Wael Ibrahim – PornDemic #19 – Dealing with masturbation

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three ways to deal with the cycle of alone and mental health. The first option is to have accountability partners, who can monitor behavior and health, and seek professional help. The second option is to be the best and stay sober, while the third option is to seek professional help when needed.
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Welcome, everyone. This is why the rainy man, you're watching from Demmick witness solution in mind with a very, very special episode because my computer crashed and I lost everything within that laptop. So I couldn't edit the intended episode for this week. But I thought to come and discuss one of the questions that I've been asked to answer for many, many days now. And it's been coming again and again in the past couple of months, actually. And that question is that if we were able to quit *, if we were able to install software's to block away from accessing these content, but we are still addicted to * itself, meaning when we are alone, whether we are in our

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bedrooms, or bathrooms, or toilets and stuff like that, we have the tendency to masturbate to the flashbacks to these images that you've been building in your brain for many, many years, perhaps. And as a result, sometimes when you're alone, and dopamine level. And if you didn't watch the episode of dopamine, please go back to episode number 18 last week's episode where we talked about dopamine, and how can we boost the dopamine in your brain to serve you to get in control of your actions and so on.

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But these, these situations are a lot and we experience being alone all the time, although it is highly recommended to be around people during the journey of recovery. But nevertheless, sometimes we find ourselves alone in the bathroom and the toilet, as I mentioned earlier, and bam, we must isolate what do we do about this problem. Now, two solutions to this problem, and I found them to be very, very effective. However, one of them you may not feel comfortable with. And that is you have to tell someone. Number one, you have to have an accountability partner. So this is something very, very important because if you have an accountability partner around your home and you entered your

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bathroom, or toilet, you will find someone to at least knock your door you know and delay this or stop the process of perhaps *. How about if you don't have that accountability partner at home and that particular time, then being alone is a vulnerable UB you will find yourself in a vulnerable situation. And that will be very, very difficult to resolve. So three points here that you have to bear in mind. Number one, you must have an accountability partner, you will not be able to quit any bad habits on your own. This is something established, alright. You may develop habits, good healthy habits by ourselves running jogging and so on exercising, eating healthy food, you can

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actually do that on your own. And even then, you need someone to remind you of your diet do you need someone to remind you of your schedule if you fall short. So accountability partners really work magic worked really good. So you need someone to know that you are suffering or going through this misery.

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So number two, you need to limit your time being alone as we mentioned in a previous episodes. And thirdly, when you are with someone at home, and you go to the toilet or the bathroom that person if he or she are your accountability partners, then they will have the ability to monitor the time and knock your door and call you out there everything okay, you need any help and so on. And as a result, the process of * may stop.

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If you wish to know more about the harmful impacts *, or if you want to know the if you want to listen or hear my response to Dr. Zack Knight and Dr. Yasser Ali regarding their views on *, I will leave the videos pertaining to * that are already on the our Academy YouTube channel in the description below. So I hope that this video even though it's it was out of necessity, because I didn't want to leave the week empty without any tip.

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Even though the advice may not appeal to many, because it's a little bit difficult really to deal with * on its own, as opposed to block, internet or block *. So getting rid of * is easier actually than getting rid of *, but the solution is probably one of these three options not to be alone. Inform your accountability partner, that you're entering the toilet to bathroom and so on or inform your accountability partner that you have a problem

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regarding * and * and when that accountability partner if he's around your home, may knock your door and so on, to make sure that you're okay to make sure that you

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and number three, seek professional help.

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Reach out to people have professional expertise in the field of addiction, whether it's behavior addiction or sexual addiction, and perhaps you can find some solutions to these issues, but don't give up on yourself. Do your best to be the best and I'm sure you will get out of that misery. Alright, before leaving, please share the content, subscribe to our channel and I promise God willing, we'll see you next week with a new episode with a new hormone neurotransmitter and how to use the to serve ourselves to serve to serve us in the journey towards recovery from * and any undesirable activities. Thank you so much. Subscribe to the AWARE Academy channel before leaving.

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We'll see you next week. Stay aware

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