Hatem al-Haj – How to Increase the Blessings of Allah

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of gratitude and affirmations in relationships, including past bounties and recognizing and praising actions. They stress the need for action and showing gratitude, including through past experiences and using drugs and alcohol to alleviate anxiety and fear. The theory that Allah's actions caused health issues and loss of power is discussed, along with the theory that actions cause anxiety and fear leading to a need for expansion.
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It was basically about the Navajo Masada you may you may feel now. Yeah, this is very difficult. How could I festival Baba neon neon could I be grateful enough for Allah for all the bounties for all the things the law have given me first know that Allah is fair and just so they monitor me optimal la prima la mahalo

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Allah subhana wa tada gave me his Fave, you know, you know give us bounties or anomalous events, you know, before these bounties on diabetic on his servants, as befitting of his capacity Allah as befitting of his capacity, what can not happen Supra and he required of them gratefulness, Baraka, draining as deep within your capacity. So as the fitting of his power and mind

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can ask the fitting of our weakness for law. Ask us for the for the shoulder of those now as the fitting of our weakness. So what is the masking?

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What is the last thing he said?

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the recognition of the art and the praise of the total, convincing

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recognition of the hearts of all of those now are from you.

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And the present the fun

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from that is Allah, Allah Catarina that is befitting of our capacity of our weakness, because Can you compensate for those near him?

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When he's asking, have you gratefulness as befitting of your weakness, and whatever is befitting of your weaknesses just for your heart to recognize that all of those are from him and from him alone.

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And you're trying to speak of this, by your hunger forever should lay us out.

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So Obama say Bernie said that Musa alayhis salam and abena

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said to Allah Khurana Yamato on the way over to

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he said last year as

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in sunlight from activity were in some form and tivity were impossible from activity. What resulted from antibiotics like a finished product on Amazon as a company Captain

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Musa said, Oh my God, if I pray, it is from you. It is it is your favorite on me. If I fast it is your favorite on me. That you have helped me that you have guided me and helped me to pray at first. And if I give charity is from you.

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And if I convey your message it is also from you.

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How could they give sugar to you? How could I show gratefulness to

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Now you give thanks. Now you should pray for destiny. What did he do?

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He recognized that it is all from Allah. And that's all that was asking for.

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That is my preference otherwise I'm upset and the heavy stuff is reported and Mr.

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Logan, that whoever wakes up in the morning and says

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hello my hubby Melinda

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will be

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coming talk about cholesterol he can

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that he would have sent a masala for that they can have you say this in the evening that he would affect the hospital Carla for that evening that when you say to Allah subhanaw taala that whatever Yeah, I wake whatever nap I woke up when I woke up housing for any one of your creation that is all from you alone.

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No partner you are

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that this would be sufficient for your soccer for that day or for that time.

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So for for you.

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This is for lack of a better phrase belongs to you and

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that is that is all you need.

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It is the same, it is the recognize with your heart, it is the recognize with your heart, and to

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praise with your partner that all of this has come about

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all of it is from a loss.

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This is like subtlety

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that people will have recognition with no

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received a letter from

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one of his teachers one of his

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one of his rulers.

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And the ruler said to him, I have become concerned because I live in a land where the new hammer too many Can I feel that the people would not be able to show gratefulness for all of those now,

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all around, but I just wrote to him and said,

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I thought that you were more knowledgeable than this. Haven't you known that?

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Forever every amount of money

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the hum of every number

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is greater than

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you know, grateful for the number is greater than milk. So you will be able to

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you know, live up, you know, you'll be able to meet all of us now, regardless

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of how many now you're surrounded by how many now and I love his thoughts on you.

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So let's get on with it when the second hand is your action.

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And unelma is action. How could your action be better than his action greater than his action? employ a moroccanoil law said this when we want to hear if I'm gonna

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set this statement of Nyan I said

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Optus never

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would have been happy Julian

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said that some of the scholars justified

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a loss of 100 armor gives you two different types of favorites.

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Now, I'm not nearly here, which is the health and wealth and so on. See that does

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not affect alcohol hoppers, macabre philosophical

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either came

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up some lettuce along yo Melvin alumni, then you will be asked on that day about a naive bliss that you haven't studied. What is the bliss you have in Estonia, London was on set an ominous, ominous

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security and health phenomena. So it said it was a security and health

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cannot even not even thought of it from the best that he said, Have you smell absorbed, you know, eyesight, vision, eyesight and hearing this. But you will be asked about another image. So now the theory

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is the scholars just to find this thinking that

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he said that a loss of power of Allah has been different types of favors. Now, I'm not going to do the we are never going to be the normal things of this world. And none of that pertains to the year after number 20. Leah is you know, all of these, you know, wealth and health and all of us security in dystonia, good cars, good houses, all of them is another. And then the other half

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is to guide you through this and show is guiding him to his humbled so

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that our gamma is greater than the first The second was greater than

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both of them are case, but out of his generosity and liberality towards his servants. He attributed the second thing

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like what he does to hammer home with a hammer, when he gives you the money and then asks you for a loan.

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Doesn't he do this mentality approval Ba ba ba

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ba ba ba ba ba we happen to do so.

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Who who would give a good deal on cover up the wiper who will get on top. He is going to give you the money.

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Okay, and when he asks you for a loan, so he gives you those two and a half he gives you a banana. And he gives you the other name of a super of the first.

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But then when he when you're not

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you know, how could you ever pay? How could you ever

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How could you ever be grateful out of his generosity he attributed the second one to you, Dr. Hammond. He made the second one of your phone acquisition

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the recognition of your heart, the praise of your turn he attributed that you even go into sleep is from him. And have you not guided you and guided your heart and have empowered you. You'd have been distracted you have would have been grateful you that that's sick to sector, you know to think about it, you would have been too busy you would have been this or this or that. But he guarded you and he empowered you. He guided you to be grateful and he empowered you to show gratitude. But then but but out of his generosity, he attributed all of that to you. So you you're showing gratitude, I will tell you this, as you know, grateful years for my life is called on you and then I will increase

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your money for yourself which is which is which is in the first place might not do so our customers either nakoma if you show gratitude, gratefulness Island increase you increase my now does even increase you give you more

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because of your shop which is in the first place mine My favorite on you.

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So this this is a very beautiful very beautiful hobbies we said before so coup de Rosa shokran winds it was over almost haha gratefulness is super magic is super, super

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super that is where there

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is basically and to have the authority that you do that which Allah subhanaw taala made obligatory This is where I saw your five follow up every day you're fasting This is done don't ever fall short of this type of show. You know the shocker that the prophet SAW someone was talking about this. The other hobbies The other thing is the shokran was the hub the serpent that is Mr. Harper preferred but the superlative in

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and other shopping as well.

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And thanks man I hear that you refrain abstain completely from his purposes

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they used to say

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um, that was Tommy Bahama one female see and it doesn't give me notice

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you know it doesn't you know what that is the least you can do

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to stop it I'm a baby Marcy that is that you do not use as bounties.

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This obey in trouble the fines and rejections you're using this county

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saw a man one day after

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he was like walking boastfully

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a man walking boss. And he said frequently about when men would in Lahaina you know every single move that Oregon he has this person has is a favor from Allah subhanaw taala is a favor from Allah subhanho. So how could we use all of these now to dissipate?

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No, because the most ominous is an act of disobedience.

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So if you know that he put the money that you need

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a lighthouse like a number on you concerning every event, every organ, every bone, every joint that you have, you will never you you will never boast you will never be too proud. I've never been to

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the least you could do is don't use his nap in his mosque. very secretive. That is a sacred word. Do his para don't use his Nana, his mouse

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and Sophia, Mr. heartless all of that. We talked about some of it. You know his kindness he showed people some

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through acts of worship. Movies are timeless you show to the people and to the

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whole universe.

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