Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 19 – L196A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © A woman named Yolena is found alone in a cave and eventually missing. Carla refuses to do the bounty and refuses to do the bounty again causing embarrassment for the group. The group discusses a woman from California and the UK, while also criticizing a woman from the UK for her disrespect.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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mahamadou on a Sunday at Elijah Sudha Hill karimabad Pharaoh the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Ronnie. So, do a silly mg washing of data melissani have coho coli or burn acid in our in my lesson number 196 pseudo to number is number one to 26 Translation

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per scene by scene taker, that is two verses are called an as the Quran wakita and a book mulvane one clear

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houden a guidance, wish law and a good news, little more money for the believers

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and levina those who use a murder, they establish a seller, the seller

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and they give as a character does occur while home and they Bill asherah in the hereafter. home they Yokai known there are certain they believe with certainty

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in the levena indeed those who love not human owner, they believe they'll as hero in the hereafter the yumna we have adorned the home for them, our Manor home their deeds for home so they yeah mahone they wander blindly.

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In a car, those and levina are those who love home for them. So evil, aware of the punishment. We're home and they fell in the hereafter home they are on the greatest losers

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are in their care and indeed you lotto

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surely you are taught, surely you are made to receive

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Men from low bone near Hakeem and as always, our naming always all knowing

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and when he said Musa Musa alayhis salam May Allah He to his wife or to his family

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in may indeed I am as to I have perceived Marlon a fire. So, it come soon I will come to you meant her from it, the whole burden with news or at the GM I will come to you be she had been with a flame of us in firebrand

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law calm so that you just feel alone you warm yourselves

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for that matter. So when

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he came to it moodier he was called. And that Baraka he was arrested man Whoa, see in

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America, the fire woman and whoever hella her is around it was so the HANA and he is glorified. Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah mean of the worlds yeah no sir almost sir. In there who indeed he and I, Allah, Allah. Allah Aziz the always Almighty of her cave the always always will lt and cast our soccer your staff phenom. So when

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he saw it, the zoo it moves to under her as if it Jan known as snake. One lair he turned away more than one showing back.

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While um and did not. You're awkward. He looked back. He turned back yamasa almost.

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Do not the half you fear in may indeed I left not your horrible he fears louder yet near me. And most alone. The messengers in there except men who were Lama he wronged some then but then he changed Hersman Good, bad after so evil. For in May then indeed I refer on most forgiving bruh ham most merciful whatever the * and you enter your record your hand fee in

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your bosom, your pocket.

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The courage it will come out by white men from rage without suit

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Evil, any illness

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fee in disarray nine earth signs, either to fit our own fit our own work only he and his people in their home. Indeed they can know there were common people, faster clean ones who are sinful

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for them. So when they're at home, it came to them at dinner, our signs were the certain ones visible.

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Although they said, had this special magic ouabain one clear what they had to do, and they rejected they had with it was to collect hair. And it had been convinced by it

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is they've gone after it had been convinced by it.

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And for some reason themselves, women in injustice, what are the Where? And in arrogance,

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from the solak kafer? How can I was it better to end a live scene of those who make mischief?

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what occurred and certainly at a dinner we gave, there would there would was Sulayman and Sulayman are they he was Salam ala knowledge, what color and their word said al hamdu. Al praise lilla he for Allah and maybe the one who Bellona he favored us either upon Kathy then many men from a bed he his servants, a remote many the believers

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were very fair, and he inherited. So they manage Sulaiman there whether that would work Carla, and he said, Yeah, au hair, or a nurse who the people are luminaire we were taught mantic speech, afraid of the birds were oltenia and we were given men from cuddly every Shea in thing in that indeed, her there this la Hawa, surely it and fabuleux the bounty the favor and ouabain the clear

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or fish era and he was gathered this with a man for Suleiman January the whole his troops men from Elgin the jinn while ends and the men the human beings were paid and the birds for him so they use their own they were restrained. They were kept in order. Hector until either when although they came upon where the early enamel of the ends

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she said the name Latin and and yeah as your hair though. Mmm Lou that adds, although you will enter Messiah kena comb your houses lair not yet Damon knuckle. He definitely smash you. Still a man so the man was you know the rule and his troops were home while they were not yet alone. they perceive sativa summer so he smiled bear Hakan one laughing or one amused men from all the hair. Her word, her speech? What Carla? And he said Robbie Oh my Rab

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Ne yo Give me your give me ability or was there any you inspire?

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And that escuela I am grateful neomatik for your phaser and Lottie which, under you bless it, I layer upon me. What I learn and upon while you're here, my two parents are on and that are on my lap I do solemnly Han righteous, who who you are pleased with it will lay and admit me there ash medica with your mercy fee in rebel Baker, your servants are sila hain the righteous ones.

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What are some other and he inspected? He examined

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the birds for color. So he said, Mayor what name for me lair, not our IC and Hood Hood, the Hood Hood? The hoopoe

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or kana he is men from Allah, even those who are absent.

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The banner who surely I shall definitely punish him. I've ever been a punishment shaden severe or behandlar who I shall definitely slaughter him. Oh

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Lower DNV surely you should definitely come to me this morning with a proof with an evidence ouabain one clear for Nikita so he remained very raw, not buried in far distant

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for Carla. So he said, I have to, I have encompassed beyma with what lamb not to help you have encompassed be he with it. What it took, and I have come to you men from Subbu Subbu beneba in with a news your pain certain

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in me indeed I would like to I found him or attend a woman who home she rolled them were OTS and she was given men from Cali every che in thing when their hair and for her. I should have thrown away one one great well jet to her. I found her work all my hair and her people. Yes dodona de prostrate lesions for the sun. Men from Dhoni other than Allah Allah was a Jenna and he has adorned the home for them a shape on the shape on America home their deeds for the home so he stopped them. I'm from a severe the way for home so they learn not yesterday when they obtain guidance, they are rightly guided.

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I learned that not yes you do there prostrate lilla for Allah and levy The one who wrote you he takes out I will harbor the hidden thing. fee in a servlet the heavens and the earth were removed and he knows now what telephone you will hide. Warmer and what totally known you will reveal Allah Allah lair not enter her any god in there except hockey.

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A lot of the thrown away the great

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with a sense of the recitation.

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mushy banyuwangi Bismillah.

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Ernie wakita Moby whoa

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hockey minardi

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washy me

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Kathy JP

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To move CB

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well all

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me ne

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d d,

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d, d.

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d. d

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any movie

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was a

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