Fasting on Arafah

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We're not going to lie to you but a cat two

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brothers and sisters, another thought for after Ramadan.

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I know maybe you're expecting something else tomorrow or the day after. But

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we're also testing the

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reason for the poor quality of the videos, these live videos which

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I have posted.

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When I did them from Doha, they were fine, etc. From here in Somaliland, they've come out a bit blurry and not very

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high quality,

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though I'm using an iPhone, not the latest iPhone, few notches below that, the latest who But

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still, the quality is not really as it should be. Perhaps one of the reasons is due to the fact that

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I'm depending on the internet within the house, and I'm sort of outside of the house that could be the factors is why I decided to just add another one here from inside the house where I live in Hargeisa and,

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you know, continue with the thoughts of fasting beyond Ramadan.

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what are we talking about?

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In our previous

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recording our previous

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message, we spoke about the six days of sha Allah.

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And we were speaking about the fact that fasting is not limited only to Ramadan mean, although that's what's obligatory. And if one does the obligatory properly,

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then one gets the full reward for fasting. However,

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on the Sunnah basis on the basis of what the province of asylum is recommended, increases our reward. And also what we have to consider is that the fast

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is not perfect, the one that we do, it's not a perfect fast. So it's going to have some deficiencies, some errors, some weaknesses, some shortcomings, etc. And the additional facts help to cover up help to patch up help to

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correct the

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deficiencies, which are without a doubt to be found in our father Ramadan. So, after show while we said what the prophet SAW Selim, tell us, you know, after Ramadan, by fasting the six days of Chahal,

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now have the reward for fasting for one whole year.

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That's six days after Ramadan.

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The Fast of alpha,

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which comes after it

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has the reward. That's only one day now six days got us the reward for the whole year. Now one day fast, one day is fast on arafah for those who are not making Hajj, because they get the reward for the prayers.

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For those outside, who didn't make it to verify by fasting on the day of arafah.

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One gets the reward of two years, two years of fasting for one day. So behind Allah, this is a huge mercy from Allah Subhana Allah, He is just giving us additional opportunities with minimum of effort on our part, but of course we're talking about proper fasts. We're not talking about the traditional playfull playful

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you know, fast which don't have

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spirituality in it. It's the spirituality is missing. Yeah, you're not

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Eating from dawn until dusk. And you know, that's it. No, don't don't think that the reward is so easy actually.

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It's one day's fast. And it's a huge reward. As opposed to, as Simon said, Whoever fast out of

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right gets the reward of purification for sin for the coming year and the past year, that's two years reward.

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So behind Allah, this is from the mercy of Allah.

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Allah truly is

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beyond our imagination,

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that fast for arafah is further encouragement for us to fast beyond Ramadan.

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To make fasting

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an integral part of our lives, put it on the calendar, on our calendar, the fast four out of five and inshallah we're gonna be talking about other days of fasting which the prophet SAW Selim recommended, outside of Ramadan, affirming, confirming that fasting is a way of life for the Muslim fasting is a way of life. So don't miss out on this day. The opportunity which Allah has given us, make the best of it, and inshallah

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we'll make it to Jenna.

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With the fast because the problems are solomid said in paradise. There are there is a gate

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known as a ryanne. I think everybody knows this one.

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And this gate is specifically for those who fast

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so May Allah make us among those who enter Paradise based on our fasting?

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I mean, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh