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Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the clothing of the people of Paradise, including the use of silk and exclusivity for men. They emphasize the importance of praying and following the Prophet's teachings, as well as the use of color as a signal of pride and balancing sex and privacy. They also emphasize the need to avoid getting into trouble and pray with confidence and being mindful of others' behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of following rules and regulations for personal privacy, as well as the potential of cannabis products for recreational purposes.
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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi workato How are you all doing? 100 happy to be back.

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Okay, are you ready?

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For a lot of sweetie and Karim Allah Bharath Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim bublish roughly assadi were silly emri melissani of kuqali probenecid nerima so we're studying kita vasana in Buhari and today inshallah we will begin from BB number 16. These above are basically about the clothing in prayer meaning what kind of clothing should a person be wearing when he's praying salah and also inshallah Today we will learn about the place of prayer meaning where can a person pray and where can a person not pray? burb Monson Luffy for rugi harridan summon Hazara who masala, the one who prayed for Rudy harridan, in a silk garment. So my naza who and then he removes

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it, as you know that silk wearing silk is something that is not permissible for men because in our heads we learned that the men who wear silk in this dunya will be deprived of it in the hereafter he will not be able to wear it in the hereafter and in the Quran. What do we learn that the clothing of the people of Paradise is a what material silk? So in total inside we learn about that. That what is lamb mal sabado. Jonathan was very raw, right? They reward because of their patients is Jenna and Hadid. So for men, wearing silk is something that is forbidden. So if a man is wearing a garment of silk in prayer, how accidentally or out of ignorance, and then what happens after the prayer naza

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who he removes it, like he pulls it away, as if he's discarding it as if he is throwing it. Why? Because on the realization that he performed a prayer in a garment that is in clothes that are not permissible for him to wear. And the word for root is used for a long garment that is open from the back. So it's like a person is wearing a dress. And on top of that he wears this garment on top, and it's open from the back. But the question is that if a man wears silk, okay, and silk is what sold more How long? It's forbidden cloth for him. Is this letter valid? Even if it was accidentally or out of ignorance? Is this what I've added? Doesn't need to repeat the prayer? The answer is that

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yes, his Salah is valid. He does not need to repeat the prayer. What's the evidence had the center of the law have no use of color had the sun a laser and yes either and a good height and rock bottom neon color over the Elana via sallallahu alayhi wasallam or for Rudra harridan the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was gifted. He was given what? For rouge of Hadith for religious specific kind of a long garment that was made of silk fellow visa who then he wore it for Sunday fee and he also prayed in it, someone sarafa then when he finished the prayer, what happened for NASA who then he folded naza unshaded and severely you pulled it away, meaning he removed it, how calcaire Isla who

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as if he disliked it calcaire he like the one who dislikes la who for it, meaning the silk garment for color and he said, let them bully her that in with the cane. This is not appropriate for who for the people off the floor. Now the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he wore the silk garment. This does not mean that wearing silk is permissible for men. This perhaps happened at a time when silk was not forbidden. Okay, and later on it was made forbidden. And even if at that time, it was not forbidden. The fact that he removed it so violently as if he disliked it. And the fact that he said this is something that does not defeat those who have Taqwa. But it proves that this is something no longer

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allowed for that men are not allowed to wear silk. But there's a very important lesson that we learned from this. First of all, we learned that the Prophet told a lot of them did not break the prayer in the middle.

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What did he do? He completed the prayer and as soon as he finished, he just threw that garment away.

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So what does it show them? That during the prayer, if a person realizes that their clothing is haram, okay, so for example, there is a picture on it. Obviously, if it's legit, that's a different story. But because if there's uncleanliness on your garment, then you have to get rid of it like the prophets on a lot of time was once wearing shoes, which were not clean. And when jabril told him, what did you do? He removed them in the prayer. But if it's it's a different situation, where for example, a person realizes that there's a picture on the floats, there's a cross on the clouds. Likewise, he realizes that this cloth does not belong to me, this is somebody else's. Right? You go

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to the bathrooms, and you took your byoc to maker will do and then you thought it was yours you put somebody else's on and then during the prayer like this, this might be theft.

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I'm praying Salah implodes that I've taken through that. So what do you do during the prayer, you break the soul and then you take those clothes off and you change. No, you don't do that. You don't break the prayer, you wait until the end, and then you deal with the clouds. Secondly, the second thing that we see here is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not repeat the prayer. So, Salah in forbidden clause is valid.

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It is valid. This doesn't mean that a person should deliberately wear such clothes. Obviously this would happen by accident. But during the prayer, don't break it after the Salah. You do not need to repeat it. One more thing that we notice here is that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, Liam, Billy heard that Lynn was talking. This garment does not benefit the people of taqwa. Why? What's the connection over here with the coin and wearing silk? What's the connection? Okay, that first of all, silk is forbidden. But even let's say, if at that time, it was not forbidden because the prophets Allah Watson was wearing it. Why did he say that wearing such a garment is something that

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does not fit in with the theme. Because such a garment soft silk expensive, it's a rich garment, right? It's garment of Xena, right? And when a person is wearing it, he becomes very museun. And sometimes, it happens that if you're wearing over the museum clothes, then what will happen, your feelings will change the way you move and the way you carry yourself, the way you stand, the way you do decor, everything will change because your perception of yourself changes, right. And then instead of fearing a lot, the focus becomes the people react comes in the heart. This is why if there is something that a person wears, and it changes his perception of himself, it makes him

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proud. It brings about that arrogance, then what should he do? You should remove that, she should remove that. And wait until the heart is more settled. And then wear it again. But if you feel that every time you wear a particular watch, you know you just feel different. Then avoided this recently, my husband is studying us listening to both the monks lectures, and he had mentioned something of this kind, that if there's something that really gets to you, like over you become very obsessive over then remove it, there is a problem over there. So because COVID is coming, Ria is coming, and this is something that destroys good deeds. So leyendo he had an image, yes, that he's

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mentioning how a friend of hers she got a ring, and she said it was distracting her insula so she got rid of it. So like remember the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he had the curtain removed? Why? Because it distracted him. So it doesn't mean that wearing such clothes, or wearing jewelry is something that a person should not do at all. No. Coleman hamama Dena Atletico de la jolla era de that a lot of panel data has produced this Xena for his servants to wear to us. So it is permissible for you to wear it. But if in Salah it is distracting, you avoid it. So a man Listen, I'm also in his horses, distracted him from prayer to the point that his Salah got delayed, then what happened?

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He had all those horses, he slaughtered them himself. Exactly the highest level of concentration is required at that time. So if there's anything that distracting you, then avoid it. You know, sometimes it's the bangled of a person that, you know, they do think vaden, a big champion sound and the good rounder, COVID champion sound. So if it distracts you, then do something about it. Definitely something that is made of silk completely. That's not permissible at all. However, I do not know the evidence, but I have heard the opinion that if there is some silk on the cloth, then that is okay. But it's best to avoid it. You know, it's best to avoid it when there's so many other

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things available than why not use that bad philosophy. So be praying in a red garment. Again, wearing red is something forbidden for men. Okay, because a man wants games the prophet SAW the medicine we all read. And the editor wasn't when you saw him, he turned his face away. So wearing red is something that's not allowed for men. So can they wear red in prayer? Now, this is men, not women, silk, also for men and this red clothing is also for men. Who doesn't know Mohammed dibner Allah to Allah had the Tony Romo, new Ibiza editor and owner of ni ibj Fatah and Avi, Kannada at Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are fearful but in hombre amin Adam, he said I saw the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam feel good but in Hamra in a leather tent. Okay, Papa is another tent, and it was Hammad, meaning it was red in color. And it was Minh Adam. It was made from

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Adam, Adam meaning dilute, so it was made from animal skins. So in other words, the prophets Audubon Center was in another tent. He was taking its shape, while at Villa Island and I saw bill al probably Allahu anhu a father he he had taken he was holding wobbu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the widow water of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And then the prophets Allah doesn't perform doodoo and what happened was a to NASA and I saw the people Yeah, but at the Runa dhakal will do. They were rushing hastening towards that will do that will do meaning that will do water, meaning the water that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had used for performing his Voodoo that was collected in a bowl, in a in a vessel and bilello below and who had it and what happened the people rush to take it to use it. Why? First of all, rook right? Solomon Solomon who Cheyenne the masa hubby. So whoever found something from it reach something of it, meaning he got his hands on some water, meaning he got some water. What happened to my Sahabi he

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wiped himself with it. So people rush towards that water, what their hands and wipe themselves with it. Why am I letting you sleep men who shave and then whoever did not find anything from it, the harder he took me Benelli from the wetness of God, or heavy of the hand of this friend. So if his friend his companion, managed to get some water on his hands, and he rubbed himself with it, but his hands were still wet. And this person didn't get anything What did he do? He wet his hands from the wetness that was found on his companions hands because he wanted something from it. somewhat of a to bill and then I saw began a hoarder

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who had taken an aneurysm what is another a small spear for aka her. And then he had firmly planted it. Okay, so he took a small spear, and he had firmly planted it in the ground. Well, courage and abuse are a lot harder to use on them and the prophets are a lot of them went out when he came out before the people see her letting her camera in a red folder, what is her law, a robe. So he was wearing a robe that was red, and Michelle Mirren, he had gathered it up, you know, because if it's a robe and it's loose, then it'll spread everywhere. So sometimes what happens is that people, if they're wearing long clothes, they will gather them up and perhaps dye them around the waist, okay,

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just so that it's easy for them to move around. So he had gathered it up sunlight 1130, then he prayed towards the anessa towards that spear that bit, a little bit of our new head, put in the ground. And he prayed vanessi with the people look identical to what I ate to NASA and I saw the people with the lab and some animals in will Runa they were passing in benei a day, before the honors it before the spirit. So the spirit was there for the purpose of sutra and the people and animals who were passing behind the sutra. Now this incident occurred at the place of of when the Prophet sallallahu sunreef there before he left for a minute, in the year of hygiene were there,

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okay, because remember, it was only two times in the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he allowed this to happen when people

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took his water water and rubbed it over himself once it happened at the time of who they be. And secondly it happened at the time of had to good weather. So this incident occurred when at the time of had to tell whether and the prophets Allah Listen, when he reached the place of effect, there was a small tent over there and he was taking his shed bill Allah Buddha and who had his Buddha water. And when the Prophet said a lot of them performed Buddha, the people hasten to take the father of his widow in order to seek Baraka and remember that this is only in the case of the province of Addison, we have discussed its details earlier. So I do not wish to go over those details again. But

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anyway, this is only for her for the province.

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Now we see here that he came out wearing a red hula. And we know that red is forbidden. And this incident happened when had detailed weather which was towards the end of the Prophet's life. So the longer it was on them. So if there is something that happened towards the end of his life, we take it as laderman. So we take it as final, we take it as something that is permissible. So what does it mean then? This is not a contradiction here. The thing is that this garment was not solid red. This robe that he was wearing was not solid red, it had red marks on it. It's fire alarm were red, you know, this is just like you have a cloth. It has a pattern on it. And let's say it has black dots on

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it, okay, or black lines on it, or black squares on it or something like that. triangles, whatever you want to call it. So you refer to it as sometimes just black. Can you pass me that black hedger

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Right, it's not solid black, it has black in it. And sometimes if it has multiple colors, you can't start naming every single color that's on the garment, he will just say one, and that's efficient. So the narrator, what did he say that he was wearing a red garment. But it was not solid red, it had some red in it.

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Okay, which is why it was called Red. But Amanda's not allowed to wear solid red. Okay? So for example, if your brother or your husband or your son wants to wear red jersey, and it has a big black or white number on the front, or on the back, or a name or something, it's not solid red. Likewise, if they wish to wear a dress shirt, which has red lines on it, there's no there's no holiday.

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Okay? Because sometimes we just generalize as red How long? I remember somebody was telling me that somebody they know walked in, in front of their mother wearing a red jersey and the mother, the first thing she said, Hello, take that off.

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So it should not be all red. It should not be solid red, there should be some other color in it as well. Okay.

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The reason? Why do you think men are not allowed to wear silk, they're not allowed to wear red. Why? Because it's very attractive. It's something that really beautifies a person. And this is something that befits women only. Now when it comes to silk, it's soft. And when you're wearing it, what happens you become so particular about how you move? Correct. And men are required to be rough and tough. I mean, these men were supposed to go for jihad. Now men who wear silk, they can go, Okay, if a man is very concerned about his clothes, then he can't do much work. If a man needs to work in the yard, he needs to go beyond the look of his clothes. If he has to go, you know, do some physical

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work like even carrying boxes or furniture or anything like that. Then he has to go beyond his clothes and he's wearing silk clothes, then I can't do this work because my clothes are like this and my clothes will get ruined. And there's also another hikma behind it when men are not allowed to wear silk, gold read the handle, other women can enjoy them. Because you know how some men, they keep all the money with themselves. Right? They don't give money to their wives. If they were allowed to wear gold. Do you think they would give any gold to their wife? If they were allowed to wear silk? Or do you think you would they would give silk to their wives? No. So some men not all

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Anyway, Allah subhanaw taala. He's an Hakeem. And we accept this hook

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that a selective his support, he will remember he will be praying on the roof, on the member and on wood. So for roof member is the member on which the man stands when he's given the hotbar. And worship wood. Now word over here refers to something that is made of wood, such as a bed, or maybe a wooden bridge, could be furniture could be a structure. So all these things that are mentioned over here, the roof, the member, something made of wood, or whether it's furniture or a structure. All of these things are you know when a person is standing on and he's going to be high.

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Okay, he's going to be elevated. Now, we know that a person should be praying on up. But all does it mean literally are like ground? Or can a person let's say there is a stage, like for example in this classroom, and it's made of wood can a person presolar on that? Yeah, they can. It's not literally ground. It's not mud. It's not sand. It's not concrete, but Yes, they can. Right. Likewise, roof

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can a person pray on the roof? Yeah, even if it's made of wood or some other material. Yes, they can likewise, abridge, and they prey on that, definitely they can. Now remember that. There's a couple of things that we learned from this, Bob. First is that a person can prey on a high surface. Whatever it is, whether it's a piece of furniture, or a structure, a person can prey on a high surface. The second thing that we learned from this is that a person can pre select on these structures or high places as a man as moon and even individually. So for example, if a person is leading others in prayer,

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let's say the Imam is in the masjid. Okay, he's in the masjid. And the people who are praying behind him, the masjid is full. Much is completely full, like we witness in the month of Ramadan. And now some people they go up on the roof in order to pray, for example, now the man is on one level and the moon is on another level. Is that permissible? Yes, it is for this

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Likewise, if a person is praying by himself on the roof as permissible. Now, let's say imagine there's a stage in the front of the masjid. Okay, so he stands on the stage, and there is a couple of people who can stand behind him on the stage and the rest of the people are on the ground. Is that permissible? Yes, it is. Let's say, there are so many people who have recently become Muslim, they're learning how to pray property. And if the Imam is praying on the ground with them, they wouldn't be able to see him.

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So he says, okay, the member is pretty big. Let me just stand on the member and lead others in prayers so that they can see me praying, is that permissible? Yes, it is. The man can also pray on the member. Obviously, he will have to come down for such that, but everything else he can do on the member. So this is the second thing that we learned. And the third thing that we learned from this lab is that for that can be performed on surfaces that are made of different materials, the material doesn't matter. It could be carpet, it could be concrete, it could be grass, it could be mud, could be sand could be wood, as long as it is far hit a person can. So what are three things that we

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learned from this bat? Firstly, you're allowed to be on high ground, high level. Secondly, it doesn't matter if it's the Imam, the moon, or a person is praying individually. It doesn't matter. You can pray on a higher level on a different level. And thirdly, that the ground the surface that you're preying on can be of different materials. There is absolutely no harm in this color war, Abdullah Abdullah meaning Mr. Bahari, he said what am your son and her son he did not see but son any harm and you saw that a person praise our God on ice. Now ice is a layer of what frozen water on ground? It's not really ground. It's a layer. So you like a step above? Right? You're not praying on

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the ground. There is no harm while canals and bridges because the bridges not really ground. So there's no harm in that. Even he said we're in July data even if it flows under it, meaning under the bridge, what goes under it Boleyn urine, I will FOCA or above it. So for example, the person is bringing on one side of the bridge. And the other side of the bridge, there's like you're in you know, dirty water flowing over the bridge, no harm.

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sewer is like you have in many places they're open. So let's say the bridge on one side is clean. But on the other side, it's it's flooded. And so you're in and such things are flowing over, there is no harm, Oh Allah, or even in front of it. Either. carabiner Houma sutra, this is important, as long as there is between them to between who to between the person and then agenda, what sutra is a barrier, as long as there is a barrier between the person and the digester. Now this is a side point that it has arrived over here from the fact that so that can be performed at a high place, a surface that is elevated from the original ground, whether it's a layer of ice, Northbridge, roof, etc. So

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the point over here is that when a person is spraying on a high level, there could be an adjuster above below nearby. And this is not a problem. And even otherwise, it's not a problem, as long as there is a barrier, because the muscley the person who's paying salaries should not have direct contact with the nature, meaning he should not be touching the adjuster, and the place where he is doing the sector should not be touching the adjuster. Now, you might say, well, this doesn't happen to us. But, you know, sometimes it happens that you are, let's say, praying your living room and there happens to be a washroom right above the living room. Right? And you hear somebody using the

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washroom, right? And sometimes you can literally hear the drainage pipe. Right, you can sometimes literally hear that. So that Remember, it does not disturb your prayer. You can pray under the washroom even you can pray next to a wall in which is a drainage pipe that is hidden that is concealed of there is a barrier between you and the field. All right, there's a barrier between you and the field. Likewise, under the ground, there are drainage pipes, there could be no harm in that as long as it's not leaking, okay, and the place where you're praying is not dirty. And remember that suto over here, what does it mean? barrier? So in summary, what do we learn that a person can

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pray anywhere, anywhere, as long as the place is clean, which place the place where he's doing such data, and the muslin Lee is not touching any jessamy knowledge so he's not going to have any contact with it. Then his prayer is valid. Now, even to the point that

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Some scholars have said that if there's an adjuster somewhere, and the person puts like a clean mat on it, okay, then he can prey on it. You know that there is an adjuster on the ground, let's say, you know, there is an address on the ground, but you put you place a barrier, what's the barrier, a mat, whether it's in the form of a prayer mat or something, and you can pray on it because you are not touching the image. So it's ideal that you are far from the jazz as far as possible. But every situation is not ideal. So in that situation, are you going to need the prayer? Are you going to delay? No, you're not going to, you should just not hold the child. Okay, when you know that the

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diaper is dirty, don't hold the child. But let's say they are they came, their diaper was leaking and they sat in one place. And let's say that place is now stained, you see it in a jar. So for example, you can smell it, then in that case, you just move aside and you pray because there is a gap between you and that place. Okay? Well, Salah Abu hurayrah Allah Allah He must GTV Salatu, Abu huraira, whatever I knew he prayed on the roof of the mosque following the Imams prayer. So the Imam is praying in the masjid. And a Buddha is praying on the roof. Now, this shows that the person who's following the email, he can pray

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right behind the email, and he can pray on the roof. He can pray in a different room. He can pray even outside the masjid. But there's some conditions that apply. What are those conditions that first of all, he should be able to hear that he or she should be able to hear that.

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All right, why? Yes, because you have to follow. Remember that seeing the EMA is not a condition. But hearing the email is a condition that sometimes the man, let's say there's no microphone, he says it that way, but everybody cannot hear him. So five rows behind him, there is a person who repeats the query, you can hear them, it's okay. So the first thing is that you should be able to hear the email. The second thing is that you can only pray outside the masjid. And outside means the roof or right outside the gate, right outside the door, on the street, in your hotel room in the case of Medina or Makkah, especially in the month of Ramadan, when when the masjid is full. But if

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the masjid is not full, then you can't pray in your hotel room out of the meanings. So for example, in the month of Ramadan, literally, there are rules in the streets, the masjid is full, the roads are full, right, the hotel lobbies are full. So the rows are literally coming up to your to the floor that where you're staying. So in that case, you can hear the man in some places, they even have speakers literally in the bedrooms in the apartments. So in that case, you can follow the man from there because you can hear the man and the mustard this work for the machine is not for then you don't do that. inshallah, we will learn that a person can even pray on the web, that the roles

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have to be modified, that the rows behind the Imam should be continuous until where you are not that there is a big gap in the middle. And just for the sake of convenience, you just stand wherever you are. Because what's the harm in that? What's the harm in that? You're far from the Imam and for for the men the best shows are Which ones? The ones in the front closest to the man. Right? And then with the big gap in the middle, nobody can pass you and go there people will think that there must be this fall. And then what will happen? More people are suffering. Right? So what's on la hora de la casa de Sala to me, remember that the objective of Jamaica? The objective of congregation is to

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collectively is HTML, the being together of McCann, the man and a file with the HTML of McKenzie man and of all with the email. What does it mean? That the place where you pray is the same as that of the email doesn't matter. The time when you pray is the same as that of the email. And the of all the actions that you perform are also in sync with the actions of the email. So this is the objective of Jamal. If you can't hear the man, then how will it be if you're in a different place than that's not tomorrow? Okay. And the place where you're praying even if it's outside the masjid, it will only be considered the same place when the rules are continuous, that should not be done. So

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for example, if a person is in erotica and the man is leading the prayer, whether it is nephal or or BB, then what should they do? They should pray in the rules, not in their own cubicle. Okay, you should pray in the rows because you cannot form a separate rule of your own when there is space in the masjid. jamara is from Gemma and Jen means

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together to the point of jamario is together. So if you're praying alone, when the people are praying together, how can that be tomorrow? Well, Sunday ignore Amara, Allah, LG, and even Rama prayed on snow. So again, back to the different surfaces. So what I prayed on the roof, that's okay. And even more preyed on snow. Can you imagine? It is said that even remotely though I know he went to other region, okay, Russia, and it gets really cold over there. And it snowed and the snow prevented him from traveling for six months. For six months, he wasn't able to travel. And for this entire time, he was shortening the prayer because he was just waiting any day that the weather would

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become better so that he could leave but he wasn't able to. And there was so much snow that he prayed on the snow. I was thinking about it, that these days when it snows we are so comfortable and warm inside our houses that we don't even need to touch the snow literally, we don't touch snow with our bare hands. Imagine having to seduce on the snow, your head touching the snow. And on top, there's hella young and long term long subdued and assured that they had. So I was sharing that when you pray in this kind of circumstance, let's say if you have no other choice, but pray on snow. Those are the most memorable prayers as well. We do pray otherwise as well. But I've like we've been

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through this experience where there was no other choice where we really had to of course, we didn't have that long through and to do the kind of prayers that we have our deficiencies will not forgive us. But yes, those are the most memorable prayers and your email and actually it gets a boost there that no matter what what Allah has asked you have to do it. You feel good about it. I'm sure it

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had personally you know of delay Karla had done Sophia and Carla had definite abou housing policy, elusiveness, Arden, the people asked Sal inside min ha in, from which material from which thing I remember was the member, the member of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, on which he would stand what was it made up for Karla so he said marva vanessi from the people no one has remained. Arlen woman me who knows better than me. About what about the member? meaning there's no other person who's alive today. Who knows more about the member than me? What does it mean that all the companions were aware of the details of that member had passed away? Who am in FL havarti He said it was made from

00:32:36 --> 00:32:44

Apple of Alibaba what is I thought? I thought it is a kind of a tree. We learn about this and sort of Southern

00:32:46 --> 00:33:02

limb that the people of Sabah when they were ungrateful What happened there? Good trees were replaced with thorny plants. Right. So the word Ethel comes over there. So anyway, I think there's a kind of a tree. So and lava is a place near Medina.

00:33:03 --> 00:33:52

Okay, where this particular tree was very common and from this people would make various things including vessels, and they would also use its leaves in order to wash clothes. So he said that it was made from Ethel off haba Amina, who phoolan Mola Fulani, that so and so the freed slave of so and so a woman. He made that podium he made that member for who live Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam well camara here Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam hayner Amina and the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He stood on it when it was made, where will there and it was placed. So it was made. It was put in its place. The prophets are a lot

00:33:52 --> 00:34:39

of them stood on it for struck by a tablet and he faced the Qibla kabara he did the duck beer and remember he standing on the member. So he faced the Qibla standing on the member he did the duck feet were common so called for who and the people stood behind him for Cora Waka Waka natsuko. So he recited meaning in the plan. And then he performed recall while he was still standing on the member, and the people did record behind him and where were the people on the ground. So modified so then he lifted his head meaning he got it from some Rajon era. Then he returned meaning he went backwards and Coca Cola meaning he went backwards, you know, he didn't turn around, he just stepped back.

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

Okay, he just stepped back God down. A very slight movement. So malatya alcohol for Saturday. And then he did such that on the ground somewhere other it'll remember then after this video what happened he returned to the member. Why? To begin the second aka the makara, Samarra car.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:45

Then he recited and he did record some waterfowl salute and he lifted his head when he got up from record. So Morocco, then again, he went back, backwards, meaning he didn't turn, but he just stepped back had to settle up until he did send down the ground for Heather shacknews. This was it state meaning of the member, this is what I know about it. Now, this was the new member. Okay, that's been sad is describing, okay on wish the prophets of Allah to them. And what happened to the old member? What happened? It cried and wept like a baby. The people literally heard it sobbing, the prophets have a lot of fun, and then held it literally like a child until it stopped crying. So anyway, what

00:35:45 --> 00:36:25

is narrated over here is the state of the new member of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that when it was brought, he led the people while he was standing on the member. Now there is a couple of things that we learn here. First of all, we see that the profit or loss and freedom the member, so it is allowed for the man to prey on a higher level, such as a member, a stage and the rest of the people are behind him. However, there's one condition that the such that he will perform were on the ground, he has to get down on the ground and perform the search that because that is what the profits are, a lot of them did. But let's say it's not the member, it's a stage. So it's big enough,

00:36:25 --> 00:36:52

it's stable enough, he can even do such that there. Again, he should not do suffer there, if he is standing alone. So for example, it's a big state like this this size, then there should be at least one row behind him. Even if two people can stand behind him they should. And if they're doing it there, then he will. But if nobody else is standing with him, then you should not do such on it. He should rather get down on the ground and then do surgery. Why? Because it seems like a person is too high above others.

00:36:54 --> 00:37:36

All right. So this is the reason why the man should come down on the ground in order to do surgery. And why is he allowed to perform the rest of the prayer on the member? For two reasons. There are two benefits in this. Firstly, the people can follow easily. Okay, he's visible from far, people can follow easily. And secondly, people can learn how to pray because in another nation we learn prophets, Allah lots of them said that I did this one he there are normal salata so that you can learn your prayer. Because if people could see okay, now he's reciting he's doing Do you think there were classes like we have today of how to pray. At the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you

00:37:36 --> 00:38:13

think that I was taught like that? No. People learn from the example of the prophets that a lot of people learn from one another. And everybody again, did not have the time to sit with someone. And somebody would teach them everything. No, they would come to the masjid see the prophets, Allah sent Him and follow Him. So when he prayed on the member, the people learned how to pray. Another thing we learned here is that the moon, the person who is following the Imam, he can even look at the Imam because obviously, if the prophets of Allah Islam said that, so that you can follow me and you can learn your prayer, it means that the people saw him. But rather, this is only in the case where

00:38:13 --> 00:38:54

there is a need to look at the email. Because like I said earlier, for jamara, you have to be able to hear the email, seeing them the email is not necessary. So in which situation, would a person have the need to look at the email? Okay, so for example, you think that the man was making a mistake? For example, He said Allah hobo when you should be saying something along even how does he want to make sure that what's happening for you? Look, that's okay. It definitely it happens that, for example, a person joins us Allah in the middle somewhere. And they don't know if the people are getting up, or just sitting in the shadows. Right. That's why they join in the search. So in that

00:38:54 --> 00:39:15

case, they need to look, can they look? Yes, they can. Right? Now, the men, they can tell because if they're standing next to another man, it's possible but a woman who's standing alone by herself, she has to look right. So she is allowed to do likewise, there could be a person who is unable to hear, right, or the sound is very, very low. So in that case, the look at the event to see

00:39:17 --> 00:39:56

if the man is going down in record, getting up from record what's happening to follow the human basically, yes, this is the reason why we're the Prophet that a lot of sun removed his shoes in prayer, the people noticed the saw, and this is why they also took their shoes off in prayer. A person has just started to learn how to pray, and they have the need to to see somebody praying. So they can do that. It's not going to disturb your prayer. But remember that whatever the situation is, if there is a need to look at the email, you may do so but it should be limited. Not that a person is constantly looking at the map. No, they should be looking at the face of Sasha only when

00:39:56 --> 00:39:59

there is a need, then they can look at the map. First of all, it should be avoided.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:32

As much as possible, and secondly, when there is a need to be limited on the member, again, remember, know, when he's alone know, the Imam is preying on the high priests, okay? And the rest of the people are praying on the ground. Okay? Now what happens is that when the man has to do such that he has to get down from that high place on ground level, do such that right next to the member, and then get back onto the member to do the clam and the ruku and everything else.

00:40:33 --> 00:41:12

That if there's nobody else on the member with him, maybe he's just praying alone by himself now, there's no need to stand on the member. Okay, the reason why the man would stand on the member is either that people can see him, or that people can hear him because if he's standing, you know, on a higher level than his voice will, will be louder. So that's okay. But if he's praying by himself, then there is no need for him to impose this difficulty on himself. What I mentioned earlier was that if the stage or the member is big enough, stable enough that the man feels he can do

00:41:13 --> 00:41:23

you know, one is that the member is not big enough. And the other is that it is big enough it is very stable. And he says that why should I get down I should just do such the here. No, you should not do that.

00:41:24 --> 00:41:36

The only situation where he will do such the under member on a high surface is when other people are also praying on the high surface of alongwith. We have to look at what the place of such that

00:41:42 --> 00:41:43

you should not close your eyes. And

00:41:45 --> 00:41:53

then we also learn in this that a person can move in the prayer. Okay, how can you see

00:41:54 --> 00:42:37

an easy, small, slight movement where there's necessity. So the Imam gets down from them in both Lusaka. And then he gets up onto the member to stand in prayer. That's a movement, but it's necessary, he can do that. Likewise, if a person has to adjust the microphone, because sometimes you're watching these videos and you feel that the man is adjusting the microphone, you're like, Where's the horseshoe? No, don't think like that. It's a necessary movement, which they need to make don't think it contradicts for sure. Likewise, you may be praying somewhere and a child comes in sits right in front of you. You're praying by by yourself for example, or lies down in front of you

00:42:37 --> 00:42:53

you know that if you move the child already the child's mood is not that great. So what do you do you move a little bit onto the other side and you do such that there no one or your cat comes in sits in front of you. Then you move a little bit the body and the face remains in the direction of the Qibla because the prophets Allah

00:42:54 --> 00:43:32

He just stepped back and then he moved forward. Carla over Abdullah color Ali you know Abdullah he certainly linear how to humble about the lemming and on Buhari he says that color alumina of delays are live no Abdullah. He said Sir and he didn't humble he asked me Rahim Allah, another Hadith about this hideous color for intimate Allah to unobvious Allah lovers in southern Canada, Ireland hiddenness. He said that the reason why I went to this Hadees was to prove that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was Arlo meanness on a higher place than the rest of the people follow but Sonia Kunal emammal, RLM in a nasty beheaded Hades, so there is no harm if the Imam is on a higher place

00:43:32 --> 00:43:53

and the rest of the people because of this hideous color photo in a superior again, Africana use Lauren Heather Catherine valenta smart woman who color something else, which we don't need to go into detail. So anyway, the Aloo the man may be on a higher place than the people who are following him. But remember that this earloop should be slight,

00:43:54 --> 00:43:55

not extreme.

00:43:57 --> 00:44:11

Okay. So for example, the member or stage is just one or two or three steps maximum. Not that there is a separate place made for the man for that he stands over the interest that people are under, no, that's not appropriate.

00:44:12 --> 00:44:58

Because he should be able to get down for such that easily and get back on for the prayer. Ethan had the term Mohammed Abdul Rahim Allah had the wrong color on a homemade Anatolian and NSF numerical and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam sacaton Farsi, he fell down from his horse for education. So it got scraped, what got scraped circle his leg, oh catechu or his shoulder. So he fell from his horse, his leg or his shoulder, one of them it got scraped, what Allah and at the same time, the Prophet Solomon had also done ILA minister, he from his wife, Sharon for a month. What does it mean by Allah? Allah is basically from Eliya, which

00:44:58 --> 00:44:59

has held the swearing Oh,

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

have what?

00:45:02 --> 00:45:13

abstinence, right? That the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had sworn an oath of staying away from his wives. For how long for an entire month, when did this happen?

00:45:14 --> 00:45:53

We learned about this incident, right when the wives of the Prophet SAW the notice and demanded from him and increase in their monthly stipend, because so many spoils would come to Medina from all over. And the profits are larger would give so generously to the people, you know, servants and gold and clothes and everything, even land, you will give so generously to the people that once our best of whatever I know, he was given so much that he was trying to put everything in that cloth in order to take it all that he was given. And he couldn't carry it, it was so much. And he asked for help from the profits or loss and his nephew, and he said to stake as much as you can.

00:45:54 --> 00:46:19

So he gave so generously to the people, but his own family, he gave limited. Why? Because he was to set an excellent example for the people. Number one Fatima widow and her came to ask her servant, what did he tell him? I'll give you something better. Right? He didn't give her the servant but he taught her something much better this behalf.

00:46:20 --> 00:47:04

So the wives the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they also asked for an increase the prophets Allah Walton did not give and he was displeased. And for that he said I'm not going to be with you for an entire month. And then the IRS will revealed which we learn in certain So anyway, well I live in East Asia on at the same time this had happened for Genesis so he would say to me he would stay the mushroom but Allah who in a mushroom for him What is my shoulder, my shoulder is basically a loofa almost affair. It is a room that is on a higher level to basically like an attic room. So it was in the masjid around that area. But it was on a higher place. He would stay there, the Roger to have in

00:47:04 --> 00:47:45

judo. And it's letter meaning the stairs that would go up to that room were made from judoka from farm trunks they pumpkins for a tell us how Bhutanese companions would come to him your O'Donoghue to visit him. Because Firstly, he was staying away from his wives, and secondly, he was injured. So they would come to visit him for Salah beam jellison and the prophets of Ulsan would pray with them jellison while he would be sitting one on one, and they will be standing, why would he be sitting because of his injury? furama Salama, then when he did the salami he ended the prayer Allah He said in the majority emammal do

00:47:47 --> 00:48:02

you notice? Hadees? Have you heard of the statement before? In the majority? emammal? You don't maybe? Are you familiar with the statement? Yeah, no. Okay. That the Imam has been made has been placed, why in order to be followed?

00:48:03 --> 00:48:47

What's the purpose of having the Imam? What's the objective? To follow him? So when the Imam is there is leading in prayer, then what should you do? Prayer on prayer? No, you're supposed to follow him which means that when he goes to the core, then you do record for either a cabal of a kung fu so when he does that, we then do that with not before him. And not five minutes later, no, when he does it, then you do it that way as well. What is Erica Parker when he goes into record the new record for sajida festival when he does such a then you go into such the insula or even and if he prays while standing for salopian. And then you also pray standing when as other Lutheran worship arena.

00:48:47 --> 00:49:32

And then he came down meaning he he left that place he went home, when at the passage of this in worship, Deena 29 bacala yasumasa. The people they said O Messenger of Allah in nikka la the SHA one you had sworn an oath for an entire month for color says that in the shadow discipline ratio, the month is also 29 days. Right? Sometimes it's 30. And other times it is 2019. And in this narration, it seems that the companions asked him in other notion, we learned that I shall we learn this. But this was not in objection, or in criticism in sarcasm, not at all. Just curiosity that did you break the author to do or what happened here? Because the thing is that when there is a net then basically

00:49:32 --> 00:49:59

has been a swing and all that I swear I will stay away from you for a month for two months for three months, but it's only up to how many months, four months that are boo Akbar to actual in the Quran, we learned four months only. And then if a person returns before that term is over the term that he said he would stay away from his wife from that say he says I'm going for two months. I'm not going to see it for two months. I swear I'm not going to come to you for two months.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

He's angry. He says two months, after a month, he says too much, I have to go back. So then what does he have to do? Break the oath, give the kuffaar. Now, let's say he says two months, and he's not back, even after two months, then in that case, either he gives a divorce, or he returns, okay. And if he doesn't get divorced, then the wife has the right to demand divorce in that situation. But anyway, the purpose of ILA, because, you know, for other people to do this, it makes sense, but the province of the law isn't doing either, you know, you wonder the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the best of you are those who are vested their wives, and I am the best do my wife. So why did the

00:50:39 --> 00:51:30

prophets on a lot of women do this? Why? Because he that the purpose behind this is not either is not to hurt the wife. It is for the purpose of babe, it is for the purpose of discipline, okay, it is not to hurt, torture, take revenge. No, it is in order to discipline. Because the thing is that when a person is upset with you, right, and, you know, if they come arguing and fighting, then what will happen, you have no respect for them, right. And you can argue back as well, you can fight back to, for where they become silent, and they ignore and they maintain a distance, and that distance eats you up. Right. And you'll do anything to fix things. Correct. So, this is one of the best ways

00:51:30 --> 00:52:12

of showing disapproval. not fighting and arguing, but maintaining a distance. And this is obviously for the purpose of what discipline for who, for the way, the three companions, who didn't go for expedition to the book, what happened, there was a boycott for 40 days from them, right? That is also for the purpose of discipline. It doesn't mean that if the Imam is sitting, then you should also set maybe someone was praying behind him, you know, did not follow properly. So he was teaching them the proper way of following the Imam. Okay. But it doesn't mean that if the man is sitting, then the people also have to sit behind him. Because we see it other occasions, also, by hotel, a

00:52:12 --> 00:52:49

lot of them sat down and let the people in pray, for example, near the time of his death, but the people stood and prayed behind. You know, the man being the alarm, he needs to discipline his wife. So he swears an oath that I will stay away from you for one month or two months. It's a different situation. A wife cannot say, you know, I'm upset with this. I'm leaving for a month. No, because this will get her into more difficulty. I mean, there's other things that she can adopt, make in order to have him during the lesson but not like, I swear I'm not going to come to you for a month. No, she she doesn't have any control over this. Because for Sally how to contact? Yes, this is

00:52:49 --> 00:53:33

something that works very well, because the woman you know, we start yelling at children, they also start yelling, but if you get down and you whisper or you talk softly, then they listen. Right? When you talk softly and they will listen and if you start yelling, they become deaf, befitting for the wives of the Prophet so a lot of them can make this kind of a demand back either of Sabah thelwall Musa Li Mo otaku EDA, sajida when the garment of someone praying that is his wife when he prostrates Well, Sally is the one who's praying. So when he does sajida when he does sajida, his clothes, the touches wife, is that okay? Does that break the prayer? No, it doesn't break the prayer because of

00:53:33 --> 00:54:14

the place of prayer small and if she's sitting nearby, or she may be praying nearby, maybe behind her, perhaps the tissues and such then he goes down into such doesn't his clothes, they touch her head or something? Is that a problem? Not at all. It doesn't invalidate anybody's prayer. Had the phenomena sudden and call it in a manner Shivani you are on the left Misha Durden and maimunah corporate cannabis utilizada long radio suddenly you suddenly the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was praying for anahita who and I was next to him what a high yield and I was menstruating. So she was not praying and he was praying what Obama or savani. So boo, et cetera. And sometimes his garment

00:54:14 --> 00:54:59

would touch me when he would do Saturday. pilot. What can I do Sally Alhambra, she said and he would pray on a small net. So there's no harm if a person's close touch his wife in the prayer bag so that the other half really praying on a straw mat. Now another material is mentioned we learned about ice, snow, wood, it's all permissible likewise, a straw man is also permissible and a straw man is permissible than a mat made of some other fabric some fabric is also permissible, because if you remember, in capability, Mama had mentioned to you that some scholars, they they prefer that when a person prays his face should touch the ground. Right and that their nose and their forehead.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:48

To touch the ground and be like rubbed into dust, because when a person is covered in dust, then it's more humidity. And before a loss of panel data is excellent right to be more humble. Now, this doesn't mean that a person cannot pray on a mat. No, it is permissible. So for example, the floor is very cold, or you're outside and people are walking there with their shoes. So you want to, you know, put some clean mat, there's no harm in that. It's not an innovation basically to use a prayer mat. As long as it is not distracting you The colors are not distracting, for sunlight jabiru, or even for Safina to Parliament, and Java and adversary. They both preyed on a ship, how standing,

00:55:49 --> 00:56:31

they both prayed while they were standing. While call has no and hasn't, he said to suddenly occur even you can pray standing where on a ship, melanda Shakur, Allah of habit as long as you do not cause any difficulty on who, your companions, the Duma, you just turn with the ship, we're in there, and if not, for corydon, then pray sitting. Now, this is another point that we learned here that, you know, when it comes to printing on different surfaces, that happens to be on a ship, in a car, in an airplane. Okay. And it's not possible to stop, you can stop your own car, but if you're traveling on a bus, you can't have them stop, you know, so that you can pay your mcraven. Or you can

00:56:31 --> 00:57:12

put yourself at a nozzle, right, you can't do that. So in that case, you have to pray where you are. Now the rule is what that felt prayer, you have to pray, standing and knuffle prayer, you can pray, sitting. Now let's say you stand up in order to prayer for the prayer and you happen to be on a ship on a boat. And obviously, what happens to a boat or a ship, it moves a lot, even airplane, you do have turbulence every now and then. So if you stand and pray, and then all of a sudden there's some turbulence and you fall on people who are sitting next to you, then you're causing them hardship, because the difficulty, likewise, you have limited space that you have been provided in the

00:57:12 --> 00:57:59

aircraft, right? And if you stand over there, and in order to do recall, you are literally pushing the person sitting before you you're praying in the in the passageway, then this is not appropriate, then what do you have to do in this situation? What it has an advisory say, what Illa for card, if it's not possible to stand and pray, then you will just pray while sitting. So one thing that you can do is do pm while standing and then for record and sit down. All right. One more thing that we learned here is that he said the Dumas that on the ship, when you're praying, you turn with it? What does it mean? That as the ship, let's say the ship is traveling in the direction of the Qibla. Okay,

00:57:59 --> 00:58:41

it's moving in the direction of the Qibla. So you started the prayer, and you're facing the covenant and response prayer, by the way, and let's say the ship turns right, then in that case, you're not facing the Qibla anymore. So what did he said the Duma, you turn with it. So you turn to the left. Why in order to continue to face the Qibla. But this is only possible when you are on a ship and the air is you know, the space, the horizon is clear. And you have an idea of what's going on. If you're in a closed aircraft, you have no idea what's happening. Or let's say you're traveling in a bus and the bus moves, you can move whenever but but in a situation where you can't tell when you're not

00:58:41 --> 00:59:22

required to. And in majority of the situations you are not able to tell. So we're in like a car then it's not possible for you then there is no toilet, you can just sit and pray. As long as you start the prayer while facing the Qibla then it doesn't matter. In an aircraft if you don't have the option sometimes of facing the tablet because the seats are fixed in a particular direction. nephal you can then it's like the situation of the fear prayer. Okay, so that will have which is that a person who prays however he is okay even while walking or running, even while fighting, but it's best to avoid such a situation but if it's not possible, but the Hello Mr. Carter doesn't have the

00:59:22 --> 00:59:59

law automatic and it's how could nerve delay happening? Have you been hurt on NSF new American and Niger Delta who that his grandmother would ekata Malaika that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam retirement center at Hulu, that she invited the prophets out of autism for some food that she had prepared for him for akademin Whoa, so he ate from it some olive and he said como Salida co stands that I can pray for you, meaning I can lead you in prayer. How to Uninstall an asset for computer How sweet and Nana so I stood, meaning I got up in order to get in order to fetch has lead in Lennar in a matter of hours for this

01:00:00 --> 01:00:43

What the which had become black why Miss Poornima Louisa because of the long time, long duration that it had been worn meaning it had been used, we had used it so much that it had become black finally had to be made in so I sprinkled some water over it, why to freshen it up? For camera suited lights are allowed sallallahu wasallam to the prophets of Allah from stood up was referred to and I made a self Walia, tema and the orphan child. What are who behind him. So the Prophet told a lot of us and I and the team stood behind him making arrow will argue Zoo and the elderly woman he was referring to his grandmother, she was me What are in behind us. So you see there only four people

01:00:43 --> 01:01:24

for three rows for salena Rasulullah, sallAllahu, wasallam, bucatini, someone Safa. He led us into rocker. And then he ended the fray. Then he left. Now there's a couple of things we see here. First of all that the prophets Allah Lawson was invited for food and he responded, he accepted. And he ate but he didn't just eat but he also prayed there. Secondly, we see that this was natural for them. So Nepal can also be in congregation in Japan. So for example, that we that's what knuffel followed by likewise, there is a new class that's beginning on orientation day, let's say there is nothing everybody prays and congregation. Is that permissible? Yes, it is. It's not something that should be

01:01:24 --> 01:02:06

done every single day. But on certain occasions, there is absolutely no harm. And thirdly, we see that if a man is leading, let's say children, or women, in Salah, other people in Salah, then no matter what their number is, they have to form their roles. So for example, two children, they're standing in one row, they're not standing with the man because there are two, they make their own rule. A woman she's one, but she will make her own row, she will not stand with the children with the boys. Okay, because they're big enough to form a separate pool. Likewise, she will not stand with the man, even if he's her husband, or brother or whoever. No, she has to form a separate row

01:02:06 --> 01:02:48

because we see here that the woman prayed in her role. And the children prayed in their role. Because sometimes we might feel that He's my husband, what's the big deal? Or he's my brother, what's the big deal I can stand next to him? No, you cannot. You cannot stand next to your son. You cannot stand next to your brother You cannot stand next to your father or your husband. Any male relative in prayer, you have to form your own role, even if it means you're standing alone, no matter what the situation is because sometimes we see this in the huddle that men are standing and right next to them, their women are standing not allowed. Or at home. Not allowed. You have to stand

01:02:48 --> 01:03:33

in your own room. And also we learn over here that a person can pray on a mat. As long as it is spotted, don't worry about the color as long as it is by it and should not be distracting. As long as there is a distance. You know, one is slightly ahead one is slightly behind. There is a distance in the middle. That's okay. Okay, but in jamara both cannot stand together. Okay, and this means that men and women should not be there should not be such free mixing that they're literally sitting next to one another standing next to one another. Imagine if it's not allowed in prayer and how could it be allowed at school or work? There are places which are designated. Okay, so this is why

01:03:33 --> 01:03:41

the plan is given after some time the comma is pronounced when the event is given. head towards the women's side. Then find some women and stand with them.

01:03:46 --> 01:04:16

If you can't find it in those men around you should just not pray and wait until later. Yeah, because you should not be standing next to the man. Okay, because remember the congregation praying in congregation is not an obligation upon the women but it is an obligation on them to stand in their own room when they are praying in congregation. It is disrespectful to have your feet in the direction of the privilege you're sitting down but it is not something that's forbidden. Okay, it's a practical long will be handy Ganesha to Allah illa Anta Mr. Furukawa to make Assalamu alaikum

Lesson 78 – Chapter 16-20 Hadith 375-380

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