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Did you understand while the party was reciting? Yeah, could you understand what he was saying?

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Could you given that you read the word toward now inshallah we will study the Tafseer. And it will help you further understand our the villa human, a shared language in Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. As you may have realized, by just reading these verses, that these verses talk about another group of people, from the beginning of the Quran, we have been learning that there are three types of people, instead of refer to how we learned about those whom Allah is happy with them. Secondly, those who Allah is angry with. And thirdly, those people who are a stray, who are those people with whom Allah is happy, they are a lovely home, the Mk 13. Those who have faith, those who pray the Salah, those

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who give this a cat and their end is success in this dunya and in the hereafter. Who are those people with whom Allah is angry, those who know the truth, yet they don't accept food, it's been sitting there for a very, very long time. After some time, when you check what's going to happen,

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the color is going to be bad, the smell is going to be bad. That is they think they know. But they don't know. They think they're doing something but they're not doing anything good for themselves. Because remember, who is a bald person, someone who was doing wrong on the basis of ignorance, he doesn't know any better, but he chooses to remain ignorant. He chooses to stay like that he doesn't want to know, he doesn't care about what he's doing. So who are abroad lean? That's what we will study about today. And who are they hypocrites? Those people who are lost, they think they're right. But they're not right. They think they believe but Allah says they're not actually believers. They

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think they're very righteous. woman whom but they are not be meaning at all believers. They say that they are believers, but Allah says such people are men, means some of from. So there are some people who are like this. How are they? That among the people our man who yaku he says, among the people are those who say, what do they say? And when we learn he will be Leoville. We believe in Allah and the Last Day, they say that they are believers. But what does Allah say non believers? Who are they the hypocrites, if you look at the word unece It has been said that this word is from the root letters, noon well seen noon Sr. Elif noon, see there are many different meanings that are given.

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I'll tell you one, meaning and inshallah I will tell you other meanings as we study the Quran, to just be with them, to just sit with them. So human beings by nature are like this, that they develop owns with one another, that they want help. I can do everything on my own. I'm happy as I am. But there comes a time when they need someone when they need someone to talk to when they need someone to help develop love and friendship for one another. What is that? That man is a social animal. We are social by nature. This is our last panel God has created us. So another facade, isn't it? Its facade. When we throw garbage on the street, instead of throwing it in the garbage can What are we

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word YOLO. He says, He says, what does he say? What do these people say? They say that Mr. nervy level? do they say? No, mostly?

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We're not doing facade. We're actually doing good stuff. We're Muslim, non Muslim, is a plural of Muslim people claim that they are believers in Allah and the Last Day, but Allah says woma homebuilt, meaning they're not at all believers. Why is it that Allah says they're not at all the facade to corrupt things, to spoil things, to ruin things, Islam, to fix things? When things have gone bad? You fix them, you set them, right? You sum their hearts, there's a contradiction between what they're worth and the state of their heart. So what they're saying that we are believers, has clearly said in the Quran where Allah diva, Allah has forbidden the diva. Allah has forbidden made

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hot on the consumption of interest. But the people who are in this hell, Allah subhanaw taala neither associates these people with gopher, nor does he describe them with him. He doesn't say they're disbelievers. And over here, also he says that they're not believers. So they are neither believers nor are they this believers, because this is their state, a loss of reality. What is the reality that in the home in the day who the hypocrites What are they homerun move see do it is they who are most of the time

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To be in the middle, and why is it that they're in the middle? inshallah we'll find out soon. Now, in this ayah, what do we learn? What do we see our verbal statements, enough? verbal claims are the sufficient. If a person says to the other person, I really like you, I really love you, but they're just saying it from their beach.

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Then alcohol bill, listen, lay and fall inside. Then just alcohol bill, listen, the statement with the tongue does not benefit.

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But when the mother says to her child, I love you that she mean, she does hell that she says I love you. And then she wake up in the night as well and attend to her child when she's extremely sleepy and tired. So we see that verbal statements must be followed by action.

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Verbal statements must be a reflection of what is in the heart. If your words and your heart contradict if they're not on the same page, because an effect involves what many signs such as lying, such as deceiving, such as cheating, breaking promises, this is what facade fill. We can deceive people by our lives by our false statements. But can we deceive a loss of personal data? Can we deceive him? No, he cannot. And on the Day of Judgment,

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that there's a contradiction in him. He says one thing, and he does something else.

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He says one thing, but he actually means something else. And it's quite possible that we're able to deceive other people. For example, we will tell them Yes, I will come tomorrow. Yes, I will do my homework. Yes, I will do such and such as a parameter will call us to account Allah tells us instead of earlier and one is number 29. All in tofu, Matthew sudo. Rico, out to boo yah Allahumma. Ma, saying that if you can see what is in your hearts, if you hide it, you don't show it. And if you show what's in your heart, so whether you hide it or you reveal it, Allah knows about it. You cannot hide anything from Allah, Allah Allah. So if we want to be successful, then what is necessary that

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there must be no discrepancy between what we say and what we mean?

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what we say and what we do, because this is the way of who the hypocrite

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woman whom the meaning they're not at all believers. Who are these people? What do they do? Allah says, You hide your own Aloha, when Medina, Manu, they try to deceive a law and the believers. You heard the owner is from the debtors Hall then

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from the word hadir. codea is deceit. What does it mean deceit, to try to deceive someone to cheat someone how that a person conceals the reality he hides the reality. And he does not let the other person know about it. Right. And as a result, the other person thinks that he knows but he doesn't actually know them from the real thing. So you have your own Aloha. These people try to deceive Allah. And who else when the Dena Amano? How is it that they're trying to deceive Allah and the believers

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by saying that they are believers, whereas in reality, they're not believers, in their hearts, all Muslim, this person is also a believer. And they think they're also deceiving a lot. But can a person ever deceive Allah, you can never deceive Allah. So look at the foolishness that you have your own aloha alladhina amanu. Allah says, one is the owner Illa and fusa home, but they do not deceive except themselves but a space to get food for ourselves. Everything is in the earth. Similarly, different creatures, different animals, whatever is within their ability deceiving themselves. They don't realize what am I alone, but they do not perceive they do not even realize

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Yes, erroneous or their letters. Sheen is in reality, that for us. So a believer, when he looks at the commands of Allah He sees only good because he knows that Allah is the one who is most assured is to understand to realize to perceive to see the fine reality of something, the fine details of something. So womanist in his thinking, he doesn't think right. He's perverted in his thinking. So what is it that fixes our thinking, that puts things in perspective for us? Amen. And a list of pros of doing that which Allah has forbidden. So we see that a believer is right in his thinking and someone other than the believers, submission to Allah. a hypocrite does not have that advantage. You

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tell him don't do facade. He says I'm doing good. He doesn't even see the evil of his actions. He says what either keen on a home and when it is said to them, I mean to have a man I'm you know from the word, even believe how and who was

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victorious and that was victorious and that the Muslims, and after the Battle of brother very soon, a lot of people started embracing Islam and just to gain worldly benefit, in other words, just to gain what worldly benefit, because they wanted to be on the safe side that, for example, if they were gaining fame, right, and all of a sudden the numbers of the Muslims were growing. So what happened? There were many people who embraced Islam, not because they were actually believers in heart, but they became Muslims, just to be acceptable, just do what everybody else was doing their mouth. And why did they say you had your own Aloha, we're Latina, armano trying to deceive Allah and

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the believers that we are also like you, we are also with you. If the Muslims are victorious, and we are victorious with them. So you understand when they said Amanda will lay your bill Yeoman aka decided how only with this thing to do that a person is trying to deceive Allah, deceiving a person, understandable, deceiving Allah, CO is the Knower of the unseen and the witness. He cannot hide anything. So if a person is trying to live to Allah, and he thinks he's going to be successful like that, who is he deceiving himself? When I appear over the Hereafter, he's losing his alpha. So Allah says, woman, the owner Illa. And for several women alone, they do not even realize again, worldly

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benefit, at the price of what the benefits success were in the Hereafter, what a foolish choice that a person is preferring to do and who don't know, they don't care to know. So they don't even realize that they're deceiving themselves. What do we learn from this? Ayah? First of all, we learned this is about the deceit, the mock ups, what are they doing over here? They're trying to deceive the believers, if someone is deceiving the other? Is he trustworthy? Can you rely on them? Can you trust them? No, you can. Who does this? a hypocrite. And if we lie to others, then we have the characteristic of hypocrites if we are trying to deceive. So who is deceitful the hypocrite? A

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believer is not treacherous. He is not deceitful, he is reliable, he is trustworthy, he is sincere, he is honest. We also learned in this ayah that if a person tries to harm the other, he ends up harming himself. In reality. The hypocrites are trying to deceive Allah and the believers, but who do they actually end up deceiving? themselves, and they don't realize that they're deceiving themselves. And this is true in every case, if a person tries to harm the other, who does he actually end up harming himself. And he doesn't even get it.

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It may have happened with you as children, or perhaps your siblings, that you're trying to play a trick on someone. And what happens you forget, and you actually fall into that yourself. For example, it's possible that a person, you know, leave something, you know, at the door so that as somebody walks in, they get fries trying to destroy the reputation of another person, but because they're the ones who are talking negatively, they're the ones who are lying all the time. Whose reputation are they actually destroying their own reputation, not the other person's. So never be afraid. If somebody is trying to harm you, and you are right, don't get frightened, because we will

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protect you. Allah will protect you, the person who digs a hole for the other, he falls in that hole himself will make their own Illa. And for some woman, instead of alpha 43, we learned while they are here called makossa. You in LA v LA, the evil club does not encompass except its own people. If a person contrives an evil plot, then who does he end up harming himself. So we should become very careful.

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We should not try to harm other people. Because if we harm them, we are harming ourselves, then we also don't desire that when a person does something wrong. When a person commits sin, when a person lies, he understood that if a person lies to Allah, he cannot deceive Allah. Is it not true that a person cannot deceive Allah? is not true? Do we not understand that? Yes, we do. If a person lies to Allah, I mean, who is he lying against? Isn't he being foolish? He is being foolish. This is so obvious that a monastic a hypocrite, does he get that? He doesn't get that? He doesn't even understand this basic thing. Like for example, if a person is praying for Allah, He tells the other

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Yes, I have my will do, but in reality he doesn't have will do. He has managed to deceive his sister, his mother, but has he managed to deceive Allah? Not at all. A lot of doors whether you have to or not, and you are deliberately praying without showing to other people that you have to do. I mean, where are you playing with? Who are you trying to, but he's wasting his time.

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He's making a fool of himself when that's what I will be replayed before him on the Day of Judgment. And he knows he didn't do well to Allah knows he didn't do will do. And his lie will be made obvious in front of everyone will now have their own Illa and fusa. home when my own hypocrisy leads to lack of intelligence, being too faced leads to foolishness. When I don't even get it, it blinds a person in modern in their hearts is a disease. Kuru VISIT FLORIDA called in their hearts is a disease a sickness. What is more of murghab? is from the root letters mean blah, blah. And model is any kind of imbalance in the body?

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If you think about it, any illness, what is it? It's some kind of imbalance in the body. For example, the body temperature is too high, which results in a fever, right? Similarly, the blood sugar level is too low or too high. Is that an imbalance? Yes, with any more of any illness? What is it? imbalance, imbalance that is what model is. So few equilibrium model. Now remember that Nora is of two types. First of all, model is physical, for example, a physical imbalance in your body, your body temperature is too high. So you have a fever and you're in bed. This is physical illness. Another type of illness is that which is spiritual.

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It's intangible. It's not physical, but it's intangible. Now over here, when you read for your groovy model don't don't think that they have literally sick hearts, that they have a heart problem they have a heart disease, this heart disease. Is this doubt in his heart about something that is true? Does he have correct? Will he have your team? Know? Is that an imbalance? Yes, it is because it's not out what Allah subhanaw taala has prohibited This is what a disease. Now what is the disease that the hypocrites have in their hearts? This disease is off doubt

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is not a problem, isn't it? or spending hours on YouTube going from one video to the other? Not a problem. 10 minutes for Salah. Oh my god. You know, sometimes it's a habit of some people that they're looking down on every single person. I'm the best because I'm studying this and look at her she's studying psychology. What is she going to do with it? Well, things like this. Who thinks like this? a hypocrite. A believer is a humble person. And a hypocrite is an arrogant person. He thinks he is the best. Whereas in reality, he is the worst. Because Where will the hypocrite be international enough? Don't kill us for a living and now in the lowest level of Hellfire, it him to

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hypocrisy. So what's the reason of hypocrisy? What's the problem? What's the root cause? The disease of the heart and what's the disease of the heart?

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First of all, doubt, and secondly desires. So for example, taking the same example of not doing good while praying. What's the reason? Why would a person who's very arrogant in his heart who thinks very highly of himself so arrogance is something that cannot be a believer he submits he is submissive. Then we also don't have a good laugh looking at your job. Or somebody has a good laugh looking at your hijab or has a good laugh looking at you, you know doing something of your deen bizarre the home Allahu

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Allah increases them in their disease, Zelda, Zelda is from New Jersey, yes, there is by people where they know, not always, in fact, most of the time, what were they called? Either liars, or they were called believers are called foolish. This is not something new. And in the homos sufa Ola Killa Yana moon, then we also decided that a person who has this disease in his heart of Shibu, hacha Hawa, then what should he do? He should try to cure it. Is it any disease? What should you do? cure it, you shouldn't just let it be. You should try to fix it. And this disease, what is it shows that they are inclined towards Cofer. They're inclined towards disbelief.

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They have doubt. They don't have faith. They don't have yaqeen What are they inclined to disbelieve? So when they're inclined towards disbelief, which is why they have this doubt and which is why they lie which is why they cheat, which is why they pretend they have an inclination towards gopher they desire COVID. So Allah lets them go to them. How is he foolish? How is he foolish? A person who does not believe the way the profitability of the way companions believe how is he foolish? This is my question to you. He's not diseased we'll go.

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This disease will grow whatever a person is inclined towards, that is what will happen. That is what Allah subhanaw taala will facilitate that for him and if a person has

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The desire to pray, has the desire to know has the desire to improve, then what will happen? Allah subhanaw taala will give him a job following the deen and when he's not following the deen, where's he going to suffer for eternity in the hereafter. So he's preferring the dunya over the aka where dunya is temporary and aka is eternal. And the person who believes were the prophets on a lot of cinema believe the way the companions believed that he is intelligent. He is smart, he is kept the facade Humala.

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Another reason as to why a lot of parents are the causes of the disease to grow. It's because it's a natural consequence. If a person has a disease, and they don't cure it, what's going to happen to the disease?

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What's going to happen to it, it will grow, it will only increase, it will get worse, exactly to the point that it will become fatal. It's incurable. For example, if a person has cancer, will he say Oh, forget about it can't be bothered?

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Will they do that? No, they will freak out. They will do everything possible to get rid of that cancer from their body, even if it means getting rid of a limb care because they want to get rid of that disease of that illness. Because if it stays in the body, it's going to spread once it spreads, once it grows, that's it the person cannot live anymore. So it's a natural consequence for that the homologue kumanovo This is a natural consequence. So whose fault is it? It's their own fault. So if you couldn't believe and alarmists pain, Aleem is that which gives been either one or Lehman

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for them as a painful punishment. What is this painful punishment? This punishment is that of Hellfire

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Have you ever had even a part of your fingerprint?

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Is it painful? It's extremely painful at that moment, and for hours, and does it hurt a lot? Yes. Why? Because they hit you with a lot of force. It was only one hit one strike. But it is extremely rare. And secondly, it's constant. Think about it. If somebody hits you once, but very severely.

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Does it hurt a lot to me painful because of the strength of the strike.

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Similarly, if someone strikes you very likely, but again and again and again and again. Does that become painful? Does that become painful? Yes, it does. So the punishment of Hellfire is a extremely severe, extremely painful, extremely hard, tough and secondly, it's also constant. So this is our, it's our double Aleem. And also it's our double alene because it's not just physical what you're supposed to do. So a hypocrite has bad manners. He does not have good manners. a hypocrite does not know the deen, he's ignorant. What it will say reduce the punishment. What will happen they'll be sent back it will never ever be reduced for them.

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When they will say that we should be just finished. Don't keep us in this punishment. We should just be finished or they will try to get out. They will be scolded. They will be scolded. So just imagine that a person is in pain and on top of that they're being scolded. We learned in sort of undecided if 45 Allah subhanaw taala says in the Luna 15 if it don't kill especially men and now the hypocrites will be in the lowest level of Hellfire either one alene lowest level of alpha, where the punishment is most severe.

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And I will leave into a catch 22 the criminal law Do you mean harm in government? Or a doofy? How do Cora devil hurry up? Every time they want to get out of Hellfire from anguish, they'll be returned to it, they'll be sent back to it, they will not be allowed to come out. Now the question is, why is there a painful punishment for the hypocrites? Because Allah says be mad can we actually boo because they used to lie yak, the Boone calf than the caddy which is to lie. What does it mean by lying?

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Do not tell the truth to say that which contradicts reality, to say that, which is not true

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to do what's not true because lying is not just in words, but it's also in one's actions. So for example, if a person says yes, I have prayed, whereas in reality have not prayed, what are they doing?

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Is that a lie? It's a lie.

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Unless there's one of whom are there one Aleem on the Nakano Yakubu,

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a hypocrite lies, he tries to deceive others with his lies. And these lies, lead him to punishment lead him to failure for them as a painful punishment because they used to lie.

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What do we learn from this if we learn from the cya first of all that

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If a person finds any disease in his heart, whether it is an extreme love for this world, that makes him compromise, what he should be doing, or it is extreme love for a person, which makes him compromise, what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded him to do, or his extreme love for sleep, extreme love for eating extreme love for just dressing up and shopping or things like that which make him compromise his religion. Or, for example, doubt, then should a person let that disease stain his heart? Should he? What should he do? He should better fix it. What's the cure for doubts?

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So if a person finds even the slightest of doubt in his heart, slightest of doubt,

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I wonder if the Day of Judgment really will be?

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I wonder if we'll actually be questioned about everything we're doing. I wonder, I wonder if really, the Hereafter is eternal?

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Even if a person has the slightest of doubt, what should you do? Get rid of that doubt. Because if you don't get rid of it, it's going to increase. It's going to kill you. Literally. It's going to harm you, it's going to destroy you. So the cure to doubt is knowledge.

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What's the cure for desires?

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righteous action,

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acts of obedience.

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Because when a person obeys Allah soprano data, then he has to control his desires. When he has to control his desires, eventually, it becomes a habit, eventually, it becomes easier. The first day of fasting? Is it difficult to prevent yourself from eating? Yes, every other minute you're thinking about food. But by the time the last day comes, even if Ramadan is over, the food is in front of you, but you don't bother, isn't it so? So when a person obeys Allah, when he forces himself to obey Allah constantly, continuously, then what happens? He is strong enough to control his desires, then his desires don't overtake him.

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So we must cure the diseases of our heart.

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Also, remember that it's quite possible that a person's heart is diseased, and he doesn't even realize, for example, the person has cancer. Does he know from the very beginning, he has cancer? No, sometimes they find it extremely late, isn't it? So? Similarly, a person has, you know, their jaw is hurting, their tooth is hurting, and they keep ignoring it. They're like, No, it's not that big of a deal. But eventually the pain becomes extreme. So they go to the dentist, and they find that they have an infection. So a person does not necessarily know that he has a disease. This is why we should always be gaining knowledge, and we should always be busy in righteous action, so that

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we can prevent our heart from getting diseased.

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You know, some people, they only fix a problem when it gets worse other people, they take preventive measures, isn't it? So to avoid this disease, what do we need to do keep getting knowledge and keep yourself busy and righteous action? So whenever we're either going early movie man, can we get people? What else do we learn from this is

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that punishments that Allah subhanaw taala gives to his slaves? What are they a result of a person's own sins, because we see over here one of them or that will eliminate the Mac and we actually won't because they used to lie. It's a result of punishment as a result, a loss of control is not unjust.

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So we also seen this idea that lying is the characteristic of who

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are who have a hypocrite have.

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We learned that once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said, there are three signs of a hypocrite, when he speaks, he tells a lie. When he makes a promise he acts treacherously and when he is trusted, what does he do? He betrays he does not fulfill it he betrays so it's the sign of a hypocrite that he lies. Eman is about being honest, being honest with who? Allah, His Messenger, the believers, the people around and hypocrisy is about what being dishonest, being treacherous, that a person is not honest with anyone.

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He's not even sincere with himself, because if he was sincere with himself, at least he would be concerned about his.

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So, lying is something that cannot be in a believer. Lying is a part of who who a hypocrite.

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We also learned that once a prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked, Can a believer be a coward? And he said, Yes. A believer can be a coward. He was asked, Can a believer be a miser, stingy?

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He said yes. And then he was asked to believe or be a liar. He said no.

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A believer can be stingy, he can be a coward. But a believer cannot be a liar.

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He should never be a liar, he should not be a liar, because who lies?

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Who lies, hypocrites lie? And the end of hypocrites is what?

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Hellfire or that one? Anyone?

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So, this statement is enough for us what or whom? Or that one early mbamerican we actually want to leave lying. Lying leads to what? punishment and hellfire. If we want to save ourselves from punishment, then what should we do? Leave lying? Just leave it.

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Think about it. What is it that people lie? When is it that generally we lie? in what situations

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when we're afraid when we're about to get in trouble? So for example, if the teacher asks you, did you do your lesson seven times? Yes, I did. Whereas in reality, you didn't do it? Why would a person lie?

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out of shame, out of fear of getting into trouble.

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So a person should not lie, because you may be able to please the teacher at that point. But who knows? A lot of nose who has written that lie, the angels have written that lie.

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What other situation? Is it that people lie? Yes. Okay, when they're too weak to tell the truth, to boast, to show off, you know, this jacket, I bought it for $500. Whereas in reality, they picked it up from a garage sale. Yes.

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To protect others, or lying for the sake of other people. Okay. When they're caught for something, they say that no, I never did this wrong thing, whereas in reality, they did it to be accepted.

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Yes, do not lose out on worldly benefit. There are many different reasons that people lie in. And sometimes people also lie just to joke, just to have fun just to have a good laugh. But remember that lying is not acceptable. And if a person makes up his mind that that's it, I am not going to lie. No matter what happens. I'm not going to lie. Once you make up your mind, then even in a situation where you're afraid. Even in a situation where you feel you're going to get in trouble. You will not lie. It starts with what determination of the heart, you will have to make a promise with yourself, I am not going to lie. No matter what happens. You have to make a promise you have to

00:32:19--> 00:32:59

take the initiative. Once you make a promise only then you will not be able to lie but if you're not determined in your heart, then what's going to happen then what's going to happen. One thing happens one lie here another thing happens another lie there. And remember that these that are personalized until he is known as a liar. And people don't trust him. People don't trust him. People don't accept what he says people doubt him all the time. So we must leave lying. Because what let me use reefer while I'm Jaco, what kind of been a Delica Kawashima that there are those who when they spend they do not do so excessively or spec? Can we? No, we cannot.

00:33:00--> 00:33:15

So if we cannot, they're a little heat. For example, right now in this classroom, which is getting a little hot and I see people drinking water, see people moving around stretching. We cannot bear this heat. How on earth do we think we can bear the heat of the Hellfire?

00:33:17--> 00:33:27

Think about it. We cannot bear it. So don't put yourself at risk by just lying. Protect yourself, save yourself when in one's fate.

00:33:29--> 00:33:41

Which means that a person is a hypocrite in heart that a person is pretending to be a believer whereas in reality, he knows that he's a disbeliever in his heart. He's hiding Cofer, and he's showing a man

00:33:42--> 00:33:50

he's hiding COVID. But what is he showing on the surface? He man, this person is a hypocrite how exactly that in his fate.

00:33:52--> 00:34:16

The second type of hypocrisy is that which is an AMA that which is in action, that a person is a believer in his heart. When he says that I believe in Allah in the last day, I am a Muslim, I am a believer, he actually means it. He believes in aligners that I'm going after clients and this person also lives sometimes a monastic breaks a promise and this person also breaks his promises.

00:34:17--> 00:34:24

And when I feel deceives and this person also disease. So this is what hypocrisy in action,

00:34:25--> 00:34:27

hypocrisy inaction.

00:34:28--> 00:34:37

But tell me something. Who would you want to resemble someone who is a loser? Or someone who is successful?

00:34:38--> 00:34:40

Someone who is successful?

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

Who would you like to resemble? Who would you like to be associated with someone who is at a very high level, or someone who doesn't have any self respect doesn't have any worth in the eyes of people. Someone who's at a high level. When it comes to a hero. That's where we should strive for the

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

highest levels. So, we should be careful. You know, we might say that no, no, I'm a believer. I'm not a hypocrite, but we should look at our actions do our actions resemble those of hypocrites, from these verses Tell me, what are the actions of hypocrites?

00:35:16--> 00:35:38

Okay, first of all, they're liars. Secondly, they're two faced. How are they two faced? Exactly. They say one thing, but they do the other. They say that they are believers. But in reality, they're not believers. They say, for example, yes, I've done such and such. But in reality, they haven't done such and such because the liars who do faced What else?

00:35:39--> 00:35:47

they deceive a hypocrite is deceptive. He tries to deceive other people. Yes, they're foolish, how are they? I'm gonna

00:35:49--> 00:36:00

make a list of these characteristics. And check yourself, analyze yourself, do I do this? Do I have any of these characteristics? Because if I do,

00:36:01--> 00:36:44

then what if these sins they increase? What if this model increases and it completely overcomes me? I will be in great trouble. If we want to save ourselves, we must run away from hypocrisy. We must avoid it. Because, you know, sometimes person may think that Yeah, you know, so what if I said a lie just once in a while, it's not a big deal. So what if I broke a promise once in a while, it's not a big deal. It is a big deal, why it's going to lead you to more doesn't happen. If a person lies once it's easy for him to lie again. It's much easier if a person does not do what they're supposed to. And they say that they've done it, then it's easy for them to repeat that behavior. Again and again,

00:36:44--> 00:36:52

eventually becomes a habit, such a strong habit that they're not able to break. So don't undermine these characteristics of when

00:36:53--> 00:36:54

they're very serious.

00:36:55--> 00:36:58

And we should avoid them at every cost.

00:37:00--> 00:37:03

You see, what's the definition of a lie?

00:37:04--> 00:37:21

To say that which is contrary to reality? So whether it's a white lie, a small lie, a big lie, it's all the same? Okay? If you're saying something that contradicts the reality, it's a lie. Whether it's acceptable or not. We have to see what does Allah accept and what does he reject?

00:37:22--> 00:37:33

With the tongue also, we end up harming other people. Sometimes people harm others with their hands, but with the dome also we can harm how by lying by deceiving by cheating and we don't have the authority to call people will

00:37:35--> 00:37:35

remember that