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Are we live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ah man, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala Lord, creator of the universe, Most Merciful, most kindly Allah, we submit to Allah, La ilaha illa Allah none has the right to be worshipped except you and we declare our love and our sanitation. So beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, to his companions, to all of those who follow me soon until the end of time. Allah subhana wa Tada. Make us of the oma Mohammed Salah Salem May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us for the shortcomings this past week. And bless us in the week to come and except from us this walk of Juma I mean,

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we continue our discussion on Shiism. And last week, we began to discuss some of the secrets within Judaism when we say that the Shia they have six and they have groups we see the predominant sick currently in Shiism, the predominant group of Shiism is the is naturally mme. The mme twelvers. Those imami twelvers. We discussed at length, the belief and the doctrine of the twelver Shia Mamiya. We went through in detail as to discuss what the beliefs are, and we it conforms, and we disagree, but I also know well, Gemma, then we moved on last week to discuss other six with enthusiasm. And to mention that the six still exists today. And they still have a role and they are

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so prominent in certain regards. And therefore it's important for us while being on this topic, to understand them and to know what the beliefs are and how to interact with them.

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We spoke about the ladies last week, and we said this is the closest group for amongst the siesta cinnamyl jomar. And in fact, we see the ladies are closer to Allah Chanel, Jamal, the historical ladies to the current twelvers. They don't have many of the beliefs of the twelvers they don't have the concept of the moment. They don't curse the Sahaba. It's purely a political movement against the Romanians, we spoke about them. We spoke about the Smiley's and we see the smiley group is of the worst, and the most severe and the most dangerous group to ever emerge in Islam, a group that labels itself as Muslim had beliefs has beliefs, they still exist. So as we say, out of the Qibla so absurd

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and so against the fundamental teachings of Islam, this group is, you know, has done so much harm historically to the Muslim ummah. We spoke about groups under the Smiley's the kilometer, who killed the hijab and stole the Blackstone, we spoke about them, the fatimids, who ruled Egypt for a number of for a number of years of a century or more. And in current, the remains of the smile is the remainder of the smile, ellipses under the nice area of our hands, they still exist today, about 20 million of them in the world who basically worships this man the other hand, as the living embodiment of a law, a man with a claim knows the Quran is the walking living Quran, that the

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meaning of the Quran what you read on the surface is not for you. And for me, it's only for the Imam. So they worship Him and they make dua to him. And as I said, when you hear someone claiming that they are Muslims who worship a man that's living and believe that he is they do as they release once they do it, you know, you can control things and as power, you shouldn't take my word for it, you should do research yourself. The other hands and this group exists and guide them. I mean, then we said the dude who's the elder brothers who would know them better the doodles the duties, that they are a group very prominent in Syria and Lebanon. They are also a offshoot of the fatimid smiley

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botany group who have views very different, very, very similar to the other hands, they just have a different Imam, the Imam they say died or disappeared in the past, and they worship Him as our hands worship the other coins. Today we'll talk about the new Sadia Allah we analyze the New City otherwise, and why this group is important for us to discuss them is because this is the group of Bashar Al Assad, the president of Syria, a scribes and his family and a belief system is from the sixth from the sixth. And therefore it is one of the reasons why Syria oil Billa is in such chaos because of the sectarian differences of belief. So who is this group? What do they believe? How

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close are they to Allah Suna? Well, Gemma, and we can we agree and disagree. And then we'll discuss in sha Allah, what's happening in Cydia. We all know

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sitting over here the villa is in a great catastrophe. But no one knows who's killing who who do we support? Who's right, who's wrong? charlo tried to shed some light on this on the issues. So the sad Yeah. Otherwise they have two names. They will say, Yeah, they don't like this name. This name is derogatory to them, then you say yeah, and otherwise, they like this name. Otherwise, the funnel was a valley. Right? The other the other whites, the followers of Allah. They follow. They this group began, the founder of the group was a man called Muhammad Hussein. That's what they call the new idea. He was a student or a follower of the 11th Imam of the Shia 12. So we said that she has 12

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Imams, we said the 11th one Muhammad Skd when he died, he never son.

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People invented him a son NCD son is the body and this is the view of the 12th there was a man that followed the 11th Imam. And after he died, he suddenly claimed was the MADI in hidden by an occultation. And we were for people that said we can communicate with somebody. Right? So there are four people. This is the doctrine of the twelver Shia, they said the Imam he went into hiding the 12th Imam because they believe was once the 12. Eman comes when kiama is going to come in on Monday. They live with the mom died. There was no a there was no new Imam. So they said no, the Ethan email, he says hidden and is waiting to come out. This is the view of the 12 hours. And initially they said

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this Imam communicates with for selected shoe for our ambassadors for selected ambassadors. And this man Mohammed even said, he said I reject you for I am the only Ambassador I am the doorway to the malady. And he broke off from the mainstream 12 years when the senate began. So he said I'm the only one that communicate to the mighty you for your allies. So he started a new group and from the Shia themselves the twelvers look at what they say about this man is not Sunni saying this, Shia are saying this about this man. They said and this is in the book by a to see Shia Imam, that he declared that he was a messenger and prophet and Ali, the 11th Imam spoke to him and he would prefer

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and this Muhammad Abu said, he started to profess the belief in reincarnation, and Hulu, and he exaggerated the status of avoid Hassan meaning say now he is the father of Al Hassan, and he professed lordship in regards to him, he may say naturally into a god. So the Shia saying yes, we love Sinhalese and evil but this guy Mohammed even to say he went even further than us, he might say gnarly into a God and he professed the legislation of relatives and allowed men to have intercourse with one another yet to be loved. Right? And he sees the active way below we don't go into further into this detail. But he basically basically made harder what even the Quran is made haram This is

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what the again, this is from the Shia books themselves are writing of this man, Mohammed bin Zayed so he broke off from the rest of them, saying that I speak to the malady alone and he has made even intercourse, homosexual intercourse halaal that drinking wine is haram everything is Hara, the Imam he reads he knows the hidden meaning of the Quran. You people don't know the external. So and this group broke away from the twelvers and the started as a new group, the other whites. So what is the belief of the other whites? What do the other whites believe? What does this group that rules Cydia currently, what do they believe? They believe, and this is from the doctrine, this is not from my

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words. They believe in that mankind came to the earth at stars, we fell down as stars because we're bad. And you go through a life of reincarnation, you live if you good you get a new life of a better person. And eventually you go back up until you join Satan alley as a star. And if you are bad you get degraded slowly into into an animal and so forth. reincarnation taken from Hinduism and Buddhism. When they believe what do they worship, they believe in eternity. So they say that while Billa Allah subhanho wa Taala comes in the form of a trinity every in cycles he came with a time of renewal in the time of Nevada became an eternity the last Trinity that he appeared there's a law or

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you have to be the comes on earth in the form of three min as a trinity. And this is the last entity that currently exists is Ali Mohammed and segmental fallacy so gnarly. Maybe Mohammed Salim and Samantha Ali being the main one but God and Muhammad being the outward appearance So remember, they believe that everything has a face value but there's a deeper meaning that no one sees so it's it's a knowledge the deeper meaning that no one really saw and notice and Mohamed Salah was the external that people saw and sell man is the bar the doorway to get to them. This is the identity of the otherwise absurd and I tell you don't believe what I say research this for yourself. The Academy is

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it sci fi

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There is none worthy of worship except alley, or you have to be loved. That's what they called otherwise. And that the veil of Ali is Mohammed is the outward, the external, you don't get to see Ali directly, you only see Mohammed. And we praise the gate above which is Solomon, the object of our love. So they believe in eternity. And they say this is a cyclical Trinity that every so often allows you to be let comes in different forms of this Trinity. As we said, they believe in reincarnation, that, you know, if you're unbeliever, you become a you form as a Muslim, you'll be resurrected as a Muslim, not another white, or a Jew or a Christian or even if you work into an

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animal, and if you're good, you become you join up with the stars, which are the souls of the pious people.

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Right, that different, let's say nalli is the ultimate that you need to go back to say nalli and join him you join up with, with Allah, Allah, they reject the Quran saying that the Quran and many of them they don't read the Quran or even recite the Quran, why they said the Quran, its face value is means nothing, it means nothing. The internal meaning of the Quran, they'll say it's like the shell of an egg. The shell is what you people see and take is the inside that counts. And every visit every meaning of the Quran has a secret hidden meaning Allah sort of speaks in riddles that the external is to deceive you. But the internal is what the Imam teaches you. Only the Imams have

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knowledge of this, he didn't meet me, meaning

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we knew people would say and this again with the Shia, the Sudanese, the Christian colonialists France colonized Syria. And they would say we would know a town is an ally town because they would not be a single Masjid in that town. Right? They wouldn't be any massages. The only places that they would have holy are once again shrines. keramat have pious of holy men, according to them, they'll call them medical workers. And these shrines would be where they would go, and they would pray. And they would make sujood and MiG tau off to these things.

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They have the most secretive groups around, they don't openly profess the religion, they don't give the hour, you can't become an otherwise you must be born and otherwise. And they don't teach the kids the religion, you have to be about 19 years old, then you go through a process of initiation. And the beliefs are kept secret. So how do we know about the beliefs because when France colonized them, one of them became Christian, and he wrote a book about the beliefs of the otherwise he was in of course, assassinated Not long after that. Women also not allowed to learn the secret religion. The women don't know anything about the religion, and they have a strong link because of eternity.

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They found a strong link with Christianity. That's why the French when they colonized Syria, they love the otherwise a lot is found Otherwise, this is the base kind of Muslim we find. They believe in eternity. They drink wine, they don't make sada hamdulillah. This is the kind of this is the kind of Muslims we like, and I believe, and they even granted them an independent state initiative. So the aroma of old What did the allama say about this group that believes in reincarnation that says Allah we have to be let comes in the form and they worship Satan Allah directly, but they say it's a law where you have to be law is in the form of Sonali we look at what the scholars have said even

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taymiyah Rahim Allah shaquil Islam and he was early and these two imams tend to be on different sides of a spectrum. They tend to have difference of opinion, but they both agreed, and they pass the factor. I'm not saying that they pass the factor the other way so far.

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In fact, he said that he gives factor to allow jihad against them. And shakily, so I've been Tamia, he documented how many times the other whites sided against the Muslims many times to harm Islam to allow the Crusaders to attack the Muslim to allow the thoughts to attack the Muslims, that they openly fought and rebelled against the Muslim lands and killed the Muslim people without besides the belief being corrupt. They also rebelled the Shias themselves. What are the 12 shears, they would call them in the base case. In the base case, if they don't say the outright kuffaar, the Shia would say, these are hula. These are extremists. They've gone too far with regards to say nalli. We love

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Ali they would say more than the Sudanese. But they have gone too far. They've made it into a god. This is the the worst that they would say. or rather the best they would say others would say directly that they prefer this is the sheer themselves.

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So why I say this group is important. They're not so big in the world in terms of numbers, a few million. But what's important about them is that they currently rule Syria. They ruled Syria, and due to political maneuvering, and external influences this group which was obscure, which was basically a tiny group, they basically took control of Syria. And the mess that we see is happening in Syria. Part of partly is to be blamed on this group. So let's discuss what's happening in Syria and how Syria has developed the way it is today.

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So in 1920, almost 100 years ago, France occupies and colonizes Syria.

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France controlled Syria. And that time Syria included Lebanon and Palestine, the whole area as we call a sham, that whole area from basically the Sinai Valley, up close until Iraq, all of this was Syria, greater Syria, France, colonize this area. And they basically looked at the people and as they did in Africa, divided the rule, they divided people, the country based on ethnic groups, so they had the majority, which is over almost 80% 75%, Sunni Muslim, they gave you have an area, then they found a large Christian population, they said, you can take a new country called Lebanon, they gave the Christians in, in this area, gave them Lebanon. And they said we find two groups, the

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doodoos and otherwise, that the beliefs of sort of contrary to the rest of the Muslims, this group we can help against the Muslims, like the British use the other hands against the Muslims, they use the hammer against the Muslims in India, they use this two groups to do rules and the Islam and the other whites, they gave them to independent states. Because why they support the enemy of my enemy is my friend that we work together against the 75% Sunni majority. So they carved obsidian into these basically, four countries, eventually, the when So then after 1946, when World War Two was over, France had to leave, leave, leave Syria, there was a push for nationalization and additive

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nationalism. So it wasn't a religion, the Middle East went through a process of we need to unite one another based on Arab identity, we don't look at religion. In fact, Turkey would still abolish the Ottoman Empire, and throw away the caliphate and say we are a secular state, we are Turkish first. So a wave of nationalism occurred after World War Two, and Syria was unified as an Arab country. But these divides remain. Then in 1967. June, Israeli forces seized the Golan Heights of Syria, and they defeated basically the Syrian army, the Air Force, and Egypt and Jordan together in the sixth day. So Israel basically fought with Syria, Egypt and Jordan and defeated them, and this destabilize

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Syria three years later. And otherwise, Now, again, the otherwise and it must be fair to say they were the minority 13% versus 80%, Sunni, and they were persecuted. And they were, they were mistreated as minorities are usually mistreated. We don't deny this. They are described as being like the untouchables in India, the bottom of the cost, the Muslims rejected them completely. But one but they work together. And they started involving themselves in politics, as city was moving to a democracy. And the majority basically was laying back and sleeping, they started to form political parties into the military join up based on Arab nationalism. And a coup occurred in 1970. That an

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ally towards the Minister of Defense, have hafeez. Allah said, which is by Charles father, he overthrows the government and he becomes the president. And as the when the French describe this, they would say it is like an untouchable becoming the President of India, or I don't know, in our context to say, to say maybe, I don't know who's the smallest minority maybe,

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you know, an Indian becoming the, the the captain of the rugby Springbok team, right, for example. So, you know, unlikely unlikely, no offense to our Hamdulillah, we had a captain the Proteus do not have the lesson. We'll get the we'll get the so for them. It's so it was so unbelievable, that an otherwise could seize control of Syria, and that he had control of the military, because Chief, the chief positions were filled with allies. And this, of course, resulted in huge now the Muslim Sunni woke up and the riots broke out because he on the Constitution in Syrian constitution, it says the president of Syria must be a Muslim, and otherwise regarded as non Muslim. And he didn't mind saying

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we non Muslim.

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riots broke out because the president of Syria remove this clause in the constitution that the president needs to be Muslim. And there was extreme violence. And the only way that stopped people from overthrowing the government. Was that a Shia Imam in Lebanon, he said, the other words are Muslim, they just sheer like as a different kind of Shia, a positive factor musasa twelver Shia, he basically positive factor to say happy that I said he's a Muslim is otherwise a different kind of Shia, but we will accept you as a Muslim. The books in the past said No, they're not Muslim. And this basically helped them to solidify the place in position, but they use the army and the military

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to suppress any dissent. The Syrian army again, look at look at the track record of this group, in 1976, was a civil war in in Lebanon. Lebanon also has a big mixture of Muslims and Shia and Christian and the Christian minority was ruling they call the

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Maronites, they were ruling Lebanon and Syria intervene to support them to keep them in power. Happy that Assad he sends the army to keep this Christian group in power in Lebanon. When there was an uprising in 1982, when the Muslim Brotherhood tried to retake, retake Syria, Muslim parties now became very political. And there was huge war crimes. 1000s of Muslims 1000s of people were killed. And this man basically continued to do so look at when he came into power. He came into power in 1970 1982 12 years later, he's still in power, a democratically elected leader, and he suppresses any kind of dissent and any kind of rebellion 2000 he passes away and he son Bashar becomes the new

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president of Syria. 2011. We know the Arab world goes through an Arab Spring, and the people sought to overthrow the the leaders in Egypt, in Libya, in Tunisia, it began and the Syrian people who have been ruled by an oppressive government about a minority, they thought this is our chance to also rise up against our leadership. Again, majorities 80% Sunni Muslim, ruled by a minority sect. And they start to demonstrate in 2011 in March 2011, they are democratic, democratic protests, and students draw anti government slogans and the government that rounds these students up and basically executes them. And this results in an uprising within in Syria by by July from from March to July

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1000s, hundreds of 1000s of Syrians across Syria rise up in different cities, overthrowing pushing out the governor's pushing out the army and raising arms against the leadership against Bashar Al Assad. In response, he sends the army in, he sends the army and army tanks into into many of the city and cities and they fight with the Syrian people. So this is the people of Syria, millions of Syrian people against a small minority, which dominates and controls the army. By February 2012, to a year after the uprising, the government now start to be siege and bomb and drop bombs on its own people in its own cities, civilians, there's no army, they fighting the killing civilians, bombing

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schools and massaging and homes, reducing its own population to levels.

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Throughout 2012. This fighting continues and intensifies. And eventually in December, the rest of the world recognizes the Syrian people and the coalition as the legitimate rulers of Syria. So they have said that Bashar you need to leave the rest of the world have stepped in. So this is Britain and France, America, Turkey, and the rest of the Middle East, basically excluding Iran, saying that the people of Syria have basically spoken, they want you to leave, and they're dying in the 1000s. And they now support the rebels, more arms getting pumped into Syria, everyone that says we want peace, every single person that says of these governments, I want peace, all of them are selling to

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the arms in Syria. They want peace, but they're the ones supplying the bombs not I'm sure not a single tank or plane or gun is manufactured in Syria, but it's all found its way into Syria. Right? So these so the rest of the world, they supply the rebels. Now again, we've got the Syrian government besieging its people and the rebels made up of who are the rebels, really, this is the Syrian people. It's a mixture of practicing Muslims of secular people want democracy of jihadi groups that want an Islamic State, have an army members of assured relief the army and join. So they all basically a mixture of different people saying we don't agree with one another. Let's just deal

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with Assad. We get rid of the government. And we'll see we'll find our footsteps to form a new country, someone that Islamic State, some of the secular democracy, someone to have a tribalism, whatever it might be. But they all agree we cannot keep living under the Syrian government. And this is the opposition to the Syrian government and fighting spreads to Aleppo. Aleppo is the Genesis book. It is the biggest city in Syria. It is the financial hub of Syria. today. It's a it's a mess, even though Damascus is the capital. Aleppo is what Johannesburg is to South Africa. It's its largest city, and the city is basically torn in half half of the city is run by the government. The

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other half is run by the rebels and this bombing nonstop since for the last five years, basically bombing one another.

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And three years into the war, or two years into the war March 2013. The UN releases steps to say 1 million people have basically left Syria and these refugees half of them are half of the refugees are children, no parents orphans.

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The rebels are winning. They're actually pushing the army back. They are succeeding two years hard fought battles they are winning. then something happens Hezbollah which is

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A militia in Lebanon, a Shia militia Hezbollah fighting in Israel. They enter the war on the side of Bashar Al Assad. This they join up with Bashar Al Assad. And they supply him with arms and they send the soldiers in. And they retake many of the lands loss and they push the rebels back. And this further makes the wall.

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I was reading up, one rebel leader said it was just a matter of months before we took Damascus. And then Hezbollah stepped in, and we lost some ground. And then after, after that, the same people calling for peace, instead of giving peace, they gave the rebels more arms, more weapons. So now the international community, they went on the other side of the scale, and they started giving the rebels more and more sophisticated arms, which once again, put Syria in the stalemate. And this continues till September 2013, when it's clear that Bashar Al Assad used chemical weapons against these people, and America was ready to go into bomb Syria that we needed to go in and remove, remove

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him. But eventually, you know, some negotiations Russia didn't allow this. And he continued and use chemical weapons against these people. In January, as the rebels were once again finding the feet look to 2014 January, the rebels once again being armed now by Turkey and Saudi Arabia being armed by the external parties and winning finding the feet once again. Suddenly a group out of Iraq, we know them appeared ISIS, they captured a lot of areas in Iraq, and they basically split the rebels in half. And they said, all the groups at one Jihad and Islamic State, they pulled away and instead of fighting together against Assad, they started fighting the rebels of Syria. We call them rebels.

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We call them the National Coalition of Syria, whatever the Nusra, front, whatever they're called, but the initial uprising, they now ISIS fights them, and undoes all the good work that they were doing. And ISIS now takes for the next year from basically 2014, all of 2014, ISIS starts winning significant battles in Syria and in Iraq. And they still have a huge caliphate. So to say, until, until basically last year, in 2015, when ISIS suffers defeats, and they start to be to lose ground, and

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and they start to retract, and they start to lose areas. And this just allows Bashar Al Assad to get breather space to get some more space. with ISIS now retreating, the rebels, once again, find the feet and they start to fight back. And just as things once again, tips in the favor of the rebels. What happened last year in September, Russia enters the war on the side of Syria, on the side of the government. So every time the war looks like it's about to be concluded, someone arms that side, someone pushes the scales. So what we see is not a war between. This is not a Sunni Shia war. This is not an ally, white Sunni people, a war of foreigners. This is a war between powers in the world

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looking for dominance. The she has one city to be a Shia state as soon as one city to be Sunni state, Russia, one city to be a Russian ally, the West one city to be a Western ally. And no one is allowed rather let the country burn to the ground and allow the enemy to have it. So this is how this war continues to fight. You have rebels fighting, and the people caught in the middle of studying people who just want a life who just want to go to school, earn a living. They don't have any problems with any different group or belief system. They didn't even hear about this or that. But they're caught up in this fighting. And as we stand today, so is the war currently, currently

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the woods in favor of the Syrian army with the help of Russia and Hezbollah and Iran, they are taking the land and they are now crushing the rebels. ISIS is losing ground and the rebels of Syria as they call the rebels. They are losing more and more just recently, the last strategic point, which allowed the Syrian army to once again assert its dominance and its authority. And through all this fighting Syria before five years ago, not even five years ago, a population of 23 million people half of that population 11 million and our refugees have no homes. Half of those refugees have left Syria, and the majority of the 11 million are children under the age of 18. parents did

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family date, what did they do? What was the crime? What was the what was the sin?

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over 300,000 civilians dying, and many of these cities how they are dying isn't by bombs.

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Both rebels and the Syrian army besieged a certain area and they don't allow people to come in and out so there's no food there's no water people die of starvation. swannanoa I saw a photo someone sent a message to the Saudi Lama said we waiting for you to respond to a photo. What's the photo? give us permission to eat out did Can we eat out did it allow for us to eat?

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This is the kind of footwear the people of city are asking. And we will be asked the metal slimming I will be asked you'll be asked what do you do and what can we do?

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If not at least make dua or put a few grants in those people collecting money for the children of Cydia. This will be, as I said, this is our taste in our time. This is our, what do we do our humanitarian crisis? The Muslim Ummah is like a black spot city. Not so long ago was one of the, you know, one of the most beautiful, wonderful places in the Middle East. I mean, like, I have friends that studied with me in Medina from Syria. And, you know, I don't know what became of him what became of his family, overnight. This is what happened this country went to extremes. And as I say, again, it's a sectarian battle. The people on the top the people running the show, or ruling the

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armies, they don't care about any religion. They don't worship anything besides the police and themselves and power and money. They will use religion, but you will asuni is another way we need to kill one another. This is not the case. The people, the followers, they might have religious reasons, but the guys on top, it's not religion. They use Shiism, Sunni Islam, Islam, secularism, communism, the waist, whatever it might be, to divide and rule and fight. those same people remain in power. It's mentioned that the people in ISIS, where did they begin? Many of the leaders of ISIS were part of Saddam Hussein's bath Party, which is a secular atheist party. Now they are Islamic

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jihadists fighting for an Islamic State. They're not fighting for an Islamic State. They're fighting for a state that they run. It's about power. It's about money. It's about oil fields. It's about controlling and ruling. So where do we come out? What do we do? For us, the message is to understand what's happening on the ground, to protect ourselves, and to know that we live in a country with enough cracks that anyone can exploit. We saw it yesterday. People can exploit these cracks, you're white, you're black, you're Malay, you're Indian, you're colored. It just takes the right kind of language in the right climate, to create extremism, to create hate, it's easy to create hatred. We

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saw that yesterday. When you see when you know when when your government needs to use barbed wire and an army basically to protect itself from its people. It's a message to be learned to be seen the resistance is the best leader. The best leaders are those leaders who its people loves those leaders, the people love them, and they love the people. The people make dua for them, and they make dua for the people we lost it we make dua for our leaders, and I don't mean that to Allah destroy them. I mean that Allah preserve them, protect them, help them guide them when last we have a leader that we could look up to.

00:32:42--> 00:32:49

Part of it is also if I look at City what happened. Part of the blame is that we sat back and we allowed

00:32:50--> 00:33:26

you know, we the majority of cities, sat back and allowed others to Ronnie to face and seize power and control shouldn't allow this to happen. We should be citizens in our country. But part of this Deen isn't just worth worshiping in the masjid. It's working in Parliament working in different fields working within your community. That said, we learn from these things to apply in our land. And we have enough of a bad mixture here in South Africa, to result in wider but I hope not to result in Civil War. And I did not mean by the grace of Allah, we by all accounts would have gone down the route of civil war, we would have been like a city and it can happen tomorrow. It can

00:33:26--> 00:33:51

happen overnight. What did he what is required? What is required is not to give in to hate to extremism, to remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala we are created differently. And if someone differs with you in a belief, as I said before, it's not your right or my right to judge what's in the heart. We can discuss at length a belief we can say the other ways and the belief is good for 100% non compatible with Islam. That's the belief that's the religion.

00:33:53--> 00:33:54

The Allah will judge them.

00:33:55--> 00:34:33

We can work together with the Shia, we can work together with the atheist and the communists on certain areas. The Masjid is exclusively Islam in our marriages. Yes, this is something else our what we eat Allah when it comes to our religion Alhamdulillah we don't compromise on that. But when it comes to other matters, we don't use hatred to dictate our our actions and violence. I asked the question why are the other we still the if they were, you know, they have to be exterminated. Why did not allow of old exterminate them? We heard about the STDs don't want to get into this but they are a group even older than Islam. And they basically worship the beliefs they worship he believes

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

right? They believe that he believes when Allah told me Adam when Allah told the angels makes you to Adam, it was a taste to the angels and they all failed the test except he believes that only worship Allah so they worship he believes right and that's why Muslims have Cydia z these are satan worshippers, but they exist still today. Why didn't say normal basically massacre all of them because we don't do this in Islam, even if you disagree on fundamental beliefs, like I'm Dino kumala Dean

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

You have your dean, I have my Dean, Allah will deal with you, Allah will deal with me. We still need to live and work together. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says to us, let us look at the income, don't become extremists in your religion and in your view, don't become extremists in your religion, follow what is guidance of Allah. And if you believe leads you to killing In the name of Allah, then you have gone off the track. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala, save us, guide us guide our actions on the resources close to the time of karma, there'll be much killing and the one who is killed will not know why he was killed and the one who's doing the killing will not know why he's killing

00:35:38--> 00:36:15

people. He just goes with the flow and this is a hallmark of where we are today. Man does not come to our lands when we see a change in the last minute Allah protect the oma protect us mela make it easy for the people of Syria, in Palestine in Burma and wherever it might be in the world of Allah subhanho wa Taala help us and guide us and protect us circle of hate. inshallah, once again my email if any of you have any questions many of you have also for the slides. You may get the slides also you like you Welcome to take the audios which we record from the office, bring a USB and you can get the I will see the classes. Next week. It's on Monday, we shifting the date a little bit. It's on

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Monday. So on Monday, from seven till till Monday, basically I'll see it across the life of Navy SEALs alum. And then of course, as I said, Please brothers attend this, this program coming up on the 27th 28th The Forgotten jewels, the women in the history of Islam that shaped and formed Islam. People always ask what Islam is oppressive to women, we say no, we wouldn't be Muslims had it not been for Allah and the power and the women in our invite in our societies. Today we even know for working with committees working with different organizations, these organizations would not exist had not been for our mothers and our sisters doing really the hard work. So these are the Forgotten

00:36:52--> 00:37:23

heroes of Islam. We don't see the names unless you look deeply Who are they? And also interestingly, for me as a parent, you'd find many of these heroes are the mother of Buhari of Imam Shafi. These were single parents, they raise the children on their own. What did they do as parents to inspire the kids to become the great scholars that they once were? What did they do as parents single mothers, so we learn about this it's beneficial next week 27th 28th of February at UCT upper campus Pdn please join me if you can just

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say now Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salaam Salaam Salaam Alaikum