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So now from the level I mean some Allah some radical into being a Muhammad wanna add ego so I mean in my book

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on Sunday for him Allah to Allah Chickies heavy Alexandre Hain if you remember fondly Dickie would have funny yeah hey Misha for Noah says in his book entitled Riyadh, Riyadh the Saudi he gardens in the righteous and the chapter of the virtues of vicar remembering Allah and encouraging want to do so. I'd be heard after all the Allahu Anhu under football and more hygena I told us all ally Salah SallAllahu wasallam follow their battle to fully bid Bella jet and the ruler when now Iman and mocking you so Luna command marsali We assume gonna come and assume we know whom fog loon Minh and when we are to meet on what you J doing we have to solve the horn for color allow a limo comm che

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and to the corner b He means segments so welcome. We're just gonna be ManBat the comb overlay Hakuna about the main core of the loom income in what aikana had an abdomen comb it Allah mon Sana I met with a mass on auto Paula Bella Sula kala to send the Honda where to what to Medina where to come be Runa Khalifa Cooley Salatin Lathan Athene Paula Abu Salah Harare, and it'd be relativity Lohani lemma su Illa and K fi Yeti Dickey he net all yeah hold Subhanallah when hamdu lillah Allahu Akbar Hatay Akula Minho Nicola who Natha Lathan with that, I think was the most infuriating for Raja ifakara on Maha Giannini Hina Rasulullah sallallahu certificado Samia one winner, and Molly Bhima.

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For Elena for Allen for Fernando Middleham for color su Isola Salam Delica for the La Junta. He mentioned the promise of Elijah was son of mine and we would read all the Allahu Anhu. He inherited that the poor immigrants came to the province of Milan there was salam and they said the wealthy have gone with the highest ranks and lasting bliss. He said Elijah was Saddam said how is that? They reply they offer prayer as we offer it, they observe as we do, they perform the hajj and umrah and go for jihad, and they spend in charity, but we cannot and they free the slaves but we are unable to do so. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Shall I not teach you something with which you

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may overtake those who surpass you and with and which you will surpass those who will come after you. None will excel you unless he who does which you do. They said yes please all messenger of Allah. And he said you should recite test to be that Allah is free from imperfection. Subhanallah Takbeer which Allah is a law that allows the greatest need Praise to Allah 33 times after every prayer.

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Abu salah, another narrator of the Hadith said on the authority of Abu Huraira he said when the Prophet saw someone was asked about the manner of reciting test to be to meet to be it he said, recite Subhan Allah will hamdu lillah Allahu Akbar till all are recited 33 times and this is only authority record available quantity

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and Muslim in the mosques in the places of worship. This is how do you this is important. I want to mention a couple of points here. The first narrator was Abu Huraira. And then the second one, he added a certain portion, and his name was Abu Saudi, and they call it sub narrator and either in Muslim, he added a portion. So this hadith is recorded in two books. One is the body and another is Muslim. After the Quran, these are the two most authentic books of Hadith. And I don't have time to go into the process of accepting a hadith. But Buhari was the most strict, and then Muslim was strict as well. But the difference between Behati and Muslim is that Behati memorable hearty he will

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mention a portion of Hadith to get his point across and Muslim will mention the whole Hadith because their intention behind their leaf was different behind their authorship was different. Muslim said I'm just going to mention the Hadith and the subject matter. subtler than all of them. Because he said, I'm going to mention a hadith but I'm going to mention a portion of it that coincides with the title of the subject matter. Slight difference. But all the Hadith are authentic, who who gets what makes a hadith authentic.

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The chain of who?

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The raw is the chain of narrators. So from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told Buhari is what you call the Senate or the chain. If any of you have children that's memorize the Quran. After they memorize the Quran, there's so much more to do. Like you can memorize from the chef. You memorize. He's heard you memorize, fellas, you get what is called what? A Jaza. Right. But then after a Jazza there's something called Senate. Senate is where you recite the whole Quran again to him and he gives you the chain

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and Senate also what is it what is additional in the Senate? Is that you recite the eye at a certain way that coincides with the verse some scholars, you make this prerequisite. So you say are some of that somebody says yes I have Senate means that I'm able to trace my Senate, my chain of narration from my shoe all into the province of Milan and

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so that's that is what we call Senate and generation here. So what makes a hadith authentic? Is the chain of narrators that there is no there is no gap and that each person in the chain has met the other person. Okay. The way that they met is important. And also that person has to have a good grade I this person is known to memorize it maybe people in your family they memorize names you know, there's it's just a movie but Allah has given people like a mumble hottie is memorization was immaculate Imam Muslim memorization was immaculate Imam Muhammad. Memorization was immaculate Imam Shafi read a whole book of Hadith Imam Imam Malik from his memory, right? Imam Malik memorization

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was immaculate. So if you're an authority may have noticed if you have authority was during the time of Abu Hanifa. Memorization was immaculate. So these are scholars that we hear but we don't realize that the depth of their scholarship and how Allah has blessed them. So we met most of the human body was was of them, too. So the promise was sort of mentioned some some support, people came to the province awesome.

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And they were, they were mentioning how the wealthy have gone with the highest ranks and lasting bliss. And this is important, because sometimes we as Muslims will look at those that may have a higher rank than us in the dunya. The province of Elijah was salam reminded us of something that we may take lightly and belittle and he actually mentioned what we have, inshallah just said after the Salah, but he gives an introduction to it. He says here, shall I teach you something which will make you overtake those that surpass you, with which you will surpass those who come after you? Which will you surpass those who will come after you? None will none will excel you unless he who does

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what you do. So basically, when you say this, it is important for us to believe that saying this has this type of virtue. And that's what's important for the Muslim. Sometimes when we say things, we don't realize what we say it's just, we just say it. So for instance, and so often Aisha you know, if some of us have memorized what I recited, who can remember what was previously recited, right? Or what was the DUA that you made in the records of Valleyfair and your third record, right? Or where were you attentive in the Salah. Sometimes you realize, okay, the fourth record, I wasn't attentive. The third record, I remember what I was what I was attentive. So this is Subhan, Allah, those words

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that we say Subhana Robbia, I'll clean when we're bowing, that Allah Alvine he is the greatest when you ponder over Alvine and what's the difference between Allah? What's the difference between Subhan Allah will be handy. pondering over these differences is what increases your undivided attention in the prayer. So there's so many opportunities for us to be focused in our prayers. So the prophets Allah, Allah wa salam, he mentioned saying,

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tuck beard in the first party, if he said, took a beer to meet in a TSB. But then in the other narrator, he asked him how, and that's the process someone told him exactly. Recite, Subhan Allah, which is to speak, and then when hamdulillah would just meet, Allahu Akbar, which is what Tech Tech can be. And then he said, 33 times, so we know we can all feel safe and knowing that when we recite this after the prayer, this is authentic, the province of Salam said to do it. How many times? Why 33

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I've never heard that. I've never heard that wisdom behind it. 3330 So that's 99 Well, I've never heard

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any other reason?

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Is it okay to do and we don't know the reason.

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I mean, we mean, how many intelligent Muslims have we had throughout history? The Muslim law says if Quran which means to be educated.

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You supposed to know why 33 Why is it 3030 33?

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No one knows.

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So you're reciting all this your whole life? You don't know why.

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Good? Yeah.

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We don't know. We don't know why. 33. Brothers and sisters, there's gonna be certain numbers of why there's seven heavens, Allah knows best. Why is it 33? Allah knows best. Why are there five prayers Allah knows best? Why don't we write why three times Allah knows best.

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Allah knows best. They're going to be certain things we don't know the reason why. And that is the essence of submission.

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I don't know why, but I trust the one and I know the qualities of the one that has told me why that's what's important.

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That's what is important. Each and every single one of us has a grandfather that we've grown up we walked in the room. We were shy to meet him. Anything he said was law. Yeah.

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he lets it tell us he's the leader of the gym or anything he says is for respect, we respect him. And we know that he knows and we trust the colors

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with the line method in the process, and Allah has a much greater example, if we say 3330 If he tells us why hamdulillah but that's not going to be the condition for me to do the action.

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That's what's most important in regards to our worship of Islam, the condition to do the action, it is not for me to know, I don't make it conditional. While I'm not going to be that much into it unless I know the reason that's not the appropriate approach for the Muslim. So we see from this beautiful Hadith of the prophets of Allah who Allah was sunnah mentioned the virtue to those that were poor. And what's beautiful here is they didn't have anything but he's showing them look what you have with Allah and the mentioning of him and your attentiveness of what you're mentioning is worth more than that.

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Who will hide them and manage them on his last month Allah mentions in the verse in the Quran is

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the top one the members of Allah is better than what these people are gathering in this dunya So may Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that mentioned his beautiful names and ponder over each name and their attribute to allow it to increase us in our faith in in our actions in Islam you know, will you

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did the same losses or what did you say that also as as much as

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the other people did the same thing they did the sphere? So they say a lot about NASA.

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Oh, no, no, no, it's important

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so the other people they did the same

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both of them are equal even though they

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know Yeah, cuz he's saying what those the poor people they can't do but some say they pray they fast they make Hajj they make Umrah, they fight they do the same thing. So we do the process on them said okay even though that is the case, mentioning this can even make you have been Minho. Right can make you better and that's that's this this is again, why the hadith is chosen because it's the virtue of even though we do all that making the saying these words after every Salah has a huge virtue and it's an encouragement to the

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rest of the Hadith said that the rich people

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so ah

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Nom nom nom nom just Shakalaka Did you understand what your caller was saying?

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So when the

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call and then the combined combination, Michelle Jordan and Mr. Machar together as beautiful

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as I can well Karen Yeah, so you're saying that the rich people started to say the same thing in the process so said that he could follow the law he that is a virtual law he gives it to whom? He wills why why why is it important? Why is it important for the process I'm gonna say that at the end

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so the rich people are doing what the poor people

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the advice they were given for the process of Salam now the ones that they were complaining about are doing it as well. So what made they think

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now the rich people are was

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getting richer

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you may think that but you can't rely on what

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Okay, so the rich people are saying what the process Some said that we will be better than them. Now they're doing it Okay, so now they're back to being better than us now. Allahu

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Allahu Allah. And because one may say right now, we may say it 33 times. But someone will be thinking about the difference between Subhan Allah, what hamdulillah Allahu Akbar the thinking of the difference. So thinking of how Allah is echoed in the life, the other one is just saying, the ritual of just saying it. The poor one is thinking.

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There's so much for sure, and undivided attention. And these beautiful names and attributes. Yes.

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33 times you have a lot more than one time.

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I think that we mentioned that earlier. Yes. One can mention that. And then also at Asia. Before going to bed, we say going back to 334 3333 and 34 time, right? That's what I was just about to mention on after Asia before going to sleep. You can mention you recite 33 SubhanAllah 33 hamdulillah and Allahu Akbar 34. This hadith and it shows the nature of the lion so this is a rich Why 34

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It's an even number of Allah laws. Allah knows best a little as best. Any other questions?

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Does Aquila, Aquila cinematic come to LA he will go to Catherine