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Lesson 68 – Chapter 8-11 Hadith 306-312

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I said I'm really going to hurt the labor I got to

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get him and I vote for him in a straight line eulogy

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for him,

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so that he were silly Emery. Let me listen he of Coco Lee.

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Bab is the helper and is the helper is you can say false menstruation. It's not really hailed. It's not really menstruation, but it's like menstruation. And it's also understood as the bleeding which is between ancestral periods. So basically is the helper is bleeding that is other than help, and other than if us, help is at its own time. And nivas is after childbirth. So what is other than that, that is, is to help so basically vaginal bleeding that is other than hailed and nefesh is is to help. And this word is also from hail. If you think about it, the route is the same. And what's the vibe which vibe is it is different. And one of the meanings that vibe is different gives is of

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mobile. So this shows that is the howver is a hail which has a lot of mobile level in it, meaning it's a prolonged period, bleeding that is abnormally long, abnormally heavy. So it's an abnormally prolonged, abnormally heavy period. This is what is to Halla is, and it's defile also has the meaning of polyp in it. So it's like seeking, right? So it's the Halla is the state which tries to be like hailed but it's not actually held. So this is why it's understood as false menstruation. And infill is to however, is described as the flowing of blood from the private part of the woman at the time, which is not right meaning at the time when she's not menstruating. So it's basically non

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menstrual vaginal bleeding. It is also said that is to habla is, is steamrolled them, and when a woman is constantly bleeding, meaning continuous bleeding from the vagina, so basically when the bleeding does not stop at all, or it stops only for a short span of time. So one is that a woman is spotting occasionally. And the other is that her period before it begins, let's say a week or 10 days before the period actually begins, she starts bleeding. And then after her period is supposed to end, she continues to bleed. So this is how it becomes as they held that it's a prolonged period, it's a heavy period, it's abnormally long, and she's constantly bleeding. And it stops in the month

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for either a few days, or it doesn't stop at all. For some women, they bleed continuously for months and months without any break in the middle. And for others, they do get a break for a few days in the middle. And for some, it's more than that. And remember that is to how it differs from how it differs from heightening the blood of as to how that differs from the blood of hailed in different ways. First of all, in its smell, secondly, in its thickness and thirdly in its color, inshallah we'll discuss that later. But medically is to harbor the medical term for that is men or Asia. That's the medical term for it. And men are Asia is an abnormally heavy and prolonged period. And

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there are many causes behind this. Primarily, there are two causes, first of all, disorders of coagulation. Basically, when you have a cut or a wound and you're bleeding, then what happens eventually the blood coagulates and as a result, the bleeding will stop. Now remember that what happens in a period, the endometrial lining, which has thickened because of the hormones that have been released from the ovaries, eventually, if pregnancy will not take place that lining will shed. Now once that lining has been shed, towards the end, what should happen, there should be coagulation incited the bleeding will stop. But when that does not happen properly, then the bleeding does not

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stop. And even though the lining has been shared, the uterus continues to bleed. So it's like you can say the uterus is bleeding them, you can say it's like internal bleeding. And this is the reason why the blood changes, the characteristics change completely. And this is the reason why the prophets are alarmed. So let me describe it as the monorail. The blood of a vein, meaning it's bleeding, it's not the shedding of the lining. Another reason is that because of some hormonal imbalance, the lining which is normally shared during the period never gets the signal to stop thickening. So basically that process is ongoing. It's constantly thickening and it's constantly

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shedding sometimes more sometimes less. So there are various reasons behind that. And this is the reason why is the Hello can be in the form of constant bleeding. It can be in the form of occasional spotting dispersed spotting throughout the month. It can be for several days before the actual beard begins and it can continue after the period ends even and a woman can have as to how the first several months in a row. And sometimes it's just occasional that all of a sudden the period is not ending and like

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I said earlier as to how that differs from head, in which ways in three ways. First of all, in the color, the color of hailed the blood of hailed is dark, and the blood of is the holder is light, it's like you can see more red. You know, this is just like when you get a cut on your finger, what will the color of that blood be like it's different from the blood of help the blood, which comes out from other parts of the body on account of a cut or a wound that is more red, and the blood of hail is darker. Secondly, it's different in its thickness, the blood of Hale is thick, it's real, and the blood of his to Heather is thin, it is at a peak, just like a nosebleed, the blood is thin,

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and the blood of Halo is much thicker. And the third difference is in the smell, the blood of health has its own particular smell like a bad smell, and the benefits to how the doesn't smell, or it smells like normal blood. So the difference is also in the smell. So there are three differences, what are they in the color, the thickness, the texture, you can say and thirdly, in the smell. And remember the three kinds of is to help. One kind of is to highlight is that a woman she used to have a regular period before and then all of a sudden she began having as to how long so four or five years for 10 years since she started her her how she had regular monthly periods, and then all of a

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sudden, her period does not end or it's abnormally prolonged. So, basically, she will be able to distinguish between her head and her is to Hello, based on what these three characteristics she will check is the color different is the texture different is the smell different. So when she sees the signs of hail, she will consider that to be hailed when she sees the signs of is to help her she will consider that to be is to help. The second kind of as to how that is that when a woman has experienced is to heal it from the first time she got her head. And this happens with some women, that once they begin their menstruation, they're always constantly bleeding, sometimes a lot,

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sometimes little but constantly they are you know, bleeding sometimes it's a spotting, but it's always there. And she is able to distinguish between the blood of hailed and the blood of his to help her because you know that help comes with other symptoms as well. Isn't that so? PMS, there's so many other symptoms that Haley's accompanied with recently somebody mentioned to me that they had their surgery done, the uterus was removed, but still a part of it was left and because of that, they still have their period meaning there are certain days of the month where they will bleed, where they will have just few spots and for three, four days only, but they come with all the other

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symptoms like cramps and you know the irritability and everything is there. So, the woman What will she do, she will look at the signs when the signs are present, she will consider that to be held and when the signs are not there she will consider that to be is to have the third kind of is to how the is that when a woman is not able to distinguish between the blood of hate and the blood of his to have she's not able to distinguish, then in that case, what will she do? What she will do is she will consider how she will basically look back that When did she start her head let's say she started her head on the fifth day of the month. So, on the fifth day of every month, she will

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consider that her head has begun on average the women in her family demonstrate for seven days. So she will consider her beard for seven days and for the rest of the time she will consider to be is to help them okay for the rest of the time she will consider to be is to help her. Now remember that non menstrual vaginal bleeding can be due to various reasons, you know what is is to have this is an illness. But we see that other women also they experience occasional spotting. So what is that, that is sometimes leftover uterine lining from the previous period that was not shed completely, which is why you will see that sometimes the color is dark brown, or it's almost black or it's a weird color

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like maybe even yellowish brown. Why because leftover blood or a wound that has healed eventually then the blood that will come out or the bus then obviously it will be discolored. So it is basically leftover uterine lining that was not shed at the time of the period and eventually it should and what should you do about it you should not give any importance to it, you should ignore it, meaning Don't worry about it. It has not broken your worldview. It has not made you impure you don't have to take a bath you can pray inshallah and inshallah we will learn about this, that Omar, Leah, she said that we would disregard any such bleeding after the period was over. Because for

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example, a woman has her head for seven days. Clear, you know, no more bleeding, nothing she takes about two days later, she's a red spot, or a brownish red spot then what is she supposed to do? She's going to ignore it because this was just some leftover uterine lining that was not shed properly. Then we see that sometimes there could be cuts in the vagina or even in the uterus that can cause this bleeding and injury. And sometimes it will also some disease and sometimes hormonal imbalance

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Changing contraceptive methods that are being used because of that also there can be occasional bleeding. So what should a woman do? Ignore that she will look at the signs of hail if they're present, and what are the signs of health at its regular time? Secondly, the characteristics, then she will have to look at that if the signs are present, then she will consider that to be held if they're not present. And she will consider that to be is to help them. And remember that there are many, many reasons behind vaginal bleeding. But if it's something persistent, then a woman should get herself checked because this is not something that's normal. Had the scenario of the law have no

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use of color for a nomadic fisherman near Atlanta on a big on Ayesha and a pilot, pilot Fatima to been to a rehabilitation. Fatima observation. She said it also relies on a long running asylum. Yeah rasulillah in Nila oturu. She said O Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, I do not become clean, meaning I'm always bleeding. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little constantly. I have spotting. So what should I do? Other salata? Should I just leave this honor? Should I not pray? Because for some women, they bleed on average every single day or every other day. So she doesn't know when she's clean when she's not clean. So she said Should I just leave the prayer for powder or soda lies on a

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longer do salon. So he replied in the modality or indeed that is when they said Bill Hader and it is not halal meaning this is bleeding that is coming from some vein and this is not Hey, this is not period for either acapella till Halo. So when the head comes through kiss Aleta, then leave the prayer for either the habit or through her. And when it's estimated time is over. Otherwise average time, then what should you do Foxley on kingdom, then wash away the blood from you will suddenly and pray. So what does this teach us? That when a woman is constantly bleeding, she's never cleaned basically. Then she will only leave her prayer at the time of help. And when will she determine the

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time of health by the characteristics? And how long will she consider to be held? It's part of and what is the other? On average? How much did she have appeared for before this problem started? Like a woman says, you know, when I was younger, I always had a beard for six days. So consider it to be six days a woman says I always had it for eight is considered to be eight days. For example, a woman does not know because from the beginning, she's always had irregular period. Then what will she do? She will look at how the women in her family do some, you know in her family seven days, eight days, what's the average? So she will consider that to be the father of her health. And once that Father

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is over, even though she is bleeding, what will she do? Take a bath Foxy and get done this dumb refers to the blood of hailed so she will wash away the blood of him. And then suddenly, and then she can pray. Bab lessly that may help washing off the menstrual blood. But before we continue one more thing that we must understand is that a woman who has is to help her, What will she leave off other? What other would she leave? What act of worship? Will she leave? A woman is having as to how she will leave Salah? No, she will leave nothing. Because if she's praying, and she's also doing other things, so if she's gone for Hajj, for example, we should do the live? Yes, you will. If it's

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a month of Ramadan, will she fast? Yes she will. If she wants to take off? Can she do that? Yes she can. So acts of worship she will do even when it comes to sexual intercourse, she can have it, she can have it. Because it's only prohibited when filmer healed not outside of my head and is the hell that is not my faith. There's a difference of opinion concerning that some scholars have said that she has to perform will do every time because that's what the scholars of the past said, if you remember we read this Heidi's earlier and kitabi will do and in that he Sham narrative from his father who said that, that she should do will do before every Salah, but other scholars have said

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that no, it is not necessary. Because this bleeding does not break your will do meaning it does not enter you in a state of impurity. Because a woman was having as to whether she can even do aitikaf she can even pray. And during your thick if it cannot be perceived that she's walking out constantly to wash yourself to clean herself. It's best if she does, but it's not obligated on her that sometimes it happens that when a woman is going through menopause even before that, once the bleeding begins, it just does not stop. Somebody mentioned to me that during their pregnancy, they bled so much that that you know nothing was sufficient to contain that bleeding, it's an illness.

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Obviously, it's going to cause a lot of weakness with all that blood loss. She should consult a doctor because if you're having that much about loss on a regular basis, it's going to cause a huge problem it can cause a woman to become anemic very low iron level. So your regular period is for a week. But before that you start spotting okay for like three four days you will consider that as the hurdle. Likewise if you continue to have spotting afterwards, then again you will consider that to be is to help

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And the characteristics that were mentioned that the difference between the blood of hate and the blood of is to Heather. Remember, it's not necessarily that it's always the same. This is just a guideline because sometimes the bladder was to Hello can be dark, like was a blood of you see how there can be in the form of clots as well? It can be thicker. So this is just what happens in you can say, majority cases. Okay, there are exceptions. Always. Bab lessly dumb in my head washing off the menstrual blood. my heel is what same as halal. It's Muslim and the word applies to hate. This one had the center of the light in the use of color a foreigner Malik and his Sham unfaltering might

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have been wounded and a smell or been to be Bucklin and now call it Salah. Tomorrow attune a woman asked from who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Allah. So she said Yasuda la she asked a question and she said Allah either they have you seen and this is an expression which means

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I can barely remember.

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Inform me. Please tell me. This is literally it means Have you seen Have you considered. But what this expression means is a Whitney meaning informed me that then that one of us either or Saba Silva had demo, that when blood reaches her garment, mineral hayleigh from menstruation, meaning when menstrual blood falls on her clothes, gave her the sinner What should she do? How should she deal with it? follow suit of lies on a luxury radio silence or your applied either or sabato, but you can add them. When blood falls on the clothes of one of you mean a halo of menstruation then felt the crucible, some meliton de habima in some money to Salafi. First of all for the crucible, the

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crucible from path rock solid or eartha is to basically shape something into around so for example, you have your scarf you gather together, so you make it like a like a ball.

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So basically the part that is stained, you gather that together so that the part that is stained is just hanging outside and then is to scratch. So basically to rabbit. So to bring the garment together, especially where the blood is and then rub it off. So that whatever has dried can fall off. Okay, so you're basically removing it.

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And then Somali Tanga habima and then she should wash it with water down the hill. Another high is to sprinkle to spray the splash and also means to soak. Okay, so basically, you're wetting it, whether you are pouring water over it, or you're soaking it into something, whatever means you're adopting somebody who you are basically rinsing it, washing it off with water, and then somebody to suddenly fee then she should go on and pray in it meaning then that garment is clean, and she can easily pray in that.

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So the question was basically that can a woman if the clothes are stained like that? How should she clean them? And can she bring them so she can pray but only after the clothes have been cleaned? And when will the clothes be clean when the blood has been removed, and its traces meaning the blood if it has, you know stained the cloth then that stain has to be removed? It doesn't mean that the traces have to move completely because sometimes it will wash off the blood but still the red will be there, the stain will be there and people all over do not have detergents and bleaches and so on and so forth. So even if the standard means that's not a problem inshallah I'll tell you the Hadith

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later about that

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have done as well called Bharani ignore have been caught Bernie and Robin Harris and Abdul Rahman Qasim have done a video on our shuttle pilot she said that cannot be done at the halo one of us would have her help. So much Dr. is so dumb, then she would rub off the blood mean sobia from workloads are in the area at the time of year to hurt meaning when she would become clean, willing when her period would end, then what would she do? She would rub off the blood from the clouds and then ferredoxin who then she would wash it with thunder who is it and then she would sprinkle or spray water on all of it meaning on the rest of the plot similar to Sally V and then she would go on

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and pray in it.

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There are a number of things that we learn here first of all, we see that it's better to scrape off to rub off than a Jessa from something before washing it. Why? Because if you directly pour water over it, then it will spread and you will need more water isn't that so and more area to clean. When then adjuster is in a particular place then it's best to remove it and then pour water and this is why we see that the profits or losses and what was this an emotional time after using the washroom that first is the timeout and then is danger. First remove the filth and then pour water on it because then you're using little water

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It's a much better way of cleaning.

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So whether it's area that you're cleaning a rug or cloth, your body, whatever you're cleaning, what's the best way First remove, then adjust, and then pour water.

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Then we also see over here that the women of the Sahaba, the majority of them did not have many clothes. Okay, they did not have some specific clothes for help. And that shows, you know, the amount of possessions that they had the clothes that they had, because she would have her period in those clothes. And then she would go on and praying those clouds. Typically what do we do, we just remove the clothes and wash them, or if they're only to be dry cleaned, and we keep them only for the time when we're menstruating. And we won't wear them otherwise, right? This is what some women do. But we see that when a woman has only one pair of clothes or two pair of clothes, and what can

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she do, she has to figure out how to clean them so that she can wear them at all times.

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Secondly, we learned in this Hadees that the blood of halal is impure, even if it is very little, even if it's just a drop, it is still nudges. And when it is not just then it has to be removed. It has to be removed, a woman has to wash it off so that she can pray in it. Because see what has mentioned over here, she would clean it and then she would go on to pray in it. It's not correct to pray in clothes that are stained with menstrual blood.

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Now, remember that it's not necessary to keep separate clothing for the time of menstruation. Okay, it's not necessary. It might be more convenient, but it's not necessary. So if for example, a woman is wearing a certain pair of pants or they're, you know bedsheets on the bed, she doesn't have to change them when the period ends. However, if there is a stain on it, then she has to clean it, how there are three steps First of all, scrape off secondly, pour water. And thirdly, sprinkle on the rest of the garment. First of all, scrape off the profits on a lot of them told a woman hokey belittling, was led by a man in wizardry that scrub it off with a stick, meaning use something to

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scrape off the blood than a jaza and then wash it with water and Lotus. So it shows that you should use whatever detergent or anything that you have in order to make the area fresh as well and nice smelling as well. The second step is pour water, even if it's very little, but for water. Why pour water in order to rate up the blood completely. And it does not matter if the blood stains remain visible. As long as you bought some water. That's sufficient. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to a woman that yuck fakie Laslo dummy, Willa yabuki as a rule ruha that it should suffice you to wash the blood and it stains will not do you any harm. So if you have washed off, but the stains have

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remained, that stain doesn't matter, you don't have to worry about it. And the third step is sprinkle on the rest of the garment. Why sprinkled on the rest of the garment. Like, you know, for example, the part that is stained, you just scrub it off, wash it off completely. But the rest of it, why sprinkle water on the rest of it, that if for example, you have some wastewater, you know, then you can be confident that this is clean. Secondly, it might have a bad smell to it, or it might not feel fresh. So when you sprinkle water on it, you know you're kind of making it fresh, because remember that sprinkling water does not necessarily ruin a Jessa. And there is no one adjuster there

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anyway. So why are you sprinkled is to freshen up the clones. One more thing that we've seen this hardy says that it was mentioned in the Torah, that at the time of tour, then she would clean. So this shows the permissibility of leaving the Jessa on clothes until there is a need to purify them. So if for example, a woman is wearing clothes, and she's menstruating, and let's say the blood got onto her pants or something, and she intends to clean up, but she doesn't get the chance to does she have to wash off immediately. She doesn't need to. She doesn't have to until there is a need. And when does that need that when she has to press one because it's possible that if she has heavy

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bleeding, then she will know that her clothes will get stained again. So then she will have to keep washing, keep cleaning. And if it's too difficult upon her, then she should not impose difficulty on herself she can just leave the cleaning off until the end

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for good hygiene and it's best to keep yourself clean even throughout your period. But if it's causing a burden on someone then it's not necessary.

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There are many ways that can be rubber to remove the stains and it's best that the stains are removed because then you feel clean. But if the stains are not removed and the person has to wear them during solid then don't worry too much about it.

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Then another thing we learned in this Hardee's is some muscle leafy, then she was told then pray in those clouds so it's not allowed to pray in clothes that are contaminated with blood.

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So it's not permissible. But an earthy cafe lil Mr. hodda, erotica for the Mr. hodda, meaning the woman who is having was experiencing is to Hello. Can she do erotica vs. She can. Why? Because it's to Heather is not how it is different from Haley. And therefore the regulations of hail do not apply to is to have health you can say the state of impurity in the sense that a woman will not pray at that time, and that she needs muscle. But a woman who has to help she's not in a state of impurity, she can pray, she has to pray, in fact, so when she can pray that means you can even perform all the other acts of worship. And that includes your thicker, even though she is bleeding, even though she

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may be bleeding profusely. Still she can and the blood of his to help her. Some have said that it is nudges. And this seems to be the majority opinion the stronger opinion. But still a woman can go to the masjid because obviously where's the captain in the mustard? So even though there's a lot of us they have a yes. Even though their blood may be unclean? Yes. She just has to make sure that she does not contaminate the machine. But otherwise there is no harm. Had the dinner is held in accordance with the law and highly unlikely matter and are a shadow and an abuse of the law. Where do you send them? Here deckover the Prophet sallallahu wasallam erotica he did erotica,

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Mara who Balboni said He, along with him were some of his wives, meaning some wives of the Prophet salallahu alternate erotica that year in the masjid. And this wife in particular what he was to how long she was in the state of is to have them that are done, she would see the blood, meaning it wasn't just a little bit of spotting, but it was actually a lot of bleeding for Obama. And many times what are the pasta, she would place a pasta, the washbasin you can see like a big bowl or a tub or something like that she would place it

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under herself. Men are dumb because of the blood.

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Because you would read so much that no class no menstrual pad would be sufficient. And it happened to some women that the blood continues to flow. Like as though attap has been opened up. It just flows and flows and flows uncontrollably. So this is how she would bleed. But she wanted to air the gap. So she did it. But what did she do? She placed a washbasin under herself that the blood would collect over there and the mustard would not get dirty. whatsoever. And the narrator mean acumen he asserted that he shadow Atma restful that I shared with her now she saw the water of his foot are sort of safflower. It's a particular kind of flower so she saw its extract, or its oil you can see

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and the color of that was yellowish brown for violet. So she said Anna had a shade on Canada Fulani to do that. So until a woman she would find blood or discharged that was something like this, the color of which was something like this. So she compared the blood of is the harder like that of safflower liquid. The yellowish brown says for some women it may be pink, and for others that may be brownish in color. How does an aqua Eva to color have the most rain on holiday kremerata on our shadow palette, she said Erica COVID Mara Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in atonement as YG, one of the women from his wives, she did erotica with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for kanatal.

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Adam was so far and she would see blood as well as so far, meaning as well as yellowish discharge. So sometimes it would be very pink. Other times it would be dull in its color. So she would see. And it happens that you see a range of colors. What does to her, and the past would be under meaning the washbasin would be under here. We're here to Sally and she would also pray. We're here to Sally does not mean that she will pray while standing in the past, because then how would she do such them. But what it means is that she would spend her time most of all sitting in the washbasin. If she would sit, you would not sit on the floor, but she would sit in that vision. And in her Salah, she would

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also pray meaning is to how that did not prevent her from praying is to how though did not prevent her from praying. So perhaps when she felt that the blood was slightly controllable, or that she could wear some kind of garment or something, then she would go on and pray. Otherwise, she would spend her time in the past. Now there are many things that can be learned over here. That first of all, we see that if due to illness, a woman is bleeding so much that no menstrual bed is enough. Or if a person is suffering from Celtel bold meaning when urine is constantly dripping, meaning a person has problems with their urine, they cannot control it, then they should not delay their

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prayer. They should not leave their prayer. They will pray as they are even though they may be bleeding. And even though the urine may be dripping.

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Because for some people it's beyond their control. They use the washroom

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Right before praying Salah, they wash themselves up they do will do. But still the drops come it's not in their control. So in that case, will they leave the prayer? No. Will they delay the prayer? No, they will pray as they are even though they may be bleeding and even though the urine drops may be falling out. Because remember the deen is for all people for those who were ill, and those who are healthy. Those who are suffering from a chronic condition and those who are not, it's for all people. And just because someone has an illness does not mean that they should remain in this guilt, this feeling of you know, uneasiness, no, you should have this confidence that even though I may be

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bleeding, it's not in my control, but I will pressed and I'm not at fault.

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Also, we see here that her is the holder did not prevent her from erotica. And such is

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that so much blood is coming out. If a woman has a heavy period, what does she do? lays in bed all the time, or is just sitting on the couch or not doing anything? Yes, definitely the cramps are they're understandable, but does mean that you do nothing. Sometimes I see that girls are, you know, they have really bad cramps or something. And they're sitting in the cafeteria sipping on tea. And I say that at least no listen to the class. You can take notes, okay, get up, walk a little bit, sit down, lie down a little bit, don't leave the class, something that you have to do you have to do. I mean, you take rest for some time, but then you get up and move on. And never look at yourself as a

00:31:28--> 00:31:38

victim. Whether it's an illness or a circumstance or whatever, it never look at yourself as a victim. Because once you start looking at yourself as a victim, then your morale will be down and you won't be able to do anything at all.

00:31:39--> 00:31:49

Always look at such you know, illness or whatever as a challenge that Okay, now how do we solve it? How do we deal with it? Okay, what can I do about it?

00:31:50--> 00:32:14

I remember when I was expecting I had extreme nausea. And there were times when I would be trying to walk into class and I would like my mother was here and like, I can't go. She said, it's okay. Put this in your mouth and go to class. And if you have to throw up this walk out of class, and I would sit in class with a small bowl, and a bank that in case I have to throw up I don't want to dirty the carpet. It was always here. You guys never saw but it was always here.

00:32:15--> 00:32:35

Why? Because what you have to do you have to do right? And the thing is that once you start looking at the problem then becomes even bigger for you. I mean, look at this great woman. She is bleeding profusely. She's sitting in a washbasin in her tent in a Masjid, I want to do a photograph, I'm going to do it. When you suffer more, you get more award, right?

00:32:36--> 00:32:57

That after childbirth, a woman is bleeding for 40 days almost. But throughout that time, she's waking up every two hours every three hours to nurse the baby to change the baby to work the baby. So much so that her arms may be hurting, but she's dealing with the bleeding, right? I mean, it's there. It's hurting, she's uncomfortable, but okay, how can I deal with it? I this is your attitude.

00:32:59--> 00:33:07

Focus is something else Exactly. Don't make your illness or your pain, the focus. Don't make it a focus.

00:33:08--> 00:33:46

Like for example, if you're sick and you have to eat, do you focus on the pain? Or do you focus on the food on the food, you don't stop eating just because you're sick. So likewise, you don't stop doing what you have to do just because you are unwell, that it shows the open heartedness of the profits of aloneness alone and the rest of the people that even though the slides are the profits or losses and was bleeding profusely, still they let her do erotica in the masjid because she can. So when someone can, even though they may have a condition, you know, they should be allowed to as long as the arrangements are there, they have the arrangements or washbasin. If the arrangements cannot

00:33:46--> 00:33:54

be made, then obviously, you don't want the person to suffer and you don't want the masjid to suffer. And you don't want the rest of the people to suffer either.

00:33:55--> 00:34:12

So you always have to look at the big picture. If you can accommodate someone, then you accommodate them. But if you cannot accommodate them, then you don't want to, you know harm them or harm yourself. Imagine that she went ahead and did everything. And if she hadn't done how would we know self pity affects your productivity

00:34:13--> 00:34:23

of you. Obviously, when a woman is near the gap, she is in a separate and you can say tent. So the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they had pitched tents in the masjid.

00:34:24--> 00:34:32

So these days you have cubicles because each person should have some kind of seclusion. husband or wife should not be in the same cubicle because kind of defeats the purpose.

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

Had the cinema said that Impala had the Cinema Camera and hard on your crema on a shutter and Nebraska Omaha it would mean in your attack effect where he was to hell, that some of the wives of the Prophet told a lot inside them. They did erotica while they had is to help and based on this, some scholars have said that non menstrual vaginal bleeding does not invalidate will do or prayer because of the full moon is in the Gulf. She is praying

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

While she's bleeding, that means that this kind of bleeding does not invalidate, although people say that there is no erotica for women. Of course, women can do urticaria, and even if a woman having a Cialis still she can do it. It's a clear evidence. But again, when the arrangements are there, if a Masjid does not have that facility, they can only accommodate men. They don't have a place where they can accommodate women. They don't have separate washrooms. They don't have a separate kitchen for them. They don't have a separate area where they can, you know, recycle on comfortably and pray comfortably. Then they have the right to say no. But if the accommodations are there, then woman

00:35:38--> 00:35:47

should not be refused. Sometimes the family says woman is not supposed to do. This is a clear evidence that she can, but definitely you need the permission from your family

00:35:49--> 00:36:30

health to Salima to fee sobin Halbert fee, he has to send in one or two can a woman pray fee celban includes how the fee in which she had her hijab. Earlier, we learned that some women had only one pair of clothes, right? So if a woman has only one pair of clothes, then obviously when her head will be over, she will have to pay her Salah when she prays so that I can keep those clothes on in which she had her head. Yes, she can. What's the condition those clothes have to be clean. Now Alhamdulillah we have many clothes, we don't have this problem. But you could be in a situation where let's say you come to the Institute, you go to a Masjid or something for a class, you having

00:36:30--> 00:36:50

your period. And you find out when you get there that your period is over. It's finished. And it's supposed to end on that day. You come here at nine in the morning. 11 o'clock, you find out okay, your ride comes at three. And let's say it's winter, by that time the hood will be gone. Even so it might be too late by the time you get home.

00:36:51--> 00:37:31

And there is a shower stall so you can technically take a shower. Okay, and you should make use of it when it's been built for this purpose specifically and hamdulillah for the shower stall in the masjid. So anyway, you can take a shower, but do you have a fresh pair of clothes? You don't? You don't have fresh clothes, right? So can you take a shower and put those clothes back on again? Yes, you can, as long as they're not stained with blood. And if they're stained with blood, then you just clean them the way the procedures is described in their bodies. Because if you don't then you are missing your solder and that's something you're not allowed to do. So can a woman pray in the cloth

00:37:31--> 00:37:40

in which she had her head? Yes, she can. And she should if that is the only option. But she has to clean the cloth.

00:37:41--> 00:38:14

Had the thinner I will not even call I had doesn't even know he would never I never any of it Nigerian. And Raja hit Allah. He said called Arusha to our show below and she said mechanically, Donna, Eliza, when were hidden, one of us would not have except just one pair of clothes. The hidden fee, she would menstruate in it for either a saga who shadowman them, then when something of blood would fall on it, meaning when it would get stained by blood, or a burial key her she would spit on it

00:38:15--> 00:38:56

is the saliva fosatu and then she would scrape it off. asar is basically to crush mash squash some things that she would scrape it off bill of rehab with her nails. So basically, she would use her saliva or something, she would wet her finger with her saliva, and then she would wet that area, and then scrape it off in order to clean it. Now this has been understood in a number of ways. First of all, the single garment that women possess, the single garment is not referring to one single dress, but rather it is referring to one single garment that was reserved for hate

00:38:57--> 00:39:02

that a woman would wear while she was menstruating. So you're talking about a menstrual pad.

00:39:03--> 00:39:44

Um Salama the Hadees that we learned earlier, it was mentioned that she was lying down when her hailed began. So she got up to get her Garmin for health. And what does that refer to her menstrual bed. So in this Hadees celban were hidden refers to the menstrual pad that a woman would have only one menstrual pad, she cannot afford to get two or three. And she would obviously reuse them. So she had to be very careful in the way that you would use it. So how would you use it that if it would get stained by blood, she would immediately try to clean it. How would a wet finger or something as the blood would dry up, she would remove that and then with her saliva or something she would you

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

know make it wet or something so that she could use that menstrual pad for a long time. She could use it for let's say a day or two or three days. Otherwise if she did not care about cleaning it as her beard went on, then by the end of a day or two

00:40:00--> 00:40:04

Should have nothing left. So this is how they would continue to clean it every day.

00:40:05--> 00:40:47

This is one interpretation of this Hardee's. The second interpretation is that someone who I had refers to their clothes, their dress their clothes. And when a woman is wearing her clothes, in her head, sometimes your clothes even get a stain by blood, her, her pants or whatever, they can get stained by blood, right. So when they would get stained by blood, and the blood would be violet, let's say or drop here, just a little bit, a droplet here, they're very small, then she would clean it in this manner. Now, some scholars based on this Hadees, they have said that this hadith does not mean that you can purify clothes without the use of water. Because the intention here was not to

00:40:47--> 00:41:27

purify the garment for Salah. But it was just to remove the trace of blood, just so that they could use it for a longer period of time. And secondly, this is not mean, they said that a woman can pray in clothes that are stained with blood, because if you remove with saliva just a little bit, I mean, you didn't really realize it. So it's still stained. So they said you cannot pray in such clothes. But other scholars said, you know, it's understood that her clothes are clean, but they said that no Salah is not mentioned here, the intent of cleaning was not to clean them for Salah. You understand? Perhaps this was the woman's habit throughout the time of halal, or perhaps the blood was very

00:41:27--> 00:42:13

little or just just a drop or something like that. But other scholars, they said that no, this hadith does prove that majestic can be cleaned without water without the use of water even because it's not just this hideous. But there are many other texts which prove that water is not necessary for purification. purification can be done with any other means as long as, as at the end, an agenda is removed, and the area has become clean. Like for example, if a person does not have access to water, and they're using the washroom, after that from the sooner we learn is not what is the amount that you wipe off the agenda? So you're not using water over there? What are you using a rock? What

00:42:13--> 00:42:39

are you using toilet paper? So you just removed an agenda by wiping off you're not using you in a drop of water? But if the agenda is removed, purification, do you have it? You do? purification has been attained. So purification can be attained with water and also through other means, as long as the area the garment the body is clean?

00:42:40--> 00:43:23

whether using antibacterial wipes, okay, are you using a dry cleaning liquid, because that's not water, some special kind of liquid that they use, or it is, you know, using rocks or whatever a stick anything. As long as you're able to remove that adjuster, then that is completely fine. But remember that if the ninjetta is a lot like in this Hades, you know, if it's just a blood for just a drop of blood, it's understandable that you can use the saliva or just a wet finger to clean. But if it's a lot, if it's a lot, then I'm sorry, wetting the finger and passing a wet hand over will not be sufficient. You have to rinse it. Correct. So you have to look at the situation always.

00:43:25--> 00:43:32

You have to look at the situation. Now for example, you're cleaning your toilet bowl, the toilet seat, what do you use? You pour water over?

00:43:33--> 00:43:40

If you use that, if you do that, how will you get the water off the floor? You don't have drains over here, right? In many places you don't have drains. So what do you do?

00:43:42--> 00:44:22

You wipe it with some wipes or something, you'll take a sponge and then you'll take a wet cloth and you pass that over? You did not pour water you used an antibacterial wipe, you did not use water, but has that place been purified? Yes, it has been purified even though you did not pour water Yes. But remember, we learned earlier that the smell should not be there. The color, especially in water should not be there. But remember when it comes to blood or something, the stain will remain. So those are the things that you have to consider. Whether it's you cleaning yourself or baby wipes, same thing. So, remember that water is best for purification. But if water is not available, or if

00:44:22--> 00:44:47

the ninjetta is very little or it's not possible to use water over there, then can you use other means to purify? Yes, you can as long as purification is obtained. And what if a woman is in a situation where there is no water? So she cannot clean at all over here maybe in this Hadees that I should learn a narrative there was only a drop of blood or something What if there is a lot of blood and there is no water? Then what do you do? Then you have no other clothes and what do you do?

00:44:48--> 00:44:55

Then you like look at someone who is compelled. You don't have the choice, then you will pray however you are.

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

You know just like if a person is is unable to determine the

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

The direction is equivalent. What will they do? They will pray however, you know they can to the best of their knowledge. The person does not have access to water they're in the state of Geneva they cannot take also they cannot do will do what can they do to mom but their bodies may still be dirty. They may still have an agenda on their body on their clothes. Again, their home is sufficient. Why? Because the situation is beyond your control. But when you are able to clean when there is water available, then you don't have a choice you have to clean. So for example, you're at the masjid there is a shower stall, there is hope there is water. Then can you delay your prayer

00:45:39--> 00:45:55

until you get home you cannot you will shower there. You will pray in those fluids. And if those clothes are stained anywhere you will remove the stain. Okay, so panic alarm will be handy to alert you that I learned the stuff it will go into like a Solomonic or a dilemma cutter