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The segment discusses the history and potential of Islam, including its teachings, human beings, and the potential for harm. It touches on the concept of "rocky events," the use of "has" in English, sh matter, and the importance of avoiding false accusations and not being evil. The segment also touches on the loss of materiality and the importance of forgiveness, and the use of guidance and acceptance to achieve forgiveness. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of knowing one's own actions and actions in order to achieve forgiveness.

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Now to prove to the angels that human beings have some good in them as well that Allah has given them freewill ability to learn ability to make choices and with that, they can also worship Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala prove that to the angels how that were Unlimited, and he taught who taught a lot under your unlimited mindlessly is to teach to give knowledge, how gradually in stages just as necessary, what does necessarily mean gradually sent down allama gradually teach your course there are Lima lemma your libertarian talim will come on what is it, gradually learning

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step by step one after the other. So Allah He taught who taught a las panatela taught who

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Allah subhanaw taala taught Adam and his son, Adam, it is utter it's from the root Hamza dal meme from the word Ouma. And Ultima is a color between pure white and dark. Like it's not very light, it's not very dark. It's somewhere in the middle beige of white, you know that there are different levels. And if you think about it, human beings, this is all they are. It is also said that Adam is a theme. A theme is used for the surface of the earth, the crust of the earth. So other medicine was called Adam, why? Because it was created from mud. So anyway, Allah subhanaw taala taught Adam alayhis salam, what are the names? asthma is the plural of Islam. And what does this mean? Name. So

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he taught him names, goodna, hair, all of it. He taught him all of the names, which names, names of What things? It is said that it refers to certain objects that were there. And Allah subhanaw taala taught Adam and Islam the names of those things. And what were these objects? What were these things? These were things necessary for human beings to live to survive? What they are exactly a long arm, we don't know. So there were certain things and a lot of them are listed on the name of those things. And we think about it name of something, names of things. What does that make up language. So a lot of other medicinal language, names of things. Some of them out of the home, he

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presented them out of the rain robot. He presented those things before who Island Malaika before the angels, and then for color, he said, I'm the UI you inform me I'm the UI. Nova Nova is important news. I'm alone. And in. Never Elohim never important. Great news, relevant news. Under is to inform. I'm the only un for me, you tell me what the Esma hula, with the names of these hula? hula is a plural of Heather. Heather means this? And how old are

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these? So he said to the angels, you inform me, you tell me the names of these things in quantum sidechaining if you're truthful, simultaneous enough, saw the thought the cough said to speak the truth. So if you're truthful in your claim that human beings are going to cause bloodshed, they're going to create disorder on this earth. And if you think that you know very well about the fate of these human beings and tell me the names of these things. Why did the last panel gonna do that? Why is he testing the angels in this way? To show to the angels that you don't know everything. So you cannot say that human beings are going to be all evil. Just as you don't know the names of these

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things. You don't know about the fate, the future of human beings? pilu they said, super Hannukah the response of the angels What was that? subhanak Exalted are You perfect? Are you glorified? Are you Why do the angels say that?

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That Oh Allah perfect Are you you would never create something without a reason without some wisdom behind it. That if you've created human beings, yes, we know that you created them for a just cause you created them for some wisdom that you know subhanak a glorified are you and we do not object rather we surrender. glorified? Are you learning the melanin? We have no knowledge in learner on lantana except what you taught us. We have no knowledge except what You have taught us. Imagine the angels are saying this despite the fact that the angels are close to Allah. They say we have no knowledge except what You have taught us can any human being claimed that he knows about everything

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that can any human being claimed that he knows about what will happen to you in two years. What will happen to you in a year who will you marry and when you will die. No human being can claim that if he claims that he is a liar, because the angels who are very close to Allah What do they say? We do not know except what You have taught us. And they say in Africa indeed you enter you alone. Li Li You are the one who knows you are the all of us all knowing all of us are knowing about what about the past the present the future and you are unhappy.

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You're the ones who is most wise hacky was from the letters hacker. I mean from the word hikma and hikmah means wisdom that there is some wisdom why you would create human beings. So super Hannukah perfect Are you we do not object at this decision of yours and we know that there is a reason why you did this. What do we learn in these verses? That we see that Allah soprano Darla favors Adam or s&m above the angels? How? By giving him knowledge, which he did not give to the angels? What does it show that the one who has knowledge, his status is superior to the one who does not have knowledge? That the one who has knowledge his level his rank is superior? So Allah subhanaw taala

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gave knowledge to other artists and on which he did not give to angels. Then we also learned this verses about greatness of the angels how that when they confessed or when they surrendered before Allah. They didn't give an explanation. They didn't argue. They didn't say Why are you asking us because you never told us? They didn't say that to Allah. subhanaw taala. Don't ask us because you never informed us? No, they immediately surrender super Chanukah, Larry and Milena in Atlanta, Atlanta in Atlanta. alima Hakeem. So then Allah said to ya demo, Adam, I'm back home, you tell them, oh, Adam, you inform them an Ambien, same route, as I'm the only known by Hamza. So Allah told Adam

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to inform the angels have what we asked him with their names. Because when the angels were asked, they said, We don't know. So a lot of them are listening to you tell them the names of these things for them at home, then when he informed them when Adam informed the angels be s marry him with their names. Then Allah He said, Allah subhanaw taala said, Allah. Did I not say, Allah did not call I say, a colossal newsletters cough? Well, I'm very good. Same notice. callooh yaku Luna, Tila, Allah? He said, Allah mercola calm Did I not tell you Did I not say to you, that in me alone, indeed, I know, labor summer word, the unseen of the skies, while earth and the earth Did I not tell you that

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I know. Everything that is hidden in the heavens and the earth in the sky isn't the earth, meaning that allows knowledge is complete. Remember that the word of life applies to anything that is hidden, that is hidden from our senses, hidden from the sense of human beings. If you think about it, there are certain things, certain places, certain beings that are hidden from us. And there are also certain times that are hidden from us, for example, the past is it hidden from us? Can we see the past? Can you roll back in time and see what happened 20 years ago at this place? You can't do that? Can you move to the future? You can't do that. So when Allah says that I know the unseen of

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the heavens and the earth What does it mean? I know everything that is within the heavens and the earth and I know everything that ever happened in the past now in the future, in the early labor somewhere it will and Allah says what are normal and I no matter what you reveal to producers from the newsletters bad and well Budo to reveal to disclose something is from the word bad idea. And Bad idea is used for desert. If you think about it in a desert, everything is visible. There is no mountain there is no tree there is no building. It's plain, it's flat, you can't hide anything. So Murdoch Luna, whatever you disclose whatever you reveal, whatever condom and whatever you were duck

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to moon, you conceal that tomorrow from the letters gaff, the meme, Katana, and Katana is too high to conceal something. So I know what you show and what you don't show. I know what you say, and what you keep in your heart. I know what you express and what you keep within your heart.

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I know everything, you can't hide anything from me.

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So Allah subhanaw taala said in need or animal labor similarity will allow me to do now when I come from Dr. Moon, what are the angels reveal? What did they express? That why would you create someone who's going to cause bloodshed? And what did they hide? What did they conceal? That our worship should be enough? Some things I said very directly and other things they implied. So Allah says, I know everything, you can't hide anything from me. So what do we learn in this verse? That Allah subhanaw taala encompasses everything that knowledge, he knows the wisdom behind why something is happening. Many things may happen in this world and we don't understand why. How could Allah allow

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this to happen? But remember, there is a reason there is

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Some wisdom behind it. When we see injustice when we learn about injustice being done to little children, innocent people, we wonder why is it happening? Remember, there is a wisdom.

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Allah knows it's not hidden from him. It's not that he's ignorant about it. No, he knows very well. And what we keep in our hearts, what do we express, he knows that too. So we should be careful about what we keep in our hearts. And what we express. Sometimes, we say certain things, and sometimes we don't. But remember that Allah knows about everything. One of the sisters from your class, she asked me that in her school, they have this club in which you know, people go and basically the event, you know, if they're holding a grudge holding some feelings inside, and they want to let them out. So they let them out. How does it let them out? That they write them down in a journal, nobody reads

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that journal, but they write it down.

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Just because when you write it down, you feel kind of relieved. So she was asking me, is it okay? I said, Yeah. Because whatever you write is going to be written in your book of deeds. And Allah knows about what you're writing as well. So be careful not to write anything that is wrong. Anything that Allah would not like, anything that Allah does not approve of? Some things we can do in secret are things we do in public. Some things we hide something we don't hide, but remember, whether we hide or we don't. Who knows? Allah knows and we have learned earlier, we're going back to him when we're going back to him, we should fear him because he's going to hold us accountable. Did you notice how

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when Allah subhanaw taala told Adam and his Sunnah, to inform the angels about the names, he informed the angels immediately. Imagine if we are called, we are invited to say something before other people. What's our reaction? No, I don't want to, I'm shy. But we don't see that. In other words, Allah, he wasn't too shy, that prevented him from obeying Allah subhanaw taala. When Allah tells us something, then we have to be obedient immediately. And when we are told to share some knowledge that we have with other people, then we should not feel shy over there because that shyness is bad shyness. Remember, there's two types of shyness good, China's and bad China's good

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China's is what makes you shy of doing something wrong. Bad China's is what makes you shy of doing something good. So other grandison did not have the Chinese he went immediately and he told the angels.

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Let's continue. What is canal Malaika? This doodoo. And recall what does it mean? With Kuru? I want you to remember is this word, because it will come many, many times. Recall when this happened, what that what is called now when we said meaning Allah subhanaw taala said, by the way, call now, we said what is we refer to? Allah soprano. But don't we know that Allah subhanaw taala is one where he had. So how compliant is being used for a landlord is used for more than one. It's out of respect, the Royal we honor You see, in certain languages, Arabic is one of them, and I believe we'll do is also one of them. That when you have to refer to someone with respect, even if it's yourself, then

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you don't use the singular pronoun, but rather use a plural pronoun. You don't say I but rather you say we, you don't say you one person to the other you say you all why, out of respect to show the great status of someone to show that they're very loyal to show their greatness. So many times the plural is used for loss primarily in the Quran. Why? For royalty. So anyway, who is called Nalin Malaika when we said to the angels meaning after Adam or Islam was created, this incident happened that Allah taught him the names and then he proved to the angels that you don't know everything so the angels accepted the decision of Allah very willingly which they were accepting before as well.

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So after that, what happened Allah said to the angels was Julie Adam, all of you Prostrate to Adam was to do is from the pristine gene that from the word sajida. So Dude, what does sujood mean? prostration it is to put your forehead on the ground, before the one whom you are honoring and respecting. This is what sujood means. sujood does not mean record. What does record mean to just bow down? Okay. So do this work to place one's forehead, on the ground in front of the one whom you are showing respect to or love, adoration, etc. And Allah subhanaw taala has differentiated between recor and subdued. Allah subhanaw taala says and sort of fed higher 29 Dada home Hello Karen. So

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Jaden, you see them bowing down as well as prostrating bluecore so Jude are mentioned separately into the touch is 77. Allah says yeah, you alladhina amanu your Carew was Doodle doodle core and do sujood which shows that there is a difference between record bowing down and subdued frustrating. The angels press

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treated before Adam, Allah subhanaw taala told them not just about down but to fully humble themselves put their forehead on the ground before Adam What if Cornell mela egotist Judy Adam, but obviously we know that this site was not such the off worship, okay, but rather it was such that to show respect to greet, it was a gesture of humility of salutation exaltation. So what happened for Sasha do all of them frustrated, all the angels frustrated look at the word fell for means. So, meaning the next immediate reaction of the angels was that they frustrated Allah commanded them and they frustrated without question without delay. This is the obedience of the angels to a more

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soprano Tata, nano sub behind they got this rock remember this be? prompt obedience, prompt worship. In many cultures, people are required to bow down before others even today, when you go up on a stage for example, you are required to bow down before others. Is that permissible or not? Remember that it was practiced previously, it was permissible for the people before, which is why we learned that use of an incident when he became the king when he was on his throne with his parents, everybody frustrated, right? It was permissible before but now it's not allowed. The prophets of Allah has explicitly told us that it's not permissible. So we're not allowed to bow down or

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prostrate before others. Okay, such the end record is exclusively for who a last

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question. Were the angels worshipping other medicina? No, they were not. Who are they worshiping by making the such that Allah Subhana Allah

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says that to another is not allowed. But over a year they were frustrating to Adam or listener. But in reality, it was an act of worship to Allah because it was done in obedience to Allah. Similarly, we see that killing someone killing an innocent person, a father again, he just lost her his child. It's wrong. It's not allowed. It's a major sin. But when Allah told Ibrahim or they said, I'm slaughter your son, was that a major sin then? No, it was an act of worship. So, there could be something that is forbidden otherwise, but if a lot elders to do it, then what is it an act of worship? Same was the case of the angels. So all of the angels, they're frustrated, immediately.

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inlet he believes except for a police.

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He believes, are you familiar with that name, you should be because he is very familiar with you.

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It believes Chief shavon, the leader of all sheltering the head, Satan, from the letters balamb seen, some scholars say and a Walesa is to despair. And he believes has despaired completely of the mercy of Allah. If he wants, he can repent, if he wants, he can seek forgiveness from Allah, but he does not he has despaired of the mercy of Allah. This is what he believes is and he wants the same for us. He is our enemy. So in a belief it believes refuse to frustrated either Madison Baba, why did he refuse? How did he refuse? Allah says, apart from newletters Hamza, yeah. And other is to refuse to do something to turn down a request or a command, decline, reject refuse. Allah commanded

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prostrate, he said, No way. I'm not going to outright refused,

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and was stuck about a istikhara calf Barbara kibble arrogance, to think of oneself as very great and to think of others is very low. To reject the true thinking of oneself is very high, belittling other people. This is what arrogance is stuck, for. He became very proud. He thought too highly of himself. He thought it did not benefit him to prostrate before Adam is stuck. He was arrogant. What can and he was mineral caffeine of those who disbelieve? What does it show to us?

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What is disbelief? This obey does at least not know who Allah is? Does he not accept the fact that Allah is the Lord? Of course, but yet he refused to obey. Even that is what can aminal caffeine. He was a dose of disbelief. What do we learn in this verse? the superiority of Adam or the Sunnah over the angels, and by extension, the superiority of who the righteous and knowledgeable servants of Allah above who, the angels, the jinn, the entire creation of the restaurant had knowledge, a lot made all of the angels prostrate to him, to declare that his level was higher. His level was greater. He was more

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superior. And we see that even today, when a person goes out in order to gain knowledge, you know what the angels do? You know what they do? They lower their wings. They lower their wings in humility. Before who, the one who goes out seeking knowledge, because Allah told the angels Prostrate to Adam, he has more knowledge than you respect him.

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And this shows to us that if someone is a possessor of knowledge, then we should have respect for them. And if somebody has even a little bit more knowledge than us, then we should show respect to them. Unfortunately, what we do is we think, Oh, this person, yeah, I know what she was before. I used to know her back then. We grew up together, we're just best friends. And we belittle other people. This is not right. The fact is that you're not just respecting that person. In fact, you are respecting the knowledge that they possess. So the angels were made to prostrate to other medicinal matures in superiority of the angels, because of the knowledge that he possessed. Then we also learn

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that he believes he was there. He refused to prostrate to other medicinal when he refused to prostrate to other artists from one such that what was the spirit? Can Amina caffeine? Amazing. He refused, he became a cafe. Allah commands us that we should make such the to him, we should pray for Allah. And if we refuse about what stuck, if we refuse, then how can we think our fate would be different than that of a police? A police refused one such the two other than Allah. Then what would be the case of the one who refuses many many salute to Allah subhanaw taala. One such that he refused and look at where he ended up, and we think it's okay to leave one Salah to leave another

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Salah to miss one prayer to delay another one to neglect another one. What are we doing? Think about it. Look at where it ended. Because the refusal of one frustration. Every frustration is important, because if refused, if ignored, if not done, it can be very, very detrimental. It can make a person a loser in this world and in the hereafter. And you know, the scholars have said that a person who does not pray, who does not create even if he claims to be Muslim, he's not a Muslim, that he was the one who abandons the fella deliberately, intentionally, willingly, consciously. He's committing an act of copper.

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There's something very serious, but unfortunately, we don't give much attention to it. We think it's okay. It's not a big deal. It's a matter between me and my Lord. Yes, exactly. It's a matter between you and your Lord. And this is why you should prostrate to him. What did we learn about what the clean? What is their quality? UK Muna salada, they established a solid because Salah is the heart of Allah, it's the rate of Allah, when Allah gives you 24 hours to live, to breathe to enjoy. Can you not make time for frustration before him? You have the energy to walk up and down the stairs to run and to talk and to do so many things. But when it comes time to pray, it says no, you have no life,

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no energy left in you. This is not fair. He created everything in this earth for you. And you cannot take out five minutes for him. Are you really that unable?

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This is not right. We handicap ourselves. We give ourselves excuses. I'm too tired. I don't have the energy. Really? question yourself Really? and ask yourself Iblees rejected one. One such, how can I reject

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when the son of Adam prostrates to Allah, He believes cries he weeps. He weeps he cries that look, I refused once I've done and this is where I've ended up and he's doing one such that after the other the human being and he's coming closer to Allah.

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We are so greedy for our rights. I am a Canadian citizen. This is my right. I am a mother. This is my right. I am an employee. This is my right. We know about our rights, how much money we should be getting from the government, how much ability We have to do something or not do something. We fight for our rights, we'll go get a lawyer defend us. But when it comes to the rights of Allah, it's as though they don't matter. That's not right. And when I feel has double standards, the believer does not have double standards. law you know, hadoken Hata yoga Boo. Boo enough. See what does that Hadees show that a believer does not have double standards.

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How can you be so selfish about your own rights and not be concerned about the rights of Allah?

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So anyway, it believes what did you

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Do other was Takara? What can I mean no caffeine? What else do we learn from this that he believes he has in him? Many, many evil traits? Many, many evil qualities like what? refusal to obey Eva. So if a person refuses to obey, who is the imitating? He believes that a person says, Yeah, I know I'm supposed to Brahma going to make me. This is what refusal to obey. And secondly is the Cabal arrogance. Iblees has arrogance. And if a person is arrogant towards worshipping Allah, then whose footsteps as the following

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it believes that's exactly what Chetan wants you to do. Follow him so that you end up where he's going into hellfire.

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It believes has evil characteristics, and we should not have them we should stay away from them, especially those of refusal to obey and arrogance. A believer is not like that. of our listener, he came up and he gave the names of the things to the angels, the angels, they immediately frustrated. Then we also see that it believes he is of the caffeine so we learn about what gophers COVID is not just ignorance, what is it? denial, even if it's based on knowledge?

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Now question, Who is it please visit a fallen angel. Was he an angel before and then he became evil? No, it believes is a gene. Remember, there's one creation of a love for the angels, another creation of Allah Who are the jinn another creation of Allahu Arthur, human beings and they're ready to find other creatures of Allah. The jinn of the jinn is who he believes. Where do we learn this from Allah subhanaw taala says this little calf 50 what you call a little Malaika does Julianna fissara do Ella Emily's kana mineral Genie, he was a virgin.

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It is said that he is virgin. But when Allah subhanaw taala commanded the angels to Prostrate to Adam, he was also given that command Why? Because he was in the company of the angels. He was amongst the angels. Why was the amongst the angels because he was apparently very righteous and very obedient, very devout. Don't say if this person does not bring you believe this person has offered a belief no similar traits that the person is following the footsteps of a police. Okay. So anyway, it pleases the jinn and he was in the company of the angels because of his apparent righteousness and obedience and worship. However, this test clarified his reality. difficult situations they prove

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what you are. Your insight comes outside. Allah already knows what you hide inside. But in difficult situations, your insight comes outside. So he believes was very arrogant. We learned that Islam is 61 what it called Nalin, Malaika. This Julie Adam of Casa de la balise. parlor, suderman holla. Athena.

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He said, should I prostrate to something that you've created from clay? I'm not going to do that. In another verse in sort of arafa 12 we learn that color and a hydro man who Halekulani minhagim wahaca human cleaning, I am better than him. You created me from fire and you created him from mud. Fire is better than mud. I'm not going to prostrate to him he refused.

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wasn't acceptable. It wasn't gonna be no caffeine. We see that there are two ways displayed before us very clearly laid out before us the way of the angels and we have at least the angels. They're also made to realize they're in a way mistake when they said to Allah, that why would you create someone who will create facades and cause bloodshed? What was their reaction when Allah subhanaw taala proved to them? So Veronica Larian manana Illa Mara lantana humanity surrender, confession acceptance. But chidlom Oba was takahara Academy no caffeine. After this, what happened? Allah subhanaw taala he says we're Khulna and we said yeah, Adam, Adam ozcan you live ozcan St. calf noon.

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sakana sukoon It literally means to become still and sagoon is to have peace, tranquility. ozcan you live you'd Well moscon is home. Because muskan second is where you live in peace.

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So Allah told Adam, that you live you dwell and you was out and also your wife. You and your wife both of you live where Elgin indigena in paradise. Both of you live in paradise. Who is the wife of either Melissa How do you write her work her? Her not her her? Well, I live Hamza Okay, however, so a lot of parents are little both of them. Live in general with Jenna is this doesn't mean any garden or is it Jonathan hold

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knuckle hold the Journal of eternity, where other Melissa lamb and his wife were made to stay. Question. If a person enters general hold, what do we learn? He will never come out of it. called the Nevada. They will abide there in eternity. But we learned that other money Solomon is his wife, eventually they were taken out of Jenna. So what happened there? Why?

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Because no one will leave Jana after the Day of Judgment. The one who enters Jana after the day of judgment and they will never leave. Other innocent him and his wife they enter gentlemen, before we when people came to this world, and they were there temporarily. Why did the last panel have them there anyway? To honor them to let them enjoy before they were sent to this dunya ozcan anthology called agenda.

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People say that Oh, otherwise I made a mistake. You know, if that didn't happen, all of us would have been in Jenna. You've heard that? Yeah, it's not true. Because Allah sent Adam and his wife into Jenna. For some time anyway. It was to honor them to respect them because what did we learn earlier in Nigeria? I don't feel the halifa he was supposed to go on the earth anyway. So he was agenda for some time, temporarily, just as a part of honoring him.

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wakulla and both of you eat Cola, Cola, Hamza, Kaplan, UCLA and UCLA is to eat cooler This is a command you to eat Why is it YouTube because of the fit and destiny both of you eat men have from it meaning from Jenna, how rodden freely abundantly recovered from the letters rolling. And Robert is that which is easy perfuse in abundant quantity and that which is also easy for you to get. So there's a lot of quantity, it's plenty and at the same time, very accessible and also very, very enjoyable.

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Eat freely in general eat whatever you want, without any restrictions without any limitations without any difficulty. You know, sometimes you're eating something but it's difficult to eat it you're eating something and later on you suffer the consequences. Sarah harden and Ito Hazel from wherever she tomorrow both of you will meaning anytime anyplace anything you want to eat go ahead eat it. You don't have any restrictions any place anytime.

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This is Jenna. Hisashi Toma, however they were told well at Aqaba, but do not even go near the cassava cassava curb curb is to be near let acaba don't go near at all and notice the lF at the end that's near. Both of you don't go near her the shadow this one tree. The tree was specifically pointed out to them. This very tree don't even go near it. Which tree was an apple tree? We don't know. It was a tree of a low Arlo must be good. That's what we can imagine. So anyway, the tree was pointed out this treat don't even go near it. Why? Because if you do for the corner, then both of you becoming a very mean of the wrongdoers. Lord of law name and who is largely one who does world

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injustice when a person disobeys Allah, Who is he harming himself but the Konami? Nobody mean? What do we learn here? That first of all, how Allah subhanaw taala favorite Adam and how what? That he honored them, he made them reside, he made them dwell in Jannah for some time, so that they could enjoy for some time. Then we also see that nikka marriage is an ancient practice. It's a natural practice. Allah did not send them to Jenna alone. He sent with Adam or the Salah, his wife, however, because it's a natural practice, it's an ancient practice. And we see that a loss of data like this even for his prophets, we learn instead of the large Ayah 38 one or the autosol narrow Suleiman

00:33:55--> 00:34:35

Cabrini. kawayan Allahu butterly. Yeah, there are lots and many messengers. And he made for them spouses, well as children, they had wives and they had children, they were married. So what do we learn? Marriage is a normal preferred practice. It's something that is liked. There is no righteousness in not getting married. There's righteousness in getting married. This is what Allah soprano Dada likes as well. By the way, Before we continue, where did her word come from? We learned about the creation of other religions and where did she come from? That's I mentioned here, we learn from the Hadith that Allah subhanaw taala created, how what from Adam from his rib? What does that

00:34:35--> 00:35:00

show to us, that human beings are from one another? Allah subhanaw taala did not take one soil and from that he made Adam and a different soil and from that he made her work so that there will be one man species and one woman species. No, he made Adam and from Adam came. How? So that we are together. There is no competition between

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

Men and women, but unfortunately, we think if I want to be successful, I have to compete against the men.

00:35:06--> 00:35:51

So either one I sent out from him, her work was created. This is where her work came from. Now, another lesson that we learned is that a loss of personal data has made everything permissible for us except certain things that he has prohibited. And the majority of the things are permissible, and only a few are forbidden, the entire agenda, other minister was told eat whatever whenever freely, no restrictions, only one restriction, one tree, that's it one tree. Similarly, we see everything is handled for us only a few things are how long? And why is that? So? Because that's what a test is about. The test of life is about. If there were no restrictions, then there would be no tests, there

00:35:51--> 00:36:09

would be no challenges. And we see that there are some things which are within our means within our ability that Allah has forbidden us why to test us. If we weren't able to do them, there would be no test. But unfortunately, we look at Islam as Oh, everything is forbidden, except for such and such. It's actually the other way around.

00:36:10--> 00:36:38

And we do present Islam like this as well. We tell our children Oh, only this this this, this, this is halal. Everything else is how many children become like, you know, this is not fair. This is no fun. There's a story of once when a little girl she was with her parents in a non Muslim country, and whenever they would go for groceries, she would want to buy something which would be sometimes How long? So she began asking about everything is this Hello? Is this Hello, son, once you picked up an apple is this Hello.

00:36:41--> 00:37:12

Anyway, we also learn in this ayah that with regards to the tree, what is the loss of handle data say don't even go near the tree. Stay away from it. Don't even go close to it. Why? Because if you go close to it, you're going to be tempted. You're going to be tempted. This is why wrong things don't even go close to them. Get them out of your life, get rid of them completely. Because if you even go close if you even go near eventually you're going to do it while at acaba de shutaura further Konami navali me

00:37:13--> 00:38:00

further lahoma shaitan as Allah as a legendary that was a lamb lamb zellen in general is to slip to commit an error and as Allah is to make someone else commit an error. So shaitan made them both commit an error for as Allahumma shavon and Houma. What does he mean both Adam and Hawa? Who do people generally blame her that she caused them to eat of the forbidden tree. But what do we learn? A believes deceived both of them. He caused both of them to slip on her from it meaning from paradise for apologia Houma and then he got them both out of Raja ha Rajim courage we have done this word earlier. mimma from that which Ghana both of them were fee in at Cana is the dual of Ghana. So,

00:38:00--> 00:38:47

both of them they were engender in so many blessings they were enjoying and shaitan obviously he hated that. He became a cafe his reality was exposed because of Adam. Adam, he was made superior to at least at least did not like Adam at all. He wanted him to get out of Jenna. So this is why he made them disobey Allah as Allahumma shaytaan Raja Raja whom me McAfee wakulla. And we said, meaning Allah soprano Dada said it would be to all of you get down, it'd be to her for her book, and her booth is to go down. Allah said, all of you get down all of you. Why all of you, it's referring to who Adam Hawa as well as he believes. So AB to all of you get down, meaning from Jenna down to the

00:38:47--> 00:39:28

earth viral.com, some of you bounce from the root letters that are in the same root as the word berubah. So Barbara combs some of you are a burden for others are the one enemy, get down from gender, go to the earth, and some of you are going to be enemies to the other, who's going to be enemy to who a believes is the enemy of man, both man and woman. And Allah subhanaw taala explicitly mentioned that in the Quran, in fact, that is six in the shape on the Komodo one. Shaytan is an enemy to use to take him as an enemy, treat him as an enemy. Don't think of him as your friend. So don't listen to him. Don't get deceived by him. So Barack Obama the burden?

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

What does it show to us that otherwise, and I'm in Hawaii, they were in Jeddah, and by this incident that happened, it was made very clear to them who their enemy was. This is perhaps one of the wisdom as to why Allah placed Adam in Jannah for some time shavonne caused him to commit an error as a result of blessings were taken away. They were sent to dunya Imagine if you suffer loss because of someone do you hate them? Yes. If somebody tells you to do something, and you end up suffering at the end, what do you say?

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

I'm never going to listen ever. So when this happened when this incident happened other than his son um, he knew he should better not listen to Chevron ever again.

00:40:09--> 00:40:13

He should be careful, he should be on his guard. And we also need to be in the same way.

00:40:15--> 00:41:01

Welcome Phil all the end for you in the earth. Get down to the earth and for you in the earth is Mr. karvonen a place to stay? moussaka for karate karate is to become stable to settle down somewhere. So most of the call a place to settle down. So in the earth, you will settle in the earth you will live one meter one meter meter in enjoyment in the earth you will enjoy until when Isla Hainan until a time hain higher noon meaning you will not stay and enjoying this world forever, but for some time, until your life is over. What do we learn in this ayah the truth on deceives people just as he deceived our father either medicina How? By whispering to us, by telling us to do that which Allah

00:41:01--> 00:41:41

does not like. We learned in so little are off. And in Surah Taha about how shaitan tempted Adam and what to eat or the forbidden tree. We learned for what was a lie shavon shavon whisper to Adam balaia demo he said oh Adam helado lucara shadow holding como que la Vela Should I tell you about the tree of eternity, and a kingdom that will never perish. Meaning if you eat of the fruit of this tree, you will never die. He lied to other. We don't know about that. Some people say a police came in the form of a snake. We don't know about the Quran and Sunnah are silent about that. But we do know is that Shannon whisper to Adam and he said and Wes was just as he whispers to us. And he said,

00:41:41--> 00:42:21

Oh my God, if you eat of this tree, you become eternal. You'll never die. You live here forever. Who doesn't want that? Everybody wants that other and he said he was tempted to eat of it. So Shelton tempts us the same way he tempted our father. Why? Because he wants us to disobey Allah so that we can earn his wrath. Then we also learn that disobedience to Allah causes loss of blessings, downfall of blessings, Adam and how were ingen when they disobeyed Allah, all those blessings were taken away from them. So if we feel that some of our blessings have been taken away, reflect, perhaps we did something to disobey Allah to seek forgiveness, repent to him, then we also see that human life is

00:42:21--> 00:42:33

not possible except on this earth because Allah says welcome Phil earthly Mr. Calderon, you're staying on this earth. human life is not possible on moon, Saturn. It's not possible anywhere else except for this earth.

00:42:35--> 00:42:43

And we also learn that human beings do not have eternity in this life. Because Allah says, will Metatron intervene until the time not forever.

00:42:44--> 00:43:37

So what happened then, further luck. So Adam received the lacar lamb coffea Luca, luckier to meet literally means to meet and the lucky is to receive how to receive something happily, to receive something to take something willingly satella Adam, Adam received he took willingly What did he take willingly? mirabai from his Lord kalimat in words, Guinea math is a Florida kalama kalama is what a word GAF la meme a statement. So Adam received very happily took very willingly from Allah certain words, which words, the words with which he begged Allah for forgiveness, the words with which he asked Allah for Pardon? And what are these words do you know about the door or other other money

00:43:37--> 00:44:21

cinnamate to seek forgiveness? It's mentioned in our love, Robin as alumna and fusina Oh our Lord, we have wronged ourselves what a lump of Elena and if you do not forgive us what the hell not and have mercy on us better coonan nominal ha serene then we will be of the losers. So these words of laughter other RNA center, amazing. We make a mistake. Allah gives us the ability to repent to him. We make a mistake. Allah also teaches us how to repent to him for whatever Allah He and then he turned to him and mercy. Dabba from the letter stairwell back. doba literally means to return to go back, Roger and Toba with respect to a human being is when he repents to Allah and Toba with respect

00:44:21--> 00:44:50

to a loss of private data is when Allah turns in mercy towards his servant. So over here, Deborah Lee Allah turned in mercy to them really Santa. What does it mean by that, that Allah accepted his repentance? He accepted his apology, he forgave him for whatever they Why did Allah forgive them or in Islam? Did he not disobey Allah? Yes, he did. So why did Allah forgive him? Because in who indeed he who

00:44:51--> 00:44:54

he is the greatest acceptor of repentance, and he's also

00:44:56--> 00:45:00

the word from the root letter style whereby same root letter as an Italian

00:45:01--> 00:45:44

Wow, there's emphasis in this word, it shows one who accepts repentance, for what for great things even. And he accepts repentance again and again and again, from not just one person, but from many, many people think about it, how many people commit sin? How many people repent to Allah of lack some say repentance, he is the word and he is Rahim. What can we learn in this verse? The great favor of a loss of parental data on our father other than his son, and when he inspired him as to how to even repent, how to even seek forgiveness, and then when he accepted his repentance, and this is by extension a favor on us as well. That the door of Toba, the door of repentance is always open.

00:45:44--> 00:46:21

Remember, no matter what you have done, no matter what sin no matter what crime you have committed, you can always always turn to Allah seeking His forgiveness, as long as it is done before death. Because unless the web, remember the case of the person who committed 99 murders, and then he went on and killed another person, and then he was told to seek forgiveness. And he was forgiven. He died on the way as he was traveling to another place. That was a Snowbird he felt guilty. He wanted to be clean, and in the way his death game and which angels took his saw the angels of mercy.

00:46:22--> 00:47:03

No matter what sin a person has committed, it doesn't matter. The door of Toba is always open because unless the web he is Rahim. And one of the best ways of seeking forgiveness is using the words that Adam Ernest and i'm used, because his apology was accepted. And these words were inspired by Allah, Allah taught him how to seek forgiveness. And then we also learned that a lot accepts repentance. Allah says instead of earlier on I 135 women young Pharaoh de Nova Illa Allah who can forgive sins but a lot meaning no one can call now we said meaning Allah subhanaw taala said it will mean her. All of you get down from it. If you think about it, this was said earlier as well get down

00:47:03--> 00:47:26

from gender and go to the earth wasn't it said earlier? Yes. So why is it being repeated? To show that the forgiveness did not mean that they could stay in Jenna forever? Either Melissa and her were forgiven. But that did not mean they were allowed to stay in Jenna forever. No, they were meant to go down to the earth. So this assumption that people have if they didn't make a mistake, we would be in general. It's wrong.

00:47:27--> 00:48:15

Because Allah said for the second time, which was that yes, they were forgiven, but still they were supposed to go to the earth. So Columbian woman her Jumeirah, we said get down from it altogether meaning all of you go down to the earth for him. So whenever image gives meaning of whenever yet to come, it comes to you. Yeah, Tiana Hamza. Yeah, attire t to come. So whenever it comes to you, what comes to you, mainly from me Hoda guidance whenever guidance comes to you from me. How does the loss and guidance to mankind by sending messengers revelation books. So whenever guidance comes from me, from and who who dies, so whoever follows my guidance, who tab or to follow, whoever follows my

00:48:15--> 00:49:01

guidance, follow hope when I lay him whenever we are known, they will have no fear, nor will they have grief. They will have no fear. First of all, how what is health, cow fat, fear, fear of something harmful in the future. So those who follow the guidance of Allah, those who are obedient to Allah, Allah says they will have no fear, meaning when they're in Jannah, they will have no fear of ever being expelled from it. No fear of any blessing being taken away from them. While our homie as I know, he has a release from prison has a known and Herzen is grief regret, they will have no grief, no regret, no regret no grief over what? over what happened in the dunya. They're satisfied.

00:49:01--> 00:49:51

They're happy with what they have gained, satisfied with their award that Allah has given them. So what do we learn in this verse, that the one who follows the guidance of Allah, then what is his end result? No fear, no grief, no regrets, happiness? What destroys happiness? What kills it? Fear and grief ruins it. In general, no fear, no grief whatsoever. But on the other hand, when ladina cafaro as for those people who disbelieve like you believes, they refuse, they don't believe they don't obey. What cause the Boo. Boo is from calf there. But what does it mean? To lie and cadaver is to call someone else a liar. To declare something else as a lie false, deny or reject? So we're

00:49:51--> 00:49:59

comfortable and they deny what do they deny? Be it now our if I add this Florida what is I verse

00:50:00--> 00:50:43

What is the verse, verse of the Quran? And what is the verse of the Quran, the hood had the guidance that Allah has sent. First we learned about the fate of who those who follow that guidance. Now we learn about the fate of who those who disbelieve in and reject the guidance that Allah has sent. So, when Medina cafaro occurred there will be a Latina, hula aka those people are as horrible now as hub is the plural of saw him and also him companion saw the server server is companionship, what is server companionship to be in the company of something or someone. So they are us have their companions there in the companionship of who and now of the fire, meaning they will remain in the

00:50:43--> 00:51:07

fire. They are the inmates of the Hellfire, they will be in their home and they will be in it hardly dawn once abiding eternity. Holiday Inn is a plot of harlot ha lambda never coming out of hellfire. Two ways have been put before us very, very clearly. Those who obey Allah, those who disobey

00:51:09--> 00:52:00

those who accept those who refuse those who prostrate those who stand arrogantly the example of Adam, the example of angels is of what acceptance, repentance, confession, the way of a beliefs the way of those who deny the verses reject them. What is their way of arrogance refusal? And the end is also different. Those who obey submit their and this law have what are known as the end of those who are arrogant. What's their fate? Will our egos have been not home for the holidays? So we have to decide where do I want to go? Where do I want to go? What do I want to be my destination? Whatever I choose, that's how I should behave. And if I tell myself I want to go to Paradise, but I act like

00:52:00--> 00:52:06

oh, like a bliss and his companions, then I'm deceiving myself. Shall we will end over here.

00:52:07--> 00:52:13

So panic alone will be Ambika. Misha de la Ilaha. illa Anta Mustapha Luca wanna to break