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In the law, hilarious the he Indeed Allah is not timid. Allah does not feel shy from what a young Reba masala malba roboton femora for her to present an example of a mosquito or what is smaller than that. He does not feel shy to do so. In the mohalla yesterday yesterday he is from the veterans hair Yeah, yeah, Higher. Higher means shyness is the here yesterday to feel extremely shy, defeat extremely shy, embarrassed, reluctant.

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And what is higher, what is shyness? shyness is such a feeling or such fear you can say that prevents you from doing something from seeing something. Why? Because Either you are afraid, or because it's not acceptable to the people, or you're just not comfortable doing it. You don't feel you have the confidence. You feel that other people will object. You're not confident about what you're doing. This is what China says. Allah says over here that he does not hesitate. He does not feel shy. He's not afraid and out of fear out of shyness, he does not leave what a young fella to strike an example. The word Yoruba is from the root letters logs are about BB. And BB is literally

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to strike to hit one thing on the other. But the word Thorpe is also used for presenting an example. What does it mean also, to present like over here Yoruba masala, it doesn't mean to hit an example hit an example doesn't make sense. What does it mean to present Okay, so he does not feel shy of presenting an example. And notice a word method and, and any example no matter what it is, no matter how insignificant a person might think it is. Even if it is of a Baroda. What is the berubah? a mosquito and it's from newletters Bear I bought BB BB means part of something some of something. And Baroda is called Baroda. Why? Because of its small size, it's very, very small size. And also, if

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you think about it, only a part of the mosquito can be seen by the naked eye, isn't it? If you want to see a mosquito in detail, you can't just observe it with your eyes like that. No, you're going to have to magnify the mosquito somehow. And the easiest way to do that is to look at a magnified pitcher mosquito. Right? This is why it's called barooga part of something mean very tiny, very small. So Allah does not feel shy of giving the example of even a mosquito, even a mosquito that is so insignificant, that you can barely see all of it. It's so tiny, and it's so annoying. If you think about the mosquitoes, what are they like a nuisance in a way because they bite you and you

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keep scratching yourself and you get irritated? If there happened to be mosquitoes in your room while you're sleeping, you cannot sleep in peace. Right? So Allah does not feel shy of presenting an example of something that is very insignificant, even as insignificant as a mosquito, from Africa, or even what is above it. Folk folk means above. What does it mean by above it? above the mosquito. This has been understood in different ways. First of all, above it, meaning more than it in insignificance. The mosquito is insignificant. Allah does not feel shy to give an example of something that is even more insignificant than the mosquito. Secondly, focus has been understood as

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on top of it, meaning what is on top of the mosquito. And yes, there are some parasites that live on the mosquito.

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And imagine how tiny they would be.

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Allah does not feel shy of using that as an example, from our folk Aha, why? Because the purpose of presenting an example is what to elaborate the truth, to explain the truth, to establish effect, to prove effect. And if this goal can be achieved by giving the example of something very insignificant, it doesn't matter to Allah. Why? Because the entire creation is a creation of Allah subhanaw taala and he can use anything, anyone to prove the truth. What's the purpose of giving an example to elaborate the truth if that can be done by presenting the example of something very insignificant? It's fine. No big deal in the law Hola, esta he Allah does not feel shy. We think

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that if we're highly intellectual, we should talk about great things important things, right? We shouldn't talk about little things. I mean, mosquito, why would a person talk about a mosquito? This is what we think. But if the purpose is to explain the truth, and that can be done by giving example of mosquito, Allah does not feel shy. He does not

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feel shy. In the LA hola esta here and everywhere my fellow member button from Africa. We learned that when a loss of final data revealed the verses in which he gives an example to the machine of the idols that they worship that he compares the idols with the vibe of fly a housefly. People objected at the Quran, they started making fun, that look, it's supposed to be the word of Allah and it talks about flies.

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To us, even a fly is important today. Why? Because all that we have studied about the fly, but to the people of the past, or to some people even today, a fly is something that is useless, insignificant, something not worth mentioning. If you want to talk about something talk about important things. So they began objecting, they began criticizing the Quran. So Allah says, Allah does not feel shy. There is no humiliation in this. There is no humiliation in speaking out the truth. Allah does not feel shy. But we see that people's reactions are different. For Amanda Nina armano. As for those people who believe that even what they believe in the Quran, they believe that

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what Allah has said is the truth that what happens fair Allah Muna, then they know those people who believe they know what do they know that unknown? How come you're robbing him? That indeed it is the truth from their Lord? What is the truth from their Lord, the example that Allah has given whether it is of a fly or a mosquito or a spider, any example that Allah gives, they know that it is the truth from their Lord, which is why they understand the truth by it, they get it. The example is clear to them. The message is clear to them. Pharaoh Ala Moana and the whole How can you ever be him? But on the other hand, what a Molina cafaro but as for those people who disbelieve they don't

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believe in Allah, they don't believe in the messenger, they don't believe in the Quran. What happens to them when they hear such things in the Quran? When they read about such things in the Quran? They object? What do they say? Fire coluna. So they say, Man, what is that which arada he intended? Allahu Allah, behead mF Allah by this example, or others from the root letters are all well, that route is to walk about in search of something, why would you walk about in search of something because you want it that's your goal. So the era that the intention is the purpose, why a person is doing something?

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What is the intention? The reason why you do something? So they say, what has Allah intended by giving this example? Meaning what use is there? In this example, what good is this example? What a useless example In other words, mother or the law will be had Emma fella, they're not literally inquiring over either actually mocking they're actually making fun. Mother or the law will be had Ms. Allah. Why is it so that they say this? Because the truth is not clear to them. And why is that? So? Because of their disbelief because of their aversion? If you don't want to understand something, do you understand? You don't, for example, you're sitting in your math class, and you're saying,

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This is so complicated, I hate math. I hate math. I hate math. Are you gonna understand anything? Nope. But if you make up your mind, no, this is important, this is necessary, I have to understand it is possible for me, you will sit there and you will not move until you get it. Difference in attitude. Why? Because of the difference in thinking difference in faith. One is a person who wants to benefit the other is a person who does not want to benefit. Those who believe their reaction is that they know it is the truth from there nor those who don't believe they say, what's the point of this example? What a useless thing to say. For your coluna mother or the law hubby Heather masala,

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you will be kathira Allah says, you will be you bought lamb lamb. Your plan is to send someone astray to let them go astray. Allah let's go astray by it by what by such example. So many people. same example. Same thing that is mentioned in the Quran. Some people when they hear it, what happens to them, they are further in their misguidance they go farther away from the Quran. They say yeah, I read the Quran but it doesn't make any sense to me. Yeah, I read it, but you know what, this was written in the Quran. Yulin lubega Tierra the more they read the Quran, the more misguided they get, why problem in the heart but at the same time, why should they be eager to grow and there are many

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whom Allah guides by this.

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Some people increase in their misguidance other people increase in their guidance way db kathira But who is it? That is misguided by the Quran? Allah says woman you live up and he does not send a stray by it in lol faster pain except for those people who cross limits those people

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Who are wrong in the first place? facet is one who does Fisk fair scene of and Fisk is to cross the boundaries to cross the limits. Basically the word is derived from when a date becomes so ripe that the bulk of it comes out of the skin. You may have seen that sometimes dates are so right that the skin kind of dries up and shrivels up and what is inside is actually visible on the surface. This is what FISMA is for sakata merata. fezzik is one who crosses the limits of obedience meaning he is disobedient. There are two types of fisc one is major fist and the other is minor fist. Major fist is that a person crosses the boundaries of Islam meaning he becomes a disbeliever he's not a

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believer. Minor fist is that a person is a believer but he crosses the limits of obedience. So he commits disobedience sometimes. Over here in this context, Vaseline is referring to major fiscal which is COVID because what is the lesson? What Amala? Vina cafaro it's those who disbelieve who object at the Quran and they're further misguided and who are such people will manually loopy lol fast faceting across limits. What do we see in desire? We learned that a la soprano Tada. He presents many many examples in the Quran. And as we will study the Quran, we will learn about many examples. Over here the mosquito is mentioned in the future we'll learn about the fly, we will learn

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about a person who is blind and deaf and dumb, a person who is completely dependent on his people, another person who is completely independent, we will learn about water and the clouds and the rain and the birds and the bee and the spider different types of examples. Different things are mentioned in the Quran. that some people when they read the Quran, they say if this is supposed to be a divine book, why are such insignificant things mentioned? Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala when he mentioned something, there is a reason why he mentioned. If that reason, if that purpose is fulfilled, then it's successful, isn't it? So the purpose is ebara lesson if the lesson can be

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understood, the goal has been achieved. But there are some people who benefit from these examples and other people. They don't gain benefits from such examples. What are the lessons that we learned in this ayah? The first lesson that we learned is that a lot does not feel shy of speaking the truth. Should we feel shy of speaking the truth? No, Allah does not feel shy, which means he's confident. We should not feel shy and we should also be confident about our Deen. Sometimes we want to share something with the people. But we don't want to say that Oh, it's in Islam, or it's in the Quran. It's in the Hadees. What will people think of me, Don't feel shy, be confident. Allah is not

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afraid of the truth, we should not be afraid of the truth either. And we also learn in this ayah that

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whenever a person reads something, especially in the book of Allah, whether it is an example, or it is a fact, a statement, a command, especially with regard to an example, always focus on the intent of the example. Why is this example being given? To make us understand something like for example, previously, we're about two examples for them and everything. What are we trying to understand by those examples?

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The concept of hypocrisy, the reason behind hypocrisy, the consequences of hypocrisy, how a person is when he is a hypocrite, that's what we're trying to understand. So focus on that don't get lost in the example, focus on the intent of the example.

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Then we also learn that a believer, he does not object, the statements of a loss upon

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his reaction to what Allah subhanaw taala has said is what have some Mariner wealth or not,

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a believers reaction is we have heard and we obey, we believe and we affirm, a believer does not say, How is it possible? Why has this command been given? Why do I have to pray? Why do I have to worship? Why do I have to do this? A believer is not like that a believer is submissive, he accepts whatever Allah has told him, he does not object who objects The one who does not believe doesn't mean that we're not allowed to use our mind when it comes to studying the deen. Is that what the meaning is? No, we are supposed to use our mind. Because look at the importance of understanding and our religion. There's so many words in the Quran that we learned like urine and alcohol and fic

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which show the importance of learning and understanding. We are supposed to use our minds but we should also realize that we as human beings have limited minds, limited understanding limited comprehension. So if

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Something that Allah has said, does not enter my mind does not seem logical to me, then is there a problem? In the words of a law? Is there a problem in me? There's a problem in me, I need to try harder. I need to think more. I need to study more, I need to research more. Because what Allah has said is the truth for our lamona unknown hepco mirabai him they trust Allah. So when we're studying the Quran, we must have this trust in the words of Allah subhanaw taala. What some people do is that if they don't understand something, instead of acknowledging their own lack of understanding, they say that the words of Allah don't make any sense. The problem is not with the words of Allah, the

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problem is with us. This is why we see that Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, intrarater uncouth, I have 43 what tickle am Setsuna Blue holliness, aka Elon, Ali moon, these are the examples that Allah has presented in the Quran and no one understands them except for who those who have knowledge, we have to increase in our knowledge in our understanding in order to understand the Quran better, not that we start objecting that, oh, this doesn't make sense. That doesn't make sense. Why do we have to do this? Why do I have to do that? No, a believer does not do that. We also learn in desire that people benefit from the Quran, according to their own level, their own capacity

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or their intention. Whatever a person's intention is, whatever a person's capacity is, that is what he will take from the Quran. If a person's intention is to gain guidance, he will find guidance. If a person's intention is to find faults, he will find faults, not that there are faults in the Quran, but he will find them because of his crooked thinking. So we have to correct our intentions. Why are we studying the Quran? Why are we reading the Quran? What do I want to get out of this study? Whatever you want to get, that is what you will get. So set high goals, set high goals for yourself so that you can get it you can achieve it. Don't think Yeah, whenever Allah wants that I should

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become a better person, I will become a better person, no, have a goal for yourself, you want to become a better person, you want to improve, you want to change. And if you have that, you will benefit. And if you don't have that goal, that purpose or intention, you will walk out with whatever you came here for, because people only get according to their inner capacity, you can only put inside yourself according to the space that you have inside your heart according to the capacity that you have inside. Well, now you will be in that facility. And what do we learn from this that it is only those people who cross limits who are sinful, who are misguided by the crowd and who are the

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facility inshallah we will learn about that. In the following I will do a quick review of it number 26 before we continue in the La halaya Sahih al brivo masala Maru button firma FOCA, Indeed, Allah does not feel shy. To give an example to cite an example, even if it is of a mosquito or that which is above it. What does it mean by this? That Allah does not feel shy of giving an example? Any example? Why? What do we understand from this, that every little thing in this world, there is a lesson that we can learn from it, which is why Allah does not feel shy to give the example of even a mosquito because there's a lesson in everything. There's a lesson that we can learn from every

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single creature in this earth, nothing is useless, nothing at all. And also another very important thing that we learned from this is that any statement that Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned in the Quran is worth paying attention to. Any statement that Allah has mentioned in the Quran is beneficial, there is benefit for us in it, we cannot ignore any verse, we cannot ignore any word, we cannot ignore any statement any story, any fact anything that Allah mentions, why? Because there is benefit for us in it. Allah does not feel shy of giving any example even if it is of a mosquito or something that is even smaller than it lesser than it more insignificant than it. But obviously

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people react in different ways how that for Amala Dena armano, fire Ala Moana and who will help them ever be him. As for those people who believe they know it is the truth from the Lord because the reaction of a believer is always Submariner or Aparna

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or Sedona. He knows that there is some benefit in what Allah has mentioned. He gives importance to every word of Allah. He pays heed. He gives attention to everything that Allah subhanaw taala has said he trusts Allah. He trusts Allah, He does not object at what Allah has said. rather he accepts everything that Allah has said. A believer knows that it is the truth. But on the other hand, what a Medina cafaro for cunanan

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About the law who beheaded my fella. Those people who disbelieve What do they say?

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What is their reaction? They object. They say what's the point of mentioning this? What's the use in it? So a believer finds benefit in what Allah has mentioned. And it is believer, someone who's not interested in guidance, he does not find any benefit in what he reads and

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he does not see the benefit he does not see the relevance of believer finds relevance in everything.

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So the response of the disbelievers is, what's the point of mentioning this, Allah says you Lupica thira, where did he go to cathedra Allah causes to misguide many, by the same example by the same salon. But on the other hand, there are many people who gain guidance by this as well. Who is it that goes astray when you live to be inland? faceting those people who cross limits It is only such people who are misguided.

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Now, at the beginning of this verse, we see that our last panel, Darla mentions, the mosquito, and there's a brief presentation that has been prepared to that we also realize why Allah subhanaw taala mentions the mosquito in particular, when you think about it, there could have been any other creature mentioned over here. Huge creature, very complicated, apparently complicated, apparently very useful. But Allah mentioned the mosquito, because as mentioned earlier, a mosquito you can even find lessons in that nothing that Allah has created is useless. Nothing that Allah has said, is not beneficial.

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Bismillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah bad Pharaoh's wilhemina Shivani rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, will be shortly so to do a silly empty, washing Allah that me Listen, he only or banners, isn't it man? Now I would like to begin by asking all of you, we did so many lessons during the past weeks and how many of you reflected or even thought about the idea that we learned? When we learned about a hypocrite and unbeliever she thought about what are the differences between a hypocrite and a believer? And she thought about how should I be different? And how should I make a difference in my life so that I'm not hypocrite? It is very important for us each and every one of us to reflect

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upon the Quran because I Lost Planet Allah says in Surah Mohammed verse number 24 fm

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and then did they not reflect upon the end? Now let's listen together and reflect upon the number 26 of

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all swans, Allah says in this ayah Indeed, Allah is not timid or shy to present an example that of a mosquito, or whatever is above are smaller than it and those who have believed know that it is the truth from near Lord. But as for those who disbelief, they say, What did Allah intend by this as an example? He misleads many thereby and guides many thereby and he misleads not accept the defiantly disobedient. Now let's find Allah He gives us an example of a mosquito. Now we may think what insignificant creature what a small creature have less content to give us an example. But like any other creature or any other creation of Allah subhanaw taala we need to know a mosquito is a

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miracle. Now, what are some of the things when you think about a mosquito? What comes to your mind? Yeah, that's something that stings, it causes diseases. Yeah, some of the things we think are like it's a pest. It's annoying, it's causes nuisance and It's itchy and red bumps. Such a small creature, we think about it with a lot of discomfort. Now who thinks human body is complicated, all of us? Well, according to scientists, mosquitoes body is just as complicated as a human. And mosquitoes lifespan is only a few weeks. Within a couple of hours after the eggs are laid, the larva hatches in the right water temperature. In three days larva is formed and within a week, a pupa is

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formed. And in another seven days, an adult mosquito is born. Now I'd like to take your attention to a miracle of a mosquito. If you look at the way the mother lays the egg of a mosquito, it's in the shape of a raft. So that's another miracle little spot that we did not know that until today. Now some of the other facts about mosquito there are 3000 different species of mosquito, they're able to fly 14 miles for a blood meal. Now the important thing to note here is that main food source of mosquito is not blood is fruit or flower nectar. Well, only a female mosquito sets the blood in order to reproduce. After one blood meal female mosquito can lead up to 300 eggs. Humans are not

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actually the first food choice of mosquitoes actually cattle horses are words. They're able to hunt by detecting body heat order, temperature and carbon dioxide. Now another miracle for us panda is the eye of the mosquito. Well, mosquito has something called a compound eye. Each compound eye takes overall picture of an object or the surrounding it is processed simultaneous

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To provide an outstanding fast motion detection, the campaign AI enables the mosquito to have a panoramic view it's able to see in all the directions, scientists are now studying the eye of a mosquito to make cameras as such. The next slide you'll see the picture of the stinger of a mosquito. It's unique in the way that it's able to find the blood vessel or the capillary within the skin, without even being able to see it. So how miracle is that?

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Some other facts of mosquito there are only three primary species of mosquito it causes diseases in humans. Worldwide, around 450 million people suffer from mosquito borne illnesses. Malaria disease spread by mosquito kills 2 million people every single year. So it's safe to say that Nana animal inflicts more disease and more harm than a mosquito. Then Allah says, and the next part of the I messala bow button.

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Whatever is above the mosquito now we know there are even smaller creatures above the mosquito. There are millions of bacteria that live on the body of the mosquito, one of the most disease causing one malarial parasite called Plasmodium. It's a very small single celled organism called or protozoan. It lives as a parasite in other organisms, namely men and mosquito. The parasite is the cause of tropical disease called malaria. Now, we learned and we heard about all the scientific aspects of mosquito so what did you reflect and what did you learn about mosquito? Exactly? Although it's a small creature with such a short lifespan, it's able to cause a lot of harm. Now, we used to

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believe that in six a naive creatures, but modern science shows us that they're created with precision, and they have no mistake in performing its functions. We believe LS pantalla created all these small and bigger creatures. Hence, we should not mock or have a negativity towards these creatures rather appreciate the perfection of how LS pantalla created these creatures about which Allah Subhana Allah says soon Allah He led the death Nicola Shay in who Kabira on demand the following the work of Allah who perfected all things rarely he is well acquainted with what you do. So random verse 88. So the important thing here to take away is not the scientific aspect, but

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rather to reflect and understand and know the perfection and the magnitude of mosquitoes creator which is a Lost Planet Allah. Allah subhana wa morbihan the Ganesha de la ilaha illa enter a South Africa where do we live?