Following The Middle Path Part 2

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The speakers stress the importance of understanding one's beliefs to avoid confusion and loss of group support. They stress the need for clear understanding of one's beliefs to avoid confusion and mistakes, and emphasize the importance of avoiding false accusations of love. The speakers also discuss various situations where Muslims should not marry women, and express hope to convey a plan to the community to avoid extremist groups creating a "monster" community.

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Here's what you need. And you have to have a clear understanding of

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what it comes down

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to the compromises that are

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given a justification as to what they believe.

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Of course, you know, when giving dollars to an individual

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it's not going to serve any purpose directly to tell that person you're a disbeliever. You're going to help just like if you're giving Dawa to a Christian. No, no, you believe Yes, this person is heading for help. No, but the tele Christian Listen, we're going to help you in just closing in here. So he doesn't want to hear what you want to do is to invite them to let them to understand what in fact are the correct deep beliefs concerning our

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understanding we have to understand what they believe and get them to have a clarity of what the correct belief is same thing was with

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of course, in here in the Bahamas.

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Dina she may not really be a Shiite in the sense of Iranian Shiite you know, who has a tradition of their beliefs and practices who was living this way? Many are people who may consider themselves Shiite because of political wrangling was took place in the community so they may lean to one group and currents of debate when he asked what does it mean to be a Shiite? They can tell you I would gladly stone Why do you need with blood? Is there some kind of story in one of the sisters were amongst us this afternoon was talking I was asking her She said she was a Shiite? I was asking what does it mean to be a Shia

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to come up with that we played apparently stones towards his end, which used to chew on when she was a kid. And it totally was no, this is mingoes blood, so don't do it.

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And he had no idea where these stones came from,

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in her mind, in terms of the concept of Allah is and we should be worshiping, you know, she has the same belief as we have. For those people who have a confused kind of state, they don't really know they just say using the term it's to bring them to try to understand what does it mean to be

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to become clear now if they do understand I've just become clear what it means to be a Shiite and they have said Well, no, I believe that the Imams have these attributes of Allah

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made it clear that they belong to another religion on the one we belong to.

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What about the fact that they practice here

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in a which means that they may say one thing and they believe another Okay. Well, that much

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we can only judge when we find clear evidence for it for here, where the person says to us in discussing with them that in fact no I do not hold these beliefs and so on, so on, so on. So, therefore, in fact, I am not a shy

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person says no, I do have this belief.

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He is and so, what is a shell?

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And in other words, the third one is the concept that the firm enough to hold his belief, this is where we have a case of somebody who may be playing the game

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Can I can I take that approach?

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You will always come here

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because like you say blindly

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differences in

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people who basically maybe Shia, but not really.

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I have always find how Muslim

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when you are with somebody who is a position position, who have a very hard part about what they believe it is your obligation.

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What is correct with that person?

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I just I just find I just find a lot of people take position

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We have

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no relationship with

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Right? Now somebody comes to me, but what we've come to realize is that we don't want to go to, again, one extreme, or the other, without it becomes very loose. And it doesn't really matter what you believe we're all one, you know, forget it, you know, we're all Muslim, you know, nobody wants to go to the other team, where we judge people without having presented the evidence to them. And they know what they actually believe and presented them the clarity, but you don't want to go to either one extreme or other. But for ourselves, we have to have a clear understanding that being a Shiite, in fact, is belongs to another religion, if we didn't have that clear understanding, then it

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becomes the model becomes, you know, confused. So we're dealing with people and want to make excuses and all these other things. But if we have a clear understanding, well, in fact, this is another religion, then, when we deal with them, we deal with them as you deal with somebody following another religion, to give them a chance to win. And to get to the root of the problem. Let's clarify for them. What is the correct belief? After you've given them the evidence, the truth is the native to them, if they still choose to leave us, it leaves them their commitment, very clear, that we are in fact, following this other religious religion.

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different experiences and

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different goals appear and not another. One of them walked up to me

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have a person who calls in

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to law he, to me, I say back to him while

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we can they find

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the the the response, which I have to give to the Christians and the Jews.

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Christians, Muslims,

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yeah. You don't give them the most alone. We cannot classify them within the body with no we're not sure that that's completely out. We'll give them at least what we give to the Christians and the Jews, when they give us a meeting family, we respond to them according to our partners and tell them process while

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we do not say back to them waalaikumsalam

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in our community,

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because the law says that the good things are given to you from the believers, you shall respond with life.

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So the least you should respond back to Allah wa salam, and as medicine a lot more to life and also about a

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positive sum of

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love. I think

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I want to bring it up here. Bring up the

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situation, the respect to

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tended to ask you for advice, or

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your son.

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How would you relate to that?

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Well, islamically You shouldn't agree.

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islamically shouldn't agree.

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You shouldn't marry a doctor to a car

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accept proper Islam.

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In Islam, which was brought by Prophet Mohammed was

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conveyed to us by companion.

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When the man is consistent in the affected me meaning not just accepting a feather marriage, again, that's the same condition as a Muslim is going to marry a non Muslim, a Christian or a Jew, because a Muslim male may marry a female Christian or

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not vice versa. Right? Most

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The women can only marry a Muslim man.

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Now, if that Muslim man knows that the woman is saying the Shahada just to marry him, then that marriage is adultery or fornication.

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that she's, she tells him she says, I don't believe but I will just say it tomorrow.

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I'll accept the scenario.

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I don't believe it.

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So if you know that that person is saying, well, this is a lie is a false statement.

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As the person says, Let me read about Islam. I want to know about Islam as they come up, and they study Islam, and they say they are Muslim, and you marry them. Later on the third, you know, I didn't really believe I just did it. Well, that's another situation.

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Another scenario situation. But

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at the time of marriage, you know that this person is only declaring the face to marry you, then that declaration is a false declaration. So in fact, you are marrying somebody who you should not be married. I mean, in the case of a Christian, a Jew, she's a Christian, I

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know, he's a Buddhist,

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then the only way you can marry her is if she becomes a Buddhist or by

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that that's the only way you can if she becomes a Muslim. And similarly with your daughter, you know, if the guy wants to marry, if he's declaring his face, just marry her, then

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for the past night, she's entering into an arrangement of fornication, and you are functioning

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a foreign

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entity, anyone

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have sympathy for anyone who insulted

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their alma

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mater was forbidden during the Battle of Cobra, and was again forbidden for those who didn't hear the prohibition memo, Cobra, in the farewell pilgrimage. Now, there were some people who said in here, they didn't make the pilgrimage. And

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Emma in his Caliphate heard about them.

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And he

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threatened that whoever continued to do this will get the punishment that by a loss of fornication or adultery

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right, this

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is the one who for there is no reference to individually the marriage and

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I will talk to him about there are people who are practicing this we haven't heard the position that we informed them of it and threaten that we ever did it afterwards is already married and it was a second wife, for example, then it's adultery. If they're not mad, then it's one person, they will get the punishment for a court accordingly. Okay. So

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for anybody to promote this is to promote adultery or fornication.

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That is simply unacceptable.

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At one point in the Christian

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female population and I know you don't just be Christian and you have to be

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he has to say

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that she is not known to be you know,

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having sex with this one that one the other one etc. so as to be known funny. Pamela

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so could have been married before and divorce or husband died, whatever. But she was a chaste woman.

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And she's known she was not a woman that was you know, easy to get people having relations with etc, etc.

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the beach with my

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You saying that you also

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want to make an investment? No, no, no, no.

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I have no men.

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On the on the relationship.

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He had a relationship with a man. It was a marriage.

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Women she was married and a husband died. Was that right?

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She was not known to be with men before marriage.

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Professor or if she didn't, wasn't married, then

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those systems

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is not as well participated in the discussion, as you saw the reserved session among yourselves to

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the listeners

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to participate

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a request

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this is yours This

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is that

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can a Muslim marry a Christian in the lives of the quicker or in a land of where they are dominated by the disbelievers.

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There is no stipulation which prevents Muslims from marrying a Christian in either dotted Islam or

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masturbation, however, the recommendation would be invalid Islam and

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it would not be recommended professor but we can say preferable that a Muslim man does not narrow Christian women in the societies of this unique why because the principal was allowed

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as a confession, a confession which is in the interest of benefits to the Muslim community, not harm to the Muslim community. So, in dhahran, Islam, when a Muslim man marries a Christian woman, then

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that Christian woman is in a society which is encouraging us to become Muslim children where the waves of Muslims no festoons involved, whereas in the land, that this belief or this belief is the

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control of the society, so that women as a non Muslim, will be encouraged to remain anonymous, the Bible Society, and the children may be raised with a divorce or other circumstances under the even rocky scenario decides to feed Christian ideas to the children. So

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that's why in a number of styles considered to be not preferable, in circumstances where Muslims are in a state of weakness,

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maybe that is normal in that it could be done in the sense that it could be in a Muslim land that is being used by other than Islamic law, and Christian missionaries, etc, are very active with the feminist community and through their activities in their marriage. You know, some of the doctors whatever to local Muslim and that will convert them to Christianity. So even a situation and our Muslims are weak, then it is not

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to marry Christians

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point of view of

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the woman, the Muslim woman,

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minority in terms of numbers,

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serving our most

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Muslim sisters available,

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is not ready

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to go marry

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a woman who is ready because it is disadvantageous, adjust

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as you go

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The question

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don't have the means to go away and get go

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to get

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other systems that they want to protect themselves from committing legal sexual acts, and

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within the community,

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in the context of community growth grow too young

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to protect themselves from committing sexual acts.

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If they feel that that could be

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the recommendation given that job

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is to fat

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as the as the means to get married,

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and there is no opportunity,

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because as a means of dealing with the opportunity, there is no given opportunity, you cannot make Did you at that particular point with another Muslim community to find a rival cetera, then you have to be patient, he gives us dollar outwear. He tries to find that movie among the Christian women.

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That Islam, ultimately, after they've accepted Islam,

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the session that we have

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brought up.

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Sorry about that.

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Sorry about that, if I didn't catch the implication that you mentioned. And I really, really talked to in a general sense, I'm talking to a group that really don't know who I'm talking about anyway, that

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identity is

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mistakenly identified you as a CIO, presently, the one who was in fact, brought up as a CIO.

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You ever tried to set up

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rules on people without knowing their situation, and this community is

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situated out.

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And first thing is opposition

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to women one ratio, but people do investigations shapefiles and so forth,

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is saying that this is this should not be solving that since what I don't know what's going on.

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I find that I don't particularly like that and it's unfair to me on a planet.

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But he was healthy

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on people.

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We are famous

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as close the session,

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I think that

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we have a clear understanding of what constitutes the

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Islamic approach to moderation. What constitutes that middle path

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and our requirements to follow it, find out the Islamic teachings with guidance on that particular path.

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I hope also that we avoid any of the extremism that has become prevalent amongst us in terms of

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our enthusiasm, you know, getting out of hand and then creating split in the ranks of Muslims.

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And inshallah, we also hope that will start to convey a plan to the community in the best way possible. And if I said anything else to offend anybody

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is that my assumption and I would ask them to forgive me