Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 043C Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 35-37

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss Jesus's son Imran's dedication to worship, the importance of dedication to one's service and worship, and the use of Murphy botany in religion. They also touch on the concept of setting free from obligations and obligations to others, the importance of having a child to support one's faith and achieve success in life, and the need for a child to support one's faith and achieve success in life. The speakers also discuss the importance of learning Arabic and finding a way to express one's values. They emphasize the need for passion and determination, and provide personal examples of successful experiences.
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Now the surah is named

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after him on the family of Iran. And Allah mentioned that he chose the family of Iran and the family of Iran includes who Imran himself okay? It includes Meriam it includes recited salah, okay.

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So, now Allah subhanaw taala tells us the story of the Family of Imran that how did they become chosen? How did this begin? Because no one reaches success just like that. No, it begins somewhere. The seed was put somewhere the other so how did the story begin? How did you resign this alarm come about? How did Marie and Melissa come about? How did they become special people? When and where? And how did this begin?

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To shed light on your dream? Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Allah says Allah when she said who said Imran Imran the wife of Imran. So the story of the success of earlier Imran begins with who the statement of a woman and who is that woman? The wife of Imran who was she her name was Hannah. And in Arabic, Hannah and otherwise she was known as and she was the mother of Madame au Miriam. She was the grandmother of various artists that have jumped the to Risa Imodium. So it's Carla. When she said Who Imran utter Imran. She said, What a be Oh my Lord. So she's talking to Allah when you love someone than you talk to them. If we love Allah, then we should be of those people who make dua to Allah who talked to Allah. So she is talking to her Lord, she's

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saying something. And what did she say? That not be in the that oh my lord, indeed I Nether tilaka I dedicate by vow to You, for You for Your sake. Now, though, to from the root that is known Dallara another is to dedicate to pledge to make a vow to do something that is not obligated on someone. So for example, a person says I make another that I will fast every Monday meaning I made this obligatory on myself and I do this for you. Oh Allah. Okay, another so it is to voluntarily dedicate, voluntarily dedicate, you're not obligated to dedicate you're not obligated to do that. But you voluntarily do it. So she says that Oh Allah, I dedicate voluntarily laka for you, meaning

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for your service. What am I dedicating the money that's in my wallet,

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the weekend that I have two hours a week.

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She says Murphy botany

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whatever that is in my belly. Whatever child that is in my body in my belly. I dedicate that child for you.

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What does it mean by this Murphy botany button is used for the abdomen, the entire abdomen. So she's referring to the womb. So whatever that is in my womb, and notice the word whatever man, man means whatever whether man or female, whether one or two, okay? How many ever you give me but whatever is in my womb, meaning whatever child is developing inside of me, I am going to dedicate this child for you.

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That means that that child will be more Hardwell on one who is set free, set free from what?

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From giving me my rights from serving me from fulfilling my expectations. The word Mahabharata is from the root letters. Hara. Hurriya means freedom. And Mohalla is one who has been set free.

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One who has been set free, typically, people are there free. We think we are free. But we are tied up in so many chains and so many fetters and shackles. For example, you are tied up to your house. You're tied to your kitchen, you're tied to your laundry, isn't it? You say I'm not going to wash my clothes. Eventually a time will come when you have to wash your clothes.

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You say I'm not going to bother cleaning my house. But eventually a time will come when you have to clean the house isn't at all. So we as people are tied up with many roles and responsibilities. Isn't it

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Most importantly, we are tied to the people who are around us.

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For example, your mother, are you tied to her, your parents? Are you tied to them? Yes, in what way? Before you go anywhere, you have to ask them. Right? Every day, you have to talk to them. And you have to tell them about what you did what you didn't do. Sometimes even when girls are married, they're living in their own houses with their own children, their mothers expect them that they should call and give them an update of the entire day. What did you cook? Where did you go? What did your son do? What new word did he say today? Right? How's the weather, and you're tied up. And if you forget to call, or you don't get a chance to call, then you get it?

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Right, you're tied to your work, you have to show up on time, you're tied to your classes, you're tied to your children, you have to change their diapers, you have to cook for them.

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But Hannah, in brother Imran chi says that, Oh Allah, the child that is in my womb is going to be set free from what from the service of people from the service of this world, set free from all obligations from all duties, set free from everything. Why? So that that child can be dedicated for your service and your worship only.

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You know, recently a sister came up to me and she said, I've been married for so long. My children are now old, you know, they're grown up. They're pretty independent. I just feel like I've given them a lot of time. And I want to just take a month or two out and go somewhere and just study there and worship Allah there and you know, do whatever I want to there because at home I, you know, because I'm there, everybody comes to me they expect from me. So I just want to free myself for just a month. I just want to take a break for a month or two and do things my way. But can you do that? Realistically, you can't.

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But look at this woman, she says that I'm going to dedicate my child. My child is going to be dedicated for the worship of Allah only freed from every responsibility, only worshiping Allah were Halloran.

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And then she says, further Kopan Mini. Oh, my Lord, accept this from me. I'm offering the best of what I have for you. You accepted for me in the Samir and Arlene. Indeed you are the All Hearing the All Knowing you hear my supplication, you know my state.

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Now this woman,

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very interesting story about her. It is said that she did not have any children for a very long time. And once she saw a bird or chicken or hen, attending to its chick, and when she saw that she just, you know, made a wish made a dua from the bottom of our heart that Oh Allah, please. I want a child to.

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So Allah gave her a child she became pregnant.

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But once she became pregnant soon after that her husband passed away.

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Now imagine a woman who hasn't had a child her whole life. And then finally she becomes pregnant and her husband dies.

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What do you think will help her move on from one day to the other? What will help her?

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What do you think? It's that hope? That I'm going to have a child right? She's looking forward to having a child each day that she lives. Yes, she remembers her dead husband. But then she thinks okay, I'm closer to the birth of my child.

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Isn't it so?

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Now, that child you think she is indifferent to that child? Then yeah, okay, I'm gonna have a baby.

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You think she's gonna have such normal feelings towards her child? No.

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That child is the most precious belonging that she can have. Isn't the most valuable, the most important being in the world for her. Because that child is hers. Her husband's not there. That child is hers. She can say he or she is mine.

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And imagine the kind of dreams and the hopes that she will have for that child.

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That when my child is born, I will do this and I will take her there and I will dress her him like that. Any expectant mother has dreams and hopes for her child. If it's a boy, I'll name her this fits a girl will name her that right?

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And look at her she says Oh ALLAH

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This child of mine, I'm dedicating it for you. I give the most precious one that I have to you. That's love.

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We think we love Allah and we can say, Yeah, I prayed.

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Yeah, I love Allah. And I gave sadaqa five years ago. Were five days ago.

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Yeah, I love Allah and I sometimes read the Quran.

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Yeah, I love Allah. We all say that. This is love.

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Love makes you sacrifice. Love makes you give up. What you love the most. Love makes you sacrifice what you want for yourself. If a mother loves her child, she will give up her sleep to attend to her child. She will give up her outings, she will give up her freedom. Because she has that child. I know so many mothers whose lives have become completely changed. Why? Because they had a child before they were so outgoing, so social, you know, going to every party late, whatever. And now that they have a child to say, No, I can't go because my child sleeps at this time.

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I can't do this. I can't do that. I'm not going here. I'm not going there. I'm not doing this not going that why? Because of my son because of my daughter. They sacrifice everything for their children.

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Why? Because they love their children. We claim to love Allah but we're not willing to sacrifice anything for him even if it means some sleep.

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Even if it means staying hungry for just morning until sunset, like fasting. We don't want to give up our eating. We don't want to give up our rest. We don't want to give up our comfort. We don't want to give up our weekends we don't want to give up a few hours for the sake of Allah. She says in Nina though to like a Murphy batani Mohan long run further carbon Mineola, you accept for me, I want this. Please accept this for me for the couple Mini and she says you are the hearing. You are the knowing you know my intention. You know my desire. You know what I want? You except for me in Africa into Simeon, Arlene.

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Now the question is, how did she want to dedicate her child? She was from the Bani Israel because obviously she was a mother of Maria. She was from the Bani Israel. And there was a tradition in that time, that parents would make a vow to dedicate their children for the service of the Beatle macness

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that as soon as a child was old enough, the child would stay in the vital monitors day and night. What would that child do? Study the Dean worship Allah stay in the mosque. Okay. So you can think of it like a hostel.

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You can like a boarding

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that the child is there 24/7 That's his home, that's where he lives. And the family can come and visit him sometimes or he can go visit the family sometimes. Right? But any child who goes to boarding what happens eventually after a few years, he's done.

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But at that time, a child who was dedicated for the service of the Dean he was there for the rest of his life.

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That imagine

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she doesn't want that the child should grow up and should take care of her should earn for her that she's able to see her child every day and be happy and have a good life with that child. No She says I love my child. I want that child deserve the dean

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for the herbal mini indica and the Samir and Arlene and it was a tradition amongst the Bani Israel

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and children at a very young age you can think of it as three years of age they will be sent to the beta macness

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And obviously it would be boys only

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and she expected that she would have a boy

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Okay, but what happened follow now will dot her but when she delivered her while the attack from through letters well blah the rain well Daraa and well Daraa is to lay a burden down that you carrying a burden and then you put it down you're free of it. So it refers to when she delivered her child. So when she delivered her college she said meaning in broader terms when she said that I'm being Oh my lord in the water to help once I have given birth to a girl to a female child unser Hamza noon, sir. Why is she saying that? As if she's apologizing to her Lord, that Oh ALLAH. I want you to dedicate my child for the service of your deen

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I thought it wouldn't be a boy but it's a girl. I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore.

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I can't dedicate my girl. I mean, girls don't go to the bathe and muck this. So it's as if she is sad. And she's worried that perhaps her Nether was not accepted by Allah

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to see what I mean. So it says if she's apologizing, that enabled her to her own.

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Allah says Allah who are lovable, and Allah knows best, Allah knows better female Well, Darth of what she gave birth to, even before she gave birth to her child, Allah knew what she was going to give birth to. Allah knew it was going to be a girl. Well, Allahu Allah will be my well guard. Allah says, well, he said, The Kuru Kal owns and the male is not like the female

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at Dhaka, from the root letters, the El kheir flora and Ansel from the root letters Hamza noon, sir Amir male is not like the female, a boy is not like a girl. A boy can never be like a girl.

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A boy can never be like a girl. A boy can never do what a girl can do. A man cannot do what a woman can do. Meaning they are both different.

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She expected a boy and Allah gave her a girl. Why? Because that girl wants to do something that a boy can never do.

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And what is it that she had to do?

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She had to give birth to a Saturday Sadam, which a boy could never ever do. When they said the clinical answer. And this is a reality in general as well. Then, a boy is different from a girl and a girl is different from a boy, they are not the same. No matter how much people tell you, they are the same. They're not the same. And you know that you're very different from your brother, I have two kids, one boy and one girl. And there is a huge difference between the two.

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One is three years old, the other is one. But still I see such a huge difference between the two. Why? Because they're of different genders. Right? We see that there's obvious differences between men and women, what

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obvious differences in their physiology in their body, in their psychology in their thinking, right, even if you put a girl and a boy together, and you raise them up in the same situation, still a girl and a boy will be different.

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And a girl, even if she's brought up with brothers, even if she's brought up with men around her, she's trained to be tough like a boy. But still, when she becomes a mother, she becomes different,

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isn't itself, she becomes completely different. She is not like the boy that she used to be.

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So while he said the chemical answer,

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they are not the same. But unfortunately, we are made to think that no boys and girls, men and women, they are the same, they are equal. And equality means being identical. But that is something completely false. That is not true. It can never happen. This whole thinking that women should become equal to men is based on the premise that women cannot be good unless they become men.

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And this thinking itself is bad. Women are good as women and men are good as men. So be yourself be who you are. And why do we think that we can only be good when we become like men? This is not true. Does the donkey become good when he becomes a monkey?

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If a donkey tries to be like a monkey, hopping around from one tree to the other, I'm sorry you fall really bad. He'll hurt himself.

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So be yourself. Accept who you are.

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Allah made you a woman be a woman, Allah made you a man be your man, you will reach your best potential. When you accept yourself the way Allah has made you.

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And like we learned earlier, that people are different.

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Off the ways in which people are different is their gender as well. Right? But this difference doesn't matter much what matters most is the actions that a person performs. So anyway, while they said the caracal answer, and the male is not like the female the boy can never be like the girl. Allah accepted her daughter Allah. Allah accepted her dedication

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and there is a reason why he gave her a girl and not a boy. Then she says the mother of Madame she says we're in need and indeed is some may to harmonium. I named her Medina Some may do if Andrew letters while seeing me okay. same route as ism is some his name and some may use AMITA Smith is to give a name. So I have named her Maria I

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I have selected the name Marian for my child. That's what she said. When that baby was born. She said it's a girl. And Allah knows what I've given birth to. And the boy cannot be like the girl. I have a girl. There's a reason why Allah gave me a girl. I have to do something with this girl. And I named her madame. Why did she give her the name? Maria alo Artem. Allah knows best. And the name madame. What does it mean? And you unnamed about him here?

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Many people. So what does your name mean?

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Devoted to Allah.

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worshipper of Allah, the One who is devoted to Allah. It is also said that the name Mary, it means wished for child meaning the child who was wished for

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so she wished for a child and when she was given a child She named her Mary Maria. So we're in need some may to harmonium, we're in need, or either her bigger and I give her in your protection, or either her or II do. I seek refuge for her because with you, meaning I give her and your protection from the EU letters. Meanwhile, then I seek refuge for her, while the regatta her and also her children. Amazing. The baby is just born and she says Oh Allah, I give my child and your protection. And also the children of my daughter, I give them in your protection as well. Now her baby is born and she's thinking about her grandchildren and great grandchildren. All of them in the protection of

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Allah will do reata min ash shaytani R rajim. From the shaytaan the accursed

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parents make many doors for their children.

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How many of you are mothers,

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mothers or expectant mothers? Okay.

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Parents make many doors for your children. So all of you children here, your parents made many doors for you. Okay, although there was a parents make for their children would somebody like to share? What kind of advice did you make for your children?

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That Oh, Allah make my child the coolest of my eyes, someone who's a source of comfort and happiness for me.

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Make my child healthy. Her mom wished that she will be pretty. Every parent wants a beautiful child. Of course, why not?

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That give them the Tofik to praise Allah to do good deeds.

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Make them die as Muslims.

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Mochi was the reality, okay, so parents make many draws for their children.

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And the DUA that a person makes for their child is based on you can see the dreams that they have for their child, isn't it? Like for example, somebody wants that their child should grow up and be happily married, and be very successful in their life. So they would say, make my child beautiful, healthy, you know, intelligent, smart, right? So the dollars that they make are related to the kind of hopes aspirations that they have for their child. If somebody wants her child to become a scholar,

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then they will make such drawers.

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Okay, now all of the drawers that we should make for our children is what? That may Allah protect them from shape on? Why? Because shaytaan is our greatest enemy. Shape on hate hates us is after every single one of us. And he hates human beings so much. He's out there to hurt us so bad that as soon as a child is born, what the shaytaan do hits him.

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Imagine the child has barely come out of the womb of the mother. And the shape one goes and hits the child.

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As if he's angry that Oh, another human being. Why is he here? Going to take him to hellfire and he goes and hits him.

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So Miriam's Mother, what does she say Oh Allah, I give my child and your protection and her children as well. In your protection, save them from the evil of Shavon.

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Which is why when our children are born as well, immediately what should we do? Immediately as the child is born? Recite AYATUL kursi. Recite the doors for protection for the protection of that child. So we're in New York, who have become a doula Yetta Homina Shavon a virgin

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for the Kabbalah ha Rabu her than her Lord accepted her. Allah accepted her being dedicated by her mother when her mother dedicated her Allah accepted her even though she was a girl. Now sometimes it happens, that you will have, you know, a certain plan.

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You want to do something in person

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ticular way, but it doesn't work out.

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Like for example, you say that you know, after this course ends then inshallah I'm gonna go and study Arabic properly and I'm going to go to you know, some Islamic University I'm going to study this I'm going to study that, you know, I'm going to do this work I'm gonna do that work. But what happens before even your course ends your parents get married. And then next thing you know you have a child and another thing you know, that life when being married is very difficult, very challenging, you know, you move from one place to the other. And then five years later you think oh, I wanted to go to Egypt and study this and that I wanted to do this and that but I could never do

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So what should you do? What should you think at that time? Fail?

00:25:49 --> 00:25:58

Yeah, I'm such a failure. Forget it. I'm not worth anything. No. At that time think that there has to be a reason why

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whatever happened happened and you're supposed to make something out of what Allah put you in.

00:26:06 --> 00:26:33

Medina slums mother wanted a boy, she wanted to dedicate that boy in the Masjid Al Aqsa, but she had a girl that she said, Okay, forget about it. No, she didn't give up. She said, Okay, with this girl, I have to do something, I have to something I'm not going to give up. And believe me, as long as you're determined, you have the intention to do something for the sake of Allah, Allah will make you do it. The way you cannot even imagine.

00:26:35 --> 00:27:11

Let me tell you the story of alHuda. In Canada, many ladies many, many ladies, they will tell you about how they used to study, you know, in small groups, they would go to their friend's house, and they would listen to a lecture together, lectures have seen and they would do the lesson and they would ask for the assignment or the test to be sent. And then they will do it. And it will take months to get through one just sometimes years. And slowly and gradually, they were doing it and they found out that somebody else was doing it too. So they got together. And then eventually there was a group of women who would get together in a masjid, or in the basement of somebody's house, in

00:27:11 --> 00:27:19

the morning, they would get together and study the Quran. And then they used to make dua that Oh Allah, you know, we would like to go further with this.

00:27:21 --> 00:27:22

And then what happened?

00:27:23 --> 00:27:27

That 100 Allah, we have this institute here, gradually, it started from there.

00:27:28 --> 00:27:44

Many women, they have told me that when they came to Canada, when they came to the States, they used to wish that oh Allah give us good company, give us you know, a place where we can go and study and be connected with the dean be connected with the good people, you know, they would make that girl,

00:27:45 --> 00:28:08

Lady choose to mention that, when she came here, she was all alone, no relatives, no one at all. And she used to make Torah constantly that all I want good people around me, I want good people around me. And you think that the way to get to good people is going to Egypt or going to Pakistan or going to India or something like that. You might have that huge plan in your head.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:21

But you have the desire, Allah can bring people to you, you have that yearning, Allah will bring that opportunity in your very own house in your very own city.

00:28:22 --> 00:28:35

You thought it was too hard, you wanted to go the longer way you wanted to go to Egypt and come back, you want to go to zero, then come back, you want to go to Pakistan and come back. But Allah brought it to you. Why? Because of your wish, because of your determination.

00:28:37 --> 00:28:42

So be determined in your heart, have that desire in your heart.

00:28:43 --> 00:29:12

I remember when I studied the Quran when I did the course. I was very young, in my teens, and I had a very nice plan. Okay, my sister and my friend, the three of us, we had a very good plan, everything was planned out. What was our plan that we were going to go together to Jordan or something like that, and in a particular university, and we're going to study there for four years, and we're gonna come back and do this and do that. But before anything could happen, this friend of mine decided to get married.

00:29:14 --> 00:29:22

And then before something else could happen, my sister decided to get married. And then before something else could happen, I got married.

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But I always wanted to learn, always, always. And many people they asked me how did you learn to read Arabic? How did you learn this? How did you learn that? You know what, I didn't go to no big school, I went to the same school that you are in right now.

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I just ALLAH blessed me with access to some some knowledgeable people. And Al Hamdulillah. I would study on my own look at dictionaries read them. It would take me hours to read one page one line, understand it fully comparing it with English translations and whatever I wouldn't understand. I have an Arab friend whom I call I

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asked even now what does this expression mean? I would make her listen from a lecture and say, What is he saying, I do not understand this.

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So where there's a will there is a way, you might say, but I'm married. Now, you might say, but I have children. Now I can't do this. No, you can still do it be determined, show some determination to Allah.

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You can do it.

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So aim high, have a purpose in your life, decide what you want to do. Think about where you want to be. And as long as you're determined, you keep struggling. You keep seizing the opportunities that Allah gives you. Allah will make you reach high, Allah will take you further. Because it's not possible that a person is trying to draw closer to Allah. And Allah does not come close to him. No, Allah will bring you close to him. But you have to keep going. But we give up too quickly. We think just because we didn't learn how to read Quran, when we were five years old. This is why there's no hope for us. I always think how is it possible for people who were born in non western families and

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never heard a word of Arabic when they were 16? When they were 20? They accepted Islam, and now they're fluent in Arabic. And you would think that they are from an Arab country. How is that possible? Did they give up? Did they say that? No, we can't learn Arabic we can recite the Quran because we never learned when we were five years old. No. Only those people fail who accept failure.

00:31:28 --> 00:31:29

The one who wants to go further.

00:31:31 --> 00:31:36

The one who has a purpose and aim, the one who's determined Allah will take him further.

00:31:37 --> 00:31:46

So look at the mother of Maria. She didn't give up just because she had a girl didn't mean she couldn't do anything. No, she could still do something.

00:31:47 --> 00:31:48

And she did it.

00:31:50 --> 00:32:08

For the Kabbalah rock Bucha bakeable and her son, Allah accepted her beautifully graciously. How then, Allah gave Miriam the best opportunities, the best chances that she excelled the way many men have not even excelled.

00:32:10 --> 00:32:19

The Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells us that many from among the men reached high positions, but very few from the women reached high positions and often wuzhou Medina renesola

00:32:20 --> 00:32:48

so for the Kabbalah Hora boo have a Capulet Hassan in what Ambattur, Hannah Beth and Hassan and he made her grow a beautiful growing meaning he caused her to grow, he caused her to be nurtured in a beautiful manner. Um, but the half new letters noon betta, Nevada is plants embed is to cause plants to grow meaning to look after them so that they grow well. They grow healthy. And this word is also used for child growth and development.

00:32:49 --> 00:32:59

So Allah caused her to grow and develop new birth and her son in a beautiful, excellent good growth, meaning she developed beautifully.

00:33:00 --> 00:33:18

Now, child development, child growth and development, what does that include physical development, but is that it? What else does it include? mental development, that as the child is growing, he is also learning certain things. By a certain age, he should have learned certain things. What else?

00:33:20 --> 00:34:04

What else? Emotional Development, right? And he's emotionally stable. You can expect a two year old to throw a tantrum. But if a six year old is screaming like a two year old, that means there's something went wrong. Right in their growth, something is not right. Something was missing. Likewise, spiritual development. Okay, that attachment with Allah belief in Allah, faith. Okay, so her development, her growth, Allah says was no baton has no meaning in every aspect, whether it was physical or mental or spiritual or emotional. She was very good. In the physical sense. It is said that when she was growing up, in one year, she would grow as much as an ordinary child would grow

00:34:04 --> 00:34:05

into years.

00:34:06 --> 00:34:37

Okay, and it happens sometimes that a child is two years old, and he looks like a three year old. Someone who's five years old, and they look like six years old, or seven years old. Does it happen with you? Does it happen with you? Or have you seen it rather? So what I'm better Hannah batten has an in the physical sense. This is how she grew. Emotionally imagine she was living far away from her mother. She grew up in the Heiko inshallah we will learn about that in the material. OXA. But still, she was emotionally stable.

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

If you think about it, she gave birth to reciting Islam. And that's not an easy thing. We will learn about that story in sort of Madame. But how she came back with a child and people accused her of fornication immediately. And they said, How could you do this? I mean, that was difficult, but we see that she was emotionally very stable. Then mentally, she knew

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

The knowledge of the book

00:35:03 --> 00:35:19

was adequate because the mighty were cool to be he then also spiritually, that worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, in the masjid all day. 24/7 I mean, that's something great. So what I'm better Hannah Batten, Hassan.

00:35:20 --> 00:35:25

Now, the way a child grows and develops, what is that affected by

00:35:26 --> 00:35:28

the surroundings.

00:35:29 --> 00:36:09

So the surroundings, they really affect child growth and development isn't, for example, physical health, that is affected by what a child eats the nutrition that he gets, right? If his nutrition is neglected, and obviously it will affect his physical development. Right? If he is getting the nutrition that the body needs, then his physical development will be good. Right? Likewise emotional, how is that affected, that the parents are there they show love to him. But if a child is neglected, if a child is yelled at scolded, and every little thing two year old is yelled at, as if he was 15 year old, a one year old is insulted and beaten up, obviously is going to affect him

00:36:09 --> 00:36:28

psychologically, mentally, emotionally, isn't at all. So we see that the way a person grows, the way a child develops, is affected by the circumstances that he is in the people that he is surrounded by the opportunities that he or she gets in his life. Correct.

00:36:29 --> 00:37:14

Like my first child is very different from my second one. My first child likes to do things, you know, his own way, he doesn't mind quiet. Because when he was growing up, he was surrounded by adults. And my second one, she loves noise and activity. And if it's quiet, she doesn't like it. If her brother is not home, she will make my life very difficult. And if he's home, she doesn't care whether her diapers dirty or she's hungry, or what she's busy playing, going from one room to the other. So there is a huge difference between the two. Why? Because they grew up in different circumstances and a different environment. Now this environment, who provides that for the child

00:37:15 --> 00:37:17

who provides that for the child?

00:37:18 --> 00:37:22

The parents, but is everything in the hands of the parents? No.

00:37:23 --> 00:37:29

So at the end of the day, who is it that provides the environment for the child? Allah soprano.

00:37:30 --> 00:37:33

This is why we're I'm better hand a baton Hassan

00:37:35 --> 00:37:42

at the end of the day, who is it that raises a child, Allah, not you and I, not you and I.

00:37:43 --> 00:37:58

Because we tend to blame the circumstances a lot. We tend to blame people that because he or she is in our life, this is my child is like this. Because such and such happened. This is why my child is like, but you know what? Allah intended that for your child.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:23

Allah intended that for your child. So ask Allah for good circumstances as well for the good development of yourself and also your children. So in a baton, Hassan waka fella has occurred a year and Allah gave her placed her under the guardianship of zakat. Iya Kafala, you can follow that field Cafe Lam is to make someone in charge of someone.

00:38:24 --> 00:38:26

Okay? Like for example,

00:38:27 --> 00:39:02

who's you're in charge your group in charge, right. So, likewise, madame, who was her in charge, she was placed under the guardianship and care of who is a Korea who is a career artist. He was a prophet of Allah. He was also a relative of Madame. It has said that he was the husband of her maternal aunt. Okay. So he was also related to her. So Rockefeller has a career. Kolyma the whole Laura Lee has a career every time that Zakariya entered upon her, meaning he came to see her he came to visit her.

00:39:03 --> 00:39:38

What happened in a rehab in the prayer chamber, what are there in the heart is, every time he came to see her he would find with her wrist provision. Now, it is said that the mother of money and Rene Sena, she brought her to the masjid and she said, Here's my daughter, she is going to stay in the masjid I have dedicated her for the service. And the leaders are the ones who said what are you talking about woman? I mean, there are no girls allowed in here. And you might have seen in some places, a woman goes to a masjid and she's told no, no, no women allowed here. Please go.

00:39:39 --> 00:39:59

I remember I was traveling somewhere and we were just driving by somewhere and it was time for motive Salah and we wanted to pray in the masjid. I wanted to go there. And they said no, no place for women here. Please go out. So they have to pray. Where do I pray? They said no. You cannot come in the masjid. You cannot even set foot in the masjid. No women allowed here. I

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

at all

00:40:01 --> 00:40:03

my cameras wanted to pray in the street.

00:40:04 --> 00:40:13

Then we knocked on the house that was across from the masjid. And we asked those people if we could pray in their house and they said, Yes, you can come and we prayed in their house. Imagine

00:40:14 --> 00:40:19

the masjid is huge, it's empty. There is plenty of space but to say no.

00:40:21 --> 00:41:02

So the bunny Australia were in a similar situation, no women there and especially for staying in the masjid. No women, Allah. But the mother of Madame she said that no, I made a vow. And Allah blessed me with a girl. And because she was the wife of Imran who was also a spiritual leader of his time. I mean, people had respect for her because of whose widow she was. And then she also mentioned to them some dreams that she had had. Okay, some dreams that she had had. And because of that, they accepted Maria. In fact, they didn't just accept her. They were fighting over her. They said, No, we want to be her in charge. We everyone said that. No, I want to be her in charge. She will be under my care.

00:41:02 --> 00:41:19

I will be her teacher. But Zachary Arneson, um, he became her guardian. Why? Because he was a prophet of Allah, and he was also her relative. So when he was her guardian, that meant that he would teach her he would look after her.

00:41:20 --> 00:41:26

And because she was the only girl, they had made a separate place for her in the vital Noctus

00:41:27 --> 00:42:00

where she would worship Allah subhanaw taala study, whatever, she would just stay there. And in order to teach her in order to look after her, the criada salon would come to visit her. Okay, so called llama the holla or Lee has a Korea where in El mahavihara was from there, that was how Rob and Rob is used for a private secluded room. And it's also used for the place of the email where the email and praise okay like this, basically, it's used for an arch. Okay, and you will see in many massages, that where the Imam stands there is an arch. Okay? So it's like a corner.

00:42:02 --> 00:42:40

Why is it called me Herat? Marhaba is from how to other and help means war. Okay, when there's war, there's distance between people. Correct. So likewise, the one who goes in the Mohawk there is a distance between him and the rest of the people in sense that he is the leader and the rest are the followers they cannot be two Imams at the same time. So for your Mohawk does not refer to the place of the Imam but rather it refers to the separate room that was made for money. So every time that he would come to see her, whether they're in the hottest car he would find whether this provision, what was his risk, some kind of food or fruit or whatever, because he was the only one who could come

00:42:40 --> 00:43:27

there? He would be surprised that how come you already have food? How come you already have this risk? What are there in the hardest part? So on that surprise color, he would say yeah, Maria Um, oh, Maria. And now looking at where did you get this from? Where did this come from? How did you get that? All she said, Who am I entering the lab, it is from Allah. It is from Allah. Now, it doesn't mean necessarily that food descended from the sky or an angel brought it. No, the means are not mentioned. But the source has mentioned the source of anything that we have as Oh Allah subhanaw taala. But the means they can be different. Okay, the means can be different, something can come to

00:43:27 --> 00:44:06

you by you getting it yourself, something can come to you by your mother, bringing it to your sister, bringing it to you, your friend sending it for you. Right things can come to you through different different means. So she said it is from Allah Minar in de la. And this is a reality that everything we have is from WHO? Allah and Allah puts it in the hearts of people to bring to us what we need. So she said it is from Allah in the La Jolla, Rosa Camilla share the lady who said Indeed Allah provides whomsoever He wills without any measure. What does it mean by this without any account or service account? That hola the stores without account? Meaning that Allah bestows

00:44:06 --> 00:44:07


00:44:08 --> 00:44:49

endlessly. And if you think about it, if you try to do the history of the number of breaths that you've taken since you were born, can you try to even estimate that? Can you try to count that? The lady herself? How many apples have you eaten in your life behind you, sir? Have how many grains of rice Have you eaten in your life bill at his job. So Allah provides whomsoever He wills without any account and without account also means that as Allah provides, he doesn't ask a person immediately meaning ALLAH does not question a person immediately. If you're in a hotel or something, sometimes you ordered room service. And as the food comes, you have to pay immediately.

00:44:50 --> 00:44:59

Right? But we see that as we breathe as we live as we eat, we don't have to pay. No, we don't have to do that Bill lady herself.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:29

So as a career on SNL, he was the guardian of Maria. He would teach her he would train her. But despite that, Allah's punctata Send specialists for medium as well along with that Allah sent specialist for medium and this Liz, scholars have cited refers to things fruits, food and secondly knowledge like scrolls information. So this is why the Quran Islam would be surprised at Where's this coming from? How did you get it?

00:45:30 --> 00:45:55

So the fact is that it is Allah who gives we think what we have is coming from people our father has a job or a husband as a job but the fact is that Allah is the provider the money that you have that does not provide you it's Allah who provides for you. So seek from law of law ask him for the opportunities the abilities the strength,

00:45:56 --> 00:46:03

because only he can give him hi and ask him recitation is volunteer

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