Tahir Wyatt – The Best 10 Days – Hajj 2020

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the loss of life due to the coronavirus and the importance of love for Islam, which is a way to express one's love for something. The success of the message of love for Islam is not recognized immediately, and people should be aware of the loss of their habitat. The importance of praying and increasing worship during these times is emphasized, along with the need to prioritize others' actions over individual events and focus on the giving of charity and spending for others' sake. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of treating others' actions with a vibe of love and a desire to love what they love.
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As many of you are aware,

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tomorrow is the first of the hedger

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a loss of habitat, or one of the things that we have

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been covering in this book

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is that to be true slaves have a loss of data. And to really reach the level of media, we have to love with the loss of the loves. And we have to hate with a loss of power as Anna hates. That's part of becoming from the Rashi Loon from those who are rightly guided as part of becoming from the true servants of Allah Subhana, WA Tada. And a lot of us we get excited about certain times of the year.

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And it's not for religious reasons, it's for cultural reasons. And the way we can measure that is because a person, for example, will fast a month of Ramadan and not pray.

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That has nothing to do with Islam. Because this person in the first place, if they just totally neglect in prayer, then according to the majority of the scholars of Islam, and the texts indicate this that that person that had the lone police land, they don't really have a part of Islam in the first place.

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And so their fasting?

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Is it an act of a beggar? Or really is it just following the cultural norms and it's exciting because everybody else is doing it. And there's no doubt that if a person is trying to draw close to a lost parents out of that they're gonna feel something.

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as people who submit to Allah,

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then we need to try to love what Allah Subhana Allah loves, even if that's not something that is immediately.

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And we don't, it's not an immediate feeling that we have, that we push ourselves to love what allows parents out of love more than anything else. And this is what we understand from the Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that none of you

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will believe and so I'm more beloved to him than his father, or his parents, his children and nasty as mine and all of all the people of China and who said to the prophet Isaiah salado said, at that juncture, or messenger of Allah love you more than everything, everybody except for myself. And the prophets. It sounds like

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that's not it. Oh, my mantle. I'm more beloved to you then than yourself. I'm one of the a lot of chatter and who didn't flinch.

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At that point, he said, Now you are more beloved to me, then myself, because his objective was to love what a loss of health either loves more than anything else, these days that are upon us.

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Starting in about an hour, mother should be the first of all, he did a bit of first night of the Legion.

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The prophet Isaiah salado sit down, so that there are no days Mammon again, a hab boo Illallah Alam, assignee, Amarillo, Sani houfy in Manhattan Elijah, there are no days, that righteous actions are more beloved to Allah. Right, because we are on the subject of loving what Allah loves, in these 10

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the least so a Abdullah one who was truly trying to be a worshipper of Allah subhanho wa Taala will love these 10 days and will love to do righteous deeds in these 10 days and will and will show that love by exerting extra effort and effort that may not be exerted and other than than these 10 days, and from the righteous acts that the prophet Isaiah Salatu was set in, specifically mentioned is the decoder of a loss of Hannah who was added and that is understood as understood by the companions. This was an external meaning that this was something that they did sometimes loudly

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and vocalized the test spear the Subhana Allah hamdulillah or La la la la la la.

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And that was something that they said out loud and also and we'll talk about this in shallow talent next week. There's the what they call a Vicodin mocha yet, which is the decay that is done immediately after the Salawat starting on the day of alpha and extending into the last the days of the eat.

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And then there is the vicar that is not mocha yet meaning it is not restricted to a specific time and that can that it can be done

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Starting from the first of the days of the ledger, and that is what the armato the law of China and I know man Abu Dhabi allow us to do and go into the marketplaces and just saying, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, what will lead him. And there are approximately five or six different formulas that were used for this technique. And he The point is,

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that that is one of the deeds that the prophets of light also specified. And when we are more conscious of mentioning a loss of handouts at it and praising him and glorifying him, it does have an effect on the heart, and normally

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are the best type of decay it is when the heart remembers the loss of habitat. And so the tongue is compelled to mention with the heart already feels like that's that that's the best form of the okay, but sometimes it works the opposite way, which is that because you're saying it on your tone, so much, then you start becoming more conscious of what you're saying. And so your heart is internalizing what's being said.

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And you can almost see this for, you know, people who memorize things that they shouldn't memorize, write songs and raps and this type of stuff, and they just say it all the time. And then they feel like they a gangster because they singing gangster rhymes, but they're not even built like that. Right? But just because they say it on its own so much, then they begin to feel a certain kind of way on the inside. And that's the that's the reality as someone the harm of you know, that

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music in general in songs and just making it a part of a person's life and they memorize this stuff. And there's no claim by Him alone to add, I mentioned that is never going to combine in the heart, the love of the instruments of shade line and the love of the canal, man subhana wa Tada. So the point is that through the thicket of a loss of habitat, or sometimes even if it is just, even if it just starts off as being something on the tongue, with the repetition be in the land, it'll, it'll be internalized

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also from the deeds that can be done during these first nine days.

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The first 10 days are the days of follow but the first nine are days of fasting. And even though there is no authentic hadith that specifies that the Prophet is allowed to swim faster during these 10 days. Fasting is from righteous actions. And the prophet Isaiah Salatu was Salam said that Allah Subhana, Allah loves righteous deeds that are done during these days, and the amount of the amount of time and who is authentically reported that he used to recommend

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that people who had not made up the days of fasting for Ramadan that they use these days to make up the days of fasting

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with the exception of your motto for

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that day, the intention should be to fast the day of alpha.

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and the Prophet alayhi salatu was sent in and mentioned that the last thing of the day of alpha

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is a is an expiation for the previous year sins, and the sins of the year to come. is a long explanation of that, that

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is beyond the scope of what I thought I'd be talking about tonight. And, but the point is, and then you're modifying shala is next Thursday.

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I don't know what the date is July 30, I guess, inshallah, Thursday, July 30, that is the day of alpha and be in the late 80s. I think that's something that we should all you know, strive to finish the day of out of it, but also starting from tomorrow. Yeah, and it's it's encouraged that we, you know, increase in our worship of a loss of habitat so fast.

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Obviously, when it comes to the most beloved actions to lost parents, Allah period, they're those actions that are lost parents out of total data. Those that allies are jealous made an obligation upon us. So making sure that we pray on time, and if possible in jamara. And following up those prayers with the the robots in those centers that the prophecy center will make immediately after the prayers and sometimes before the prayers like what Salatin Federalists allotted.

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So being more keen on on doing that, and sticking to those things that Allah Subhana Allah has obligated amongst other things, because a lot of times when we restrict what we increase to ritual worship, we may

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neglect some of the obligations that are not forms of ritual worship, like being guitar parents and making do it for them, and our relatives in general and making do it for them, and spending on the people that deserve to be spent on from amongst, you know, our family members and so forth. And those things that are obligations especially, that we should be more keen to fulfill those obligations, even if they are not ritual, activity bed. And, and also, from the

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activity better, that are encouraged in these 10 days is the giving of charity, spending for the cause of Allah subhana wa Tada. And no doubt on the 10th day, the

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Lord here

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it is to slaughter for the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. And the 10th day is better than doing it on the 11th even though it is permissible to do it on the 11th and the 12th and the 13th. But the 10th day is better, because it is from the first 10 days of age.

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And there are other things,

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perhaps and any think there's enough plenty of information available about the first 10 days of that hedger. But hopefully this will serve as a reminder for myself, and for those who are listening, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us almost a side of him that he makes us a monster who that and mighty those who are guided and who guide others will know it.

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I think so we still on keytab over the MySQL 70 me on a whole lot of data. And to be honest with you, this, this part here

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is, is very important. And I hope that we see the connection between dia in these first 10 days of them.

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They're not like, they're not like the days of Ramadan, in the sense that not everybody's doing the same thing. At the same time. Ramadan is a very communal vibe, right? Whereas the first 10 days of them don't have that same vibe. And so you're tested to really see what you're about, and not what the community is about. Well, what do you really want to do? Or you want to fast than that, because not everybody is going to be fast. It's not like Ramadan, everybody in the house wakes up or there's a participation for, you know, everybody pitches in make sure that everybody needs to hold and then everybody has if taught together and is that more of a communal vibe even though this Ramadan was a

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little was a little different. It was it was a different type of test. Right? But the point is

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that there's a connection between the Buddha which is loving what Allah loves, these days are more beloved to Allah than the first 10 days of Ramadan. But do we treat them the same?

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Or is it that we just love those days because

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you know, everybody else is enjoying it, there's a vibe, which is not a bad thing. But it's what is the catalyst you know, what is really pushing you Is it is it that you love Allah Subhana Allah and you and you want to love what he loves. And that's that's one of the things that inshallah hopefully, during these next 10 days we'll be pushing ourselves to do

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