Umm Jamaal ud-Din – Special Ramadan Message to All Muslim Sisters

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
AI: Summary © The speaker is sending a special message to everybody around the world to take heart and be forgiven for their actions. They encourage people to stay up until the end of the last 10 nights of the legal time to pray for forgiveness and unite them all in the next life. The message emphasizes the importance of full dose of mercy and pray for forgiveness in order to save everyone.
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Today I want to send a special message especially to all of my sisters around the world. These sisters, no matter how Ramadan has been for you so far, I want you to take heart in knowing that from the infinite mercy and generosity of Allah to us all is that he has saved the best of this month until the last

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to the level that in one of these nights is a night that whoever stayed worshipping Allah out of this and see Amen. And hoping for his reward in it. All of their previous sins will be forgiven as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Men form and later Eman And what he said and Wolfie Allah who matter Kodama min Denby, that's why my two sisters, even if you're not able to go for a decaf, or toto be in the masjid. Even if you're stuck at home with your kids, or feeding your baby. Don't waste this chance to strive in seeking the mercy of Allah in these last 10 nights.

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Pray in your homes, and do as much a bed as you can. And sisters, even if you're not able to pray at the moment, don't just go to sleep. stay up at night and strive in doing other acts of worship like Vicar, making, reciting Quran as much as you can. Even if all you can do is just cry and keep on asking Allah forgiveness all night. Because what Allah wants to see more than anything else is the sincerity in your heart, and how much you truly want his mercy. Because remember sisters that none of us will enter Jannah except by the mercy of Allah.

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So if you begin to feel tired, just remember that if you want Jana, then know that Jana is surrounded by difficult things.

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And when you come on the Day of Resurrection and you see the fire in front of you, ask yourself how much will you be ready to give at that moment in order to save yourself from it.

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So sisters, these last 10 nights are your chance to show Allah how much you truly want his mercy.

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And the reality is none of us guarantees living to see another month of Ramadan.

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So that's why as much as you can throughout these last 10 nights of Ramadan, cry and beg for the forgiveness from Allah, and especially in your sujood keep on saying the Torah that the prophets of Allah when he was sent to Arusha by the Allahu

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Allahu Allah, in nikka foon to Hipple alpha Fulani,

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I asked a lawful to Baraka to Allah to make us all from amongst those who are saved in this month, and to unite us together in the next life in general full dose and Allah. Allahu Allah mean, also La La was lm abetik Elena de Anna Mohammed while he was off

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