EP 11 – Surah Al Baqarah – AYAT 14 to 16

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The speakers discuss the origins of the term "monarch" and its relation to religion. They also talk about hedge usage and the importance of respecting elders and creating a list of traits for Saturdays. The speakers emphasize the need to stay true to one's values and create a list of traits for Saturdays' day.

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Next time what either laquanda Dena Amano and when they meet those people who have believed lukou from the letters lamb cough yeah loan with their child mean Hello is from their letters Harlem well, and Hannah is to be empty to be alone. So hello Ella when they're alone with Iman. We're believers. We're just like you. I'm an what either, but when Hello Ella Shalini him when they're alone, we also learn this ayah that Allah is the only one who causes rain to come down. What unzila Venus summer EMA ohaneze led us with a few. So do the next minute genetic oneness. So shouting out from among people, as well as all of you know, there has been very, very little snow, it's hardly been a

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winter. And we might think, oh, wow, how nice. It was such an easy winter, it was so convenient. There are places not as a shirt on as well. Doesn't mean that a black dog is a gene. So every time you come across a black dog, you say oh my god, you

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know, a black dog was a refers to someone who is disobedient, rebellious, arrogant, not submissive, which is why we see that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he also referred to a black dying and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was standing on the member he was giving a hookah a Bedouin walked in, and he stood up. And he said, Oh prophet sort of officer, I'm just summarizing and just paraphrasing what he's, they're disobedient, they are rebellious. They don't believe they don't submit they don't obey. So the hypocrites when they come to the believers, they say, we have believed, but when they go to as described the shadow, so either Hello, Elijah 24, they're shouting, the shouting of the

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hypocrites are the leaders, and why they're described as devils. Because those sign, no sign of any cloud in the horizon. Before people got there, and when they were leaving, it was waiting profusely, who causes the profits or loss of sentiment the profits or loss of somebody was still standing on the member. He raised up his hands and he said Allahumma, listener Allahumma listener that Orla send rain on us inform us, then we are nothing, we will have no business we will have no food, we will have no income, we will have no provision, because what do we see that water is last for days, but it will only rain. When Allah wants we can try our best. But none of our efforts can make a

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difficult life would become if there was water flowing on the surface of the earth, as much and as often as it falls down from the sky, life would become very, that allowing us to begin what it means that Allah will punish them for their estates. Allah will punish them for their mockery, this is something very bad. But then Allah subhanaw taala uses the exact same word

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that he is doing it against

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against the evildoers and the meaning is slightly different there. The word is the same, but the meaning is slightly different. Okay, how is it slightly different how theists caused various types of produce, to grow from the earth for us for our benefit through rainwater? Just imagine, water is the same situation and other people laugh at you. Or alone. Yes, that has to be him, that Allah mocks at them that just as they are deceiving the believers, Allah deceives them in the sense that they think that they're being very clever You know, when they go to believers and say we believe and when they go to the display will say we are with you. And other hedge is 63 and I'm Tara anila,

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unzila Mina, sama EMA. And for those of you who

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have not seen that Allah is the one who stutters mein dal dal muda motto is to extend something, you know, to extend for example, the rope. For example, you may have seen animals or dogs on a leash, Allah who is the CEO of the market, the believers alarm ox and He will punish them for their mockery. way. And what do you do from the ruler? Look at it, reflect on it? How did it get to you? And now suburb unelma or sub bear that how we pour down water, releasing the leisure by extending it so the dog can go farther, isn't it? So this is what medallion would do is to give rope to give freedom to extend to let the person do what they're doing. And then catch them afterwards. So but

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they do extend to give. So when you look to human being, man, he should see the food that he eats he should look at it he should reflect on it. So when you go have your lunch, don't just gobble it down when it exceeds its bounds. So the actions of the hypocrites What are they rebellious so Allah subhanaw taala lets them commit their to the article.

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As provision for you, and also for your animals, we eat so much, but we don't reflect on what we have. We don't think about the lowliness of a hypocrite that how coward is a hypocrite, in front of the believers. And in front of the screen, he doesn't have any confidence. He doesn't have any confidence, which is why he becomes just as the rest of the people are when he is with them.

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Because he's the only one who deserves your worship. So why should we worship Allah?

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Because he is the only one who deserves worship? No, have your own ways, just start imitating other people just become like them? Who does this a person who was a coward, who doesn't want to stand out, who's not firm about what he's doesn't want to suffer?

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He doesn't want to suffer and he wants to enjoy. You know, everywhere he goes. He wants to enjoy benefits from all sorts of people. He is not sincere to anyone. He's not sincere to his own people. He's not sincere to the believers, either.

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I remember once I read a story about him, Are you a Muslim? The boss asked the person are you Muslim? is a young Muslim? He said do you pray?

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So he was quite shocked? Why is he asking me about my and when he was asked that? Why are you asking me, he said that. I want to know whether this person is loyal to his Lord. If he's loyal, if he's honest with his Lord, He will go has a man he is confident. And he is the one who is honest, and a hypocrite. He is dishonest to everyone, and will benefit from the earth more than any other creation. So he is also honored us. He has also preferred us when he has preferred and honored us shouldn't hide out of a law. He's not embarrassed of doing something wrong before a low and allies watching him, then he can do whatever he wants. So this is the quality of the hypocrite are here

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because the law made us then we should be for who? Allah, then our lives should focus on who Allah,

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someone who has hypocracy in him. It does not suit a believer to exceed the bounds that Allah subhanaw taala has set for him, for example, out of a choice, when he tells us to pray, it's not a choice, believe me, don't think you have an option. You don't have an option. It was a difference of opinion between who Baba Baba and Armada in the presence of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And there was a slight dispute between them. And both of them, they began to argue. And these people came back around who suggested that why didn't you appoint this person from among them as their leader or model the Lord has said, No appoint this other person as a leader. So there you have to think about it over here as well. That Bartow our responsibility is to respect our elders,

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isn't it? So these are limits that Allah has set for us, we have to respect our elders no matter who they are,

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no matter who they are. But sometimes, what do we do? We'd speak to them as if we're speaking to little children. We yell at them, as if we're yelling at someone who has committed a huge crime.

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Or we don't care about their needs, as if they don't exist. As if they don't have any needs. Someone who is old, they need help. When they walk into a building, they need help with taking off their jobs if they don't exist. As if they don't have any needs. Someone who is old. They need help. When they walk into a building. They need help with taking off their jacket, their shoes, they need help, they need to sit on a chair, but what happens sometimes we're sitting on a chair so comfortably, and they passed by us and we know they're looking for a chair and we pretend as if we haven't even seen them. Unfortunately, so many sisters have come to me from this class who are either elderly or they

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have some issue, you know, for example, a back problem and they have requested please, we have to sit on the chair. We cannot sit on the floor.

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elderly women you know who have some physical some reason as to why they need to sit on a chair. But it's said that we will sit on the chairs on the desks and we will not let them sit. This is disrespect to elders, you know that.

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A believer is careful. He's concerned. He's courteous, and a hypocrite selfish, only concerned about himself. He doesn't care about the bounds of respect.

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Allah says Allah He can Latina Strobel Allah subhanho wa Taala. Those people who these hypocrites, they're olevia those who wish to obey Allah, Allah de Estado machine Raja hdri is to purchase to buy something. So these people what have they purchased? What have they taken? of Balala? misguidance and what is the price that they have paid to get? misguidance Bill houda guidance is thorough with banana

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Build with HTML is to purchase something when you purchase something. You like it more than your money, isn't it? You love your money. But when you find something that you really like, you don't mind spending $200 on it. You don't mind spending $300 on it. Why? Because you love that thing. More than you love your money to the hypocrite estado banana, they have preferred misguidance over what guidance, Allah offered them Buddha. He sent the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sent the Koran

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but they prefer to remain in darkness. They took banana at the price of houda Allah says firmer will be held to jar or tomorrow be Hydra we heard from the letters rob the hair rip, which is profit to gain profit. Auntie Giada dad Jean bra tiara is trade to buy and sell. When you buy and sell Why do you do that to gain some profit? If you don't gain any profit from your buying and selling from your trade from your business, then your business is useless, isn't it? So unless as their to jhala their trade their bargain the bargain that they made which bargain did they make that they took misguidance and they gave guidance in its place. It did not bring them any profit. It did not bring

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them any benefits from Arabi had to Jara to home. Their to Jarrah has not brought them any profit, Womack are no more 13 nor are they rightly guided. They're not even rightly guided motor Deena is a Florida that had Alia same route as hedaya. So the hypocrites they have made a very bad choice and they're not rightly guided, they will suffer in the hereafter. What do we learn in this ayah we learn that a person who goes for guidance, who chooses guidance what Allah has commanded, then that person is going to be successful, and a person who leaves that who prefer something else over what Allah has commanded and that person is in loss, while us in the insana left rehearsal Ella, who

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alladhina amanu, Amina salia, whatever so we'll help whatever so the only such people are successful. The thing is that every single day, whatever we do, we are basically preparing for the whatever we do, we are preparing through it for what our home in the hereafter. Now it's up to us. What do we do for our home in the hereafter? The hypocrites have made a very bad choice. Allah subhanaw taala is warning us the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said everyone starts his day and is a vendor of his soul. It says every person is selling his soul every day, either freeing it or bringing about its ruin. It's up to you. What you do in a day could either free you for eternity in

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general, or it could bring you to ruin and it's with our actions.

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So we have to become very careful in the choices that we make. We can I give you some homework? As you memorize your word to word as you do your homework or your reviewer lesson, I want you to make a list of the traits of a hypocrite

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Alright, and this is not so that we look at other people, but so that we keep checking ourselves, okay, I want you to bring that list tomorrow and inshallah we will go over every single one of you whatever you learn from the verses. Okay?

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So panicle lahoma, we have the kind of Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Mustapha Luca wanna to boulais