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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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I think because we've been sitting for a while,

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if I can just ask everyone to kind of stand up for a second and shout louder, stand up.

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And now we're going to do a little exercise.

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And if you get this right, we'll do it once and if you don't get it right, we'll keep doing it till you get it right inshallah.

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So I'll say the COVID.

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I haven't said it yet. I'm just saying I will say the query. So I'll say that could be No, no, no, hold on. Like after I say it. Then you say Allahu Akbar, and you fist pump three times like Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. So I say once you go three times, if you do a right we'll sit down otherwise we'll keep doing inshallah. So that could be

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so that was good, but I have seen it done better.

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So that could be

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Mashallah the still wants more inshallah. Donna, that could be

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ladies and gents. Take a seat formation

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Alhamdulillah Hill Avi mill hobby real Mata Ali Alhamdulillah Hilda de la tapa G. boohoo Loma Tilda Lee Alhambra. Alhamdulillah Hilah de oro Sol g Birla Lau early Subhana hoomin ala hin Avi me of Pharaohs uno Baba you barely the ILA in LA LA who will be her will be her Namu tobyhanna of La helwa be heard no early was huddle and now the man work for the wattana one molana for what ye named Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Abu rasuluh wasafi you whom in holla.

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Salah who fretilin se Bashi, you're on whenever you're on what he loved la he beat me he was urogen monniera for Bulava Raisa

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Manasa Hello oma for CATIA for LA. He'll be he'll oma wotja hidef in LA he helped by jihadi Julio Breen for sola Torabi wa sallam who are aka Dr. Rasulullah.

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They tell me that you need light to see.

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So if I were to turn off the lights,

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or imagine if I were to blindfold you,

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or if I were to place you in a dark, dark tunnel

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so that you're blind in the dark and you can't see.

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And then imagine, I want to put some obstacles in your path. So I put a bit of broken glass here.

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And I put a little pit hole there and an acid spill there and a snake there and a scorpion there and in that state of total darkness. I tell you

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walk through the tunnel.

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You start walking. But pretty soon on here, you scream.

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You scream when you get cut by the glass and you'll scream when you fall in the pit hole, you'll scream and you get burnt by the acid and you scream and you get bitten by the snake and stung by the scorpion. Because

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you're blind.

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you're navigating in the dark.

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You're going through trial and error. Trying to graduate from the school of hard knocks and not actually doing it.

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And your whole problem is

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there is no light to guide you.

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You aren't able to see

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in the same way

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humankind arrive on this planet. The Quran says law talamona shall not knowing anything clean slate

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they navigate through life.

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And the absence of divine guidance blind

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so they scream and this pain and they are battered by the other and bruise than the other and they go through life through trial and error. And there was a lot in life.

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There is a lot in life we need help with. If you look at the status of humankind currently, you can't deny that mankind needs help.

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We need help almost in every facet of life.

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We thought that we lacked wealth, and we are unhappy because of that wealth can we still unhappy? We thought that it is the weather and if we could control that we would be happy today you sit in a auditorium with a click of a button you're in the middle of summer the breeze of winter comes yet still man is unhappy. There are so much you need help with.

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What you need is light. So out of his infinite mercy, Allah, Allah is essential light Allah tala ah

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akumina la Hey, new. Verily they can to you from your Lord light. And light in this instance, is in the person of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the divine conduct and character of the soul, or the alchemy of law he knew wakita boom movie in any book clear and vivid. So divine intervention cam, guidance cam light cam, but a lot of pulizia knew your psychology enough to know that just by giving you a book, it wouldn't mean much to you.

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Because psychologically and my sister is here and then that field

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you can only become what you can see.

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What do you understand me You have to see, to become.

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So Allah Buddha is essential our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he embodies divine revelation. So listen to this.

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They asked his wife, Chateau de la hota Baraka wa Taala. And her tell us about the character of the soul.

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What was his life like? How did he live? How did he behave? How did he walk? How what was his conduct like? So she said his character was the foreign.

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His character was the author on a five cut paraphrase Armada Isha, he was the Koran walking.

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He was the Quran,

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walking, so that you could see how to implement, how to live, how to embody the guidance of the Lord, and through which find success.

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And because my topic is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a living example, of God's guidance, notice a couple of things. notice a couple of things. The one who tells us about his conduct in this instance, is his wife, Isha.

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I think you can kind of see what I'm what I'm getting at here.

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Like, if I were to ask, if I were to put the sisters in a safe environment,

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and then ask them about their husbands, you know, without the worry of ill repute or reputation or honor and all of that, there would have a whole heap of bad things to say about you.

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And the reason you're not laughing because you know, it's true.

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And the same way around, I mean, there are good things about them, but there's there's a whole heap of shortcomings.

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Yet, when the Prophet passed away, she was 18.

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She lived, you know, into her latter days, and had a lot of time to think and reflect, you know, the reflection. The conclusion she comes to, is that he was the Koran walking

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and understand this. You see I've come here on stage and others have come here on

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it is easy to stand here and impress.

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You see, I've got my nice scarf on and robes and

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I stand here. And you know, this could be very far from my actual life. Do you understand? So judging me by the few moments here is an inaccurate judgment.

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If you've spent more time with me you would find a lot more flaws in me as they listen. You know, there are problems.

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But the wife is someone you can hide anything from. Be delille han alabaster Lacan, what untold labors alone there, your garments like that, you know, she sees you at night snoring, there's now much less

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so that he knows your faults and flaws yet seeing all that

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her conclusion is, he was the Koran walking.

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And that is the miracle of his character.

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And that is a true role model, that in your intimate private, personal life, you're better than your public life.

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And this is not an isolated case about him. Salalah alayhi wasallam before her because she is relatively young, you know, you could argue, you know,

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young love and inexperienced and this and that motherhood

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was by consensus older than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was entrusted with divine guidance you know the story he went to hora Hara and there jabril cam and you know, Accra and arasu sigma Anna Bukhari and again and he hugged him and squeeze them and and so he can perturb then anxious and in cold sweats and shivering down the mountain into the house and says the Milan is a Milani Rooney dusty Rooney Cover me cloak me Rock me up. So the wife had deja deja rhodiola haha rap sim and cloak sim and then when the emotion subsides, asks him What What happened? So he says, I don't know I Khadija I think I am B which something evil has befall in me. So what does she say?

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live live the Sierra live this era. Imagine you come home and a state disturbed to your wife and what will she say? You know, honey You're overreacting was on wasn't that big a deal? You know? Easy relax, come let's watch TV together.

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yes, she says, she says no, Allahu Allah will never forsake you. You're a man. You're a man who helps the poor shelters the destitute, gives housing to the traveler links the ties of given kin. Do you understand all the good that she knew about him she, you know, throws this praises at his feet, a conclusion being the heavens would never let you be disgraced. Like never could a spirit of weakness before you. You see again, a wife intimately aware of his conduct testifies and privacy to the awesomeness of his character. That is why he is the perfect role model. Can I give you another one? So you don't say there's you know, love involved and husband and wife relationship? They didn't

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haritha this is fascinating. They did niharika

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comes from you know what they called the ancient Arabs. Bani Arabs. So he was out living with your tribe far away from Makkah.

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And the story differs but the gist of it is he went to visit his maternal uncles, someone raided the village and they took people and parts of the people they took was young side and they tied him up and sold them in a slave market.

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Please remember the context in the olden days whether it was Arab society, Romans Persians, slavery was normal. So that's what it was. Society of niharika is about eight years old, his

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sold and the slave market and the nephew of Khadija purchase him purchases him

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and gives it to his Auntie to Khadija as a marriage gift, you know wedding gift, he is a servant for you to tend to your needs and look after the house in the center.

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So has a jar of the Allaha gave the young lad to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he will be at your service and so on. And this is before Islam.

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So he lived was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Makkah is a place where the other Arabs would come and visit. You know, whether for how your business or tribal affiliations, and the anxiety is on the lookout to see someone from his tribe. And eventually, sometimes later, he noticed two men dressed in the garb of his people. So he realized this is from my tribe, so he went to them. And amazing culture, the Arab culture, how do I convey my sentiments, he came up with a couple of couplets of poetry, told them go to my people and say this, basically it said, Listen, don't tie your camel searching for me. I am next to the house of God with the nobelist of families. That's it.

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So they went back and told the Father, you know, we saw I am glad this is what he sent us a message. So the father said, Oh, my God, my son is alive. We found him to Chris wealth, what he could muster, took his brother with him, made the long journey to Makkah, came to Makkah asking whereas whereas this family that has this young lad, eventually they said, see that one day. That's awesome. Mohammed, the son of Abdullah asked him,

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so they come.

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they meet the Rasulullah

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sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. And they say, yeah, Mohammed, you're from a noble family.

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Our son was taken, you know, volman, Waldron, oppressively again, you know, by deception and by false and he's in your care and returned him to us and asked for whatever money you want, they will repay.

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So the character of our school, and although not a profit at this stage,

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he says I will do something better.

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I will call him

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and ask him if he knows you guys. And if he wants to go with you, if he wants to go holla don't pay me anything. Go. But if he chooses me over you then I am not wanting to give up someone that has preferred me over you. So they said this is fair. So the anxiety was summoned. They can Zaid, do you know this too? Yes. This is my uncle. That is my father. So the Rasool said, they, they have come to take you back. If you wish to go, you're free to go and there's no need for Recompense. If you wish to stay with me, you're free to do so. So they looked and they looked and they looked

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and he says, I choose to stay with you.

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Or four mountains of gold, I wouldn't leave you. So imagine Arab culture put yourselves in the in the position, you know, yeah. You know, I am your father and your uncle and you have chosen this person who is not related to you and no link and no filial piety and what an embarrassment you know, what have you done? So as I had said, he has been to me a father and a mother, a tribesmen and a confidant, I could never give him up. So the Prophet, they're about to argue back so the Russell said, I'll give you something better, took the father took side, went into the harem, got near the Kaaba and cold out on men of Polish, or men of Quraysh bear witness that From today onwards, this is

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my son, and from now on, he will inherit from me and I will inherit from him. So honoring him to the level of an adopted son and moving the stigma of slavery. Now, the parents are happy. Zeid has been accepted as a son into a family much nobler than theirs. Because, you know, the Prophet's family is from the corporation the holiday mean albite but notice the point do ones

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that an alien individual not related to you stays with you for a while and so overwhelmed by your

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A personality that would go and forego his own family just to have the honor of your companionship.

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You see, he is the ultimate role model. And I have five minutes. I'm not sure if I'll honor it, but I'll try.

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There is another thing to note here.

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And I'm just talking about the little incident what you know.

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Notice, Khadija of the Allaha

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she is a

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lady who had two husbands before the Prophet

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in this community here and around the world, a person with you know, a lady that has had two husbands and they say one died and one she was divorced from or both died and the scholars differ but irrespective.

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society today, unfortunately will deem her that the best days are gone.

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You know, she's had children and now she's and people say she was 40 years old when she married her soon.

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Yep, the magic is when her path crosses the path of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and she is touched by the blessing of the soul. This ordinary lady who would otherwise be unheard of and unknown of becomes a lady who today in 2019 I call her my mother when you call her your mother.

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And not only that, this is between me and you and me and you don't matter much. But she is.

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She comes

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to the rasuluh carrying a platter of food.

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And gibreel cam from above the seven heavens. Yeah, Mohammed Saleh Allah Mohammed Khadija is about to enter upon you she is carrying a platter of food. According Assalam murabaha. Allah has sent me from above the seven heavens to convey his exclusive greetings to this lady. So when she comes in, tell her Allah sends his salon and then one mini and also give her my salon as well. And not only that, while Bashir happy baiting Phil Jenna min Kasab and give her the glad tidings of our house and Jana made from a single exclusive poll.

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What was what what happened The only thing that happened is her life cross paths with the life of this messenger of the Allahu terracota I won't lie he loves him history would not have known her her her path not cross the path of Mohammed and zeidner Harris the history would not have known as his path hadn't crossed the path of the Prophet and forget about individuals that are of race wouldn't have been known had not been for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and I say this to you with an Allah is my witness, as his life touched their lives and they reach the pinnacle of human achievement. Let his life touch your lives you will reach the pinnacle of human achievements for

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your time and patience. I thank you my the heavens guide and God you are Salam. Wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh