Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 049C Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 123-129

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of showing one's weakness before others is emphasized, as it is crucial for success and helping others achieve their goals. The speakers stress the need to show one's weakness before others, and emphasize the importance of showing weakness to avoid becoming a tomorrowland. The importance of praying and not giving up until Islam's help is also emphasized. The importance of fulfilling conditions and staying true to Islam is emphasized, as it is crucial for stability and happiness for individuals and their families. The presence of angels in houses is emphasized, and the importance of helping others is emphasized. The conversation on the return of angels to the bush Rolla is discussed, as well as the importance of helping others and showing one's weakness to avoid becoming a tomorrowland.
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I was going to share the Redeemer Smilla rahmanir rahim.

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Now, when you feel that something, typically what happens? We start having very negative thoughts, right? We become so sad, so upset that it's as though we have never enjoyed anything good in our life before. Does it happen?

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Does it happen? Yes, that we fail at one test. And we feel as if we have always been losers. I mean, come on, you've reached med school, if you were a loser all your life, you wouldn't have failed this exam today. You failed only one exam, and you can do it again. It's not the end of the world. Right? So what's necessary that when we do fail, and Allah makes us failed sometimes, so that we don't become too proud of ourselves. When we do fail, what should we remember the blessings that we have enjoyed in the past, the good times that we have enjoyed in the past the success that we have experienced before, and that is exactly what Allah does over here. Allah tells the believers that

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yes, you have failed at or hurt. But remember how Allah made you victorious in the past? Well, according to NASA or Kamala who be bedded in, and certainly Allah helped you at better. Allah definitely helped you at the Battle of whether you couldn't have been victorious yourselves. Allah is the One who gave you victory at the Battle of better or until Avila. And at that time, you were a villa, a villa is a floor love the lien from the rule letters there, lamb lamb and this word and used in various ways. Over here, it's giving the meaning of weakness, that you were very weak, you did not have any strength, how you were only 313 You had two horses, and 70 camels, that's all that

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you had. Can you imagine? And you are going to face an army of 1000 men who are well equipped, who are strong or mighty, so much stronger than you. But Allah helped you and Allah give you victory. Well, until then Allah, Allah says, Phatak Allah has a fear Allah, Allah, Allah conditio Quran so that you can be grateful, fear Allah at this point, don't be so sad and depressed. No fear Allah, so that you can be grateful, because a person cannot be grateful unless and until he fears Allah.

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You have to fear Allah in order to be grateful. Otherwise a feeling of gratitude cannot come. If a person does not have fear of Allah, then what does he think about the negative things, the things that are missing in his life, the failures in his life? Allah has fucked up Hola, hola. Hola. conditio Quran.

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Now, when a believer he trusts upon Allah, then what happens? Allah also helps him at the Battle of

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the Muslims. They trusted upon Allah and they're trusted to walk called was very, very strong. Because they knew for sure that with 300 people they could not possibly win against an army of 1000 men with dual horses. What could they do with 70? camels? What could they do? With only a few swords and a few arrows? What could they do? So their Tawakkol was really really strong. They put in their maximum effort, and they also relied upon Allah when they relied upon Allah, Allah's help also came, you know, the benefit of the walk call is that a person becomes more conscious of Allah. When he becomes more conscious of Allah, He prays to Allah even more. He seeks forgiveness from Allah for

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his past sins, he asks Allah for success, he increases in his righteousness, but when a person has less than Wakil, then he has less hope. Right? Then he makes less thorough, he seeks less forgiveness, then everything starts going down. Right? So when they trusted upon Allah, Allah also helped them. And this is teaches us that without the help of Allah, a person can never ever be victorious. And this is a reason why victory and success should be ascribed only to Allah. A person should never say that, Oh, it's the scar that I have. It's this money that I have. It's this family that I have. Yes, Alhamdulillah we are grateful for all of these things, but grateful to Allah Who

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gave the car Allah Who gave the family, Allah Who gave the time and the money and the opportunity and the parents and the guidance that they gave. Right. So success and victory should be ascribed only to who? Allah subhanaw taala because success is from Allah wala NESARA calm, he helped you help victory does not come from your resources from your numbers, because if that was the case, then the Muslims should have won the battle of war.

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Right? The Muslims should have won the battle of her name immediately, at the Battle of her name, the muscles were in 1000s 1000s. But what happened, their numbers did not help. Their numbers did not help. So at the end of the day, it's not your numbers, it's not your resources. It's about whether or not the help of ALLAH is there for you. And to get the help of Allah, you have to do something to deserve it. And first thing that you have to do is rely upon who only him. Can we also learn over here that the more humble a person is before Allah, the more help of Allah comes to him, What are they like, you were Allah, you were so weak.

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So show your weakness before Allah, to bring about his mercy on you. When we are in need, we show ourselves before people as the most, you know, needy, the most desperate, the most poor people in the world, that, you know, I'm hurting so much. You know, my head, and my back, and my this and my there, and I haven't eaten, and my blood sugar level and my blood pressure, as if we're the most unfortunate person in this world. Why? Just so that somebody can come and do the dishes for us.

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Just so that we don't have to cook for that day.

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I mean, look at the length we go to to earn the mercy of people. But do they become merciful? Not always.

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Not always. One day, your husband will say, today I'll do the dishes for you. And the next day, he says, I'll help you in the kitchen. And the third day says, Okay, I'll switch the laundry loads for you. And the fourth day is like, I think I've helped you quite a lot have been so helpful, right?

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And then you can't say anything, then you have to do it yourself.

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We should become a villa before who Allah

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show express your weakness before Allah Ya Allah, I'm nothing, I can do nothing without your help. I don't know anything. I don't have the confidence. I don't know what to do. You know me, I have nothing. Only you can make me do this. If I've ever been successful in anything in my life. It's because you helped me. So express your weakness before Allah, when you will express it, he will help you. And when a person becomes arrogant, or when a person shows that he doesn't need Allah, that Allah doesn't even help him.

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When a person shows that, yeah, you know, I'm smart, I'm intelligent, I can do it myself. I'm able. And all life you can please help me. You know, just to fulfill the obligation of praying, you lift up your hands and you just make one small dollar and that's it. If a person shows Lena to Allah that I don't need you. But Allah also does not help him.

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That's a career in a salon. What kind of door did he make? He said, one allows the woman knee my bones have become weak, which Darla was so Shava and my hair is flamed with white, meaning I become sold. What I'm a computerized, eco efficient. And Oh Allah, I've never been unblessed by calling on you. Every time I've called you, you responded to me. So the more weakness you show before Allah, the more he will help you. Then we also learn in this idea that in difficult times, one should remember and talk about the good times.

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Okay? It doesn't mean that you don't take a lesson from your failure. No, but you remember the good times to cheer up. You remember the blessings to put a smile on your face, so that you can move on quickly. Because many times that happens when there is a dip and we stay in that dip and we don't come out.

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You have to come out and what will help you come out the hope that Allah will help you again why? Because he helped you before he granted victory before he will bring success again.

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Is the Cornell movement ina Oh profitable a lot of sun. Remember when you were saying to the believers, Elena Fiocco is this not sufficient for you yet fear from the letter skaffa from the word key fire, which is to be enough to be sufficient. It is to fulfill the need in such a way after that a person doesn't need anything else. Okay, so it is to completely fulfill the need.

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So remember our Prophet sallallahu Sallam when you said to the believers when at the Battle of bed, they're being reminded of the past at the Battle of brother when you said to the believers, is this not sufficient for you? Are you made the camera Bukom that your Lord will help you? You made the come from the rulers mean they'll die

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From Amudha you made do which is to provide someone to supply army resources men support is basically to reinforce okay? Like for example, you go somewhere with $500 Okay you run out of money so you call your donors have died have run out of money, can you please send me some more money? Let's say you're out of town. So he sends you money through money transfer for example, this is what in depth he has reinforced you right? He has sent you more. Okay. So is this not sufficient for you that Allah will help you He will supply you He will reinforce you be fella 30 lf with 3000 Allah Flora enough elf, menial, Malayaka, angels, Manzoni ones that are sent down wounds, Alina florala

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wanzl. And mon Zell is one who has been sent down. So angels are sent down to you because angels are actually up in the skies. That's their place. And they come to the earth, do whatever Allah tells him do and then they go back, even though Kurama and caffeine, right, what do they do? They record and then they report to Allah. Okay. So at the Battle of whether when the Muslims were only 300, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was praying to Allah begging him for help so much or that Abu Bakar said, that's enough. Because the prophets of Walton had lifted up his arms, he was praying, His garment it fell down, you know, from his arms, his upper garment, meaning he was so involved in that prayer, he

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was Livius to his surroundings, and Abu Bakar low on who was comforting him, it's okay, that's enough. It's enough.

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So he was praying so much, this is how much they depended on Allah. And then Allah subhanaw taala gave the good news of the Prophet salallahu Salam at bothered that you are going to be victorious. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he went, and he told the Companions, that is not enough that Allah will help you with 3000 Angels, that he will send down from the skies for your help, to participate in the battle, to defend you from your enemy, to fight against your enemy. And this is something that happened, Allah sent angels to participate in the Battle of better.

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Allah says, Bella, of course, of course this is sufficient for you. Of course, Allah's help is enough for you. If Allah helps you, you will be victorious. But the help of Allah, it is conditional.

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Just because you say I'm a Muslim, just because you say I'm going in the way of Allah does not mean you will get the help of Allah automatically. Nope. The help of ALLAH is conditional, you have to fulfill certain conditions and then Allah's help will come. And what are those conditions? In thus Biru, the first condition that you have patients. Secondly, what that taco and you have Taqwa of Allah does Biru sobor. What does that mean to remain patient, to persevere, to bear calmly, that at a time when you want to leave when you want to run away, when you want to avoid, you stay put, you remain firm, you don't give up hope. At a time when you're feeling weak. When you want to give up,

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you remain at your spot, you keep doing your work, what is this? Suppose this is just like you're sitting doing your lesson. And you're trying to memorize the translation. And you do it seven times. And then you test yourself and you realize you still don't know it that well.

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One way is that you say, whatever, I don't care, I give up, I quit.

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And the other is no, I have to do it. This is something that I have to do. So what do you need at that time? Server, you want to close your just put it away? And not bother about doing the lesson. But what do you need at that time sub. This is a commitment that I've made with Allah. I have to note the meaning of the verses of the Quran. There should be not even one verse of the Quran, whose meaning I do not know. This is a commitment, a promise that I've made with myself I've made with Allah and I am going to do it.

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So what you read a subject, and you remain firm, and you try again and you try again and you don't give up. A time will come when you will be able to memorize when you will know the lesson.

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Unfortunately, the kind of life that we live, everything has to be quick. If there's a recipe that takes more than 45 minutes, we said no.

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Don't want to try it.

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Everything should be microwave

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Above everything should be freezer but you just stick it in the oven and 20 minutes it's ready right we want the meat should be cut from before the vegetable should be cut from before all the seasonings should be mixed from before. If the meter season from before What more do we want it if the meat is already on the skewers What more do we want in the vegetables lots of we can get caught up from before you know in a plastic bag and we just stick it in the microwave philos internals to the dinner's ready. This is the kind of life we live in, right? Impatient, we have become, we want everything to happen very quickly. And obviously if you're sitting for half an hour doing your

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lesson, it seems like a waste of time.

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Right? But the thing is that you have to put in the hard work, there is a difference between food that has been prepared in the microwave and food that has been you know, cooked. There is a difference between food that is preserved. Okay. And food that has really been cooked. There's a huge difference in the taste in the nutritional value, a huge difference.

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So likewise, something that you learn quickly and something that you learn with summer, there will be a huge difference. So stubborn. If you are patient, you don't give up you keep working hard then what will happen. Allah will help you. Allah's help will come

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in turn so Allah young soul come, if you help the cause of Allah, then Allah will help you. But if you do nothing, then how and why do you expect the help of Allah? I mean, who are we? We think we're someone very special. That just because we open the Quran within a few seconds, the translation should be embedded in our heads, no, even the prophets are loaded cinema to undergo so much hardship to receive the Quran, then how can we ever imagine that we read and I have the Quran once or twice, and we should know it? It's not going to happen like that you have to put in the hard work. So Bella into Spirou and secondly what are the other condition, the core, fear of Allah and fear of Allah

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means staying away from what Allah does not like

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leaving what Allah does not like and doing what Allah wants you to do. Remember the lecture that Jacob Nasser given that he mentioned that one of the things that is essential for learning is what leaving since leaving since Rama Shafi he asked his teacher we're here, right? That should go to Illa Kiri, Sua Heffley, I complained to my teacher will hear about my bad memory for all Sliney because ma See, he told me to leave since we're call it intellectual manure law year upon year, I'll see you said knowledge is no it is light, it's not given to a sinful person. Likewise, the help of ALLAH does not come to people who are disobedient and sinful. You see, at the Battle of Vedanta,

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Muslims were victorious until when,

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until when they disobeyed the prophets of Allah.

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So to get the help of Allah, what is necessary, the core of Allah, that means we must leave since open and secret, small ones and big ones. You know, sometimes we think that little little things, they don't make much of a difference, they make a lot of difference. A lot of difference.

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Once I was traveling somewhere when we stayed at somebody's house, and there was a very knowledgeable person over there, too, and in the morning, at Fajr time, you know, I felt that they weren't awake. So

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we went to check.

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they woke up immediately they got there for dinner. Hamdulillah. And afterwards, they mentioned that when they came, they saw that there was, you know, like a box full of toys, like stuffed toys, and dolls and all that. And they said that, and hamdulillah in years and years, I haven't missed even a single photo of Salah.

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I feel as though every time you know, it's legit, somebody comes and wakes me up, like, you know, you get that feeling that somebody just woke you up and all of a sudden you're awake. And they said last night when I was gonna go to bed because it's somebody's house, I saw the dolls and the toys all exposed, I had a feeling that you know, the angels might not come

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because the house in which there is a Surah in which there's the sweet images, angels don't come over there.

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And then we wonder, we miss our Fajr we delay our prayers, this happens that happens. It can be something such as this. Were disobeying Allah in a small thing. I'm not saying don't keep dolls and toys in your house. You have them you have them but cover them up. Okay, put them away.

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This is something that's important because otherwise small things can have such a huge effect. That taco she's mentioned incident of a sister who said that she kept her house very clean, but still there were some bugs and mice and whatnot. And she didn't know what to do about

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Got it. So she mentioned it to somebody and they said do you backbite this idea sometimes this I do is to do is to her and leave the sin. And she did that. And very soon Her house was completely clean.

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So, what are the code? Once you have Taqwa of Allah, you leave since Allah's help will come, Bella in the Spirit what a taco were to come and they come to you who comes to you, your enemy men following him Heather in their rush, in their haste in their rage and their anger. Fold is from the real letters farewell raw, and men fold is to come immediately to come at once to come straight away. So, your enemy comes straight away, attacking you. And the word men fold is also used for when a person comes with a lot of zeal, vigor, anger, and fusee Azzam in order to just inflict something, to take revenge to just do whatever he wants to immediately, and they come to you in their rage in

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their haste attacking you instantly at once. What will happen? You did the Komarov Bolcom, your Lord will help you. It doesn't matter how strong your enemy is, how determined your enemy is how well prepared the enemy is, they can come with all their might. But if you have suffered and you have Taqwa than Allah's help us with you, how that Allah will help you become Sati Allah with 5000 Angels Meenal Mala aika 5000 Angels Musa we mean that are distinguished that are marked so we mean as a Florida Musa went through that are seen while me and will so when is someone who has been distinguished with a mark because so Samer is to put a mark on someone and fighters or warriors what

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would they do? They would put a mark or something on their body. Like for example, you know, some kind of color or some kind of paint or you know, some kind of sign or some kind of cloth you know, like a Buddha Jana he wore a red scarf around his head. Right? So this is what I am ready for battle. I'm a warrior. You see my red scarf come and attack me and I'll fight you. So it's like inviting more fighters against you more warriors against you so that when they come, you can fight them. You understand what muscle we mean means, right? It doesn't mean uniformed. Okay, it means marked distinguished that they're ready for battle.

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So if you have Saba, you have Taqwa Allah has helped welcome. So what do we see over here that Allah promises victory to the believers? That his help is there? It does come but the believers have to fulfill the conditions at Bethel, where the conditions fulfilled, yes. Did the help of Allah come? Definitely. At or what? Were the conditions fulfilled? Yes, at the beginning, did the help of Allah calm Yes, at the beginning, but then when the disobeyed than what happened, the help of Allah also left. Now sometimes you may feel this, that something's going on so well. And you feel the baraka, you feel the blessing you feel the goodness You know, you were enjoying the work that you're doing?

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And then all of a sudden difficulty on difficulty? Yes, it is a test, but also reflect on yourself. Am I doing something wrong? am I lacking somewhere? am I lacking adequate the help of ALLAH has gone? Because if we're lacking in our software in our taqwa in the help of ALLAH, who will also depart? What do we learn in these verses that for success, we have to fulfill these conditions. Secondly, we also learn that Allah subhanaw taala sent angels to help the believers at the Battle of better in one eye 3000 angels are mentioned in other if 5000 angels are mentioned, because the angels came one by one, okay, meaning in groups they came. So by the end 5000 angels were there

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fighting along with the Muslims at the Battle of weather. Now, Allah subhanaw taala could have granted victory to the Muslims even without the angels, correct? Good he, he could have just said Khan and all the machine would lay that

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was that possible? Allah could have said con the Earth would open up all the Michigan gone in, that could have happened. But Allah sent the angels

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why? There's two benefits. One, two good news for the Muslims that we're not alone.

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And secondly, Allah adopts means.

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We want miracles to happen.

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That if I am trying to study the Quran and the Sunnah is open the Jews you know, miraculously

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lessons should be in my head.

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That miraculously the test should be very easy and everything just comes in my head and I aced the test. We want miracles to happen all the time. But the fact is that Allah subhanaw taala uses means to help us the help of Allah comes through his means. We learned from our Hadith Gibreel came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said how do you look upon the warriors of brothers among yourselves meaning the people who participated in better what do you think about them? The Prophet sallallahu sallam said as the best of the Muslims on that Gibreel said, and so are the angels who participated in better. So this shows that the angels they did participate in the battle off but then we also

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learned over here that the presence of angels somewhere is a means of stability on goodness, that if the angels are present in some place, okay, that people are doing something good and the angels are also present over there, then this will be a means of being firm on goodness being stable on goodness. In the Quran, we learn that in the Ladino, cholera buena Lathan. Was the karma that unnecessary delay you will Mala Iike the angels descend on them Allah the Hoff wala Tarzana comforting them that don't fear don't have any regret instead of shearable Jana tility Quantum to our don't rejoice with the good news of Jana, that Allah has promised you look forward to the reward

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Sometimes it happens that a person is in great difficulty, but he's so calm, he's so confident. And he's so hopeful for the reward from Allah subhanaw taala. And the same situation other person, he is depressed and upset and angry and panicking. What's the difference? One is being comforted by the angels and the other is not

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the other is being depressed by who, by the shayateen This is why we pray it'll be our older becoming hamazon, attache athlete. Right? So the presence of angels somewhere is indeed a source of blessing. And the absence of Angel somewhere.

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What is that? The opposite, that a person will not remain firm on goodness. So this is why we want the angels to be in our houses as well.

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From the Hadith we learned that the shaytaan puts was in the heart of the person. And the angel on the other hand, what's good thoughts? Right? So the angels are there in sha Allah. Hey, Baraka. So for that, one thing that we can start doing is if there is any Surah any pictures, photographs, then what do we do?

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Do whatever you should do, right? You know, whatever you can do, because you want the angels to come in your house. People complain Oh, my child doesn't listen. When my child cries so much. My husband's always yelling. My mother in law. I know what's wrong with her. You know, people complain. We have the money but there's no blessing. Right? We don't know how but the bills are so high. I just hate my house. Every time I go in, I feel suffocated. I want to run away. We complain about such things right?

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It could be the absence of angels. So think about it. Are we doing our God? Are we waking up profession? Are we praying Muslim on time? Are we praying us are on time? Are there pictures around the house?

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We have to look because the presence of angels is something that is very good.

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Allah says Wilma, Jarrah, Allahu Allahu and Allah did not make it what? This news that the prophets of autism give to the believer that the angels will be coming in that except Bush Rolla come as good news for you. Meaning Allah could have sent the angels without even telling the believers about it. Right? Like for example, if today, right if Allah subhanaw taala sends a special help to someone. Do they know?

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They can only feel they can only think they don't know for sure. But the people are better they were told for sure. There's 5000 Angels right here defending you. So this became what in the bush Rolla come, it was good news for you something that would make you happy and excited. And they deserved to feel happy. Because imagine their state 313 tool wars, it's 70 camels. And on the other hand, you have 1000 strong men. Just imagine their state imagine the kind of worry and anxiety and fear the Muslims must have been feeling. And Allah give them this good news. You have 5000 Angels, Bush Rolla come while he taught my inner colluvial calm and so that your hearts would be reassured.

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Leave that on my inner from Ultimate Nanpa meme Hamza known ultimate Nan is when something comes to a stop after a lot of movement on Sunday

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was moving constantly. And then it becomes still, like, for example, a flame that's moving constantly because you are walking with a candle. And then once you put it down, then the flame is straight. This is what it made Nan and intimate Nan is basically to have peace and satisfaction after doubt that you were in doubt. Are we going to win? Are we going to lose in this turmoil? And then you have the satisfaction that yes, we are going to be victorious. And this is what happened. The Muslims were hopeful they were going to win because the prophets of arson was with them. Right? But at the same time, they knew there were very few a number that materially How was that possible?

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But then when Allah gave him the good news, 5000 Angels, then that brought them reassurance. When he talked to my inner co Luba Combi, see how much Allah cares about those who go out in his way.

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How much he cares about them, about their feelings, about the state of their heart, about their happiness about the smile that can come on their faces?

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Woman nurse through and help is not in laminar in the law except from Allah, who is LRCs and Hakeem, who is the mighty the wise help comes only from Allah, the One who is are these are able or powerful to help you and Al Hakim, the most wise he knows how much help to give in what way to give and whether or not to make you victorious. It's up to him. It's based on his decision. So Allah subhanaw taala has helped Kim at the Battle of whether in many ways, and Allah reminds the Muslims of that, that now you're so sad you think Allah has helped did not come? It did come Allah helped you at better Allah helped you had hurt, but you lost that help yourself. And when the help of Allah came

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at better, you were victorious. What happened? Leah Katara thought often Lea Katara so that he may cut off yep, Tara from the letters offline Katara is to cut something. So he did this meaning he helped you at budget of granting you such victory so that he may cut off a third of a portion aside for Rafa is the side a portion of peace a part of something, especially it is the part that is on the top or on the bottom or on the side. So basically, you're talking about the edges. So for example, you have a piece of bread, what's the thought of the edges? Okay, not the middle piece, but the edges, okay? So Lee Iacocca thought often today he may cut off a side a wing of who mean

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Alladhina Cafaro of those people who disbelieved meaning when the disbelievers were defeated at better than what happened. A portion of the disbelievers were cut off meaning they were reduced in their size. Think about the enemy as a piece of bread. Okay, and then once a piece has gone from the side, then that bread has become smaller. Every time you got a slice, the pieces become smaller the loaf has become smaller. So likewise when the enemy was defeated at brother then they shrank in size they became smaller Lea Katara thorough for Minella Dena cafardo

00:33:24 --> 00:33:59

Oh yuck betta home or he rebelled them with disgrace yet better from calf betta kept is a defeat, failure. Humiliation. So he defeats them he rebelled them he disgraces them so that they're returned back to their homes. How far am Cali Buhari been so that they go back as high even as ones who are hopeless as ones weren't disappointed, who have failed miserably in Kalibo is from cough Lamba and in Keylab is to return to go back in a state that is different from the state that a person came in.

00:34:00 --> 00:34:49

So for example, a person goes to the mall empty handed and goes back with you bag this is what we love. Okay. Likewise the machine of maca they came you know so arrogant and happy and proud and confident and they returned how disappointed failed CA A been Florida ha it from the letters horwell Ba and CA is one who has suffered loss one who has been disappointed meaning who has failed who has been unsuccessful for him Kali boo ha even so the help of Allah came to a reduce the strength of the enemy, and secondly to return them disappointed to return them on successful fire in Cali. Whoo ha ha.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

Now this teaches us something important that when the believer and his enemy they come face to face and battle, then what happens? Allah's help is with who

00:35:00 --> 00:35:23

A believer. Allah's help is definitely there, it will definitely come but what is needed that we do what is necessary on our part to deserve that help. And this is not just at the time of battle, but in doing anything that is challenging that is difficult in life. If you want the help of Allah, you have to do your part.

00:35:24 --> 00:36:05

Allah says lay salah, communal Emery che on you do not have any authority when it comes to the matter, the matter of will of the people their destiny, their end their final outcome. What happened was that at the Battle of or hurt when Khalid bin Walid and your club in Abuja, when they collected the machete again, and they attack the Muslims, the prophets of Allah, Islam and the Muslims who suffered a great loss 70 men died, the prophets have a lot of sentimental climb up a mountain, as well as the rest of the Muslims in order to save their lives. And when the prophets of Allah Islam was there, up on the mountain, he was looking at the machine. And he said, Kay for you flee who

00:36:05 --> 00:36:41

Coleman Farah Lu Heather been a bit while we had room in our beam Azzawajal. He said, how can people be successful after having done this to their Prophet who was calling them to their Lord? Because the prophets Allah Lawson was wounded, he was injured, he was bleeding profusely. So he said, How will Allah guide such people? How can such people be guided, they cannot be guided after they have done this to the Messenger of Allah? After they have harmed the Muslims in this way? So Allah subhanaw taala said, No, you do not have the right to say anything like that.

00:36:43 --> 00:36:46

If we suffer something at the hand of our enemy, what do we say?

00:36:48 --> 00:37:22

Bad things about the enemy, we pray against them. Or we say, oh, this person is definitely going to hellfire. Or this person, you know, I feel sorry for them. It's apparently that I have been defeated. But actually, I feel sorry for them because they're going to hellfire. Allah will ask them Allah will never forgive them. Allah will punish them and their children and their children and their children. Right, Allah will ruin their strength. You know, people say all kinds of things. Correct. Any person who says something negative about Islam, immediately what happens?

00:37:24 --> 00:38:08

We flare up we say he's going to *. He is cursed, he is this he is that. May Allah punish him in the worst way may Allah do this to him and that team and his children and his money and you know, we pray, but whatever we can against that person against whoever those people are. We develop a hatred, right? And we start becoming judgmental about them, we start deciding their fate. But what does Allah say? Lay Salah Camino Rishi, you do not have any say any authority with regards to an AMA with regards to the matter which matter the matter of people, their affairs, their fate, their destiny, their outcome their future

00:38:10 --> 00:38:21

are we a toolbar lay him it's possible that Allah can turn to them and mercy Oh, you are living home or he can punish them. And if he punishes them for in the home value more than indeed they are wrongdoers.

00:38:22 --> 00:39:00

So oh yeah, toolbar lay him Oh, you're at the bottom. This is connected with the previous idea that either Allah will cut off a portion of them so that some of them are killed in battle, or the rest of them will go back home. Unsuccessful or Allah can turn to them in mercy, or of luck and punish them for the wrong and if he does punish them, then definitely they're deserving of it. And remember, Oh, your toolbar lay him. What does this mean? Allah has Toba towards people is two times one, when Allah gives Sophia to a person to repent. And second one Allah accepts his repentance. And didn't this happen?

00:39:03 --> 00:39:11

What happened Khalid bin Walid recruitment Abuja Hello the Allah who are in home, both of them who actually led the wish to gain back.

00:39:12 --> 00:39:14

They both embraced Islam.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:20

They both embraced Islam. And when we mentioned their name, now we say God Allah.

00:39:22 --> 00:39:34

Isn't that amazing? No one we read about the wars and the battles and we have this kind of hatred for them which they can write this up. But then when you read it's hard to believe you can't be angry. Right you want to be but you can't be.

00:39:35 --> 00:40:00

So Allah subhanaw taala he is very forgiving. The doors of his mercy are open. The doors of Toba are open for anyone even if he has committed such a crime against a Prophet SAW Allah is Allah, Allah can forgive. So please never be judgmental about the enemy, about a person who may be saying negative things about Islam, about a person who you know may

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

be doing wrong things against the religion of Allah. Don't say any such statement because we do not decree. We are not the judges the rulers, Allah is the one who judges he is the one who decrees. The authority does not lie with us. It lies with him alone. And whenever you see someone doing something wrong saying something wrong, then what should we do? Pray for their guidance. You know, if a person has died in a particular way that's different but as long as the person is living, please pray for their guidance that May Allah guide them. May Allah show them the truth. May Allah help them realize

00:40:39 --> 00:41:19

that after the death of the prophets of Allah, salam, so many nations, they attacked the Muslims. So many wars happened. Many people they apostate people proclaimed prophet hood. So there were many, many wars. And we see the halogen Walid was at the forefront, he led so many battles in which the Muslims were successful. So be careful about our words. Let's be very careful. We're not those who judge Allah is the one who judges. Allah says what Allah Hema for sama what you will not feel all to Allah belong whatever is in the heavens and whatever that is in the earth. Yell Filoli mania share, He forgives whomsoever He wills, where you're at people, my yesha and he punishes whomsoever He

00:41:19 --> 00:41:59

wills will Allah who will follow Rahim and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So at the end of the day, all matters lie with Allah alone. all matters of people, whether it is their guidance or their misguidance their destiny whatever He is the true Manik and if you see even the prophets on a lot of them do not have the right to make such a statement that do we have the right no the prophets have a lot of Saddam did not have any control over the fate the destiny of people then do we have any control over that? No, we don't. Ultimately, it is Allah who guides it is Allah who guides

00:42:00 --> 00:42:09

so ask Allah for the guidance of those people who may be very far from Islam because you never know things might change

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