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AI: Summary © The importance of community as a place for everyone to call home is discussed in a series of segments covering history, death, and the physical and spiritual experiences of the Prophet Muhammad. The need for training and exposure to teachings, rewarding human beings, and understanding the physical and spiritual experiences of the Prophet is emphasized. The holy grail and its potential harm are also discussed, with a focus on the importance of learning and being prepared for life's events, being prepared for the worst-case scenario, and the impact of the pandemic on people's lives and their workforce.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah everybody and welcome home. For the past few years, we've always started our programs with this statement and we mean it. Because community is a place that we all should call home. A place that gives us peace, a place that gives us tranquility, and a place that we know is going to be there. When Allah Spano Tala describes faith in the Quran, he mentioned stability as being a requirement for faith to grow, a slow, healthy habit will follow or half a summit, that its roots are firm, and its branches grow to the sky. If we don't have stability, if we don't have permanence, if we don't know that something is going to be there for us, then our faith

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won't be able to grow. This is why when the Prophet SAW Selim came to Medina and made the migration, the Hijra with his companions, at that moment, when they arrived at their new permanent home, he said, the beautiful phrase of Shiv Sena spread peace, why, because peace can be attained now that we have a place that we can call home. For the past five years roots has been able to be a part of so many people's lives and hamdulillah by the Grace of Allah. And we're so honored to have that be a part of our legacy. But we've been doing it in temporary spaces. We've been doing it in hotel banquet halls and measured side rooms, in people's living rooms at home. And then temporary lease

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spaces were when we were signing the lease, we knew that this was not going to be there forever. But that can change. By the favor of Allah with our foundational organization column, we've been able to find this beautiful property here in Carrollton, Texas, that will be the permanent location and facility for the roots community space, a place where everybody can feel that tranquility, and have that growth of faith that Allah Tada tells us about, we need your help. To close on this property. We need you to generously donate and contribute whatever you can, adding your name to this list of people that will help build and construct a permanent home for us to build the model community

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following the example the Prophet Muhammad SAW Saddam and Medina help us make this dream a reality visit routes dfw.org/home. So we started this sorta last week, we began the discussion of Soroka last week. And in that discussion, we talked a little bit about this topic or the science of ASVAB and resumes. So that one resume can be translated as the reasons for revelation, what were the causes, that something was revealed? And we learned that in the Quran, there are generally you will find context, historical context for the revelation of the Quran, to be able to know historically like when it occurred, and also what caused it to occur if anything was a catalyst for that. So you

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have certain moments, certain times we talked about the example what was example went over with Sudha, but the man who was blind

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so it was a very good so it obviously obviously, whatever you may have, you may have memorized it. You may have heard in August, someone said, what Allah, that entire, the the the advent of that passage, Revelation was a story in the life of the prophet saw Selim. So we then transitioned and said, Okay, well, what's the Advent? Or the what's the catalyst of, sort of kind of, why was this reveal, there is a reason why and there was a specific reason, because this one has a lot of virtue behind it. So there has to be something unique about it. And one of the things that was unique that we learned was that this was a sutra that was a response, or sent down as a response as a lesson for

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the courage and also to teach the Prophet Muhammad Sosa limited guide him in his job as a messenger, about a specific moment in which he was being questioned. And when he was being questioned, he promised or he said to those who are questioning and that I'll have a response for you tomorrow, I'll have an answer tomorrow. And in that moment, he did not say he neglected at that moment to say in sha Allah. And so what happens is, instead of having a response the next day, he waits patiently, waits patiently and is mocked, made fun of etcetera, and is wondering, right when this answer is going to come from Allah, and eventually, over two weeks later, 15 days, this, this surah is

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Now, one of the cool things about that moment, and this is this is something that I wanted to go over last time, but we kind of ran out of time, was that this moment, had a lot what was the what was the purpose? Or what was the intention of the pushy people questioning the profit center? Or were they getting at or were they trying to do? Those guys went and they took those questions from the rabbis and Medina and they asked them okay, what's the you know, what can we what can we bring to disprove the messenger ship of this man Mohamed, Salah Salem, and then they show up with these questions, right, the three questions, what was what were they trying to do?

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Was there gold?

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Yeah, they were trying to discredit the Prophet saw something, specifically discredit what his claim that he was who? A messenger of God. So their goal is to walk in there and claim to or to try to prove or disprove that he his claim he's a messenger of Allah. And so what happens is his response is to try to prove or substantiate that he is what

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must have gotten out your question. Okay, good. So one group comes in saying you're not he's saying, Yes, I am. And he's saying as proof that I am, I will do what?

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I'll give you the answer when?

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Tomorrow, okay? You don't think I'm a sinner? Allah I am. Okay. And to prove it, I'm going to answer these questions that you've given me that nobody knows what happens when the prophets also I'm in that moment does not say, Inshallah, what happens? There is a what? A delay good a major delay 15 days. Does this help or hurt the argument of the Prophet saw seven?

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Everyone said, Let the record show 728.

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Everyone said hurt, okay. You're thinking with your, you're thinking too quickly. Okay. Think about this. What if the prophet saw someone is not a messenger of God? Who's in control this information?

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If good, if the Prophet Solomon is not a messenger of God, who's in control of this stuff?

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And himself, okay, so if he says, I'm going to have an answer for you tomorrow, and then shows up the next day and says, I don't have an answer. And then for 14 more days has to go. And again, we might interpret this as being a little bit embarrassing, causing some anxiety, making some making it difficult. And every day he shows up, and he says, I don't have an answer. I don't have an answer. I don't have an answer. And then finally, on the 15th, today, Allah sends down the suit on giving all the answers that they were asking about.

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This is the one the next day, but the one who sends down this revelation said, No, not tomorrow, not the day after.

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Frustrated, when a person is calling upon ALLAH asking ALLAH subhanaw taala. And those drawers are not coming. They're not happening right away. Right? It's not happening on your timeline.

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The reason why those things are not happening on your timeline is because there is some wisdom that is unknown to you, that.

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is waiting for you, and that in that wisdom, it is ultimately better for you. The Prophet SAW Saddam had he had that answer the next day, to those questions, it would have solved that problem immediately. But it would not have illustrated with such power and such. I mean, it's indisputable that he is not the one coming up with this on his own. And that's ultimately what his job was to say that I'm not coming up with this, I'm not a poet. I'm not a good speaker, I'm not this, this, this, I'm just receiving revelation from God, and I'm delivering that message to you. And part of that job is that the Revelation shows up when Allah wants to, to not when I wanted to, that's part of that

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job. And so in this delay that caused the Prophet saw some a lot of difficulty internally, it was what it was an evidence in and of itself. So understand that understand that when a person is being delayed, something that they want, there is ultimately good in it. And it doesn't mean that just because that delay is there that you're not going to get what you want, right in fact, you may be getting something that you need and not what you want, but actually at a higher level of what you need. So this sutra is then given now we talked about how the SUTA has four themes. And before the four themes are introduced, Allah's power Tata actually gives a very powerful introduction. Amazing

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stuff. The introduction begins so the Sunnah begins Bismillah R Rahman Rahim All praise is due to Allah Al Hamdulillah. We say this phrase when

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just like we said, we say in sha Allah when we don't want to do something very good. Okay. When we say the phrase in sha Allah

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when we intend when we think about doing anything in the future, and whether or not best thing is going to happen or not, we say in sha Allah meaning what that this is what Allah wills, okay? And that is a reminder to us and everybody else that it's not me who controls this

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Okay, so are you going to be able to join us in sha Allah? That's, that should not be a Muslim way of saying no, that should be a Muslim way of reminding everybody that I want to, I hope to, but ultimately, like if I get sick or something happens or whatever, I can't make it. It's an evidence that I'm not in control. Even though I have a car, I have money, I have this I have that. But Allah to Allah is the one who's in control. So inshallah now Alhamdulillah also has meanings we talked about this was sort of fortify hand is the combination of thanks and praise, you say hamdulillah when you are recognizing the generosity, the compassion, the mercy and the status of Allah subhanaw

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taala that's why when you wake up in the morning, you say what I'm doing Allah the drive the morning is amazing, um, the level of you are here in Nevada and that all praise and thanks be to the one who gave us life after he caused us to die. because sleep is the cousin of death as they say it's just a temporary death that it's even referred to in the Islamic texts as the small death. Because you have every night a dress rehearsal for your death, in that you fall asleep, and you don't have consciousness in the way that you used to. But you're still existing in another life. Right? You have dreams and nightmares and when you have a lot of dreams

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it's interesting, right? I wonder it's kind of love we do we just kind of blocked them a Musa has a ton of dreams, right? He has a bunch of bunch of dreams.

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Having a dream, it's just another version of what perhaps is an evidence that yes, you can have a consciousness of sorts even when your body is not up and moving in the dunya. Right? So when we wake up we send hamdulillah why? Because it's not a guarantee that you're gonna wake up. It really isn't right even internally if all your organs are fine and everything's there something tragic in the house could happen that could cause you to lose your life that's a reality as well. Okay, that's why we have smoke detectors carbon dioxide etc because we want to make sure that nothing takes our life whether it's internal extra protectors of so we say 100 and pray to Allah the one who gave us like

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Okay, what else? We said hamdulillah after we do what

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what else? When do we say from the law after you cease interesting Yes, we do. Why we say 100 After we sneeze

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because the promises have told us to very good there's actually a funny story about that by the way. So when a man against

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Wow, okay, so I guess every week just start by changing the batteries.

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Are we good? All right.

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All right. So funny story about that is the man who accepted Islam. And the first thing that he was taught by the Prophet SAW, so I left here to like, he took shahada and then the first data set he attended basically in the message of the Prophet SAW suddenly he learned that when you sneeze you save 100 Allah for the person to save him the right the ones who have been around that person to save huncle Allah and then you know, the one who then sneezed, the sneezer can can respond by making further draw for that person, right at the camera, lowest, etc, etc. So the, this individual accepts Islam brand new, and learns that when somebody sneezes you say, a hug Allah after they say, Come do

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that. Okay. So during the law, somebody sneezes, and this is 100. And this guy's is gonna go a lot out loud. And then he's waiting for that drop, return. So he looks at the guy, he's like a hunk of Mullah

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insolite. He's looking at him and everyone just kind of standing like this.

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And they don't know what to do. And so when there's like, when you when you have to draw attention in Salah you don't talk, you can lightly tap your hand, right? Or somebody can say some final out loud, just to draw attention to something, you know, if it's not urgent, not critical, not life or death. You can't break your prayer casually. But if you know there's something happened, you need to I don't know, there's a kid with a marker or something that's gonna take it you can say something.

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So everyone starts slapping their hands. And they're looking at the guy.

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And then he says, like, basically the equivalent of Arabic of forget you guys in hug a lot. And then they finished prayer. And he just probably sitting there confused, like, Did I do something wrong? And the Prophet SAW said and he turns and he says, Which one of you was

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seeing it from the login over again.

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Even though it was probably obvious and the guy was like it was me and he said you know may Allah you know isa design from off Hana May Allah basically May Allah reward you for your enthusiasm. But then he told him in Salah we are quiet, right so while we remain silent. So these are certain moments in which we engage in saying Hamdulillah we sneeze right after you eat, say from the leela,

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even after anything after you drinks and hamdulillah after, it's more toxic from the luck constantly, it's a recognition of the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. Okay, so Allah begins as soon as I think hamdulillah which means what? That he's recognizing, or he's telling us, teaching us guiding us that this is a moment of recognition of one of the blessings or multiple blessings of Allah subhanaw taala now, whatever pops up next, this is a great plan. Right? It's engaging, so you read it, the sort of starts Alhamdulillah Alevi All Praise and thanks, are to the one, the one who and then you're like, oh, okay, interesting, the one who did what, because whatever Allah talks

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about now, is going to teach us a lot about our relationship with Him. Right? Just like when we wake up and Hamdulillah, the Ohana battlemat imagina that we make, we save 100 lack of the one who gave us life after he causes to experience death. It's like a deep rattling of the soul when you talk about that stuff. So now we learn that who is the one that we're praising here and for what reason? And Levy nzlr Allah abdiel ki Tada that the one who ends at a NASA that Arabic means to send down that something was revealed. So here it says, who has revealed but the meaning in Arabic is not being communicated here. And this is an Arabic class, but I'm just kind of sneaking in this little

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bit just because we have to understand the meaning here that is that is not being told in the translation is that revelation is when something is hidden and then becomes manifest or apparent, but the verb that Allah uses is talking about the transition of something from high to low, something from up to down. So something that was sent down either in status or even in physicality, okay. Now, in the Quran, the Quran is also referred to as a Tenzin, the thing that was sent down, what is the Quran being sent down, have to do with us being grateful for it? What specific characteristic do we think about when we think of something being sent down? What does that even

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mean? You tell me? What did it mean when something sent down? You can come across guys.

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What does it mean when someone sent down y'all?

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So now from what from where? Yeah.

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It's like,

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oh, wow, that's amazing. I didn't even think of that. Well, you can't go up and get it. So when something is sitting down, there's like an element of it being a gift. Right? If you had an early add item, and you had the sofa the Prophet SAW, Selim said the upper hand, the one that gives us better than the one that is receiving is asking meaning what like, there's an element to this beautiful. So the format is a gift. It's not like you climbed up there and got it it was sent down from where though?

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From where from generally were from above, okay, less generally.

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A little less general, not too specific, but not too general.

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Like the device, everyone's a bit nervous, but don't be nervous and gazing on the heavens, right? The divine realm, whatever that may be. I'm not asking you for a street address. I'm just it has give me a general environment, right? The divine realm, the heavens. So this book was set from the divine realm, not the divine realm. Okay, let's talk about a little bit. Is there any flaw in the heavens? Is there any flaw in paradise in general? No, it's a place of perfection. It's a place of perfect Oneness. The Quran is the speech of Allah, it is a perfect book. Allah is perfect. These are all a trend okay, that we have received a perfect book that came from the perfect place. That is the

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speech of the one who was perfect. All right now contrasting to that. The dunya is what this land that we live in this material world is what? Imperfect Good job. Okay. How is it imperfect? You tell me.

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Everybody, okay, there's sin. That's one that there's mistakes that are made in gender. There are no sins. We have chiffon. Okay. Are we lucky men? vatic. Right. Your district honors is a present being here. not present in Jana. Very good. All right. What else? Finite, it's limited, right? So we all live our life and probably the greatest motivator in everyone's life is their death. Right? Like you want to accomplish certain things before. We don't say it this way. But generally, it's like, I got to do this and this and this.

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This way because I want to have this and this and this why because I want to enjoy this before I died. Alright, last night like all these MAVs fans are like, Thank God, I can die now, you know,

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just, you know, Western Conference Finals, right? Like, I can die a peaceful person, you know. So it's all about the motivation for why we do what we do is ultimately our death. Okay? Like people want to engage at certain things at certain timelines. I want to travel the world, right? If I said, Okay, you want to travel? How on your 74 year like, ah, not quite right. You're like, Why? Why 24 Not 74? Well, I want to be able to enjoy this before my life passes before I have to pass away. Okay, so that's another thing. It's finite, what else?

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Anyone else?

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good. It's what even the nicest things. Even the best things on this earth are flawed. Like, of course, we know that the flawed things are flawed. But the best that human beings can come up with, still flawed, right, the highest amount still has limitation. It has weakness, it has some sort of flaw that we have to sort of like consciously or subconsciously forget, okay, even if a person went on, like a really nice vacation, to like a beautiful resort, all expenses paid, whatever, like everything's taken care of the elevators still take too long. Right? The Fly still had turbulence, I still, you know, my seat didn't recline, or the person seat in front of me would not not recline,

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right? Like there's always something that you it's part of Allah taught us further, that we can push those things out of our memory, right, and we can appreciate and enjoy the experiences that we have. But every single thing in the dunya is at some point or another imperfect, isn't, we're not knocking on it, or I'm not calling you anything bad. It just is the way that the dunya is even in the word dunya it has two meanings. It usually means or it comes to me in the material world, but it means that which is closer, but it also means that which is lower, lower geographically, but also lower in status, meaning what the dunya is not as good as the Africa. The Africa does Allah Allah says, you

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know, Ben took the role higher to dunya he says you prefer this line will ask and will ask you to fight or whatever. And the afterlife is two things. It's infinitely better. And it's an infinite place. It's everlasting. Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala begins this surah by telling us to say hamdulillah Rasul hamdulillah Hamdulillah. For what? Allah the ends Allah, Allah update kita Abba, and then I'll talk about the other part. So the first, this divine revelation, this Quran

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is something that was set down as a taste of perfection, to an imperfect place. It's a taste of perfection to a place that is filled with imperfections. Okay? Meaning what? Meaning people who live on this earth long enough and experience things long enough, they understand by definition, that you will be disappointed that you will have moments where you are less than impressed. Okay? There are moments that hurt you moments that don't really matter. And then moments that impress you, even those moments that impress you we talked about, there's still going to be those moments that you have to consciously push out of your out of your mind, because again, why there were problems there

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is the nature of this place. Right? Now, we understand that because this dunya is imperfect, that when Allah subhanaw taala sends down this Quran, it forces us to recognize that the Puranic experience is perfect, because it's coming from a different place. If Allah subhanaw taala said, for example, and 100 a landlady All Praise be to the one who allows you to find the Quran in the dirt on this earth, like it was something from here, then there would be some issues, or if it was about guidance being found on the tongues of other human beings like you and I could come up with the Quran, where you just spit bars and you're like, that sounds good. Let's write it, you know, then

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there'll be problems, right? But the Quran being a book that has no human author that has no human interjection, that letters letter sound for sound preserved as the message of the speech of Allah. It reaffirms. And it gives us confidence that whenever you engage with this text with this book, you know, that you're not going to be disappointed that it's not going to have flaws. You're not going to have to force yourself to ignore parts of it because it doesn't apply anymore. It doesn't make sense or isn't good. The Quran is a book that constantly gives you a taste of what that

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perfect places like this is what this book is. Also another thing that's beautiful here is that the Quran is a nourishment for a part of you, that also is not from this earth and that was it said very beautifully. That your body your your your creation is made from what what Allah Tada created from guys.

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Clay Right? Like THOMPSON No.

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Okay, Clay, Allah to automate us from dirt from clay, where do the things that we need for our bodies to keep going? Where do they generally come from?

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They come from the Earth at some point or another, right? I'm not talking about like, legit stuff I'm not talking about let's go outside and eat the leaves. What I'm saying is, generally speaking, the place in which we were made from also was the place of production for the things that we need to keep living. Right?

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Where was the soulmate? Or what was the soulmate from?

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It's a substance that was initiated by Allah. Okay, is the soul from this earth? Is not the bodies from this earth? The soul is not from this earth. So can you feed the soul something from this earth

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wouldn't make sense, it wouldn't work. Because the body needs things from this earth in order to keep going. Right? The soul also needs things nourishment, from its environment in order for it to keep going. That's why when you get something new, what happens? You buy something from the mall, or you get something in the mail, and you're so excited you get it brand new, after three weeks, what happens? Be honest,

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you're like, whatever,

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is cool. I'll never forget as big as it can be. If you bought a car or a house. I'm not going to I'm not going to use the uncle joke, right? Even marriage. No, I'm not gonna do that one, right?

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I actually don't, I don't believe that one. Because marriage is from It's a gift from a restaurant that so.

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But you get a cat, you get a car or a house. You know, you even I mean Subhanallah anything that you get, you're like in a honeymoon stage for the first like, you know, week or two. And then you start to like, notice, like things that you don't like about it, right? And then you have those friends that are kind of socially awkward, that tell you things that you shouldn't like,

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you're like, it's not your job. It's my job to notice those things. Okay. All right. So you bought this new TV, you're like, this big, awesome, right? But it's kind of slow or turns off randomly, or the color doesn't match or the sound isn't good. Whatever, right? You're like, Man, I love this thing. When I saw it at Costco. When I was there. I was standing there for 30 minutes. Just staring picturing in my house. How amazing is this TV going to be? Watch the playoffs on this committee incredible. And then I get in my house. And it's just not working as beautifully as I thought it did. Okay, or you buy a house, you know, this is great we finally have a place to live is that you

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start noticing things like oh, this is kind of annoying the water heater test from Allah now, right? It's like randomly you're going for the dean and you get you get bombarded by the dunya. Okay, there's always going to be something and Allah addresses this later, just a couple of verses later, right? So or even maybe the next person I forget, know, the couple of verses later, okay. So the Quran reminds you that in this dunya, you are going to be disappointed. Everyone say that I'm going to be disappointed. You are. And it's not about like living your life in a negative state where your life you know, you meet someone for the first time, you're like, you're gonna disappoint me.

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It's not about preemptively trying to get in front of the disappointment. Right? It's not about pointing it out. Because these are all bad trades, bad characteristics, the prophets all sudden was very patient, right? The definition of patients, a beautiful patients at least, is to endure the disappointing moments as if they're not disappointing. Okay. So the believer on the outside, goes through disappointing moments, as if it doesn't bother them, but on the inside, we know that some things bother us more than others. But Allah is telling us by the nature of this, this relationship between the heavens and the earth, that you should not be surprised when those moments happen. You

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should not be so rattled and so overwhelmed that you lose spiritual functionality when those moments happen. And by the way, we use light hearted examples because it's a class, but some of these things are pretty serious. Some of these disappointments can be loss of life, loss of family, loss of wealth, Allah, Allah says in the Quran, we will test you with things of loss of life, loss of wealth and hunger. Allah Allah says that these are moments that people go through, but everything compared to infinity is zero.

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And that's what we have to walk away with. The the perspective of the believer is a

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A constant trust and optimism that we know that whatever I'm going through here, it's not permanent. It's not the end. And it's not my reality. This is a flawed place for flawed people who haven't experienced flawed things. And my journey to the perfect realm is a journey in which I'm going to have to deal patiently with these flawed moments, so that I can enjoy perfection. If this dunya was perfect. How special would gender really be? Right? How incredible would it really be? It wouldn't have much right so this design is strategic and the Quran reminds us of that. So Allah gives us the Quran because therefore and gives us that therapy in those moments that we need. The second thing is

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that Allah Tada here mentioned, I have di, upon his servant here, who is he talking about? The Prophet Muhammad SAW Simon, why? Because the Quran How many of you guys when you buy something new, and there are instructions, or there's like a way to learn about it? You don't look at the manual, you go to YouTube, anybody? And we want you to videos at all to build something. Okay? Nobody, okay, so anyways, when you no one here builds furniture, apparently. Okay, so when you have to do anything, right in life that requires expertise, or maybe you guys just hires people. So when you have to do anything on your own, right, let's just say you bought a big day for your house, okay,

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big investment, mashallah major investment is a big day, right? And you got to figure out how to do this. You can go to YouTube, many people just skip the manual and go, or they'll call somebody they know, they know, a handyman or handy or somebody they're like, Hey, do you know how to do that? Have you done this before? Why? Because instruction, and modeling being taught is a higher form of education, oftentimes, than just simply reading on your own. Right being when it comes to college, when it comes to training, when it comes to professional development. Why is it so important to be trained at like really reputable institutions, by really reputable people, you know, if you will go

00:32:02--> 00:32:16

to if you want to become a surgeon, and you're like, I was trained by this surgeon, they invented this procedure, right? That would give a person a lot more clout and a lot more merit than somebody who said, Yeah, I'm a surgeon. Oh, where'd you go to medical school? I read the books.

00:32:18--> 00:33:00

Oh, okay. Have you ever done this procedure? For sure? No, but I've read all about it. Right? I read every book on it. I know exactly how to do it. Hypothetically. Okay, right. You guys would jump off that operating table in a second, even if you had a whatever like a leg as you jump out. Because why? Because we understand that learning in context is much stronger than learning in theory. We understand that. So Allah knows that about us, too. He knows that human beings need to see examples. We need to see stories we need to hear about moments in which the things that are being expected us were lived, right? So Allah can tell us to be patient. But if we don't have any Stories of the

00:33:00--> 00:33:39

Prophets, lessons, patience, how are we inspired? How are we motivated? Allah Tala can tell us to be grateful. But if we don't learn about the gratitude of the prophets also learn how we remember these moments. Right? So the Prophet SAW Selim, the existence of the Messenger of Allah is a gift. Absolutely, without a doubt, because of Allah just sends this book down. And you have to somehow go and parse through it yourself. Imagine, imagine how difficult that would be. Imagine without the prophets all sudden, without him teaching. And then on top of that, not only is he living this book, but he's also engaging in it in a way of engaging with the book in a way that is so merciful to

00:33:39--> 00:34:16

those people that are following it. Right, that He's showing us that there is gradualism. He's showing us that Allah is merciful. He's demonstrating to us these moments, these stories, where we understand that this book is the Scripture, but the live scripture feels full of grace and mercy from Allah Spano. Tata, so Allah Tada begins the sutra by teaching us this lesson number one, be grateful for the Quran. Be grateful for this message. Number two, be grateful for the one that we sent this message. This is a really amazing thing. The sort of begins what a rough man.

00:34:18--> 00:34:29

Harlem will put an falafel inside. Oh, interesting. The sequence is a little bit. It's interesting and sad, the One who created human beings.

00:34:30--> 00:34:37

Wait a minute, when we're talking about the great accomplishments, and the phenomenal feats of Allah.

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

And we're talking about human beings being created. Right? Some of us could argue, Well, if the human being wasn't created, then who would the Quran have been sent to? So we're thinking chronologically, maybe falafel in San i lemma Holy Quran, Allah, Quran. Allah Allah taught them to

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

Quran wouldn't have made sense.

00:35:03--> 00:35:11

The scholars of Tafseer they say no for an is because without acknowledging the divine pneus of the Quran, what even purpose is there being created?

00:35:12--> 00:35:51

They say like if you don't have this book, if you don't have guidance, what's the purpose of it? What is the function of your life as a person, if you don't know your relation with Allah subhanaw taala. So the most important critical moment in the history of humankind is not our creation. It's not the creation of Adam. It is the revelation of the Quran, because by everything else, any revelation that Allah Tala has sent is what enables human beings to live their life fully to actually live their life. If we don't have the Quran, we're wandering around, not having any clue what to do what's right or wrong. We treat each other based on how we feel what the trends are

00:35:51--> 00:36:04

telling us what sounds good, what feels good. There's no discipline, there's no moral virtue, all of those things are being figured out on our own. Okay? Then he says, Well, let me goodness, there is no diversion.

00:36:05--> 00:36:15

This is a reaffirmation for the person reading it. Because again, in every single experience in doubt, the truth of something, someone's telling you this.

00:36:23--> 00:36:39

And then you text later, you this is definitely not real, right? Every every single experience we have, in order for us to take it and to believe it, and to act on it or to hold it near and dear to us, we first do an accuracy check. Do we believe it?

00:36:47--> 00:36:58

We'd all have to give him a few seconds, he would change it another few seconds and eventually be what it was. Right? On the way here. I saw six Ferraris are like really? He's like, Okay, three.

00:37:00--> 00:37:02

Really, he's like they were cameras.

00:37:05--> 00:37:12

By way of, you know, like, we don't have this common wire, but we kind of get a chance. You know, I think it was a sport version of the camera, right?

00:37:14--> 00:37:29

So, you know, when and when you're engaging in that dialogue, that conversation again, right? Let's say you're going somewhere, and you're buying something, and the price is just way too low compared to what you've been seeing. What do you what are you talking about inside?

00:37:31--> 00:37:37

What's the catch? Right? Very good, right? If you're making money, you're like, Oh, give me 10. Right. I'll keep one and sell the other nine.

00:37:39--> 00:38:20

But everybody else is like this deal is too good to be true. It's too good to be true. Which is another phrase about this dunya it's too good to be true. Right? What's the catch? There is it doesn't the something's not adding up. This is the internal mechanism that Allah has created with every one of us, some stronger than others. Some people are so skeptical that they don't believe what's blatantly true. Some people are unfortunately not skeptical enough and they'll believe everything that comes their way. Allah has given us all skeptic meters inside of us. And so when Allah Tada tells us about the Quran, he reaffirmed and He reassures us that this book, right that

00:38:20--> 00:39:02

you can keep taboo ly Buffy that is the book there is no doubt in it. Reaffirming why because it's part of human nature, it's good. You should not accept everything that you hear. That's part of what it means to be human you got to make sure you got to do so. Some due diligence, Allah to Allah is telling us what that Willem right and if each other well let me enjoy Allah Who are your job and he did not allow any crookedness to be into it. Now continuing the next verse goes right to buy human Leon the Robertson Shalida molygen, who you've assured me Nina, when Medina Yama, Luna, Saudi has an 11 agilon has an app. What is the purpose of this book? Now this is one of those moments in the

00:39:02--> 00:39:44

Quran. We talked about this before. Whenever Allah Tada talks about reward and punishment, which one usually shows up first. Usually you'll see reward sometimes you'll see punishment. This is one of those moments where punishment shows up first. It's very stern. One of the reasons why the court was revealed why to give us straight understanding of our job to make us perfectly upright a human Leandra Batson shady that may lead on who you're bashing, meaning that to give a severe to give a warning of a severe torment that Allah Tala has meaning that there's a punishment that's waiting with him. Why do you think the punishment shows up first here? Why do you think Allah is bringing up

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

the severe punishment? I got? This is not a topic that's very fun to talk about. Like no one's like, hey, let's get together and talk about today's Holika what is it? So if you're punishments from Allah, it can work but it's not something that you see the Quran is talking about over and over and over again.

00:40:00--> 00:40:04

If it's spread out evenly throughout, why, why do you think Allah Tala is bringing it up here?

00:40:06--> 00:40:12

This is a little bit of a historical context. Think about who's who's the SUTA coming down as a response to

00:40:13--> 00:40:16

the poor is very good. Right? And what are the poor is doing in this very moment?

00:40:18--> 00:40:19


00:40:20--> 00:40:20

They're doing what?

00:40:21--> 00:40:58

Yeah, they're giving the profits also have a hard time. Not only, I mean, that's a very nice way of putting it. They're basically being a bunch of jerks. Right? So they're, they're researching how they can stump the profits also alone. And then after that, they're trying to make his life difficult. They are purposely trying to mock him. They're purposely trying to punish him. They're trying to harass him. They're killing people who believe in it. Right? So this sutra is an answer to those types of people. So again, understanding history is important because otherwise you're reading this you're like, why is God the Most Merciful, the Most kind? Bring up punishment so quickly? Why

00:40:58--> 00:41:01

didn't God say that? You know, it's to bring up

00:41:02--> 00:41:47

reward and then punishment to follow? Well, because those individuals, those people that are the cause of this revelation, are hearing this first and foremost. So Allah Allah, Allah says, so that they know about a severe punishment that is with Allah and it also he tags on what you just showed me Nene and Latina yak Menounos, sorry hat and alarm agilon Hassan, that there is a good news there is a reward that is being promised to the believers. And then Allah Tada defines the believers as who, those who do good, those people who try their best to do good that they will have a fine reward. maquina fee EBITDA, that they will be there forever. Again, this is a reminder that no

00:41:47--> 00:42:21

matter what difficulty because the American Muslims are going through what they're going through bad times, mean they're going through very difficult times. And in the moment, the Prophet SAW suddenly can't even helps us. In that moment, he is, he is not militarily strong. He's not financially strong, there is very little that can be done to help those people that are being tortured. I mean, the first martyrs of Islam are who and when other names. So Maya and Yasser her husband, but on the Lavon Mala, the first martyrs of Islam, you know, the prophets also them used to have to walk by them every day as they're being tortured.

00:42:22--> 00:42:55

And he would cry, he would weave as he was walking by them, but he couldn't do anything. He couldn't, because if he would engage, then all of a sudden, they would turn on him and kill him. So there was this bullying, this harassment happening. And people were being when they were witnessing it, and they couldn't do anything. How, how painful must not have been. And so the prop and one narration, particularly the Prophet soldiers walking by them, and all he can say, with tears in his eyes is sovereign areas. All he can say to them is have southern.

00:42:56--> 00:43:03

Why for in dilemma or documents, Jana says, Your home is not here. Your home isn't?

00:43:04--> 00:43:38

Just wait. I promise you, you'll be there soon. That's all he can do. And so he's telling them that no matter what difficulty me, I mean, this is torture. I can't even describe some of the narrations are so grotesque and graphic about what they did to Somalia. I want you to imagine worst case scenarios, worst case scenarios of torture. And the Prophet SAW said, all he can do is remind them of their Africa. Now, if any of us were told by somebody when we read a difficult time, that you know what, this dunya as a test.

00:43:39--> 00:44:10

And Jenna is waiting for those who are patient, the response is oftentimes very flippant, full of resentment, very angry. Don't tell me that. And this is part again, of human nature is that we don't want to be consoled all the time. Right? We don't want to be sometimes we want to also have our anger justified. But when your anger is against a lot, it's not it's not to be justified. Right? The Prophet SAW said I'm here is teaching and telling us and in this moment, what any difficulty you go through.

00:44:11--> 00:44:51

You can have anger at oppressors and tyrants and people who do wrong, that's normal, that's natural. But your anger should never be with Allah. Why? Because Allah is actually giving you a reward as a result of this difficulty. The people punishing you the people hurting you, they're not going to reward you. Right? We just hope they stop. But Allah is saying even though he's not the one that necessarily did this evil thing was evil done by other people's hands. Allah is saying your award is waiting for you. macchina fee EBITDA when you will meet on Latina Allah Tala Allahu Allah and Allah Tala also sent this Quran as a warning to say that God has children. You guys ever growing up had

00:44:51--> 00:44:58

trouble reconciling the fact that Allah did not have a son while going to school during Christmas parties.

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

It was like God sent His only Son you're like, No,

00:45:04--> 00:45:15

not true, right? Just like I don't believe that, okay? It's really really it's really interesting to kind of love this experience man the Quran is it highlights sometimes very interesting differences you know my son Musa.

00:45:16--> 00:45:18

We're teaching about pepperoni.

00:45:20--> 00:45:59

As just like an archetype for everything in life. Hello pepperoni is basically anything Muslims can do. And for pepperonis anything Muslims can do so because he loves pepperoni pizza. So I tried to explain to him you know, pepperoni you know, this that if we go to, you know, a mainstream pizza shop like Costco, they don't want pepperoni pizza, I gotta be like, No, you can't have that. And then he goes, who can have that? Because he's a stem brain. Okay. Who can right there? They're making it for somebody clearly, it's marketable. Right? Let me see their p&l statements like clearly it works. So he's like, who's buying this? This? This corn rancid meat? Like who's buying it? That

00:45:59--> 00:46:10

sounds like it's bad for you. It's It's yucky. He's like, Well, clearly not Baba, you know, like, so I'm trying to explain to him the differences right. It's sometimes it can backfire because he shouts in both places. So

00:46:11--> 00:46:18

you know, we're like I said, Well, Muslims eat halal pepperoni Musa. And he goes, so who eats pork Christians?

00:46:21--> 00:46:21


00:46:22--> 00:46:34

they do sometimes. And he goes, Can they should they as well no one should. But Muslims, these are the rules that we follow. And it's getting really interesting. So yesterday

00:46:36--> 00:46:58

yesterday, he was eating a popsicle with his right hand Mashallah. And then he had he had a toy in his left hand he wanted to pick up another toy so I said look Musa put the toy take your popsicle your left hand and pick up there was a ball you right handed so you wanted to throw it says pick up the ball with your right hand, put the popsicle your left hand he goes, No Baba, Muslims eat with the right hand. He told me

00:46:59--> 00:47:01

to go your right and he goes, who eats with your left hand? I was like

00:47:06--> 00:47:49

okay, so all of these sort of like distinctions. Again, there are distinctions because the community the Prophet SAW, Selim was pluralist there were different types of people there. Okay. Now, in met God, there were no people the book, there were no people in the book. So it's not only the Christian community that believes that God has a son. It's not only then there are other religious traditions, ancient traditions that believe that God had children so the pagan Arabs believed that the gods that they worshipped were the daughters of God. They believe that they had dog God had daughters. Okay. So what is what is such a it's so interesting is Pamela what is such a profound falsehood about the

00:47:49--> 00:48:19

fact that God can have children or does have children? Right political Allah, I had Allahu Samad Lengyel it well, I'm you lead with me of one level on our heads through the class. That the conclusion of the SUTA is Allah highlighting that Allah was not born, nor does he have children. It's like a point that is made a lot of times in the Quran. Why is it so important for Muslims to understand this or for humanity to understand this that God does not procreate?

00:48:22--> 00:48:53

I mean, in the list of all the things want to know about the divine, that one kind of sounds like a little bit like left field, like, Okay, I understand that accepted, but like, what's the what's the critical error here? Like, what's the serious problem? You tell me? If God has children? What's the issue? Yeah, it doesn't have a need for Okay, number one is that God doesn't have need God and need there is no mixing of those terms. Allah is free of need. Children are procreated. Right. Procreation occurs, children happen as a result of a need a biological need. Okay. Very good. What else?

00:48:55--> 00:49:11

To show okay. That there's some sort of succession, that when someone has a child, that's going to be the one who carries on the baton of the family, right, there is no legacy with Allah because Allah there is no after Allah has gone with the biller Allah is there constant Very good. Yeah, totally.

00:49:13--> 00:49:54

If you give God a human characteristic with that nature, how Divine is it? Very good. Yes. If Allah Tala has children, right, which he is far and beyond from habit, if Allah has children, the similarity with his creation dictates that then he would have other issues right with like, for example, how does that child behave as that child act? There's all these questions that are opened up. So these claims are claims that are being made that are completely uninformed. And what they represent deeply is a misunderstanding of who Allah subhanaw taala is. So the reason why Muslims are so particular about things like this is because if somebody says one thing about Allah is not true,

00:49:54--> 00:49:59

that opens the door for other things to be said about Allah that are not true. And things to be said about

00:50:00--> 00:50:35

Allah that are not true, can cause immense damage in people's relationship with Allah. Right? Even within Muslim spheres, we have statements that are made on behalf of Allah, that, frankly are not completely accurate, right that are not accurate. And those statements being made that are not accurate I deeply deeply damaged the faith of people. So Allah Tada says, What? Man let them be human. They say these things without knowledge, nor did their forefathers because what is the thing that is said when people challenge false notions? When you say where did you get this from? Where they say

00:50:37--> 00:50:55

huh hmm. It's always been this way. Is what everyone says. It's how our family has always done it is what I want started culture versus religion war, but this is what our culture this is our tradition. Right? If you challenge something you're like, should we really be doing this at weddings, taking dollar bills and doing this around people's

00:50:56--> 00:51:37

right to save them from poverty? Like why don't we just give them the dollar bill to save them from poverty and then also like raise our hands and your eyes they all protect them from poverty, like when we do these behaviors like isn't that problematic? Oh, this is what the way that we've always done it right. MAN AT HOME behemoth or admin, what are the ABA em? So Allah Allah says just because your dad said it doesn't make it true either. Right? Kevin Kelley magenta fraudulent, FYI him how horrific how massive of a mistake it has been that has left their time it was love their mouth. And yet pluna Illa Khadija they say nothing except that which is a lie. Now the Prophet saw some of them

00:51:37--> 00:51:41

will conclude here because modems in a few minutes, but I want you to understand something that's so profound.

00:51:43--> 00:51:48

These people that were so horrific to the Prophet SAW said, they were so mean to him.

00:51:49--> 00:52:15

They bullied him, they tortured him, they harassed him. There are moments 678 moments in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala addresses what was going on in his heart, what was happening internally with him as all this was occurring, okay. So Allah gives us a sneak peek here into the heart of the Prophet SAW sadhana. So now I left for your NIF Sokka Allah 30 M il them you may know we had a hadith eSFR

00:52:16--> 00:52:25

Allah Allah says, maybe it's the case that you bath in Arabic means to die from sadness.

00:52:27--> 00:53:08

Maybe you will grieve yourself to the point of death, over what over i fatty acid as adding him literally means like the traces or the footsteps. So the image Allah is painting here is very beautiful. Imagine the prophets also trying to tell these people about Islam. And he's so passionate and so committed to this message that he's chasing them. And he's following them, and they're turning their back on him. And they're like ignoring him. And he's literally humbly just like walking behind them. Footsteps for footstep trying to say, But wait, let me just tell you one more thing. Maybe this will work. Maybe this will convince you. And he's just following them footsteps by

00:53:08--> 00:53:48

Professor Isaac to set up. Right? The rejection that he he faced never turned him away from people, because he followed their backs is also set up. Right? I thought of him in let me know we have Hadith eSFR just because these people deny this message Allah subhanaw taala was telling the prophets also know that your job to teach and to and to deliver this message is one thing. But you should never ever grieve yourself to the point of self destruction. Just because somebody won't listen. You know, there are some moments and sometimes guys where you are talking to somebody, I get these questions. You know, some people come to me after and they'll say, What can I tell somebody?

00:53:48--> 00:54:25

What, what, what sentence? Can I tell my brother or my sister or my cousin or whoever? They're like, really in a far off place? They're in a bad spot. And what can I tell them to bring them back, and I can see the pain, right. And I've been there, like my own eldest sister, right, left Islam when I was young, and I remember the pain my whole family went through and experiencing that. And I think it's more common than we realize that everybody here probably has a friend or a cousin or something that either tacitly or actively left his son. This is a moment that we have to kind of get used to and understand how to deal with as an omen in America. These are things that can really hurt, and I

00:54:25--> 00:54:53

see it, but it's not a law. We have to remember that it is your job to only do what you can, like you can't take the heart of a person and flick a switch of Eman and say they're now they believe now they will there's no magic thing and you know, younger people tend to say what argument can I make? uncles and aunties poor? I mean, they just they say is there any do I can make? Is there just like a thing I can ask Allah one time it'll fix it all.

00:54:54--> 00:54:58

And it's heartbreaking. You have to know that you're in the company of the Prophet saw seven

00:55:00--> 00:55:39

heartbreak that you feel as as painful as it is, there is a reason you feel it and that's because you have belief that emaan it's giving you a spiritual sensation of sadness knowing that somebody you love somebody you care about is diverting away from the path that you know to be true. Okay, now with the prophets also lamp that was with everybody. You know, there are some people in our lives that are closer to us than others. And there are some that we you know, we don't think about them when it comes to their email and their faith. We're just like whatever the Prophet says I'm literally every person he met. He was like concerned about their eventual their destination where

00:55:39--> 00:56:04

they would end up. So Allah Tala told the prophet saw some, don't kill yourself over these people. Because he said, What in that genre now, out of these units and law, he never knew of them or you asked anomala we have made this entire earth and everything on it all the beautification, all of the interior design, all of the luxury cars, all of the houses, all the delicious food, all the Instagram influencers.

00:56:06--> 00:56:07

We've made all of them

00:56:08--> 00:56:52

some things I don't know why Allah made but we made all of them. In order to test everybody. It's amazing that Allah Tada brings up the word test. You never lose a limb X and Y Mila, when he brings up the word test, does he bring up illness? sickness? Does he bring up tragedy, death, poverty, does he bring up physical paint? No, he brings up what? Z that's a little out. He's bringing up beautification of the earth. Oftentimes we associate sickness and pain with tests. But what about the good things Allah has given us? We never think of them as tests, but they are. Allah Tada here is reminding us that when you're in a situation of difficulty, don't look at those who have more

00:56:52--> 00:57:26

than you and think you know what, they're blessed. Everything is a test on its own. Right? We'll stop here in sha Allah, because modem just came in. We asked the last parliament to audit to give us an understanding of the SUTA to allow us to be able to understand and appreciate the Quran that we appreciate, the Prophet SAW Selim, that we understand that this book came to give us a promise of goodness for their afterlife, and that we asked the last comments Allah to allow us to be those people that only speak with knowledge and that we understand that everything we have is Allah to Allah giving us a test in our lives and that we pass that test I mean, I mean your anatomy, so part

00:57:26--> 00:57:30

of 100 crash on the one lap either headlands necessarily going to be like so then why

00:57:31--> 00:57:33

we're gonna make pretty motive and just 30 seconds.

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There you go. So the mesh is over there. Feel free to hop over there and sure a lot, and I'll see everybody next week control so that was