Don’t be stingy with your time for Allah

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Fernanda devilman public, speaking about people that he gave so much and so much from his phone from his gifts and blessings and bounties. He gave us health. He gave us time. He gave us a place to live, where there is security and safety. You come to the budget and you go the way you want. They're not worried about anyone around you, bothering you.

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You eat what you want from an island or loss origin is provided for you, whoever knows these data, because we became so used to it. We think now it's something that we deserve. We think it's something that we deserve a lot. So he'll give it to you today. Tomorrow, you can take everything away from you was originally sent to him and when he gave them so much so much. He said but he loopy, they became stingy.

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They became stingy. What does it mean to become stingy? Yeah, and he for every blessing, they became stingy. And one of the biggest blessings Allah gave us time and health. So in other words, it will be one of its meanings is they became stingy in their time for a loss or

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they became stingy and miserly with their time for a loss or

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when a lot of soldiers would call them to train and I didn't have time.

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But Allah Xhosa would call them to worship I didn't have time

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when an email or when I

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would explain to the people the importance of reading the flat letter we understood better than half time when there's a lesson organized Come sit down attend learn something about a law learn something about God more than half time people don't have a lot of time

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when did you find the two hours that you had water every day? The two hours went together for one hour on Facebook scrolling

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Where did you get it from that one hour

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two hours on TV watching and asking for more? I wish the show didn't end with you at this time from editing these hours when they get up

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and then when you're caught the worship just come display half an hour ago 15 minutes ago I didn't have time I didn't have time

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problem but you know be Do not be stingy in your time for a loss or

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if alarm so I want you to

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be the bearer of it's an obligation so neither should I go like a bro it's not that

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it's it's the attitude of being grateful to a large version for blessings he's given you but he will be they became stingy next step what the one low house bit by bit they turned away.

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They're not interested anymore. I don't know what the Lord took away from the worship altogether. Now he assumes it's however he wants to worship he worships God is a mind of his own. Today we want to read tomorrow we don't tomorrow we'll bring the most in tomorrow either class I'll take it easy my own my own way.

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Whatever happened team eventually in the next day I says a lot of sorgente says

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for acaba whom nifa confy boo boo him

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for us

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view Blue Beam, Eli Oh man. Oh, no, no, no, I do have the MAC address the board whatever we learned that became immigrants, a lot of social he he cast that inside of their hearts nifa.

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Now there's two meanings for for

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what acaba what's the thing that gave them hypocrisy, that they said it is allowed so who made the hypocrisy inside their hearts? And other than that said, it is the fact that they became stingy with a lot of this stinginess, give them hypocrisy in their heart. stinginess with a large version resulting hypocrisy in the heart in the

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demonic and we are reborn because of what they used to lie. The lies they used to make the window when you used to say I didn't have time for a law you lie. You know you knew yourself best. And you mind a lot of social one in front of you something in return for these blessings he's given you for a kaboom, the Falcon isn't always a problem. It's a problem. The attitude of worship is supposed to be an open attitude. This is time for a mob brother. There's no such thing as I didn't have time for a while. Change the attitude alone set the budget for select you come you come running a lot of social once you force

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and he's telling you the one who comes early. It says though he's given a camel feasibility let you come early. Spring that time feel solid Allah.

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Allah wants you to engage with the client and keep that continuous connection for you.

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Read, give that time doesn't matter doesn't matter give the time, time time and Allah give you time give it to Allah. So