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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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you know who want to start?

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They wanna

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fusina woman say Dr. Marina, Mayor de la la la la,

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la, de la

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ilaha illallah wa una hula sorry Kala nessa Donna molana Mohammed Abu or pseudo

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Baraka tada

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Hamid rubella in Vienna shape on euro Jamie Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Allah Muhammad Daniela rasulillah Rasul Allah cappellini apostle after he met

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me and carvana RPB feather in your wallet and she was Zilla shaqiri. According to bu salaallah alayhi wa sallam, Allah in Nairobi there. In Nevada la held by law, by law to outcome after law is Salatu was salam, honorable Ana microm respective brothers and elders. In the previous Juma we spoke about the final advices disseminated by interview sallallahu Sallam in his farewell sermon, I thought it appropriate to follow the pattern of discussion and highlight the remaining weeks days moments in the life of Nabi sallallahu sallam, until, of course, the saddest moment in the annals of Islamic history, May in human history, and that was the death of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam.

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As a matter of fact, way prior to the demise of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam there were many verses at times subtle and at times explicit regarding the inevitable death of Nabi sallallahu sallam, but as is the human nature, you don't grasp the indications of Your Beloved until he or she dies. And then you realize this is what she meant when she said, we won't be meeting again, this is the time you appreciate the subtle indications that we're persisting over a period of time, but it only strikes reality after you lower him or her in the grave. Hence, this was the similar pattern with Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, there were those subtle signs that were persisting, but given the love

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that Sahaba has no person ever plans, the death of his beloved knowing very well it is a reality. Among the verses that was subtle regarding the death of Nabi sallallahu. wasallam was surah to Nasir is Agia Anna salani Well, what I cannot say the Luna pd milania Pooja, the last chapter to be revealed in its entirety in the journey of hearts, where Allah says, He da da da, da, when the help of Allah comes well, and victory comes What are eight and nine so you don't have any Dini lined up.

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And you find people entering into the fold of Islam in droves and numbers and scores and multitudes for Serbia behind the rock because then you own Mohammed sallallahu wasallam praise Allah in abundance, and seek forgiveness for Verily Allah is most forgiving.

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When we analyze the face translation of this verse, there isn't much indication. And your again, this was the difference in the wisdom and the foresight, that ally had blessed the likes of Homer and applied now first of all, your loved one who, who at once when this verse was revealed, he said there is a message that the Navy over law will no longer be amongst us for a long time. Other Sahaba could not understand. And that is why when someone asked when someone asked Satan our owner did a bit like now buzz is such a young boy, but I find it strange you give him preference over senior people in your gathering. So the life as the owner of Yolanda said, I will silence you through the

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knowledge of this boy. So one day he gets a certain senior Sahaba and then he called Amara, the Allah one we said, Listen, you people tell me this verse of the Quran, Elijah and Nasrallah, what do you understand in this verse? It says, Well, we understand that the Quran says when victory comes our way, we must praise Allah. He then pointed to have the light now pass a boy in his prime young boy, is it is this the same message you deduce? He says no, no, there are clear signs that these are the last days of Nabi sallallahu Sallam save now Omar said that now you understand why I keep this boy close to be married goes to the knowledge Allah has afforded him. And how did he choose this

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conclusion? The Quran says what I ate and NASA the photo, that you will see people entering into Islam in multitudes, which in essence is the accomplishment of your objective. The reason why you have come has been achieved. So now you start making preparation for your journey onwards and ends. The Quran devotes that little portion of the surah exhorting whenever you have a lot to worship Allah in abundance. As a matter of fact, his entire life was devoted to the worship of Allah. But Allah says now that it is very close, accelerate your efforts, should this injunction not then be applied to us also, that in the latter part of our life,

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the question we pay up to might ask what do you

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The natural part of our life. The Navy Obama has said the average lifespan of my own myth is 60. As soon as you pass the 50 mark you've entered into the latter part of your life my brother and there is also even less space as other words the Quran says woman coming to a farm in cotton. They are though they don't even reached a prime nevermind the old age. So that was the first sign that the Quran subtle, then Allah said in a cameo in a woman he told Suma in the community to become Dr. Simone only of Allah inevitably one day you will have to pass on and likewise the word also will have to die and you'll have to move onwards but in In general context you and them what magical Nani

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bashary mean topological called after image after mobile Han II don't we have not attained eternity for any human alpha emitter? What if you die Will they not know collectively you both will have to journey onwards. So these were certain subtle verses regarding the inevitable death of Nabi sallallahu sallam. Of course, the verse that was explicit, the verse that was explicit was the verse that was revealed on the occasion of when the rumor was circulated regarding the assassination of Nabil sallallahu sallam, and for a moment Sahaba lost a composure and at that time subsequent to that these verses were revealed that today Muhammad is alive and when they seem to be getting salami

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fresh it you know, spark new life into them, but Allah says, given one day it is going to happen wama Mohammedan in LA Sol wama Mohammedan in LA Sol, Gaza fallot Minh khopoli here Rasul Mohammed is a prophet of Allah which has been preceded by many prophets. So what is the image of God? If he happens to die a natural death are assassinated or murdered in Calabria tomb Allah, Bobby come, will you then abandon your feet? At least dead? Dead? Listen, if that is the case, what Manian kalevala rpba filling

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up whoever forsakes his faith at the death of Nabi sallallahu wasallam he will not harm Allah in the least you will only harm himself.

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This verse struck reality when Abu Bakar literally read it after the death of a lion you send him and Omar said for a moment I felt as if this verse was revealed down, said now it says the earth beneath me caved in. I said, and I heard this verse in a city I love this verse was in the Quran, but we never gave it the true prominence and we never contemplated. Hence it is the nature of man that these certain indications possessed from his beloved, but we only we only take to eat and into cognizance, the messages that persisted after all, beloved passes away after the

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delivery of a lab and of course, came to Madina munawwara This goes into the last few months, Lee weeks if not days of his blessed life, the remaining days of dolarhyde giant he comes in he spends in Madina, munawwara don't hijack the the 10th year of the job, and then it moves on to mojarra suffer. And in the beginning days of living Oh well, the greatest human passes on

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the fatal illness, which lasted for 13 days in the life of Nabi sallallahu sallam, which proved to be terminal and then claimed his life in the comments in the following way. It was late night in Medina and Nabi sallallahu Sallam sent a message to me, but Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam who sent a message and said that go in quote abou Eva at this very moment, I was sleeping a messenger came to me and said, delivery of Allah is calling you. I got up from my sleep, and I hasten, and I came and I said, don't buy into himself. Let me start since it

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enabled me to stop.

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My aligners commanded me that I go and visit this graveyard and go and make dua of forgiveness for those rescued in the cemetery fund. My work Won't you want to join me on this mission of mine. I said don't ever ever lie is my greatest of privilege as I am with you. Ever since I joined Nabi sallallahu sallam, and we entered into the cemetery It was late night. This was the Wednesday night. This was the Wednesday night when does it happen? We entered into the cemetery. Then the viola stood and became very emotional. And if you study his last few days, he made a lot of dua for marches. In the last few days. Every time he ascended the pulpit, he may draw for the martyrs and in particular,

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those Sahaba who was martyred in the Battle of God. Here he had a sense of bond and passion towards in fact you said

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in your head bone, our Hippo who is a mountain that loves us and we love this mountain, it is fond of us and we are fond of it. You know, we go to Mecca, Medina, but it is said, we do not understand that historical heritage displays health. We pass through these places, knowing not that this was the land on which the prince of Martha's Lake they live. So we stand in court and we still look at the material things. We wait for

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This taxi and that bus, no way not within the viola studio and cried relentlessly unending.

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He says, we went to the to the party, and then he made he greeted the dwellers of the grave. And he said As salam o Alaikum, makabe. Oh the occupants of this grave from the lowest part of my heart, I invoke the mercy of Allah upon you. Then he said, Li Yamini, Lacan, ma De Lima, ohana Sufi, he, literally you are fortunate, literally you are fortunate, what you are experiencing in relation to the challenges that status, he addressed the dwellers of the grave and he said literally you are fortunate enough to fit in great tribes are staring at the oma capita in a little Muslim, like a dark night, one that used to be followed in succession by others, you know, to short room minute

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oola the letter worse than the former University thing he held my hand he said yeah, ba ba ba ba in a particular year to Bain and abacha Wah Ma, yo, Mikey, do you know what about when he bought, I was given the choice of a pro long delay, wherein I will witness the physical material prosperity of my nation, or the choice of a hastening to meet my Creator. A Buddha says I was still going to intercede and say only we have a law except the choice of Allah and staying amongst us. So you are part of us when that prosperity comes our way. But before I could suggest he said to Daddy, I have opted for the latter one. I have opted for more universes. I realized the days were throwing closer,

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the moments were taking away so much.

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But he didn't he made a lot of drama. He made a lot of drama for these people. Fun Soraka and we started returning for booty IV Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam What do you Oh, I love you.

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Happy we barely started returning from the graveyard. And he started feeling sick, and you know, unusual. And he said I'm not feeling too well. And at that stage it was fairly early. But this was the beginning which ultimately became terminal and led to his inevitable death. From there we came we came to the house of maimunah de la Mancha and he became a bit more weak. He then gather his wife then he says My health is not permitted. If you consent I would like to station myself and I shadow the alarm on her. the wives of navionics around the concerts honorable speaker happily consented. And then a viola was then taken to the house of his beloved wife I shouted the alarm on her.

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I sort of Yolanda describes it as he entered into the house for a journey to Sudan and ferrazzi as he entered I had a severe headache so I held my head and I said Wow, what a headache what a headache. So nobody saw us and said well, I saw I saw you think you have a headache. Believe me I have a splitting headache. I have a splitting headache. And I shut up Yolanda saying her headache is severe and he saw something he was severe. And then it prompted a discussion which commonly prompts between husband and wife who will die between us first so they started speaking like this Yeah, so nobody says and said well I shall Allah knows best. I'm feeling sick you feeling sick? But if you

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happen to go first you have the consolation. Russel took a cup and took a sunlight to either he already took it I will see your hosel is done. I will see your company's done I will perform your nama I will know what you into the grave you have great consolation if you go before me I will be by your side so I certainly am Nana said she taught you you know blended with a sense of what she said on every ovalized that all you will do. Nobody saw some said Well, that's all about I think I should be doing What more should I be doing? She said law the hell out of the back of the umbilical PBT, I'm afraid perhaps you'll take one of your other wives will sleep with them in my house. Now via a

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serratos ROM smile, but it was going down to health was deteriorating. In this time he was dead moved to the house of Ayesha delana many things happen in these last few days. Listen to this very attentively and let us sit and ponder and reflect brothers. Let us ask yourself, this was the last moments in the life of nice awesome, a lot what will be my last moments? Allah? Where will I go? Allah in whose lap will I die? Allah who will be there to read my Kadima Allah who will love me in my grave. Anyway, he comes to the house of Isla de la Mancha. Briefly I'll run you through the last few days. It is the month of Muharram. Now,

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the month of suffer. That is where the sickness of NaVi Sala ism started. He dispatches the why why his illness started taking a toll on him. There were a lot of evil elements that exploited the situation. They were people they started laying claim to profit with they said, Well, this property is on his way out. The world will be desperate for a leader let's seize the opportunity. So people stood up, raise their hand

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Interested follow us after Mohammed is gone, we will lead you in the theory surrounds fatal illness in that condition, he dispatched certain groups and he said go and suppress these evils the likes of us what they are honestly was a tyrant person and when they claim to Prophethood, nobody saw some dispatch the great Sahabi Pharaohs data Mirabella one more, and this sarpy return one day prior to the death of Nabi sallallahu Sallam would victory and the VA Salaam was very happy and you may drop him and he said for the pharaohs, they love me because they will see that indeed he has been successful in his mission in this last few days. Also, he had dispatched the group of Osama NSA.

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While he was on his deathbed, what actually happened was,

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he prepared this expedition in the direction of a place called Open up, which was close to Philistine. And the reason why he had nominated Osama bin Laden was a young boy of 17. And in that expedition was senior Sahaba, the likes of Abu Bakar and Homer. So certain other people started making nasty remarks. And they said, Yes, the Camino has and hola mohalla Mojave renal over the a young boy and like this is going to lead people like Abu Bakar and Omar. And this started gaining momentum nonobese asked me just stretched him to go and avenge the death of his father. His father was the one who, who was martyred in the Battle of Mota. Again, how much do we know of Islamic

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history? If we knew I could have just given you reference in your mind would run? He is turning the pages of history. But do we know what was the Battle of muita within a vehicle that dispatch any maze they didn't mean? And he said if they be smarter than jaffery near people, it will take the plague. And if he's smarter than a pill like Nirvana will take the flood. as they advance. They throw the alarm who was Martin jumping over to the flag he was martyred. Then up to like near our high advanced he was one of the greatest poets that Islam has ever seen. As the advanced you must read those couplets and you will cry. He says ya have Belgian Nativity Rocco ha de bassoon Baba

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retun Sharapova or Romo, Roman Donna de baja calcula Sabu ha, even lost a tuna. Boo Ha. Oh, Janet, how close you are How sweet your fragrance is, how soothing your dreams are, how wonderful your breeze is, I can actually see you and autofeed I can see the enemy coming. Your time is up our last pay me to smite these enemies. Then he addresses himself he tells himself yanapuma lucky chakra healing mode. Oh my soul what is the meta Why are you reluctant to die in law took 10 It's a moody lesson. If you're not mature, you still going to die die the honorable way. Listen, if you're not mature, you're still going to die, die the honorable way. Ma Ma Tama native papad. O TT, whatever

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you've asked Allah He gave you martyrdom is staring at you present your life. So he was martyred Libya, a Salaam in the throes of death told his son Osama in his day that you take this expedition and avenge the death of your father. People started making these comments. When he heard about this. He got very angry. He gave it the people of his house and he told him that listen, give me a whistle and then carry me to the masjid I need to resolve this issue before I passed away. This was in the very last day. In fact, one of these days a few What was that? Jennifer? Once I became minister whenever you have a law the woman and the children are crying. So yes. Why are they crying? Yeah,

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Hakuna antimo whenever you open, the signs of deaths are becoming more and more apparent on you. So he went in the masjid. Again he ascended the password was the age of two Sahaba. So who here the vintage type is built up at the head? Taka, Taka dama, who is beloved with feet were being dragged because of his, you know, health that was not permitted? And then he said, Listen, these answers stood with me in the early hours. My time is coming close to live from and when he I mean I'm hearing him say whoever takes the reins of my own math to me, please be kind and reward my answer and whoever sees any wrong of them overlook the answer because of my closeness to them. Then you

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said hi Yakumo law, he made certain law for them. May Allah gave you a common law common law. May Allah favor you have a lot of blind succession for the answer. And you when he came to the masjid, he was aided by Sahaba and he set onto the pulper Saba, so that was the last we seen him on the pulpit of digital PR but he never said that that pulpit Can you imagine what an emotional feeling it must have been for Sahaba he said mama Carla to me and Barbie compete, mira sama. What, what comments I'm hearing regarding my nomination of Osama I'm hearing some nasty things circulating by my ears. People are taking objection when I'm in the throes of death. Listen people less than let in

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time to be a Marathi Osama locka Tang Sufi Marathi about women probably if you have problem and you find fault in my nomination. I guess you had the same problem today. I nominated his father. What you

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No luckily only Aymara I swear by Allah. You might have your reservation but I have my full trust in him. His father was most deserving for leadership. And now his son is most deserving. We're in Nobu, Malibu hi Ilan illiquid Lehigh and upon father and son, he says every good for Stokes will be paid off. So July very good from him, for in a woman theory come, verily he is among the best from you. He said this and he dissented they after he addressed the Sahaba he said, Listen, my days are very few Let me tell you, I have three messages to you. So behind Allah, Allah man come to gelato,

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stuff in my life span I have ever hurt or lest anyone on his back then tell him to come forward, I left my quota is my bed back, tell him to take revenge. If the purpose of a lock and say that, I guess it will not be below the dignity of any man to resolve these messages and resolve the debt. This is my pay back Come and take it. And he didn't just say he literally meant it. There was a Sahabi by the name of society, who was a very jovial Sahabi used to keep the crowds going. One day he was sitting with near a Salam and he was entertaining them. And in that spirit of jokes nearly Salaam took his blessing finger and he poked that Sahabi so when we are in San pokey, we said oh

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Jonathan era Sula, la one Have you ever you hurt me? Sam said My apologies. He said why don't we ever need to take revenge Sahaba became emotional. So don't be over la My back was bad and you have a quota. So never really looked at it. When nobody says and lifted it he fell on the seal of prophethood and he hugged it and he kissed it is said to be over lies swear by Allah I love you. And I love then I died. I was hoping that one day Allah must pay me this opportunity. don't misinterpret my emotion towards you. I just want you to hold on and see that Prophet would he said Allah man can to shut them to love my father. Last 25 insulted you your stand I stand before you come in take

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satisfaction from me alarm and of course to love my mother and father Mary. If I'd ever taken your Where's your money, take your money and go. I don't want to have anyone claiming against me on the day of Tiamat.

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It was in this few days. Another very tragic thing Thursday, Monday, then the viola passes away get Thursday. Another very tragic thing that happened was while he was sitting in the room, he asked the Sahaba I said Bring me a piece of paper. Let me write down something. Now everyday Sahaba were coming the emotion wasn't there. So Omar said, well, what's your hope? Oh, I think he is not you know very well now and he's in a lot of pain. Let's just leave him now inshallah, when the interview over like gains his composure, we can always get that information back from him. So some Salva said give the paper and let him write out the skills that you know what he's not in a stable health now,

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indeed, it resulted in a bit of a dispute. the nephew of Allah said I am not well kuhmo and you stand up and go My health is not well and you are arguing before me it is not good for me. This is Richard referred to as a very lengthy aspect in the books of Hadith. I don't have time to explore Satan. Now Omar was the one who said this year amongst the deviated sects in group that exists. They accused Satan owner of the most nasty allegations because of this year, but we that is our mission noble jamara. We hold in high esteem the sentiments of Omar and he did it in good interest. people claim to say these are nasty allegations that are that nobody said a lot. He was seldom wanted to

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write the Philippines that after my death of Abu Bakar will not be in charge and Omar will not be in charge. But this is sheer absurdity because the white of Buhari substantiates It's so beautiful that he told Isaiah do me a favor call Abu Bakar and call his son and let me tell them that they will be Abu Bakar will be in charge. Li Kayla Yes, Murphy I'm very happy but Karin Tamia? Well, I guess I'm an amateur mainly. So after my death, no muss Nobody must envy the position of Abu Bakar then he said okay, leave the paper. Yeah, but love me No, Allah won't allow it to happen otherwise, Allah won't allow it to happen otherwise Abu Bakar will take in charge.

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He said this your brothers This was now Thursday. This happened this incident that they have started deteriorating. He got that he said if they perform namaz assault and now she said no want to be over lights Isha time, the last Salah in his normal health was Maghreb we had performed well more Salah indeed McGriff Salah, a solidness, did they read numbers? No, whenever you have a client of your own are they waiting for you? He said Okay, give me a puzzle and let me go they give them to me over la casa de la pelea no, he stands up again. He becomes unconscious when he gains his consciousness oh I shine up they performed I was known to be over law they are waiting for you Let me sell since I do

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me a favor tell Abu Bakar to lead the congregation. I said I intervene for my father I said no we'll be over law Why don't you put someone else I don't think my father has the strength the capacity division the integrity that the position to come on your muscle now Why are you alive It's an emotional situation will not be over Lucha Omar. Hassan said I shall Abu Bakar then again I interviewed him she said in NA Patreon was

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you know he is a person that will try a process that in the end delivery over

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Lhasa tell Abu Bakar to go and perform Abu Bakar perform Chen namaz is according to somebody who is somebody who might suggest that he performed 20 mamasezz. On the last morning, I can tell you so much more I don't have time to get my time. Then every open legit Monday morning that Monday morning he gets up, he opens the curtain He grants it. He comforts his heart that the entire congregation is in Salah as the movement is a sense of joy from Sahaba that the Navy of Allah is coming. Then he signals to them that you continue I will not able to come forward. The Salah is completed. There is a temporary phase of recovery. Everybody latches on to hope Apoorva can come he says Dr. Murphy Can

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one of you ever like you're looking well today? Can I take permission I promised my other wife who lives on the outskirts of Medina to spend the day with her since you've been terminally ill I've been out of home. Can I go there the number one law says you can go. Now this often often happens that prior to the death of a person, there is a sense of recovering you latch on to hope and then there is a relapse. Anyway, Satan aboubacar Yolanda goes away Omar and honey return to business. Ayesha says he comes in my lab. It was that 10 minutes and then it just started going down minute by minutes. second by second. I seen the pings. intensifying Fatima comes in there and she looks at the

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father and she says well I've got a betta of the yellow My father is suffering how my father is going through pain. Let me start some Petty's daughter Fatima and he said ladies Allah Viki, Cara boombah De Leon, nevermind, Fatima is the last day of your father's sufferings. What am I the last day is going on with nothing will come after that. I sort of Yolanda says my brother, man came he came with me swag. I said, Can I give you this? He signal with his head I put them in my mouth chewed with my saliva then I gave he took it just then Ali Hussein says we seen angels coming along but but the reason it took me a signature ebrill came and mallacoota mode came together jabril

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knocked on the door he said jasola la dama de como yesterday, when have you ever like the Angel of Death is asking permission to come inside Mr. Na me in public What I mean by that? He never asked permission. First Man is asking permission do you allow him to come? Let me tell him to come inside. He comes inside he sits down. Then Jabra is the Angel of Death era Sula, la in Milan Arsalan de la Allah has sent me to you to take your soul if you permit very politely I will take it out. If you decline I respect your request only be over LA. Let me start since I looked at my case, I looked at gibril cheaper you said in your Muhammad in

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your life is passionate to see you your life waiting to meet you. Let me start since then I just looked at you pay the medical mode. And I said go ahead and do what you have to do. molecule mode come and the soul of the greatest human that history has ever seen is taken out. Brothers when the soul comes out. Can we imagine what it must have caused among Sahaba the confusion Abubakar comes running over the Atlantic becomes hysterical. He kisses nearly Salam he says keep in

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mind that you are unique when you are loving and you are equally unique now that you have gone arrangements for the good Sally's made those that are given who said they start debating should we remove the clothes or not? I'll call Lavalle human no unless puts a sweep over them. They go into a trance and indicia of voice calling out to them don't remove his clothes give Ghazal to him as he is Wilson is given to the Navy of Allah sallallahu wasallam they come to Abu Bakar to be performed janazah he said yes janaza will be performed but individually who can become the Imam of imams. The party was placed there the men came in red and they went the woman came and when after lightness, a

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hypnotherapy comes. He said our lot His eyes were good when he was here. He's gone. What am I going to do with these eyes? Give me the honor that my last sight was your navy and make me blind on the sport. Allah make me blind I call upon the Summa we are not asking Allah to make us blind. Allah makers tested these eyes Don't ever see how wrong Allah let it when we return it at trade some consciousness in us. And then the time comes our way that nature I was in charge of taking the grave in Makkah and Abu talha as a minister was in charge of digging the grave in Medina, the body was brought, the grave was dug and this body in this greatest amount it was loaded into the grave. What

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did Sophia villamagna say? And I leave you with this couplets. She said now I'm Rima abeking nopea remota he was lacking the courage in Gaza Katia over law we are not crying over the death of Mr. Lawson but we are crying about two things. One is the bond between men and a lot through revelation was continued at the depth of any profit but he has permanently terminated at the depth of nearly Salaam. We are crying at the challenge that is to stay at us. And then he said follow hon Archie avocado Welcome to not working I'm ruhakana Maria, Allah if you only sped him amongst us a bit longer, it would have been our fortune but then again we knew the reality had to prevail. Brothers

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that is all going to be over levant My question is how am I going to go How are you going to go might not be said every man will die in the manner he loves his life. The day you die in your normal life there will be no difference. It's your life is to get up daily of the future and you must your future. I'm afraid the day you die.

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You will also miss your future. It's your daily routine is to get up go in the bathroom and shave. I'm afraid my brother You will shave the day you're gonna go in your cave to meet you on the way. I'm afraid that is the reality that will stare at you. I swear by a lot you will be no change in your routine. If your attorney routine is to start with Quran you will start with cron, if your routine is to start by following before law you will bow before a law Every man is concerned. What will happen to my children the day I die, is it not high time we start thinking what will happen to my children the day they die, like give us the reality quadruped one