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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season three, Episode 14

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AsSalam alaikum. And welcome to day 14 of the hut detox challenge not to extend Tana Milan, we are almost halfway through this blessed month. Now for the day your article is on Ico mania, are you obsessed with social media? Now, in today's day and age, social media is everywhere, whether you're using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, it doesn't matter. And many of us have developed soft addictions to social media, we are constantly checking our posts, how many likes did we get? How popular are things. And we've reached the point where we upload most of our daily life onto social media, what we wear, what we cook, where we go to eat, and it's endless. And according to the infinite mobile

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intelligence, an average of 4.7 hours a day is spent on our smartphones. And that leads you to ask yourself with the amount of time that we spend on our smartphone, how much of it is actually actually productive, and how much of it is actually a waste of time. And in this, there's a very, very beautiful Hadith that I really want you guys to reflect on. And it's an hour we had it that says, part of the perfection of one's Islam is leaving that which does not concern him, which is the exact opposite of what social media does. Social media gets us involved in people's lives who we should have no attachment to. And one of the dangerous parts of social media is the fact that it can

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also portray a life of people that they don't actually have. And the reason that I bring this up, because not only is it mentioned in the article, but I remember when I did an admin job on calling up people once they had graduated from university to see if they had gotten employment or not. One lady that I was talking to was talking about how she was doing modeling on in Thailand. And she said that everything that you see on this Instagram majority of it is a lie. She said she had to take so many photos of her smiling and looking happy and really enjoying herself. And she told me that it was probably the worst holiday of her life. But if a person has social media, and we want to get

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late, we have to make it look like we have the best life possible. And

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I have friends who've done it, they've come to me and they've complained, look at this person's life. Look at Instagram photos, don't you think she has the best life ever? Don't you wish you could be like her. But people only choose to put the good side online, they will not show you the bad side to themselves. So after reading that article, and finding a way to reflect and detach from social media, your two tasks for the day one is you're going to take half an hour to read. If you have not already incorporated reading books into your routine, as per the article from last week, you're going to do it tonight, you can choose any book that you want, but you're going to spend half an

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hour with your nose in a book. And then your last task of the day, which we are going to do together is your half day worksheet. So if you are following through with this plan, by this point, you would have read more than a gist of the Quran, you will have done it to charity, you will have built closer ties with friends and family and spent more time and a better. But we're not looking here for you to do like a 360 degree turn. Now. We are looking for you to immerse your heart in a better so that it becomes easier for you to let go of bad habits. So now you have five questions to answer. One, what have been the most enjoyable tasks in this hot detox?

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You guys can comment below. I'm trying to think what would I say is has been the most enjoyable task in this heart detox. I think that I would have to say that so far. It would have been the research, the research that we had to do into this habit and the research that we had to do into the mothers of the believers. And the reason that I say this is just because it's given me it's forced me to research my Deen and try to become closer to Allah. By knowing what is Islam about by knowing what are the sacrifices that prophets had to make, and by finding a way to make people from Islamic history relevant to my life today. And then question two, what has been the most challenging task in

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this heart detox?

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I'm inclined to say to Malaysia but then I wouldn't because during Ramadan, it's quite an easy time to stay up late during the night so you don't feel like you're sacrificing a lot of sleep. But maybe one of the hardest tasks that I had to do was

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Make Up For someone who had had me. And question three is,

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during what time of the day do you usually do your quote and reading? My current reading takes place during leisure time. So I make sure I stay up, I have my support, I pray aphasia, and then I do my two pages, I've got an reading, and I go to sleep

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from the profit that you researched on day 11 what motivation Can you draw to be productive? So my profit that I researched was the profit use of Valley So then, and but my inspiration or motivation came from his father jacobellis in it. So jacoba alayhis salaam suffered a lot, he lost one of his favorite most beloved sons, and he knew that it was his other sons who were the cause of it. But even after going through such painful hardship, he or he said, someone gem Ilan, he said beautiful patience. And because of this, it's, it's a reminder to us that you know, we are not experiencing the same hardship. They are. Elisa Lam must have experienced the highs that he had. But even when he

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was going through that, he didn't despair. He just said, let me have patience. And then the last question, why are you taking part in this high challenge?

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I am taking part in this high challenge because I personally have a few soft addictions that I need to force myself to let go of and I think this is definitely the opportunity for me to do so. So these are my answers. I want you to tell me what your answers are, and inshallah we can work through them together. And then at the end of this challenge, we can assess whether we have reached them or not. Thank you very much for listening and I will be with you guys tomorrow in sha Allah Santa Monica biomedica

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listening and have a great day.