CoronaVirus How to Protect Yourself as a Muslim – Good Deeds

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This means your Walkman you're walking.

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Next thing you have to do, everyone, everyone, a lot of good deeds, the opposite. A lot of good deeds because good deeds will move the bad deeds. And Allah said this is sorted out on you probably all of you know what uncIe Kofi Serbia De La Hoya Tokuda ad community, look at what I've seen in a law one lesson, spend for the sake of law $1.50 1000 whatever you can spend it with the intention that why charity, the Wrath of Allah has removed a southern robber, Rob, charity, extinguish the anger of a loss pantalla and I'm not saying this is anger. I don't know we don't know. But we are taking all the means a lot of quality and excellence in manners with each other, with people,

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Muslims or non Muslims. Good manners, good human beings.