Unknown Legacies #10 – Two Close Friends

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Because on the Day of Judgment, nobody is going to stand there and take the bullet for you or take the accountability for you, you're going to be held accountable for your choices.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran about two friends, this is a famous story in order to solve that. I have 50 all the way to 61 talking about the people of Ghana, and one of the people of Ghana. He's talking to the others. And as they are talking about what about Humala barreling into saloon they start asking each other questions. So one of them shares his story point a point, you know, minimum in the Canary Korean one of them says I used to have a very close companion according very close companion, your puluh are in a condominium most of the ugly, he used to ask me, Are you amongst the believers? Either meet now Hakuna to Robin wire environment in dilemma. Do you know that

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when we die, become dust and bones, that we're going to be resurrected, that we're going to be brought back? Now this is not the type of question of a friend who really is sincerely asking tiller. It was the type of question to make him doubt to make him lose his faith to shake him in his Eman. You really are amongst the believers. It is like somebody asking you in mockery? Do you actually believe that you really believe in life after death after your body is decomposed? Like really? It's a type of mockery, it's very condescending, is very arrogant. It wasn't asking to learn. Someone's asking to learn you respond normally. There's no problem with that. He was asking

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to shake his faith to make him doubt to make him feel silly, crazy backwards, you're amongst those backwards, people who still believe you believe in a scripture that was revealed 1400 years ago. That's the question. That's what they're asking. Now of codeine is a close friend. This person the believer has a close friend had a close friend who was trying to make him know, you might have friends at various levels of practice, where you have to choose your friends very carefully. When it comes to choice and companionship, you have to choose your companionship very carefully, it will have an impact on you that you will eventually see on the Day of Judgment. So choose wisely.

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Sometimes people don't realize how much they are influenced by their friends, their close friends, they don't realize how many things you take from them. And you think to yourself, Okay, well, I have Muslim friends who are not practicing. They they don't have good character, and they're Muslim. But I have some non Muslim friends who are a kind, they're respectful, they have good character in accordance to Islam, they have good character, but they don't pray. They don't believe in Allah. What's riskier, this is a really weird situation to ask about why we're not asking you about two bad examples here, where somebody is harming you in terms of not practicing, and somebody is harming in

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terms of not believing. But ultimately, ultimately, the most important thing is your athlete, your worldview, if the person who has good character might influence you negatively, and you'll start to lose your Eman that's very problematic for you. Because on the Day of Judgment, nobody's going to stand there and take the bullet for you or take the accountability for you, you're going to be held accountable for your choices. So somebody might have better character than a Muslim. And that's sadly the case in many of our experiences and communities. But it doesn't mean that they're awfully that is better. That doesn't mean that this person has a good influence on you. We're not talking

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about acquaintances, and we're not talking about family members. We're not talking about companionship that you cannot choose. We're talking about the friends that you do choose choose very carefully. And when you choose a friend and you choose to be around them, it's not like you're looking down on someone who's not practicing. It's not like you are thinking that you're better than other people. Oh, the villa May Allah protect us all know, you're protecting yourself if you feel that you are influenced easily by other people. And you also have good companionship, and you keep the door open for those who are struggling so that you're helping them you're influencing them

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positively and chalant data and you're picking them up rather than letting them pull you down. Don't be around people are trying to make you doubt your religion because oftentimes the most dangerous kind of friendship, or companionship is the kind that takes away your entire arsenal. Be very cautious. The story continues. He's talking in general about this bad friend that he had. And as they're talking, he says Paula Hill and to move Polly around in one of the toughest areas said he will be asked and they will all be asked. Do you want to see where he ended up? The bad friend that made you doubt your Islam? Made you doubt your Eman made you doubt that God created you? This is not

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the type of difference where you're debating with a friend about your favorite sports team or your favorite iPhone versus Android or you're debating your favorite food biryani versus Maluma versus Mensa. You're talking here about life and death you're talking about Jana and Jana, these are very heavy matters close friendship will influence you whether you realize it or not choose very cautiously because when they looked on 102 What Polly Arun when they look to see where he is for upon alpha o visa and Jain he looked and he saw that his friend is in the midst of the fire. What did he say from Jana? Fall at Allah he in kittila told Dean, he said by Allah you almost ruined me.

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You made me doubt I remember what you say. You almost ruined me as well. When hola and Yamato be the continental martyr and had it not been for the Nirvana the blessing of my Lord

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The fevers of my Lord, I too would have been in the fire. In other words, a scrub your success and your guidance, Oh Allah subhanaw taala the choices that you make that end up being ascribed to Allah subhanaw taala that Allah sends you many, many blessings. If you're young, maybe you're a blessing was not your parents raised you in an environment in which they warned you stay away from bad friends. That's an enema from Allah to protect you. Maybe that was what it was. Now, sometimes teenagers, sometimes youngsters, they get very upset with their parents always telling me what to do, telling me who to hang out with telling me to stay away from this person, but this person is

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fun. This is a funny friend. And the reality is you don't see at that point, maybe your wisdom is not there yet. Maybe the knowledge is not there yet. But eventually inshallah Tada, you get to a point where you see one day that it was actually good for you that they were advising you for your sake to protect you, because they care about your entryway into gender as well. Oftentimes, that might come through social media. If you're online and you your eyes happen to fall upon a hadith, and I have the Quran, a beneficial clip, and you saw something good. Don't really quickly scroll past it and ignore it. You're like, oh, there's millions of these. I'm not here for this, though

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scroll past this. So you can go watch something useless something harmful cat video or something else, Allahu ANA will stick to it for a moment. So this is from the Naumova law, that I was able to see this today. Take an accept that dharma. Some people reject it, and they end up regretting their decision. Some people reject the advice of their parents stay away from that person. They're not good friends and our people help you as a believer. choose very carefully. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us and forgive us whatever learner motto be. Allah guides us in so many ways, the continual monitoring, so we ascribe our success to Allah. Now this person in Jannah, unnamed we don't know who

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they are. Imagine any two friends, it could be any two people that you know, it could be you and somebody else, it could be two college students today.

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And then this person turns back to the people of Jana. And now the attention has shifted away. The person of hellfire now is no longer regarded as a man I'm gonna be meeting. Like we're in gender. Now imagine we're never going to die again. Except the first data we experience and we're not going to be punished. Is this real? We're here forever. Is this it? We've made it to gender? In other words, yes, it is. It's a rhetorical question here are what tells us in the herd Allahu unfollows allow the limits we have for the Armillaria This is the ultimate success. That's victory. That's what it means to triumph to win that you've made it to Jana and the pleasure of Allah. For all of

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this all the records of gender you know about and the ones you don't know about Lithonia that fell Jamelia. Let the doers do let the people work. Everyone works for something. But not every result is the same. Some people put in so much effort towards useless things. Some people spend so much time on wasteful hobbies. Some people spend a lot of time on soon sinfulness as a lifestyle.

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Use your efforts for a return that is eternally pleasing, pleasing to us rather than pleasing to you. Jana is a true success in New Jersey to Malama Bhima Sabado. And now who will fight is when Allah says I have rewarded the people of Jennifer their perseverance, their hard work their efforts, that they are the true winners. If you win everything in this world according to people's standards, and worldly standards of degrees and jobs and everything else, and you don't win in terms of the purpose of life, then you haven't won anything. And if you don't end up winning much in this world, and you struggle and you struggle, you struggle, but you hold on to your faith, no matter who makes

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you doubt no matter what gets in your way, no matter what temptation is there, you hold on to your faith, and you enter Jannah you are a true winner. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to win in this life and the next life. All bene attina for dunya Hasina will feel clearer to Hasina walk cleaner and have enough Aloma