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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milan to be about

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a mugger dewfall villa in a shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, where he Nicola full open as the Colin Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in nama or if to live with him mama Karim Allah, Allah. Oh come according maybe your sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah will ask him,

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my dear respected elders and brothers.

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They are different branches of deal. In each and every one of these branches are important. We have to fulfill all the demands of our deal.

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For example, part of deal is Ibaadat. We have to perform our Salah, we have to give us a cut. We have to fast in Ramadan. That is one aspect of Deen another important aspect of deen is Mohammed, our financial transactions. And we spoke about this recently how important it is in our deen and one important part of Deen which I would like to speak about today is a class yet our conduct and our character. How do we approach people? How do we relate with people? How do we speak to people? How do we conduct ourselves with people? It is known as a HELOC to our good, good conduct and our character. Great emphasis has been laid upon this in our Sharia. Dean Kimata live show ben just said

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about that Mamilla or ake a hum Shaba

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Yeah, o'clock yet. Long Hasan Minaj una casa wanna Chai? Or hum kestra Saloon kizad humbleth how do we relate with people? They such great emphasis upon this in our Sharia that Allah subhanho wa Taala had said we'll use a key him amongst the four major objectives of our beloved Namibia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Quran and Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Cujo said Cajamarca said by and for Maya Quran may only say a hammock said or use a key him What is your is a key him to purify people

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and to purify them from bad habits, purify purify them from negative attributes, where is the key him look at Ischia Karna, Bray Amulsar Oh or usafa Felisa set low on Curtis Kia Karna This is one of the objectives of our beloved Nebia cream sauce. And it is such a great objective that maybe a cream sauce from set in nama bore is to lead huitema mCherry Mala. Allah has sent me to complete good conduct, Allah, Allah has sent me to complete good conduct amongst people. We humbly regard this is a virtue is a part of our deen. But Allah Tala tells Allah Allah is sending the resources to complete good conduct. Amara Nabil Ahmed kefla Kurose kidnapper botnet ki he attacked for Maya made

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metal betcha he girl logo K o'clock Kuru Scarnecchia I have been sent to complete good conduct and I just want to give you some of the examples with regard to the virtue of good conduct.

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In one Hadith Maria Karim sauce limited in Mina Ryu Rickerby Hosni a whole lotta he Dara Jetta Milele was seminar a person through the means of good can conduct get the same reward of making Ibaadat and Sanok the whole night and making the film Rosa the whole day

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was Mira fallax jaw we're here we're here is Jeremy Jordan burrows Eric nama for ratbert tahajjud Purnima milta Subhan Allah and one Hadith Nebia cream sauce limited in Nath kala che in Europa ofii Muzammil mini yo Malta Yamato hola upon Hassan, one of the weightiest thing to be is weighed on the scale of a person's good deed on the day of Kiama will be Hello Could Hassan will be good conduct chiamata name is Anna has an apple. A halacha Hassan has a burka or or koi berry cheese now he'll quiches Nee

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nee Zania has an apple or clarkia Hassan has a burqa or barako cheese knee. There is nothing more weighty on the scales have good teeth and good conduct in Bukhari, Shri visa added that maybe a cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said you know Nebia cream sell Solomon said

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Hola Hola. Como sub says the other Babu the one who is most beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who's got good conduct

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Subhan Allah the one whose character is good, the one whose conduct is good subsegment

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G schedule and Aflac SEO. And to show you the example as a matter of the Allahu termo says that maybe a cream sauce Selim gave me advice and he was sending me to sending me to Yemen gave him many advisors I made mention of many of his advisors in some of our bands. And he said when the last thing he said, when I put my leg on the conveyance, and now I was putting my leg on the conveyance, the German jaata subsea Assa cheese Nebia cream sauce from Nemo, Java, Omaha, keep your conduct with people correctly, keep your conduct with people correctly.

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This is the way we are supposed to do the most important thing keep your conduct with people correctly. And but one thing is what is good conduct your haitch Ischia what is good conduct. Now, these were many many different definitions. I will give one decent definition of Herbalife any Masuda the ultra No, but before that one day, I was listening to the benefits of mighty Samara Can you help me to love him? So he gave the example of two two examples.

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One is an example of a Sufi and one is an example of our beloved and to be a cream sauce

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for Jelly Bean is when his son passed away so he didn't show much emotions. It all the people objected when our different kind to some kind of a bad man and he didn't show any emotions

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and he didn't even cry He didn't even show anything. This is this the example of was Albania's. Then you have the example of maybe a cream sauce from the via cream sauce from ketchup better Could you afford what when he started is his son started passed away the via cream sauce him was cradling Ibrahim in his lap, and he said yeah, Ibrahim in the leafy tropical Amazonian Oh Ibrahim we are very saddened by your departure in the line UTMA our eyes are tearing our heart is said now look at these two examples. One is an example of a Sufi said ya know but say Allah lucky Amana Allah Tala to

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Rona Pitner push Nicaea he didn't cry nothing and on the other hand is who himself slim example he cried. He cried at the departure of his of his son. So Mara in his began, he compared the two families they said fidelity is good Yamaha wore a plethora of se hamara knees but wants a better her his his amount compared to us is maybe greater. But compared to the VA cream sauce limit is imperfect. Nivea cream said Allahu Allah was salams example is greater. Why? He said o'clock is

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and deal is to fulfill everyone's right.

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You fulfill the right of

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Allah Turner's rights. You don't only feel fulfill the rights of human being to fulfill Allah Tala is right here halftrack you do it simultaneously milker abou Allah Tala

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now look at this nebbia Kareem saw Selim fulfilled the rights of his departed son

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son passed away he's crying you had your hand up but check your will cook or Allah Tala Can

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you also fulfill the likes of Allah subhanho wa Taala saying Oh Allah, my heart is said My eyes are tearing but I will not say anything against your decision

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happening to a fistula CAMI was careful of copy bath Nicaragua Subhanallah Look at that. So he said a two year or the year good Allah Tala K

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que or mahalo KB Hoku cara cara, this is one definition of you know, the whole aspect of UCLA fulfill both Allah's rights and human beings rights. But of course, we know that, you know, by and large when we speak about good o'clock, and we spoke about good character, it is qualities that define a person. What is a person known for? So everyone knows what a champion look at what a good person he is, look how beautiful is his conduct, he's always smiling. He's always dealing with people correctly. So I believe in him a sutra the Allahu Anhu kissing, kissing kissing a puja who's near clarkia had to give three things by through my roof to fool either tilaka tool watch

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Subhanallah what are those three things? One is wishing well and doing good to everyone.

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This is one of the first things with regard to good a flat kit booster Okay, sad fair, quite sad.

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So Karen Kihara, me yes, you owe us so check it do slow Kamek yeah fired up on taseko Everyone thinks what can I do for another person? What can I do to help him? What can I do to to do something that is good to him? So the first thing he said with regard to Hosni afflatus that felt way too good to everyone. See what good you can do to everyone. The second thing you said cupful, other, don't harm anyone. Subhanallah don't harm anyone. kisi ko topcliffe Now Punjab, Busan Sr. Mamilla Correct. Just say do snowcoach Not a cliff, yada yada Gary now has an SMR macro is equal to a cliff now Pancho The second thing see tweet that you don't harm anyone. This is the cornerstone with regard to

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good UCLA, don't hurt someone. Don't hurt him with your tongue. Don't hurt him with your hands. Don't hurt him what to attitude, don't hurt him with the way you deal with him. And the third thing is that you must be smiling to people be good in appearance to people

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or yesterday, the bassoon Karna loan Cassatt Sonata and your third thing with regard to it is LucasArts LucasArts a cheater as a special now, this is who I gave you the definition. So, we started off by speaking about the virtue and now the definition. Now, let us give the examples in the benefit with regard to Hosni o'clock. One of the benefits is that a person who is good in his conduct, he will live a good life and his his presence will be a means of goodness for other people just kill a clock so he'll to walk who's got who's guards in the gig was a rager or when Capoeira would do Doosra to do slow kailia bicep Musavat. So, person who is good in conduct, he will be he

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will live a good life. And but not only will he live a good life his entire life will be a means of goodness to other people. People will like to be around him people would like to interact with him.

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Second thing second fader second most important aspect only in Aflac Can you emulate the characteristics of Allah Tala? Allah Tala for MATEC. Let Allah to do our flag was caught up now.

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emulate the characteristics of Allah subhanho wa taala. You can emulate the characteristics of allied Ibaadat Allah doesn't make you better to anyone. Allah is not in need of making you better 21 as a Buddha, and that sort of Abbot Tony, Allah Tala is the one that everyone makes sister to he doesn't make you better to anyone else. So Allah doesn't make you budget. So when it is said emulate the characteristic of Allah, what do you do? To the means of good Allah, Allah Allah is kind you became Allah is merciful, you be merciful. Allah loves humanity, you love humanity.

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So this is and then the most important thing through the means of akhlaq serif or silver a helot eek is reset. Um, do Sirocco Islam que se he who sold or Islam King Hussein rampage Carson, it is only through the means of o'clock you can show people the beauty of Islam.

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This is something that we have to keep very much in line keep in mind, people are not going to come and see how much of your budget you do.

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They're not going to come and see it out while you are making the time of tahajjud what to Queenie data, what are the people are going to see they are going to see you they are going to see how you deal with them, how you interact with them. And that is where I am I have said that the five pillars is? These are pillars. But you don't see the beauty of a building by the five pillars. Did you ever see someone saying what a beautiful building? What a beautiful building the foundations are very nice. No one said the foundations is nice that they keep a good building. They see the good building by the painting by the aesthetics by the beauty and the architecture. You see the beauty of a

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person's Islam by his o'clock, not by his Ibaadat

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so this is the way we show people the beauty of Islam. Nowadays these this whole particular aspect. You see we don't believe we don't believe Yamani man naked when a sub Messiah or sub Dean aka mini M tubes semester had to serve Islam but how can we firmly believe only Islam is a true religion.

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But it's completely up yet on Awa K to nm

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Mila Juna Georgia, where do you get this particular interpretation from? Where do you get this interpretation? We don't believe that is that the other we are equal to other religions. We believe Islam is the only religion and the only true religion for salvation you need Islam, but that doesn't mean that you don't you can interact with non Muslims. I always tell people and think about this many of our people who are here not all many of us are India Pakistan for

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In the subcontinent, if the Muslims of that era didn't interact and show us Islam and the beauty of Islam, we would have been still Hindus would have been still non Muslims.

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I was working with Amanda hamara Satriani, Tao nekia I'm a neighbor Taya to Islam catches up to her Muslim

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to you you cannot get 200 status that we must we have no intention with non Muslim to download this app Elijah Catella now patella was the wife of Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Quran is to enter will be miromar as an eyeshadow the Allahu Tronic Kivalina one is patella. Right she did not become a Muslim. So she came to visit her daughter Asma bint Abu Bakr in Madina, Munawwara

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Mila Kalia, Hussman and as Alicia Keys there is a puncher Pooja can make Yatra What do I do? To nebbia Kareem saw Islam said be good with your mother,

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child home, run Muslim, be good to your mother, even if she's a non Muslim. And then this ayat was revealed, Lionheart Kamala when he lived in Harlem you're caught, Dean olam you're free to come in the

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room are toxic to Allah does not prevent you with regard to non Muslims who don't fight with you who are not hostile with you. They are interacting with you they are doing trading with you. You know you meet with them in in corporate burble in a corporate world you they are your neighbors let us not say those Muslims you must untouchable you must be good to them as that does not prevent you from being good to them. And to be fair with them. Allah Allah tells you to be good to them, or Kia Kia loves his stomach what word you use the per room bill or Hadith may be casual alphas here with the rule validation.

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We use it to be good to our parents, the very same word Allah uses to be good to non Muslims. That is why Sadiq great enemies became became Muslims, great enemies of Islam became Muslims by the Halacha and the conduct of our beloved.

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So this whole particularly aspect we need to get the right balance. On one one hand is extreme, subdued, aka AB Hulu. No, this is not right. We don't believe in that, on the other hand, don't have any time. Look at Snuka here here, Mrs. Shariat Catriona work here coming in Milan on Kobato to hearsay Islam. How such great people were enemies of Islam, how did they became Muslim Harlequin Lolita, Viola Otranto, Abu Missoura, Abu Missoula, he went to be a Kareem saw slim combat Mecca, and then he was 16 years of age Pandora solar Salka so he started making a mockery of Amazon magazine as to Yahoo Missoura Jana was

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the Muskoka Rata sometimes we have non Muslims they make making a cuckoo cuckoo or whatever they want to make. So they were making a no more coffee, maybe a cream sauce and I'm ready. Let me sell some said come read the other two because the resource them was a contract. He started feeling shy, you know, so then we started saying slowly, and he says and says Oh, psycho. So he started saying maybe a cream sauce them said you got such a beautiful voice. And Nebia Kareem says MC ad set up Majid Majidi be too lucky Masino

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so he maybe saw Selim changed him by his conduct, maybe still slim. He was he was making a mockery of Islam. Maybe a cream sauce can approach him he became a Muslim from the age of 16 till the age of 59 when he passed away, now count how many years that is. He remained the magazine of Islam in Makkah Makara Baitullah Kim was kiss per se Amala Nebia cream sauce Lemke lucky there Yes. So this is a club the importance of Allah. May Allah give us a topic of understanding, getting the right balance, that how are we doing? How do we treat people is only two o'clock that people will come to know the beauty of Islam. May Allah give us a topic of understanding