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Episode 16 – Surah At-Taghabun – Nouman Ali Khan

June 20, 2016


AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history and characteristics of Islam, including its reliance on one's ability to establish a powerful dimension of their faith and trust in Allah's guidance, the use of words like "monster" and "monster" to describe experiences and moments of joy, the importance of trusting oneself and not just giving money, the use of language to appeal to their base and encourage others to trust in Islam, and the benefits of a charity, including a belief in trust and a focus on building one's own wealth. The speaker emphasizes the importance of trusting oneself and not just giving money, as well as the use of language to appeal to their base and encourage others to trust in Islam.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah al anbiya wa sallim ala alihi wa sahbihi wa are all the way let him illustrate on Dr. James Miller. I know him You said the holy let him fly to mama fill up the whole milk Oh Allah. Oh Allah hula and suddenly, were silly Emily Waterloo, Dr. Melissa Nia okoli aminian.

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Once again everyone said Mr. Ricardo today we try and get to know. So let's hop on the 64th surah of the Quran. This is the last of the most of the heart in the Quran, which means the soul has to declare a lost perfection. And in this beautiful, beautiful surah Allah summarizes the subject matter of all the previous mosambi hard matters of faith, disbelief, conviction, you know, the comparison between the skies in the earth and ourselves how the skies in the earth are in submission, and that human beings have this you know, this rebellion towards a lot. Ironically, even though they're the best of the last creation. This suit I can be easily divided into several parts.

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The first of them again is this idea, disguising the earth declare less perfection. But human beings from incumbent men, women concocted among you are those who believe, and the ones who disbelieve calaca come for us. And so welcome, he folded you, he molded you, He created you. And then he perfected the molding, and beautified the molding in which he crafted all of you. So a lot, you know, imposes on us the favor that he did by designing us in the remarkable way that he did the human being. And you'll notice that in this first passage, there are two attributes of Allah that are at the opening and the end, the two attributes of Allah that complement each other at the at the

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opening is for who Allah colletion cadila lesson complete control. And at the end, it's a lot more I leave him with that is Surah. Allah is knowledgeable of what goes on deep inside the chest. And so let's control and allows knowledge. Now these two things are usually talked about when we talk about trust and reliance and a lot. Why because a lot knows what you're going through and allies capable of changing your circumstance. And whatever you're going through is happening. Because the lights allowing it to happen, when you know bad things happen to people. They start questioning a lie and say, Well, if he's all powerful, How come he's not changing my circumstance? The question well who

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Allah coalition. And then on the other side of the predestination problem is if Allah already knows what I'm going to do, how is it my fault, and Allah actually establishes, first of all, both of those as realities, that ally, in fact, is knowledgeable over whatever goes on inside the chest. And he is, in fact, in complete control. These two attributes, once again, the purpose of them is to establish one powerful dimension of our faith. And that is reliance in Allah, to trusting Allah, letting Allah there are things that in my life are within my control, what I eat, how I sleep, how I deal with people, what I say there are things that are within my control. And then there are things

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that are beyond my control, there are aspects of my health that I can try to take care of. But then again, health and sickness are in a lot of hands, ultimately, life and death is in the Lord's hands. Whether you're living in a city that's enjoying good weather, or you're in the middle of a tornado or an earthquake, that's not in your hands, whether you're driving perfectly on the road, that's up to you, but somebody else comes in ramps into you that's out of your control. There are things that we have to relegate to a lot that they're just beyond us. And that is an aspect of our faith that's highlighted in this beautiful, beautiful surah. In the next passage of the solar, you've got this

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interesting dichotomy, a level talked exhaustively about those who disbelieved in previous nations. And I'm yet to never let the NACA forum in common factor for otavalo, sama, Latina cafaro, and those who disbelieve are talking about over and over and over again, then she'll talk about you know, therefore, if you look at the consequences of those who didn't rely on a lot and thought that they were invincible, and that they're not going to be brought to question as a result of learning about their accounts. You should renew your faith for Amina Bella, he was when he when nullah De Anza believe in Allah and His messenger and the light that we have sent down I love one of the features

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of the surah is that this is the surah that kind of is one of the unique places in the Quran, where the Quran is explicitly described as light. The Quran itself is described as light in the Prophet, his role Lucretia come in Abu Mattila No. So he can bring you out of darkness into light. Allah Himself describes himself Allahu neurol somehow it well, you know, then the law talks about people who live in this life, you know, based on guidance, and you know, your neuron,

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neuron Shinobi you put light in place for you that you can walk in. And now that light itself is being described as the Quran leaving a lie the messenger and the light that we've sent down. So when somebody walks with light, it's like a blessing. They walk with Koran. They live with God and they think about the Quran as they move in their life. So that's the call to email.

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And then thereafter again, another discussion about the man woman, you remember he called, you know,

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can you can feel and who say it. So, twice you have this conversation about him and the conversation started in this passage with God with disbelief. Then twice there's discussion about demand. And then at the end again, a lot describes whether the NACA for workers will be it not workers have not

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been like us. So those are the people who disbelieve at the end again. So this second passage is really a contrast between those who believe, and those who disbelieve, then we get to what belief and disbelief particularly because you know, it's belief in Allah, belief in the angels belief in prophets belief in books, yes, belief is general. But every surah has a particular flavor. And I've alluded to this the the particular texture of faith that Allah is highlighting in the surah is reliance in Allah reliance on him. And that's why in that third passage, a lot opens that subject up and says, masaba mean, we'll see but in, in law, in the law, there is no calamity that ever strikes

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you, except that it happens by Allah xlif Allah is the one in control of whatever struck you, when you hear it called by whoever truly believed in Allah guides his heart, May Allah give us, you know, tranquility in our hearts when difficult times head because that's also from Allah. And the idea is, if we can hold on to our faith, during difficult times, the gift you get is priceless. What is the gift, yet the caliber who Allah Himself will guide his heart, my heart will be given guidance, if I can remain tranquil and relaxed and relegate the matter to Allah. In times of difficulty, the gift I get is absolutely the most valuable gift, the guidance of Allah. And then this passage also towards

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the end of this passage, why the law affiliate our callin what we know, the you know, believers should then place their trust exclusively in Allah, that matter of trust comes back again, what I find really remarkable about this passage is this conversation about trust and reliance and letting your heart be at ease because a lie is in control. All of that is there but in the heart of this passage, you know, what's there to allow yourself to intervene later in the

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movie, obey, align, obey the messenger, if you turn away, then Our Messengers only responsibility is to communicate clearly, and to communicate that which clarifies why why is that in the middle of a line obey the messenger? Because when people lose their trust in Allah, they stopped obeying Allah, why did you stop praying? Well, why did you let me lose my job? Why did I have to get stick? I say, I don't feel like praying anymore. people stop obeying Allah and the messenger when their reliance on Allah goes away. So I'll put that in the very, very middle of the demonstration that you're still relying on Allah, that you still trust Allah, that you still have good opinion of Allah is

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demonstrated in your continued loyalty and obedience and subservience to Allah. May Allah continue to keep us all that way. Now towards the end of this surah Yeah, you Hello Tina Amano. indominus Raja Kumar, Kumar, welcome in number on walakum wa to come fitna level first mentioned on a couple of times, he'll mentioned trials, you're gonna get you're gonna get even out of your spouse's and your children, those that might become enemies to you. Those that might be you know, they're calling you to disobey Allah be calling you to become materialistic. Or you might get problems in your life that make you lose your trust in Allah, that stem from your spouse's or stem from your children.

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Then he says in the bottom while como la de conflict, and by the way, it's not just spouses and children, which means family issues, then there's financial issues, your children, your monies, and your children are a huge trial for you will la Miranda who was one of them, and Allah has in his only present only in his possession, his great, great compensation. What's the point of all of this in the first in the third passage was a conversation about reliance. And in the next is the false, it's false reliance. If one relies on happiness, and goodness, and who they can lean on at the end of the day is only their family or their money or their children, these things will will come will

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be there. And they are a source of reliance for us. But they're not absolute sources of reliance. these are these are also mortal human beings. And these are material things, they come and they go, people change, the one that will never change that will never always be there for you is Allah azzawajal himself. So Allah and the whole team. And so even as you're going through trials within your family, or you're going through financial trials, but Allah has started tatom have Acquavella as much as you can. And by the way before he concludes this surah but for tabula which is all the way at the end, you'll find in the surah what info and you know, according to La COVID, Hassan,

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spend in the path of Allah give Allah beautiful load, give a lot of load, what is the law telling us, you will develop reliance on a lot one of the most practical ways to do so is to actually be charitable. So now we're seeing charity come up in the Quran in different contexts, when obviously, is you're supposed to be charitable, because it's an obligation in Islam, but it has certain spiritual benefits. The first spiritual benefit was actually in sort of one afternoon, that it fights hypocrisy. The opposite of Nevada is in fact, the antithesis to it. The the anecdote to it is in fact we're spending now we're learning that actually

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reliance on Allah depended builds as we spend. Why, because you're trusting you know, when you like, literally, it's a trust account. When you deposit something with Allah, it's not that you've given it away. It's Think of it as you have two accounts, you have this like, account that you can withdraw from it anytime, like a checking account nowadays, right, you put money in it, you can withdraw it from an ATM at any time. And then there are long term investment accounts. Those are also your money, it's just that you don't have access to it right now. It's maybe a retirement fund, or it's like an investment fund that you can't touch for the next 10 years or something like that.

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That's the idea. Actually, when you spend and you give, you're actually depositing in your own afterlife account, you're you haven't lost wealth, you've only transferred it from this world into the next, that's all you've done. But it's still only building your own wealth. Now you relied on a lot and trusted him that this account that you put it in is more secure than the bank vault is more secure than the FDA and $100,000 of insurance. It's more secure than that, it's it's going to be really it's going to be recovered. And you're going to be able to cash out on this on the trust with Allah. It builds trust with the law, that you've invested with him that you've given money and human

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beings. No, it takes any, it's a huge amount of trust, before we invest with someone. It's a huge amount of reliance before we put money down with somebody and get into an agreement with somebody or give somebody a loan. So Allah uses the language that necessitates trust, like approval law, give a lot of loan, you would never give a loan to somebody you don't trust. And the other thing about the World Cup I should mention, when Allah talks about giving, he could say to South Dakota give sadaqa give charity, he could say unfair co he could say spend but when he says a credo give a loan. This is a very powerful language because Allah is not in need of alone. A lot of money and Hamid in the

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same surah again, Allah is the one who doesn't need Why would he ask for a loan? He's asking for a loan to illustrate how pathetic we are. How greedy we become. I want to give you an example illustration of this point, Ivan shallow, Darla will conclude your mom, she asks you one day, son, can I borrow $20? I promise I'll pay it back.

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how embarrassed would you feel your mother is asking you to not asking you for money, not telling you to give her money. She wants you to she she wants to borrow money from you. And then she has to promise that she'll pay you back. That must mean your mother thinks you're so greedy. And so grabby of your own money, you would never let it go. And you would have to be given a reassurance that it'll be paid back to you. This is how negligent you became of your mom that she came down to the point where she had to talk to you in this way. It's the low expectations she has of you that are coming forward. And that's how Allah challenges our sense of integrity. When he says give a lot

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alone. You give a lot alone, wow, how greedy must I have become that Allah uses this kind of language, he'll use the language of business, he will use the language of loan just to appeal to our base herself and help us understand how far we've come. How difficult it's become for us to spend. May Allah not make us of the people who are who is difficult for them to spend, it's easy for us to give whatever we have, you know, and people have often what was the pollen

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spend, and march forward, lighter, heavy, whether you have a lot or you have a little that's not the point. That isn't the point. The point is that you gave something that you gave, that you let go of something minmatar have moved from the from what you love, you know, so this is the this is the essential message of the surah. And of course, the surah concludes with the reality of human and go for the reality of you know, real faith and who really relies on Allah, and who doesn't rely on Allah, his attribute highly motivated people Shahada, and as usual Hakeem, the Knower of the unseen and the seen, the one who has the ultimate authority, the one who's all wise, he has the authority

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to call you to account right now. But he's got wisdom. He doesn't expose you right away. He knows what you say with your tongue, and he knows what you have inside your hearts. Elijah will cleanse all of our hearts and keep us sincere only for his sake, and milazzo which will make us of those who truly learn to rely upon him in light of this beautiful, beautiful suit off debacle. So to happen barakallahu li walakum wa salam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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