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An-Naml 45-59 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 48-53

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So similarly what kind of film Medina the in this particular city were solid and SLM was, there were this Arturo nine, family heads, nine leaders.

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The word one is from the roof veterans, blah, blah.

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And the word can be used for the family head. You can say, like the chief of the tribe, like for example, the clan of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who was the family had of that claim, I would call it before him, Who was it? Or the Natale so from amongst all of the people, there's always one person who is the in charge, even in tribal systems. So in the city, there were nine, meaning nine family heads.

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Secondly, the word can also be applied to a group of people, a Kabbalah a sub tribe,

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and it can be used for a group of people there are a number between three and 40

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number between three and 40. So what are the two meanings First of all, family heads? And secondly, groups, sub tribes, clans? Okay? So in the city, there were nine, you can say main tribes. All right. And of these nine main tribes, there were nine family heads.

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And these family heads, what was their job? What did they do? You've seen a film of the they used to make facade in the earth. Well, I used to be home and they did not make reforms.

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And the rest of the people what was their behavior? They just follow them blindly.

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You understand?

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Like, for example, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who were the main main people, Abuja, Abu lahab. Abu Talib, so many people right. Now, some of them, they were very concerned about visitors about pilgrims about, you know, helping the poor and the needy, correct. But they were others at the same time. What was their way of facade? You've seen a film out where you see him like, for example, of Buddha, Buddha, oma, you haven't heard of so all of these people, what were they doing for sad and not Islam? Now, the same thing was also happening where in the people have settled.

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There is one point you notice over here, that all of the people were not moved. All of the people who are not moved to the entire nation, was not said, but who was mainly was it? It was these nine men, it was these nine individuals who were like this.

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And the masses, what was their way? They will just follow them blindly. Whatever the leaders do, they follow them.

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Even today, you will notice that many people, what is their life all about going to work, going back home, getting the groceries, meeting the family, and that's it, boring lives, meaningless lives, but they're living one day after the other aimlessly,

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their life does not really have some meaning. They're not living for a particular purpose, which is why you see that many people, they're stuck in the same jobs for so many years, they don't even think about moving up. They don't think about moving elsewhere. They don't think about switching careers getting another certification or a degree so that they can live a better life. And even if they do think about that, what is that purpose for so that they can just make more money, so that they can just get a better job. That's it. So the masses, this is their way of life, that they live meaningless lives. They only get together when somebody is born, or when somebody dies, or when

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they're holidays or when there's a national event or something like that. But otherwise, their lives are meaningless.

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But on the other hand, there are some people who influence others who lead others.

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And those people they can be of two types. Either they can be such people who are concerned about educating the people who are concerned about improving the lifestyle of people improving the health standards, improving the you know, the state of the people. And it could also be otherwise that there are those people who are concerned about spreading facade into people.

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Now these nine family heads, what was their way? You've seen a film early when I useless they were leading people in what in facade and the rest of the people they were just following them blindly.

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So these nine family has what did they do? Call you they said the person will be there he take a mutual oath by Allah the call someone from their letters have seen me in person. What does concern me

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to swear an oath

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and the pass or move, the fair Alou that the Federal What does it mean? That all of you mutually take an oath, every single one of you should participate in swearing this or swear to one another. Each and every single one of you should swear this oath biLlahi By Allah, what that led to by Ethan, who will Allah who, that we will surely definitely attack him by night. Him will Allah who and also his family, who saw the Harrison newbay, you know, from the fetters barrier, that what is between house and Batter up to? What does it mean to spend the night engaged in a particular activity, like for example, a secret conversation, or a plot or something like that?

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And the beat or do the beat of the enemy? What does it mean, to attack the enemy at night, to cause bloodshed at night.

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So nobody can know, we will surely attack him by night, we're going to attack him and his family by night and kill all of them.

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We're going to kill all of them.

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And who, every single one of us, all of the nine family heads, from all of the nine different tribes, each person is going to come and all of us together, we're going to attack them by night and kill him.

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And then what's going to happen? his family, his clan, they're going to come to us demanding revenge. So we're going to say so Milan akula night and surely we will definitely say they will he to his family. who's really the value of Sally Harrison. And what does he mean by his family, his heir and the avenger of his blood? Because remember, in a tribal system, if somebody is killed, then his heir is not going to leave the murder. What is he going to do? He's going to go and take revenge from him. He's going to go demand justice blood money in some way or the other.

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So when his when he comes up to us asking for blood money, we're going to say Masha hidden Malika Lee, we did not witness the destruction of his family mahalik from the roof veterus halamka HELOC, what does that mean? destruction, but it also means that any Maroon halakhah meaning if a man died, so, Malik is a Muslim as well as the so the place or the time of this death, or the destruction itself. So we did not witness the time, the place when they were killed, we were not present over there. We have no idea as to who came and killed them. We have no idea when they did this. We have no idea how this happened. What in that Assad is gone? And indeed, we are surely truthful. So what

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was this? A plan a plot in order to kill Sally Allison. Remember I mentioned to you that Sally Harrison, he was asked that people have some mood, and he belonged to a very noble tribe.

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He belonged to a very noble tribe. And because they belong to a very noble tribe, this is why those people who are posting they could not take any action against him.

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Because remember, in tribal system, what happens if somebody belongs to your tribe, no matter how wrong they are, no matter how much you disagree with them, you will still fully support

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which is why we see the avatar live despite the fact that he was not a Muslim, he gave his full support to the Prophet satellizer.

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Right. So this is why the people of the moon they were afraid to take any action against Allah Harrison.

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And this was part of the plan of a loss of panel data that he chose his messengers from these noble tribes. This was a way of protecting them.

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Because you wonder sometimes How did the profits on a lot of them survive for 13 years in Makkah? Wasn't it easy for the people to Miko to just simply go and kill him? One day, or one night? Of course, it was, but what prevented them?

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It was a tribe of the Prophet satellizer.

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We also learn Institute is number 91 that the people of Salah Harrison MD said to him, Well, Ola toda la jamnagar had it not been for your family, we would have stoned you. We would have killed you. But it's because of your family that we respect you and we cannot take any action against you.

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Now we see that the people they had had enough by now they did not want to tolerate Sally Harrison anymore. So they did want to take some action against him. But obviously, who could they choose to go and kill Sally and Islam if they chose anyone? That tribe would be at war with

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other tribes.

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So they had to come up with a very smart plan, which was that all of the tribal members, especially the leaders amongst them, together, they were going to attacks on it.

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As a result, what's going to happen? The tribal solid Harrison will not be able to take revenge from each of the nine tribes. You understand?

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They will not be able to take revenge from each of the nine tribes, they would have to agree to just accept the blood money.

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And on top of that, they said that we're not going to confess even we're not going to admit

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and if somebody does leak that information, then we are safe.

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You understand? They said that we are going to say Masha Hytner, Malika le we're in California. We have no idea who killed him. And we're truthful.

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So through lies that we're going to defend themselves first of all, but if let's say due to some reason, the truth does become exposed, then again, they are safe because all nine tribes had participated in the murder to the family tribe, what would they do? Who would they take revenge against? How many tribes could they possibly fight? Not more than one or two? That the same thing also happened with the Prophet satellizer?

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that right before the hedgerow. What did the machine of Mecca decide that from each of the noble tribes, the very best of them, the very noble of them was selected, that each of them is going to together, attack the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and kill him.

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But Allah subhanaw taala saved his prophet, and he told him to leave by night. So he migrated to Medina, in the middle of the night and the people were unable to attack him.

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Now we see over here that look at how confident these people are, when it comes to lying.

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The Look, they have the confidence to say we're going to say the nakulan and he will re measure Hitler, Mallika, aliy, we're analysis on this is a big lie. But they have the confidence to say, what does it show that if a person does not have the fear of Allah, then the fear of people also does not prevent him from committing great gripes.

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Many times, people are prevented from doing wrong things out of the fear of the fear of people.

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But if a person does not have fear of a law, that he does not even have fear of people, then he has the guts to lie, then he has the guts to commit the greatest of crimes even.

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So now what happened?

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We learned that the people of Solihull escena when sila Islam gave the warning to them that the punishment of Allah is going to come What did they say bring the punishment.

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They said, show us a miracle.

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So sorry, had Islam prayed for the she camel, the Sheikh Abdullah was shown to them.

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Now what do they want to do? They wanted to kill the sheikh Mo, and they also wanted to kill saddam.

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So first of all, what do they do? They killed the chicken, isn't it? So

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we learned about it, that Falco naqada they kill the sheikh mo and insider hasulam. And he sent him he gave them the warning of how many days? Three days?

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Now, in these three days, they thought, Okay, he's warning us. He's threatening us. We're going to be finished after three days. Let's just kill him. So when did they make this plot? When did they decide to carry it out in the three days of rest bite that they had?

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Just imagine

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when Mercado makhan and the plan a plan, one mercadona McMullen and we also plan to plan.

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They made a huge plot in order to kill Sally Hansen. Such a smart plan that all of us collectively, we're going to kill him in this way during the night that nobody can see. And then we're going to lie on top of that, and if they do find out they will not be able to take revenge on my como con, a huge plot, but Allah subhanaw taala, also amacom namah claw, and we also planned a plan. We also made a plan when the same word is used for a loss of habitat and although it has an evil connotation, what meaning doesn't get over here, that Allah has the ability to punish them for their muck. He has the ability to counter their macro with the same and what does it show? His power wama

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comm Namah claw? Well, Himalaya scharoun and they did not even perceive they did not even realize that while they were planning, Allah who was also planning

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while they were planning to kill Saleh and Islam, Allah was also planning to destroy all of them.

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So we see that they kill the sheikh mo Salah Harrison and warn them. Timothy roofie Daddy consolata young, you have three days and then you will be punished to repent. Instead of repenting. What did they do? They started plotting in order to kill Sunday Harrison

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so Allah Subhana

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Allah says fonzo solak gave acana Optiva to McLean. What was the consequence? What was the end of their plot? They decided to kill Tyler Harrison. Um, and what happened before they could kill him? a las panatela destroyed all of them. So look at the end of their mark look at the consequences of their market.

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And what was the consequence? That and the model now that we destroyed them? Welcome Home edge marine and their people all together as well.

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And what does it mean by this? The Marina whom were comin home Marine, who does them refer to

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the nine family as the nine jeeps that they were finished. But along with them, their people were also finished.

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Not only something who killed the sheikh, and was it all the people? No, it was only certain individuals who decided to kill Sally Harrison, was it all the people? No, it was only the rough. And the rest of the people what was their way?

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They were just followers. Or they were just silent people,

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the silent majority.

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But what do we see over here? That because they were just silent at this point, they did not oppose the falsehood. They did not support the truth what was there and

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it was all to destruction.

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there and was the same as that of the of the criminals, because they approved of them. Because silent means what?

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Silence means approval that you approve of what's going on. This is why you're not objecting. This is why you're not opening your mouth. So I'm not a mom now whom we'll call home as a marine. So and this is a great lesson for us that when we see help and belting, then we cannot just remain silent at that point. We have to side with either of the two. And obviously, it should be siding with what with the truth.

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Because if a person does not take a position at that point, and he just remained silent, then what will be the end? It will be along with who? Those who were upon faltered.

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And what was a consequence of these people? What was the punishment? What was their oktava that they were destroyed by a sound by a say how

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we learn whatever they're letting alone will say how to for us bahuvida to him Jessie mean that the wrongdoers they were seized by what by a scream by a loud blast. And they remained in their houses as want to refer them that on their knees upside down.

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Now what do we see over here that these people that were so advanced, they built their houses where? By carving them out in rocks?

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Now imagine if you have a house such as that? Do you feel any fear? any threat from the weather conditions? Not at all? No matter how much it rains? you're protected? Isn't it? So Rocky Mountains? How can they ever be affected by rain? How can they be affected by Sun they cannot be affected.

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So their houses were weatherproof. Just imagine,

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and Allah subhanaw taala How did you destroy them? by a sound,

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you could imagine the intensity of that blast of that scream in the rocks, in the Rocky Mountains, how much the echo would be and how strong it must have been that they were killed as a result of that loud blast.

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And we also see that it wasn't just a Saheb but it was also that they were shaken by a violent earthquake.

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And that also was a means of their destruction. The people who were so strong, they were so mighty, but they were destroyed by what? by a sangha and an earthquake.

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We learned that it's recorded and Muslim, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he passed by the area of unhedged.

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And he said to the people, that led to Hulu, either her or him or either Bina Illa and Taku Burkina that do not enter on these who were tormented who were punished unless you do so while crying.

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Do not pass by their houses, do not pass by their dwellings by the area where they used to live in except while you are crying, you should be crying at that point. Why? Because these people were punished by Allah and your passing by the same place where the punishment of Allah had descended. For inlanta kono Burkina falletta dahulu la him and you see become Miss Lama or Saba home and if you're not crying, then do not

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Enter on them, do not go by these places, so that what befell them does not befall you.

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This is a severe warning that if you're not crying at that point and don't pass by these people, because if you have the confidence to smile and laugh and pass jokes at that point, then you should be fearful that what descended on these people can also descend on you. And sometimes it's amazing that people are passing through museums in such places. And what is their reaction? laughing? passing jokes, taking pictures, making poses? Is this the correct way? Not at all. The profits are a lot of them give us severe warning, a loss of dialysis fatigue, Kabuto home. So these are their houses habia. They're desolate, they're empty. Look at their houses, go and pass by their cities and

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see they're completely empty Korea who lives in them? No one.

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Do you see any person cooking in these houses? Cleaning these houses? living in these houses? Not at all? How are we? How we are some newsletters hallway? Yeah. And Howard literally means to be empty.

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So they're lying deserted, no one lives in them, despite the fact that they have water streams still running through these areas.

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And it's not that these houses are not safe to live in? No, they're still safe to live in for tilaka, bootham habia, they're still empty. No one came and lived in those houses after them. Why be Muslim? Oh, because they were wrong. They did learn.

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They built great houses, great architecture. They had great technology. But look at it, it's languages today. Why? Because of their injustice in their fee value color is indeed in that is surely assigned for who they call me on the moon for those people who know, only those people will take a benefit. We'll take a lesson from this side, from the story from this incident from seeing this place. Because otherwise, why do people turn such places as historical places that are a result of what some natural disasters some natural changes in the earth? And they do not think about who is it that caused this to happen.

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So only people who have are in the realm of rule of law, the power of a law, only they can take a lesson from this.

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So those people who did zone B masala mo What happened? They were punished by

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the Mona home they were destroyed. And on the other hand, what Angelina levina ama know, what can we attack on and we save those people who believed and those people who used to fear Allah.

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So what do we learn over here? that the way to success, the way to salvation? The way to protection in this dunya is not your worldly technology is not your worldly success. It's not your worldly advancement. What is it then?

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Eman and taqwa? alladhina amanu What can we attack on

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in total alafaya 78 to 79 we learn for a holla tomorrow Raja to for us we're houfy daddy him Jessie mean that the earthquake it sees them and they became within their homes corpses that were fallen prone further when they're on home. And he turned away from them, we'll call a call me. And he said oh my people lack the ability to come resell at or be one of two local when I can lead to heaven. And so he he said, Oh my people I had certainly conveyed to you the message of my Lord. And I'd advise you, but you do not like those people who advice. And then he left With who? With those people who were believers. And it is said that there were about 4000 a number, those people who

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believed in him. And others say that they were about only 120 in number.

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So how many ever there were what do we learn that finally at the end, who was saved the believers and who was destroyed those people who did learn who rejected the messenger.

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And if you notice what is mentioned over here in particular, that fatigue kabu tomb habia that their houses, they're lying empty, they're lying desolate.

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Even now, you will find many pictures of these people of the ruins of their houses on the internet. In several books. Many people actually go to the cities as well to see their homes. But it's amazing that their homes are lying empty.

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We learned that even battuta when he was traveling, he mentioned in his records, that here in some hills of Red Rock are the dwellings of some

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red rock. It's an amazing color, very rich color. And they are caught in the rock and they have carved thresholds. If you look at their pictures, if you examine them, they literally have beautiful pillars.

00:25:00--> 00:25:46

with amazing fronts, and they're very finely carved out, and anyone seeing them would take them to be a recent construction. If anyone sees them you would consider these hours to be of recent construction that they have just been made recently. They're not that old. But the decayed bones of the former inhabitants are to be seen inside these houses, that when he passed by, even by to die, he witnessed the decayed bones of the people as well. Because Allah subhanaw taala says that Jaffee mean, they were lying in their houses jatha mean, they were literally lying as corpses dead in their houses. So eventually their bodies decayed, but their bones can still be seen over there. And all of

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this was a result of what their denial and their incidents if you look at it, first of all, who was mentioned, fit all the people of Masada Islam in this surah.

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Anyone there ruins their found today? Isn't it? So? Huge houses, huge mansions, pyramids, huge constructions, but we see that nobody lives over there. They're of no use great technology great advancement, but have no use. People have the mood also finished. their houses remain, but what good are they? Nothing. So unless there is a man, this dunya can bring no benefit to a person. Nothing at all.

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Can we listen to the recitation?

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Paul Paul, co

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worker nephew, Medina,

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we see that many times people, they just follow their leaders blindly. Over here also, whatever.

00:28:53--> 00:29:04

The Nine family heads wherever they did the rest of the people that disapprove them without realizing that they also have a mind, they also have a life, they also can make their choices.

00:29:06--> 00:29:21

So we have to be very, very careful that are we just following other people blindly? Are we just doing what everybody is doing? The trends that have been set in the society, we just follow them blindly. We just want to fit in. Without realizing that we have a mind we have a life, we have a choice to make as well.

00:29:23--> 00:29:35

We see that many times. Even within a society, there could be just one person, one family, who because they do something the rest of the people, they follow them, just because they're doing it, everybody else will do it. Without thinking.

00:29:37--> 00:29:52

We see that. Typically there are people who are doing facade who are the leaders, then there are those people who are on the truth, then there are those people who are silent. But there is another group of people as well who is of those people who complain the complaining majority

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

that instead of siding with the truth, instead of speaking up for something, what do they do they just complain so you

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This is not the solution. Complaining is not the solution doing something holding on to the truth is the solution.

00:30:06--> 00:30:26

We see that ultimately the power is with only Allah subhanaw taala. That way the people made this huge plan for Makarova Khan is very smart plan in order to kill the Prophet of Allah, that no one could defeat them. If you think about it, they have protected themselves fully. But still, we see that the plan of a loss of parameter, it was much better.

00:30:27--> 00:30:43

So there could be many people who are planning to ultimate the truth to defeat the truth to show it as something false. But remember that as long as we are working hard, as long as we're doing our part, then Allah aid is with us and the plan of Allah is much stronger.

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Even if the entire mankind were to gather together to harm you, they would not be able to do so unless Allah allowed it to happen.

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Many times people who complain are those who don't do anything. So instead of remaining as those who are silent or people who complain, what is our responsibility to do something, and what does that hold on to the truth? Speak it up and support it.

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Okay, we descend to the recitation.

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Okay, thank

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you, me.

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