The Deeds to Succeed #05 The card that will save you in-front of Allah

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AI: Summary © The importance of a hadith is highlighted in asserting the idea that a person will be brought back to history. A simple math experiment shows that a scroll can cover a significant area of space, which is around 2.3 million square feet, and that it will take around 24,000 to 27,000 feet to cover the area. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being mindful of what comes next and the power of the title of La Ilaha, which is the highest level of success for everyone. The transcript also discusses the potential for La Ilahainking to save people from a culture of fear and fearless behavior, and the importance of La Ilahainking for saving people from a fearless behavior.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah you're back Welcome to another episode of the deeds to succeed. Today we're going to talk about a hadith. And the topic is how a simple card can actually save you in akhira. The hadith is narrated in Buhari and actually tell me my bad, the hadith is narrated intimacy. And this is the reference over here you can actually see the reference for the Hadith for those of you that want to go and read the entire Hadith to say authentic narration. Allah subhanaw taala says on that day promises and it says on that day, Allah is going to bring a person, this person is going to be brought along

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Rousselot entire world is going to be looking at him. And he's going to be having a conversation with everyone with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada with everyone looking at him. Guess what Allah says, the promises that says this person is going to have 99 scrolls. Now, each one of these scrolls, the eyesight, each one of these scrolls are going to be as long as his eye sights can see. So a rough an average person, if they're five feet tall, and they're above the horizon from fight field, five feet above, due to the curvature of the earth, we're able to see roughly 3.1 miles, that equates to around five kilometers. And if you do the math, you know, you know, if you want to do simple math,

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five kilometers, roughly equates to around, you know, fifth,

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fifth is 35. Yeah, so it should be around 30,000 16,000 17,000 feet, right, roughly 16,000, actually 6400 feet, that's the number. So you're talking about one scroll. And an average scroll historically, in our historical archives till today is roughly 18 inches. So 1.5 feet, which means one scroll is the length of 16,400 feet, for the simplicity of the calculation, we'll just say 16,000. And they're around 1.5 inches wide. Alright, so if we do the math over here, let's do the math. You know, as you know, I love doing math together. Because life is so much simpler if we do math, right? If we do the math together. And so let's say it's 16,000, you have 16,000, and it's 1.5

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feet. So that's the total area, you know, two sides multiply area, simple math revision, so you roughly are looking at 24,000 square feet, that's the size of one scroll. If you multiply this by 99, that is equal to 2.3 million square feet.

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That is a crazy, crazy amount of number. Now 23 million square feet, you know, two kilometers, if you just do the math quickly, 23 million square feet, actually square feet.

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Two kilometers, is, is it's a huge,

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actually, I made a mistake twice.

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You know, so that is a huge amount of area that is going to be covered just by the scrolls that Allah subhanaw taala. And the angels that were writing everything they had written your actions upon, and then Allah is going to bring that scrolls those 99 scrolls in front of you, Allah is going to bring this person in front of you, the person who were writing the angels who are writing and Allah is going to say, Do you have any doubts about do you have any questions? Do you have any objections? Do you object to anything that is written in that 2.3 million square feet of data? Or do you have any objections to the person's where, you know, where the scribes were writing this

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And the person is going to say, Oh Allah, Oh Allah, I don't have any information that Allah is going to say, you're not going to be wronged today, and we have a little secret. We have good deeds and every good deeds of yours or you're going to be paid for then Allah is going to ask the angels to bring out this Pitaka this card and this card Allah says, We still haven't wait that waited this. We haven't done the wait for it. And the person is going to be like, yeah, Allah in front of this 2.3 million square feet of data, right, handwritten data. How do you think one simple card of mine is going to have any value? How do you think one card is going to protect me? And then Allah is like,

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how about we bring the scales and we take all your 99 scrolls, and we put them on one side, and we take this one card, and we put it on this one side. And when that happens, the heavy says that the scrolls they dissipated, they just flew away because of the weight. You know, sometimes when you have that pendulum, and if some, some one side is really heavy, and if you put the weight on it, the other thing just flies away. That's exactly what happened.

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What was written

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On this card is the question or the topic of today, which is none other than the kennemer of la ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, this Colima La Ilaha illa Allah has so many powerful benefits. Whosoever says it before the last word before they live this leave this earth. They shall enter Jana, whosoever says La Ilaha illa Allah and they enter Jahannam they become a source of getting the chef out of Rasul Allah when Allah is going to meet Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, and he's going to ask him, Are you not happy with what has happened with your alma Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Beloved of Allah is going to say, Allah, how is it possible for me to be happy

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when there are people of my Ummah that are in jahannam? And then Allah is going to ask Prophet salallahu Salam, and he's going to say, why don't you go and bring those people out of Gehenna every single person that has an ounce of la ilaha illallah in his heart, take them out of Jahannam so this La ilaha illallah de Colima becomes the source of shefa intercession of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam for us. This Kadima, La ilaha illa Allah is the criterion that differentiates between Cofer and volatile this Kelly my La Ilaha illa Allah the Roma they said that, you know, one of the scholars he said that if a person says it can't even he's lying. He's he is an Winneshiek and we know he's gonna

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fail. But if he says this, Kalima La Ilaha illa Allah you kind of dumb whoo hoo dunya you cannot lay a hand on this person, because he says La Ilaha illa Allah, even if you have all the signs that this person is a hypocrite. So this killing my La Ilaha illa Allah is so powerful. Yet it is so simple for us to say every single day while we walk while we talk, when we go down when we go up Illa in the La La Ilaha illa Allah, La ilaha illa Allah, the more we say it, the more we continuously keep saying it, the better we're going to be able to resonate with the submission commands of Allah. When Allah says do this, that fire of Allah's love has not been ignited. And we all know that Castro to

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zikr al Habib, your shallow natural hug, that when you abundantly remember the one who you love, the fire of love is ignited inside of us. So say the columella Ilaha illa Allah as many times as you want, do it 100 times do it 1000 times do it 2000 times, there is no number for it. Anybody who tries to cap a number of any of these scars have basically misunderstood the numbers that Rasul Allah has laid for us, when Allah prophets or send them says, do that ilaha illa Huwa who lash and Iike Hula, hula mancora Al Hamdulillah coalition idea. That is the minimum performance level, ie if you are, don't have anything to do, and you don't want to bother yourself, you just want to do the

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bare minimum than the bare minimum is do three times this seven times this 10 times this. That is MP L as Imam No, you mentioned that whoever had the dinner, this is the lowest level, he set that lowest level so that it's not a burden on people.

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It's not possible for us to be able to even come close to the number of times that rasool Allah would say Allah, Allah, or a strong federal law. What this Hobbes says in one measure is sometimes we would see him say, a still federal law 70 times In another Hadith 100 times. That means what he had numerous gatherings that he would sit in, sometimes also law would cross look at Abu Huraira or the Allahu Allah and he says that in a single day, I read the La Ilaha illa Allah de rue de Yetti. The DIA of a person at that time was International. Third 12,000 dinars. 12,000 dirhams actually, I'm missing the fact I think either denied or 12,000 The number was 12,002. That That means that he

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would read La Ilaha illa Allah in a day 12,000 times. When a person says La Ilaha illa Allah 12,000 times in a day, it's not possible that the love of Allah does not ignite in our hearts. We ask Allah that He accepts from us the little that we do, and grants us the ability to follow the deeds to succeed in which we can end up being saved and salvation in Africa. BarakAllahu li Walakum wa salaamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh