What Happens to Children That Die Young

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I never think about children

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and losing a child, which of course, is every parent's worst nightmare.

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And I think about when a child is very young,

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where does that child go? What happens to that child? Will the parent or parents ever be reunited with that same child again.

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And our prophets, Arlene salatu salam gave us a number of ahaadeeth. There's a long list of many a hadith that gives us an insight to what happens to children who pass away at a young age.

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And this first narration happened during the journey of Surah, Al Miraj.

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Our Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam had seen a man that was so tall,

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that his head was within the clouds, very large, tall men.

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And he asked the angels who is this person and they said that that is Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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And he saw that there were so many children as far as the eyes can see. And as he's narrating the story, he says, I have never seen that many children in one place ever. So when asked Who are these children?

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These are the children that passed away at a young age.

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And was the Companions heard this, one of them asked the autosomal Allah,

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even the children who weren't Muslim,

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and he said none even the children who weren't Muslim