Allah Says This Is The Dua Of Scholars

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From the dua of the schools and the people of knowledge, and Allah azza wa jal records this in the Quran, he said, Obinna Allah to ZIL Kuru BANA Banda is had a tener Wahab learn me lagoon Kurama in Mecca and tell Wahab

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the DUA This is the dua of scholars, scholars, the scholars, you know, when you and I look at scholars and people of knowledge, we think impossible that these people ever be misguided. Isn't this what you think? Well, at least this is what we assume that this is a scholar, this is a righteous man. This is a person that she has knowledge, he will never be misguided. But you know, that the scholar and you know, the people have abundant knowledge, you know, what one of their dua is and it's recorded in the Quran, the single Bennett our Lord, led to zeal Kulu bene, do not miss guide our hearts after you have guided us. What have led me lagoon Kurama and gift us grant us mercy

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from you. In the Canton Wahab you're the gift giver. You're the one who gives over compassionate, the kinda merciful.

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This is the dua of scholars. This is the dua of people of knowledge. They see our Lord. Do not deviate our hearts after you have guided us. So continue to make this diet after Ramadan. See, I've been added to the Hulu banner but they've had the internet.

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Always ask Allah social for firmness and guidance and focus in your salad. When you're seeing it Do not swallow up almost the team at least 17 times a day. We are asking Allah has solution, this best dua in the best of deeds which is a solid. We say Our Lord, guide us to the straight path and from the greatest forms of guidance is to remain steadfast upon righteousness and good deeds and obedience until death.