Zakir Naik – An Atheist Asks – Why should we Believe in God in this Age of Science and Technology?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the confusion surrounding the idea of believing in God in modern times, with one speaker suggesting that people should not believe in God. The first step in proving to be a true god is proving to be a false god, followed by proving to be a true god. The discussion also touches on the shape of the Earth and the length of time it takes to complete one rotation, as well as the use of the word "the sun and the moon" to describe the universe. The segment concludes with a discussion on the history of the Bible and its implications for modern science, using historical examples and references to specific pages of the Bible.
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So he's like an atheist, he doesn't believe in God. And what he said that we don't believe in Quran and you should not believe in God. Why in this 21st century, you are believing in Almighty God, this in modern era, the science technology is that much higher than why should you believe in God, you should not believe in God you should do what is better for human beings. Thank you. Because the question on behalf of a friend with an atheist that Why believe in God in this age of science and technology, you know, be a good human being. Brother, the first thing I'll do is congratulate your friend.

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Why? Because most of the human being, unfortunately, that ingrained belief. He's a Hindu, you're a father, the Hindu is a Christian father, the Christian, some people are Muslim, because the father is a Muslim, this friend of yours atheist is thinking, he may be coming from a religious background, but he may not agree that the God which his parents worship,

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they have been called as God. So the reason I congratulate him is because he has said, the first part of the Islamic shahada La Ilaha, there is no God.

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The only thing I have to do is prove to do within Allah but Allah, which I shall do inshallah. So this person, half my job is done to the other non Muslim, first, I have to prove to him, the god is worshipping a false god, and then prove to me about to Allah subhanaw taala, this non Muslim was an atheist, half my job is done. He's already said, the first part of the Islamic shahada, Allah Allah, there is no God, the only thing I have to do is Allah but Allah which I shall do Inshallah, now, since you said, your friend believes in science and technology, and the world is advancing, I will ask the atheist a question

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that suppose and equipment is born in front of him, who no one in the world has ever seen? And if the question is asked to your friend, that who will be the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of this equipment, who no one in the world has seen?

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Who is the first person

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and the reply he will give,

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he may say that the manufacturer or he may say the inventor, or he may say the Creator, or he may say the maker, whatever we say that will be somewhat similar is the creator, maker, manufacturer, inventor, whatever it is, it will be similar. And the second person is, whoever the Creator, inventor manufacturer tool, he'll be the second person, but the first person would be the creator, the manufacturer, the inventor, keep this under the back of your mind, and ask him the next question, that how did our universe come into existence? So, he will tell you that, you know, science advance and we have come to know that our universe was once a primary nebula. Then there was

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a big bang, there was a secondary separation, which gave Astra galaxies, the stars, the sun, the moon, and the earth on which we live.

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When did you come to know this? So he will tell you, it was in 1973. When a group of scientists, they describe the Big Bang and the creation of the universe. So you tell him what you came to know. Hardly about 3536 years back is already mentioned the Quran 1400 years ago. And so the Ambia chapter number 21 was the meta devices of Allah Mira, Levina, kafu, do not the unbeliever see under some Amati Vallarta cannot construct now that the heavens and the earth are joined together, and we close them asunder. Who could have mentioned this in the Quran 40,000 years ago. So the ETS may say, maybe it was a fluke. Don't argue, continue asking the next question.

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What is the shape of the earth? So he will tell you previously, the human beings thought that the earth on which we live is flat. It was in 1579 when Francis Drake when he sailed around the Earth, he proved that the earth is spherical.

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You came to know in 1579, hardly 400 years back. Quran mentioned 14 years ago. It mentioned the Quran. In surah Nazia Chaplin was 79 was the Mati what are the brothers olika the HA HA and thereafter we have made the earth actually

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the haha one of its meanings an expanse and the earth is an expanse. The other meaning is derived from the Arabic word do you which means an egg, and it does not refer to a normal leg. And we know today that the world is not completely round like a ball. It has certain from the pole.

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It is Jewess vertical and shape. And the Arabic word the haha doesn't refer to a normal leg. It specifically refers to the egg of an ostrich. And if you analyze the shape of an egg of an ostrich, that too is just physical shape. Imagine the Quran speaks about the geo spherical shape of the earth 1400 years ago, you ask a friend who could have mentioned this in the Quran, he will say, Oh, maybe your Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He was intelligent man. Don't argue continue. You asked him that the light of the moon is its own light or reflected light

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He will tell you that previously we human beings thought that the light of the moon is its own light. Recently in signs 100 years back 200 years back 200 years back, we came to know that the light of the moon is not its own light, it's the reflected light. What you came to know recently is mentioned the Quran 14 years ago in Surah Furqan chapter number 25 was number 61. The Quran says the light of the sun has its own light, and the light of the moon is described as Mooney or * meaning borrowed light or reflection of light. So who could have mentioned that the light of the moon is not its own light but reflected light 14 years ago, he may give a pause and say okay, maybe your prophet

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was very very intelligent. No, no, I continue.

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I learned in school that the sun though it revolved in the solar system in the galaxy. It did not rotate about his own axis. Is that what is mentioned the Quran? No, no, that what I learned in school was 1982 1982 27 years back, I had learned that the sun was stationary. But Quran says in Surah Ambia chapter number 21 was number 33. Who Allah Allah Allah Hara is Allah was created the night and the day which comes our comma, the sun and the moon Tolman super lucky yes Boone, each one traveling in orbit with its own motion that everybody has Boone means it describes the motion of a moving body. So Quran says the sun and the moon besides revolving, it even rotates about its own

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axis. And today's science has come to know that the sun takes approximately 25 days to complete one rotation. Who could have mentioned this in the Quran? 40 years back, which we came to recently, hardly 20 years back 30 years back your pulse? Don't wait for the answer. You can continue.

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Quran speaks about the sky. Almighty God has made a predicted ceiling without it. Life cannot exist on the face of the earth in three Ambia chapter number 21 Verse number 32. Quran speaks about watercycle in several places in the Quran, in for a summer, chapter 39 Verse number 21 in the room chapter 30, verse 24. And so these are chapter 15, verse 22, in surah, chapter 20, verse number 18, and for a new chapter 24 Verse number 40 and three are off chapter number seven, verse 57. Seven replaces the Quran speaks about the word cycle in great detail. Who would have mentioned this 14 years back, heal your paws? Don't keep on continuing. Quran speaks about biology,

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that we have created every living in from water. Quran speaks about botany, that we have created every plants in pairs to into in sexes, male or female in surah Taha chapter number 20 Verse number 53 Quran speaks about that the animals have been killed from water. So the new chapter 24 Verse number 45, Quran speaks about the human meat advocate from water. So therefore current chapter 25 Verse number 54. The Quran speaks about genetics, that it is a male fluid which is responsible for determine the * of the child and for a Naja, chap number 53 Verse number 4546 and 40 Gamma chapter number 75 Verse number 3030 39. The Quran speaks about embryology. The Quran speaks about geology.

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The Quran speaks about Oceanology you can give a talk for us together after every scientific sign mentioned the Quran is your friend who could have mentioned this in the Quran for 10 years back. The only reply I can give you is the creator, the manufacturer, the maker, the inventor, this creator, this manufacturer, this inventor, we Muslim call Allah, we call him God.

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So today, science is not eliminating God, it is eliminating models of God lie ilaha illallah that the reason a famous philosopher by the name of Francis Bacon said little knowledge of science makes you an atheist, but in depth knowledge of science brings you closer to Almighty God. So you can ask your friend to see my video I said is the Quran God's word and Quran modern science in which there are various other proofs, talking about the existence of Allah subhanaw taala hoped answer the question

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