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Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The legal system is crucial to shaping one's life and avoiding failure, as it is used to create fearless behavior and lead to painful experiences. The use of a Quranic methodology of returning from painful experiences and feeling the return of the enemy is common among Muslims, and the holy spirit is used to create hope and a sense of peace. The importance of having confidence in one's actions and not being afraid of one's words is emphasized, as it is used to achieve their goals of profit and fulfilling promises. The culture uses leagues and messages to motivate Muslims, and rumors and optimism are advised to stay in tune with the law.
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praises for Lord of the worlds

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the protector of the believers and helper of the PI's

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he is the irresistible above his servants and he is all wise all aware.

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We praise him during good times and bad times during prosperity and misfortune,

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going well being in difficulties.

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All praise belongs to him in this world and the next is the judgment into him, we shall return.

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I testify that there's no true deity except the law alone having no partners.

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And I testify that Muhammad is His slave and messenger.

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He was sent by Allah with guidance and the religion of truth, to make it prevail over all religions, even if the idolaters find it contemptible. They'll all confer his peace and blessings upon Mohammed and upon his family and his companions, and all those who genuinely follow them, until the day of judgment, to proceed.

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We are law servants of Allah and obey Him.

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Beware of giving up of laws, kindness, or despairing of laws, mercy,

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or none despairs of a loss. Mercy accepted disbelievers. There Muslims.

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being tried and tested

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is among the norms that allows established in this life.

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It is he who created death and life to test you.

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These tests are a consequence of laws wisdom, and the battle between truth and falsehood.

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For they distinguish between the genuine and the deceitful a law says do people think that they will be left alone after saying we believe without being put to the test?

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We tested those who went before them.

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So Allah will certainly

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distinguishing mark out which ones are truthful and which ones are lying.

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It's an examination and the test to measure the level of one spiritual fortitude and to purify the ranks of the believers from those who have infiltrated Allah says Allah

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would not leave the believers in the state that you are in

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until he separates the evil from the good.

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This is a corrective approach by which a law saves those or whom guidance has been decreed in order to awaken them from their heedlessness and turn to the Lord and return to the religion returned to Islam.

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Service of Allah in the midst of these trials and tribulations,

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things can become difficult and calamities become severe and the relief may be delayed.

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Until one is overcome by feelings of despair and hopelessness. Allah says do you suppose that you will enter agenda, the garden without first having suffered like those who for you?

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They were afflicted by misfortune and hardship and they were shaken so much that even their messenger and the believers with them said when will a laws help arrive?

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So when this is the case, turn into a law and having confidence in him is a must, for law provides a way out from every difficulty and relief from all distress.

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Allah is as his believing servants consider him. He does not disappoint those who have confidence in him. They're Muslims.

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To spread happiness and peace of mind and provide people with hope at times of grief is a Quranic methodology. It's in prefer from the prophetic teachings. A law said to musen out on in the face of Pharaohs oppression Do not be afraid I'm with you both hearing and seeing everything

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you have said to his brother

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after the calamity that have befallen them, and your brothers so do not be saddened and shave said to move sideways to them.

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After the people have plotted against him and he left the city, fearful and on guard, do not be afraid you are safe now from the wrong doors. And our Prophet Mohammed Mohammed sallallahu Sallam

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told his companion Abu Bakr Siddiq, may Allah be pleased with him when they were in the cave.

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Oh, Abu Bakar. What do you think about two people with whom Allah is the third? Do not worry a lot is with us. During the Battle of better,

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there were slightly over 300 Muslims and the idolaters the most recoome were three times as many. And the army of Muslims were not prepared for war. And they were without the ideal numbers or arms.

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They were nervous and anxious as they were facing a hostile force much larger than their own and the force that they prepared with men and arms.

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So it was in this under these circumstances that I asked him to chorion were revealed to provide peace of mind and arouse hoping the Muslims and motivate them raise their spirits and encouraged them to face their enemy. Listen to what the Lord said to his messengers to the lady was telling them. Remember, when a law made you see them in your sleepest view. If he has shown them to you as many, you would have lost heart and argued about it, but a lot of safety. He knows the secrets of the heart.

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And if he shows you, when he remember when he showed them and you're asleep as few

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so that Allah could establish an affair that had been decreed, and for Allah is the return of all affairs and beloved minister who said they appeared so few in number to us that I asked the man next to me. Do you think there are 70 of them? He said, I think there are 100 of them. We captured one of them and asked him how many of you were there he said 1000.

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We find that the crime reinforces this approach using a different method and the same battle rules spreading the spirit of optimism among the Muslims.

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By reaffirming their victory and promising them sovereignty. Allah says remember how Allah promised you that one of the two enemy groups will fall to you. You wanted the unarmed group to be yours. But it was the laws will to establish the truth according to His word, and to uproot the disbelievers in order to confirm the truth and abolish falsehood even if the sinners dislike it, service of Allah. He prophets sallallahu wasallam

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also used a similar approach that coincided with this Quranic methodology when the Muslims experienced any distress

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So this may, or if they were worried, apprehensive or despairing about something,

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the Prophet sallallaahu Selim, with Kindle in them the spirit of hope, and reassurance and confidence in Allah. So when the Confederates gathered against the laws, messengers to lie it was settled them

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and formed an army of 10,000 fighters.

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He Muslim circumstances became very difficult. Beer overcame them,

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to the point that one of them would not even go out to relieve himself. So they were so hungry, that they tie stones to their stomachs.

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days would pass without them finding anything to eat, without tasting even a morsel of food.

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The severe cold of winter approached them.

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treachery, betrayal and hypocrisy took advantage of the opportunity as usual, to dissipate the strength of the Muslims. The Quran described this situation as saying, they matched against you, from in front of you and behind you, and eyes rolled with fear and your hearts rose into your throats.

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And you harbored doubts about Allah.

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It was there that the believers were tested and severely shaken.

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This is when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam began to give his companions hope

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and confidence and peace of mind.

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He promised them that they would be triumphant and have the upper hand

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and inform them of a resounding victory to come. He promised them the keys to the treasures of Rome, Persia and sinad and Yemen. But I've been asked him about the Allahu anhu said, when the last messenger sallallahu wasallam ordered us to dig the trench. There was a rock that none of the pigs could break. So we informed he prophecies tell him about it.

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So the Prophet took his pic and it said Bismillah

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and he hit the rock once and shattered one third of it. Then he said Allahu Akbar,

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I have been given the keys of Sham 11th by a law barely I can see her read palaces right from where I stand. Then he said Bismillah and he shattered another third and, and he said Allahu Akbar.

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I've been given the keys of Persia by Locke and see her cities in her white palace right from where I stand.

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Then he hits the third, he said Bismillah and shattered the remainder of the rock and exclaimed, Allahu Akbar, I have been given the keys of Yemen, by Allah. I can see the gates of sinad right from where I stand right now. And jabril has informed me that my oma would be triumphing over them so rest assured, so the prophets I sell them

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heart and his companions with the news of victories to come in those lands, while they were still in the trench, being bitten by cold and hunger. As for the hypocrites,

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they were in a state of cowardice, spreading rumors as they attempted to demoralize the believers. They ridiculed this good news. And they say he promises us the treasures of Persian Rome.

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While we are not even free to go relieve ourselves,

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Allah and His Messenger have promised us nothing but delusions. The believers, however, had peace of mind. And they said, This is what Allah and His Messenger promised us. And the promise of Allah and His messenger is true.

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And this only serve to increase their faith and submission to Allah. May Allah bless you and meet with the great Quran and cause us to benefit from his verses in wise words.

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I have said which you have heard, and I seek forgiveness of a lot of the most great the sublime for myself for you and for the Muslims. To ask Allah for forgiveness. He is the author giving the Most Merciful.

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praise belongs to Allah alone.

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He fulfilled his promise, aided his servant

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and single handedly defeated the enemy. May Allah confers Peace and blessings upon the Prophet home, there is no prophet after him. There are Muslims

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Certain that Allah has decreed triumph for this religion and its adherence is to see his promise to help the Muslims. Allah says, Allah has written I shall certainly prevail. I am my messengers, the laws all powerful and Almighty. Allah also says, Oh you believe if you help the cause of Allah, He will help you and make you stand firm. And Allah says Allah is sure to help those who help his cause. Allah is strong and mighty. And if the Muslims refrain from eating this Deen Allah will aid his religion and bring forth the people who will.

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Allah subhana wa tada says he will substitute other people for you if you turn away and they will not be like you. Oh you who believe. If any of you go back when your faith, Allah will soon replace you with people he loves and who loves him. People who are humble towards the believers hard on the disbelievers.

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They fight they strive in a laws way without fearing anyone's reproach. And no matter how many how much the conditions and circumstances change,

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the Muslims will always be fine. They will be in perpetual goodness, ultimate successes for the pious The law says it is authentically reported that the prophets I send them said absolutely amazing is the affair of the believer. But his affairs are all good. But this is only true for a believer.

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If something good comes to him, he Thanks a lot and this is best for him. But if some misfortune befalls him, he is patient and this is best for him. So fear loss service of Allah.

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And beware of despair, and circulating rumors in the oma for this is the weapon and a scheme used by the enemy. This is a weapon used by the enemy to infiltrate your ranks.

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So rest assured and remain optimistic, be optimistic, and place your confidence in the law for you will triumph. Allah says our word has already been given to our duty for messengers, it is they who will be supported and our forces that will be trying

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to not be deceived by the apparent * of the powers of falsehood, because Allah will always prevail and his purpose in spite of the disbelievers scorn. Allah grant strength to Islam and the Muslims. Oh Allah grant strength to Islam and the Muslims and bring humiliation to idolatry and those who practice it in Asia monotheists servants and make this land and all of the Muslim lands safe and secure.

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Oh Allah make us safe in our lamps. Oh Allah make us safe in our lands and our countries. Oh Allah make us safe in our lands, and rectify our emails and our rulers. Allah guide our leader with your guidance, and aid him with your aid.

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Under your religion by way of him, Allah guide him and his two deputies to that which is good for Islam and the Muslims. And to that which rectifies the country and the people Lord of the worlds

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Oh Allah grant victory to our soldiers who are securing the borders. Oh, I'll make the strikes accurate. grant them firm determination and give them a victory from yourself oh lord of the world. Oh Allah. Oh Allah rectify the state of the Muslims. Oh Allah rectify the state of the Muslims wherever they may be. Oh Allah rectify the state of the Muslims wherever they may be.

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Oh, Allah relieved the distress of our brothers in in Sham in the 11th Oh Allah remove their hardships or law relieve their distress and take and remove the hardships and take over their affairs and hasten their relief. hasten their relief for Allah hasten their relief and unify them Oh Lord of the worlds

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Oh Allah give them safety after the fear that they are facing and give them honor after after this honor that they have faced. Give them victory. Oh Allah protect their lives. Oh Allah protect their lives and cover their faults. Oh Allah.

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Oh Allah be against the oppressors. Oh Allah be against those oppressors

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Oh almighty.

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Oh you who does what he wants. Oh Allah. Turn off the hearts make our hearts firm upon your deen. Oh Allah Turner of the hearts. Make our hearts firm upon your obedience.

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By Your mercy, almost merciful service of Allah, Allah in his angel sense a lot upon the Prophet, O you who believe send your select and send them upon him as well. Oh Allah, send your prayers upon our Prophet Muhammad and be pleased with the four rightly guided caliphs, Abu Bakar, Rama, this man and it along with all of the companions, and also be pleased with us together with them by your generosity, almost generous of all the generous

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dada dada

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