews are who Bani Israel? And who are the descendants of your covert Islam? Who are the Christians? Where did they come from? There are those people who believed in ERISA, this is going to ask us about what we have done. So what are we taking with ourselves? What are we taking with ourselves? Are we going with the bare minimum? Are we going with the book? Why are they called people off the book? Because Allah subhanaw taala send books to them? The Jews? Which book did they follow the Torah, the Christians, which book did they follow in? The Jews and the Christians? together? They are known as a Hello kita.

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What does it mean by Nikita? People are

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that out of that higher, we should not be found doing what Allah does not like, and we should not be absent from Why were they known as unlettered people because they had no divine scripture. until Allah subhanaw taala sent the Quran for all of mankind.

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I'm clarifying all of these terms for you, because I'm going to use them a lot in the following verses. Okay, in the next few lessons, we're going to be using these terms a lot. So I want you to know the exact Background The exact Christians who are they those who followed Eastern Islam who believed him and followed him together, the Jews and the Christians, they're known as a whole kita. What was their responsibility? Why did Allah subhanaw taala choose them, to follow the guidance and to also convey this message when they didn't do it, then a lot of that responsibility away from them, and he gave it to the Prophet sallallahu, who performed that task in the best way. And after

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him who is responsible to convey this message forward, all of the Muslims, including you and I, being addressed directly, Allah is reminding them of the blessings that he bestowed on them in the past. And at the same time, they're also reminded of the many crimes that reason, think about it. How would you correct someone? If somebody is making a mistake? How do you correct them? You make them understand about all the good ask you to do any housework, nothing at all. Yet, you don't study, I will pay for your fees, I will cook anything for you. I will buy you anything. Just I? Is it because she hates the child. What's the reason to correct him? This is why Allah subhanaw taala

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addresses the money is right in this way in the Quran. And also their mistakes, the mistakes of the money is still committed are preserved in the Quran. Why? For us to learn lessons from that when we study these verses, we don't say, oh, how corrupt were the Jewish people or look at them? Look at the crimes that they committed. Look at how ungrateful they were. No, we will not study lesson from them. We don't repeat those mistakes. We don't commit them.

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The Jewish people are you can say in a way or race as well. They are originally from the land of Palestine originally, because jacobellis animals were in Palestine. And in order to be off them, you have to be born amongst them. And if you Yeah, what does he mean? Oh, this is how to do that. Just as we learned, yeah, you have NASS Yeah, Bani Israel, Allah is calling the many things why? Because of the life that Allah subhanaw taala has put into him. What does it show? The perfect ability of a loss of data? Anything? Okay. So yeah, but he is not you. Benny is the plural of even and what does even mean son and Ben's his daughter hereafter? In the previous verses? What have we learned so far,

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about the oneness of Allah, the fact that of law alone deserves worship, then we have also learned about it. And what does it mean? It is said that it means Abdullah, slave of Allah, Islam gives the meaning of slave servant and boys from his descendants. Obviously, there had to be some women otherwise I would the generations continue. So why is money only used? Because we see there has to be some consequence. How is it possible that two people that live completely different lives they just end up as dust decayed bones? Is that just is that sons of the doesn't mean only sons? No, it means children. Okay. So when the term Bunny is being used for a group of people, like a tribe or a

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nation that he is ultimately

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To recompense us for it in the hereafter. And in this ayah that very fact is being proven that how can you deny Allah when you're going back to him?

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Who are these when he is not you? It is referring to in the context, the Jews, as well as the Christians at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but are they that Allah is the one who has created for you? And your first of all, all of you human beings and NASS.

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What does he create? When the sutra was revealed? Who was present in Medina, only the Jews, only Bani Israel are mentioned why because only the Jews were present in March, they knew that the final messenger was supposed to come. And according to the description that they had in their books, he was to come in a place that is from among them. So they were expecting the final messenger. So Allah says, Yeah, but he is right, you owe children of Islam, el carro. Near Mati. Remember, we're doing the cover lots of hands on what does that mean? you're mentioning his praise His glory. Okay, the dimension, dimension, something we're not thinking about. So you are not attentive of it before. And

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the key is to remember it, recall it, think about it. So it's one of those words in the Arabic language that may also give the meaning of plural in certain contexts. You have one, singular, you have the things can be used for singular as well as plural. It's like a generic word. It can be used for singular as well as plural, it appears to be singular. But in some contexts, this may give the meaning of plural. So near Mati doesn't mean one blessing that Allah gave to them, what does it mean? All of the blessings that were bestowed upon them. So remember, my blessings, which I bestowed upon you, and Lotty, that which anon do and until I blessed, same route noon, I mean, I lay come

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upon you. What does it mean by this allottee and unterlagen meaning, it's the blessing that I gave, especially to you the blessings that I bestowed only on you, and I did not give to anyone else, but you blessings that were exclusive sins were bestowed upon the money Israel. If you think about it, we can categorize them in three ways. First of all, worldly blessings, worldly beating the earth, then he paid attention to the sky and the sky at this point, how was it just smoke too hot? We have done the word Sowell earlier, what does it mean by so at one same equal somewhere to make equal? So somewhere on the high level, things like for example, wealth, suit a man or an s&m when he was the

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king, and the prophet of money, Israel, you the money, Israel were very wealthy, very wealthy. When the Buddha Islam, when he was looking again, they had a lot, a lot of worldly blessings, wealth, as well as kingship, in the past civilizations, nations, they have struggled to find out what the purpose of life is, they have done one thing after the other trying to figure out why do we really blessings, religious blessings, many prophets were sent to them, books were sent to them. Allah subhanaw taala told them about the purpose of their life just a matter what we're supposed to do. And this is why so many philosophers came about and so many theories and so on and so forth. But

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imagine the money Israel headed all along.

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Isn't that a huge blessing? It's a huge blessing, the blessing of religion, the blessing of a man. Similarly, they were given one other type of blessing, which was sent his prophet to save them. They were in the desert hungry, thirsty, Allah sent man and so upon them so many blessings Aleikum Musashi Salaam said to his people, the Bani Israel that oh my people remember the favors of Allah upon you is gyla feeco ambia when he made amongst you prophets, religious blessing with Gianna como Luca, and made you kings worldly blessing, what at home and he gave you my lamb, you had a mineral amine, and he gave you what he did not give to anyone from the people of the world, special

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blessings bestowed upon them, just because, remember the favorite that I've done to you? Why, in order to bring about feelings of gratitude in them, in order to make them grateful, so grateful for them. And remember, remembering includes remembering it at once done, remembering it in one's heart, and showing that you remember, to Colonia Mati and Lottie and under Aleikum I bestowed only upon you I did not give it to anyone else, but you only I gave them to you. You could net your tongue by saying I'm hungry.

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Allah or in your heart, when you're overwhelmed with the feelings of gratitude, or through your limbs when you obey when you do what you're supposed to do, or have attained them yourselves, and let the unarmed or Aleikum and then Allah also says to them, we're Ofu welfare warfare with us, which is made in order to fulfill in order to live by. So Alfa Brd fulfill my promise and if you fulfill my promise so Ofu all of you fulfill what should you fulfill Biondi my covenant? Alright, I inherit the covenant promise I took from you, then what will I do? Ooh feet. I shall fulfill oofy also from the same root wildfire if you fulfill your promise, I will you promised a lot they would

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do and what is it that Allah promised buddy Israel that he would do in return? We learn about it inserted into it number 12 will do what I'm supposed to do. Oh fool bear ID Ooh, Phoebe article. The question is, what is this promise referring to? What is it that the money is lost? punctata tells us that what are called de la mitaka Bani Israel, that certainly a lot of the covenant from the children of Israel, el Mina, who in the Markham and Allah said I am with you, meaning my help is with you. I promise you my help my assistance, when on the condition that let in write this down a kung fu Sonata, you establish the prayer. Secondly, what they do mazurka and you give a law. This

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was something that the money is what you were supposed to do, pray, gives a cat believe in the messengers, support them spend in the way of Allah. So Allah is reminding the Bani Israel fulfill your promise, you promised me that you are going to believe in my messengers of Allah in the way that he tells you to Ofu We are the end if you fulfill your promise, I will fulfill mine off EPR decom what you spend in the way of Allah and Allah will forgive your sins because after all, we're human beings, isn't it? No matter how much good we try to do, we fall short. So Allah promised them that he will forgive them their sins. And secondly, will odo Ceylon nakum Jeannette integrity,

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mental and heart and surely I will definitely admit you into paradise. So five things they were supposed to do. And Allah subhanaw taala promised them two things in return. What forgiveness and paradise. So Allah is reminding them, fulfill your promise. Do what you said you would do? What he yay for her boon. And only me Yay, remember the word yakka. For so it'll have all of you fear. And then you see the noon at the end. It has a castle under Do you see the castle under me? is actually me, winning me. But the yeah has been removed. Why? Just to make it easier for pronunciation. So far, her booni. So you all fear me and who does me refer to a loss of data. The word ilhabela is on

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the road letters that all have raw, raw data that makes the person anxious as well as careful. So he becomes very careful about what he does. He becomes very attentive, very careful. So what he if I only feel, first of all, Allah tells him, remember the blessings that I bestowed upon you. And this teaches us that what are we supposed to do forget the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us? Should we? Should we take them for granted? No. If they are told, remember the blessings, then what are we supposed to do? Remember the blessings as it's a huge, huge blessing. You know how valuable how precious each man is. You know how precious it is, on the day of judgment, if how much money is

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that? You can't even comprehend it. If a person were to offer this much money on the Day of Judgment, so that he is freed from the Hellfire it will not be accepted.

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On the other hand, if a person comes with La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, He will be admitted in paradise. Just imagine the weight of La Ilaha Illa. Allah is more than the entire Earth Spirit of God. This is a man, this is how valuable it is. This is how precious it is. An Allah gave it to you, too many of us for free. We perhaps never eat through to find the truth, to accept it, to live it. We face no challenges. The only challenge we face is perhaps ourselves. It's a huge religious blessings, the blessing of a man, the blessing of a healthy body, the blessing of food, the blessing of safety, security, countless blessings. And we should remember that only Allah has

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given them to us.

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If we tried anything in this world, we could not have obtained those blessings unless Allah gave them to us. Because Allah to Allah will fulfill his promise with them. Similarly, we see that Allah has commanded us with many things as well, hasn't he? Like, for example, as Muslims, we are required to do certain things were required to stay away from certain things. This is exactly what the religion is about. So do what you're supposed to do. And Allah will fulfill his promise, which is a forgiveness, and reward and paradise. What do we think, be a Muslim? meaning to say that I'm a Muslim, I know that I'm a Muslim. And that's enough, I should be going to paradise. But what do we

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learn, oh, phobia, you have to fulfill the promise. You have to live as a Muslim. prove that you are a Muslim, you're supposed to do what Allah commanded you. When you do that, then you get paradise. You don't get paradise just by your whims and desires and wishes and hopes? No, you have to do something, oh phobia or the oofy vr article. And the third thing that's mentioned in this verse is the theme that we face in obey Allah, in fulfilling our promise with Allah. People. What are they going to say? Well, they're never going to allow me to do this. Third year, we're only to fear Who? Allah subhanaw taala. What a year for her boon. Because in bottleshop, beaker, Alicia did. The

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punishment of Allah is the Greatest is very severe. On the day of judgment, use your coworker who had no one can give the punishment like Allah gives, meaning the punishment is the most severe, there is nothing comparable, nothing comparable. So this is why he is a boon. Which kind of fear is wrong, the fear that prevents you from obeying a law,

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the fear that is more than your fear out of fear or living in fear no one else. You see, people have fear, which is natural. It's normal. It's natural to fear, for example, a dog, like your daughter, that when he was in front of the magicians of their own, and magicians, they threw all of their sticks and ropes and they turn into snakes. Imagine you're standing in front of you, 1000s and 1000s of snakes, wouldn't you freak out? Of course. We'll say listen, we learn in the Quran for Odessa, Phoenix, he sefa he felt fear in his heart, the prophet of Allah was afraid, it would not he medicinal also was afraid, when the angels came to him in the form of people that he did not

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recognize. It's normal to have this fear.

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So when Allah tells us that everything in this world He has created for us, what does it mean that we should increase in our worship we should be more likely to do so basically, in this verse, the Bani Israel are being invited to do what if you summarize, if you look at the message, what's the message of this verse, that they're being invited to believe in? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and that's exactly what Allah subhanaw taala mentions very clearly in the following verse.