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And if you recall during our last session we completed five principles from the Tafseer of storage Mohammed and today inshallah we will continue with age 18 onwards. So if you will go ahead and open up your translation of quran.com 18 onwards inshallah Tana Bismillah.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, For Hallein Luna Illa SATA into to home Beltre are they waiting for the hour, meaning the end of times to come and take them by surprise supper, the small pool has some of its signs, its indications have already arrived, they've already come, they've already manifested

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the Anala home either to the claw home, once it actually befalls them will not be too late to be mindful to then turn to Allah. So you want to plant as much good as you can, and not neglect turning to Allah subhanaw taala while all these signs are around us, reminding us of the End of Times, and initiate as much good as you can. We're all travelers and we're all going to depart we are all travelers, and we don't know when we will depart. And we think about here the emphasis on knowledge and action with the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala tells us throughout the Quran, about the hardships of or the difficulties people will face or the signs of the Day of Judgment. We are always

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reminded to focus on the knowledge and the action. And so here you have an emphasis on the as well that they're going to be regretful they didn't put in the right amount of effort when they had the chance before it was too late. So here's a common question people ask when is the End of Times metta seven what is the our response to this should always be the same what have you prepared for it? And what have you prepared for it? or what have you prepared for it? Ask yourself this question and for those who are taking notes, go ahead and think about this question. Maybe it's something you can explore after the class inshallah Tada in detail, what have I prepared for a sow, what have I

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prepared for the Day of Judgment? Why am I prepared for my departure from this one? May Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who are prepared and may Allah subhanaw taala was to die in a righteous state along I mean, for those who are interested in language and the gems of the Quran in terms of Tafseer.

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The word in this area a Sharapova.

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The root of this word is unique to the soul. It's found only in sort of Mohammed and in fact, I was looking into some of the different

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analysis of Suraj Mohamed and I found there are eight words their roots are unique to this Surah eight words that are unique to solid Mohammed. Amongst them we covered a few Fatah's and destruction. Mat in the lady is in water that is not polluted, does not become polluted. The word acid as well honey in this form is found only in Surah, Mohammed.

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And then we have here a Sharapova a shallow aqua, the indications are the signs of the Day of Judgment. One of the most interesting topics that people are always studying, one of the first things people get into, they become fascinated by it, how many of the signs have passed, how many signs will remain, what are the major signs, and so on and so forth. And later on, we'll cover the additional words that are unique to the surah. In terms of the roots, it includes a Lua of the locks on the hearts of Milan and their hatred as well as the London own their tone. We'll talk about this in channel time. Now in this order, we emphasize before the name of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is

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found how many times we can tell us very quickly how many times it'll be probably the name of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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How many times was the name of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe. Salam mentioned.

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You can tell us in the chat and show on time.

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How many times the name of Matt found in this surah

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so good yesterday, man. It's not three. The last rattler bless you. So the name only in this world.

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The explicit name of the prophets why Selim Mohammed only the song

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one time does that mafia family one time does that make sense? Giovanna and the root out the name of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam

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for those who are asking like what are the roots referring to the trilateral roots here. So the three letters which in English should be treated as H M. D. Hamed, for example, Mahmoud

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Al Hamid, all of that the words in the Quran which are derived from this route appear 63 times throughout the Quran 63 times words that are derived from that same route, including the name Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam 63 times and of course, that is kind of interesting. Now that you think about it, the Prophet slicin lived for 63 years of hell. Okay, so this is about the signs of the Day of Judgment. The principle here that we are taking is what what have I prepared for it? What have I prepared for

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Am I prepared? So this is the question of preparation. If you frequently reflect on this question then inshallah you will notice for yourself, changes in your life, as well as for your family, as well as for the state of the Ummah, that document is prepared to meet Allah subhanaw taala data. So this is something that benefits us in countless ways in different facets may last Repatha keep us amongst the prepared alarm. I mean, that was principle number six. We've covered six principles so far. Let's move on a 90 This is one of the most important Ayatollah Quran in terms of the action items farlam and hula Illa Illa no seek knowledge no well Oh prophet that there is no God worthy of

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worship except Allah was still fairly them be kept within me, Nina almanacs. ask Allah for forgiveness, for your shortcomings as well as for the believing men and women. Well Allah we are in a moment of Allah Malcolm Warmoth welcome Allah subhanaw taala knows what's our caliber come, meaning your movements and math welcome your places of rest. farlam is the first word here. What is this, it is a command. There's an umber here farlam one of the greatest blessings of Allah upon us is that we have the ability to know to learn, and also one of the greatest blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. As human beings our ability to understand, conceptual thought is unique to human

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beings. At this capacity, you see nothing else in the world that has that cognitive capacity and that ability to know to think with conceptual thoughts like that, knowing Allah subhanaw taala with true knowledge, what does it lead you to? It leads you to realizing immediately the right of Allah, and lead you to realize it who online is a light is a man or him Allah is only one dude, the loving, it leads you to recognizing one young blue moron Buka Allah will never oppress any of his creation. So you'll never have that question of the problem of suffering. Why? Because you know, who Allah is, that knowledge protects you and helps you in times of hardship. It helps you in times of

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temptations, it helps you when you need to put in effort to do acts of worship all the different applications of slavery. And many people go astray. And they come to us with questions about Islam or doubts about Islam. And when we get into the details, and we start hearing why, I'll ask a few questions, I'll find out what your concept of God is completely wrong. And you took that wrong concept of God and built the rest of your foundation, all the negative assumptions about God based on the wrong notion of who God is. And sometimes this is due to Christianity sometimes due to atheism. Sometimes it's due to Greek mythology. It's just It could be a number of different factors,

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where people go astray when they have the wrong idea of who Allah is. People go straight when they have the wrong idea of who Allah is. People go astray when they have the wrong idea of who Allah is to make sure your concept of Allah subhanaw taala is based on what he says about himself, based on the study of the Quran and the authentic hadith for Adam. Noah is a command to all of us. What are we doing right now? hamdullah we are seeking knowledge. La ilaha illa, Allah says is your success. This is why we exist. This is why this world exists. We were created for La Ilaha illa Allah, and it is very heavy. Sometimes Muslims don't realize how beneficial it is how heavy it is, that somebody

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really believes. In a in a more beautiful story about the man on the Day of Judgment, from the womb of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will have prophets Eliza and said 99 scrolls 99 scrolls laid out for him as far as the eye can see every single one of these scrolls and it has what on it deeds, different things that he used to do. And then it will be said to him, Do you deny any of these things? And he'll say, No, my lord, meaning I didn't do these things. And then it will be said, Do you have any excuse? Or any good deed that you did? The man will have some fear and then he'll say no. And then it will be said to him? Yes, indeed, you have the deeds with us, and you will

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not be wrong with regards to your deeds. So then a parchment will come out, brought out for him containing what I testify a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Sharika, or a shadow Allah in law, or shadow under Mohammed Abdul Rasul, and I bear witness that Muhammad is a slave in His messenger. So what will he say, My Lord, what is this one parchment compared to 99 meaning compared to all those scrolls, and it will be said to him, you will not be wrong. So the scrolls will be placed all of them on one scale, and that single parchment on the other side of the skill, what happens? The Scrolls will end up being lighter, and that one parchment heavier, in other words, let

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in no more testifying and I'm hammered. solarizing the Messenger of Allah outweighs all of that meaning it is heavier. For you. It is the most important thing you can take the benefits and the blessings and the rewards and salvation that come with it are priceless. So protect your Shahada. Protect your guidance protect your heart, protect your implementation of law in no more is one of them.

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most important things and of course we take from this as well, that the one who has belief in Allah subhanaw taala is amongst the believers and should be supported and helped to become better no matter how sinful they are, we are supposed to help one another. Also from the Hadith we take what that everything is subject to the will of Allah subhanaw taala if he wishes you will forgive from his creation by his fever and His mercy and if he wishes, some of his creation will be punished based on his justice. But at the end of the day, we leave it to the wisdom and the will of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So if you're an authority at home alone, one of the great scholars from the early generations, he said there is nothing heavier on the back of the devil than La Ilaha illa Allah so be very consistent with it living upon it thinking about it, referencing it, la isla in no more was still Finley Dominica when intimate me Nina one more minute and ask Allah for forgiveness. How often do you ask Allah for forgiveness for yourself? And for the believing men and women? The best of creations Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was commanded to make a cellphone is a command. Seek knowledge no now in a lot and then seek forgiveness for you will have shortcomings along the way. We

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are human beings, we will have shortcomings along the way, but you have to learn you have to learn from these mistakes. And so the Prophet SAW I sent him if he's been commanded to seek forgiveness. What about us, we are much more in need of seeking forgiveness from Allah stuff through law to really from Bill fiddly or to rally in to enter to wellbore him ask Allah for forgiveness, He is the Ever Merciful, the oft forgiving, and the people of Eman people of faith. Know, we know deep down are supposed to always that we are in need of is the fact that you cannot live without it. That faith to hate submission to Allah is not complete without still far without turning back to Allah

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subhanaw taala consistently. And remember that no matter what people see of you in public, even your family and no matter how much the creation praises you or they think good about you, you know for yourself that Allah subhanaw taala has conceived you and covered for you many of your shortcomings. So we turn back to Allah subhanaw taala in full repentance and we asked him to forgive us.

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One of the blessings found in this area

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is it extends beyond individuals, what is it? What is the blessing here for the Ummah

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that extends beyond individuals?

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Who can tell us inshallah Tada

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what is the blessing in the saya that extends beyond individuals?

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Who can tell us in Sharma

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so one of the blessings of this idea.

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Yes, does UC Merced amazing, you're asking for forgiveness for others as well. It's a command. And by asking lots of Panatela to forgive others, you are benefiting because the angels respond and say the same to you. And the rest of the Ummah is benefiting as well. So think about how many of your sins are erased because of this constant dua the other Muslims are making. Those who are living now and those who will come later on sha Allah to Allah, who make this dua, or Allah forgive the believing men and women, those who are living in those who have passed away. And that hey, I mean, what I'm what Allama really what we need one more minute, Allah, Allah wa those who are living and

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those who passed away in fact, action item here.

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A prophet Sallallahu sallam said, whoever asks Allah for forgiveness, on behalf of the believing men and women, Allah will write for you a good deed for every believing men and well meaning what you will have has an equivalent to the number of believers you just prayed for. Think about the quadrillion has an ad that comes with a one act of worship. There's also something else that we are supposed to take from this. If you are required to make dua, to Allah to forgive the believing men and woman.

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What else does this tell us about the notion of OMA concept of community if you are commanded to ask Allah for forgiveness for everyone else, then also, we say you're required to give people advice. We are required to love for others what we love for ourselves. We are required to hate for others what we hate for ourselves. We are required to admonish others give them the beneficial reminders that they need. We're required to give people the benefit of the doubt. We're required to forgive one another as well not just ask the Lord to forgive them, to forgive one another. We are required to prevent others as much as we possibly can, from falling into sin obviously, in a way that is

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suitable and applicable and trying to bring people to gatherings of goodness to gatherings of unity or for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to make sure that our

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arch are purifying, seek forgiveness for others, and also work on bringing people together and wishing the best for other Muslims sometimes. May Allah forgive us sometimes we hear like a Muslim say, Man, these people, these Muslims that do XYZ, and they'll start like insulting a group of Muslims. Like why? Why not ask Allah to guide them? Why not wish good for them? Allah Subhana Allah guiding you You're doing good hamdulillah luck concealed you make to help further guidance, don't curse them. There is a Sahabi who was committing a sin and he learned from this he was committing a sin.

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And some of the other companions heard about the soul random man not sure which companion to this somebody recently person May Allah curse you for committing the sin, Prophets license and don't make the heart against him. Don't don't help basically don't support his devil against know pray for that man's guidance. In other words, don't be another reason for the devil to overcome them and know support your brother support your sister. So from this idea, we take a number of things again, seek knowledge no because it will protect you it will liberate you from the darkness of this world. And that has no knowledge of totally the true knowledge of who lost battle is in terms of the names and

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the attributes in terms of the Quran and Sunnah. And then number two is to seek forgiveness for others and be a source of goodness rather innocence.

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A a 20 and 21 together we have already know and will know learners zealots Well, the believers safe only a surah were revealed. What are they talking about here, a surah was revealed allowing self defense for either goon Zilla Surah to Muhammad Tomodachi Rafi has written for eternity enough info to be modeled on Yom Llorona aka another old Moshe early human, you know the mode that Allah when a precise surah is revealed, in which Clinton fighting is explicitly mentioned. You see those with sicknesses in their hearts staring at you like someone who is basically on the verge of death. And it wouldn't have been better for them. Meaning what their reaction to that revelation is not a good

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reaction because there's a sickness in the hearts. Of course, this is one of many ayat in the Surah. That indicates why it is too late. And remember the context we spoke about the Muslims were being attacked. And this is before the Battle of video that was coming soon.

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So I guess a question we can ask very quickly, for those who are paying attention and taking really good notes, the sickness in their hearts that's referenced here in this

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it's referenced in a different form in a previous verse, What do you think it refers to what is one reference to a sickness in the hearts that was mentioned before?

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A reference to the sickness of their hearts, these individuals that was referenced previously. So these are individuals who basically said when they heard the believer say, you know, if only there was a surah that allowed self defense or a lot, you know, fighting when the surah is revealed. There what they're not happy with it. They're in shock.

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hypocrisy, okay.

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This is true.

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There's a specific reference that was given before a tight as something that they did these people that this is a soldier that came down and they react in a certain way.

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No, this is a very specific trivia question.

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Trying to get us to think and connect the AR together and show.

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So the reference previously, now it's in this surah In Surah, Mohammed

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it was in the first session that it can be unknown Keti hoomans Allah, they hated what Allah revealed. They hated what Allah revealed COSHH matamanoa So their deeds became nullified. Here what law revealed something about fighting self defense here fighting and protecting themselves, and they didn't like that there's a sickness in their hearts towards what was revealed.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says slot or folio models in the next day these are connected Toby and speak rightly so either as an emerald fellow saw the full law Hello, Colonel hieronder when fighting was ordained, it surely would have been better for them if they were true to Allah they were sincere. Solder This is very interesting here fellow solder to this. This root How many times do you guys think it is in the Quran? in different forms? Fellow solder who the root of this English would be as the tube saw than off? How many times do you think there are words derived from this in the Quran? If you took a random guess what would you say?

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How many times do you have references? Different forms?

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Saw that cause? That's a really good yes. Michelle 100 times Michelle. So it occurs 155 times in the Fuhrer in 19.

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different phones. For example, it can Ladino solder qu la ecomony multiple, though they are the ones who True or true with Alon they are the ones who are not conscious or minimal me Nina Regina Sada, whom I had love it from the believers are men meaning people who fulfilled and this is a very specific reference very specific revelation, there covenant towards Allah, what does it mean in all the different forms you have one of them the meaning of truth, you have the meaning of to fulfill something, you have confirmation of something that came before Mossad, the upon lima bean, anything, you have charity, right solder farm, you have honored so many things. Now there's something

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interesting here let's link being truthful. And being generous in giving charity. Right you have slid with Allah honesty with a law honesty, as an act of worship with one's wealth with the loan that you were given will cause you to be amongst those who also give sadaqa to be honorable in public and private to give in charity in public and in private. And then fast forward to the day of judgment that hamdulillah finally saw the corner while the people enter Jannah. When they enter agenda, they say Praise be to the one who fulfilled his promise to us. Be sincere with Allah in public and private Allah will bless you in ways you cannot measure you cannot imagine, be

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consistently sincere with Allah subhanaw taala your relationship with Allah should be based on cert. So whatever of revelation comes to you in terms of you're learning about something, you're studying something somebody advises you, be honest with Allah subhanaw taala be honest with Allah subhanaw taala. And the more honest you are, the more Allah will bless you. To the extent that even your dreams will be honest. Of course, this means that you'll start to see more and more truthful dreams as you as we get closer to the day of judgment. One of the infections we spoke about proper deja Schelotto the signs of the Day of Judgment, many of them have already come. One of the signs at the

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end of times to help the believers for the lack tidings for resilience for comfort is the truthful dreams that we may have in this world. And these are based on what the level of sincerity, the level of honesty that you have, with Allah subhanaw taala So the Prophet size and told us in other words, to paraphrase, the more truthful you are, the more truthful your dreams will be more truthful you are the more truthful, your dreams will be. May Allah subhanaw taala meekness and our loved ones amongst our solidarity and our Saudi efforts, the believing men and women who are always truthful, alarm me,

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I have 22 And here we have what another principle for those who are writing them down. I believe this is our seventh principle. Now. The Hello Satan interval later and tfcu will only want to zero or hammock or maybe there's the eighth principle. Now if you this is a response to a continuation to the hypocrites, if you turn away, perhaps then you're going to spread corruption throughout the land and cut off ties of kinship, Allahu Akbar, what you've got there who are hammock. What's the principle here? It's a principle of preserving families. The emphasis high priority on certain things some people will prioritize. For example, some acts of worship or some habits or some things

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over others family in Islam is one of the most important things to preserve. Prophet sallallaahu Selim was described by Khadija for the long run when he first received revelation she said in Atlanta, toss it over to him the very first thing she said to you uphold the ties of kinship, some people are amazing with strangers. They're so kind to people outside of the house, with colleagues, with classmates, with coworkers, Masha, Allah, like this person is so kind to me. They're so amazing. They have such good hearts. And then you find out what, behind closed doors. That individual, That Man That Woman, abusive to their families, emotionally or even physically, verbally

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or financially, they cut off their relatives easily. They hold grudges very quickly, and they hold on to these grudges and become very angry towards their loved ones. For very minor things are constantly criticizing very harshly. And they're always a source of some drama. They're always a source of pain, they're always a source of something bad. And they find themselves running away very quickly from relationships are very easily blocked. This person blocked that person run away from this sibling from that parent from that child. And that is not from Islam. Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said, Verily, this room is a branch from a rushman she does not mean of Ockman Thurman fatwa,

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whoever cuts it off, meaning whoever basically cuts off relationships, how do I'm Allahu alayhi Jana, Allah will forbid that person from entering gender meaning what they will have to be purified as a believer before entering gender because of how severe this sin is. And of course, of course, disclaimer, this is the general ruling for default families. There are some minor minor minor exceptions that are given but it's on a case by case basis. And if you think you're in that case, you should ask somebody who knows so that you are not making a mistake. So you're not just cutting off everyone and anyone. Now stellato law firm is not

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Easy. It's not easy and a lot of people misunderstanding you know, sometimes when children growing up in their parents martial law, or teaching about Sutala home, they'll say, you know, reach out to your relatives. Let's talk on the phone call your grandmother, your grandfather, this person, that person. But it's not like there's any problem with that relative. It's not like there's any issues with 100 It's very easy to do. No say no to Rodimus tested, when they block you, when they cut you off. When they're mean to you, when they insult you, when they talk about you. They back by Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Les Sal well soon will be more perfect. The one who keeps good

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relations with family is not the one who is compensated you're just reciprocating what is easy with Kindle whilst you're letting either football or a movie or soda. Rather, the one who keeps similar to Russia and good relations with family is the one who does so despite them, cutting him off or her off. For example, one time here's a story a man came to the messenger Salallahu it and said you he said Yeah, Rasul Allah, I have relatives with whom I try to uphold Salah to Rahim, the ties of family, but they've caught me off. I treat them well. But they treat me badly. I'm very easygoing and forbearing with them, but they're very harsh with me. A lot of people can relate to this Prophet

00:26:15--> 00:26:50

salallahu alayhi salam. So if, if the situation is as you say, then it's as if you're throwing hot ashes at the meaning it's as if they are being punished because of their major sin towards you. Meaning that you're doing the right thing by being patient, Allah will be with you, as a supporter, Allah subhanaw taala will be with you as a supporter, meaning against them, meaning you're doing the right thing, so long as you remain in the state, meaning Don't stoop to their level. Don't also become harsh and rude to them. Don't treat them how they're treating you, you treat them better, you are the one who wants to uphold the title, kinship, and you recognize that at the end of the day,

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you are one unit as a family, then the devil is trying to break that up, you are not on different teams. Also, here's a gem for those who are interested. Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us Verily the quickest act of obedience, to be rewarded is to maintain family ties, even if the people of the household are wicked, such that it will grow their wealth and increase their numbers if they maintain family ties. And no people of a household maintain family ties and then remain in need meaning there's always going to be some blessing for them in some way, in an agile authority through a weapon similar to Rawhide, and also the opposite another Hadith, there's no sin that deserves

00:27:27--> 00:27:34

quicker punishment from Allah subhanaw taala for the one who does it in this world alone for along with what is prepared and

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then to transgress and to cut off the family ties and belly to cross lines and limitations will complete it. And the one who cuts off family ties, profits allies and told the companions that there's something better than voluntary fasting and voluntary prayer involuntary Sadako what is it? It's a telesales will of course, tell us professionalized and said is to reconcile between people, to reconcile between people is to bring them to gather when people cut each other off family members or parent or sibling, relatives, uncles, aunts, you try to find a way to bring them back together. Of course, every situation is different profit and loss and send the corrupted relationships between

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people is the highlight for the razor, meaning what it's harmful, doesn't mean it's physical here it means that is very harmful. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us in datas a moment I mean,

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Prophets lie Selim said the son of Adam does not act with anything better than the Salah and to reconcile between people and good character, and loss of Hunter makers from amongst the people who bring the hearts together. We know that today, many families are breaking apart, people will either easily cut each other off and say, You know what, that person is rude, I'm never going to talk to them. Again, that's not a stranger to a family member, find a way to fix the situation, find a way it's fabulous to hear us and for example, Repel evil with that, which is better. Sometimes we're thinking about oh my right, I don't want to be talked to you. That way. I don't want to be on the

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receiving end of this or that. If there's a way to change the situation, it would be more ideal to then to end the situation. However, of course, disclaimer, there are exceptions to this. And there are cases where somebody is justified in being distanced from a relative or a family member. But if you're not sure about your situation, and always ask families are in decline all across the world, especially in Western countries, people are becoming more individualistic and less, less patient with one another. People are now cutting each other off very quickly for things that previously they would have learned to overcome or figure out or find treatment for or therapy or mediator, somebody

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to get in between and help out. Profits are licensed and the best of you are those who are invested their families. The unit of the family is the unit of society, the unit of the Ummah, the shaytaan works to break up families, one of his major goals, may Allah protect us all alone. I mean, how you deal with people outside of your house is not who you really are. It's part of it, but it's not the crux of it. Who you are as reflected by how you treat your family behind closed doors. Your family has agreed straight upon

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Your family has the greatest strain upon profits on the line and I'm certain we'll end on this note in terms of this discussion, where we would like for his that is your provisions to be increased and your life to be extended should uphold the ties of kinship. This means in terms of whether there was rain in advance that so and so decided to basically increase their discipline end their lifespan by being a person of Saratoga. So whenever you can spend time reaching out to your relatives consistently bringing the hearts of people together and trying to envision a situation which there is reconciliation, and loss of contact, protect us and guide us and bring our hearts together along

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Amina May Allah forgive us for all of our shortcomings along with me about these individuals Allah Subhana Allah says about the hypocrites who cut off family ties and spread corruption in the world without equal Alina Alana, Hmong. These are the ones a lot condemned, for some of them were our maps on, they were caused to be different and basically, blinded in terms of actually seen the truth. They chose that path. And then to connect that Subhanallah to another thing that deals with the state of the heart, because these are people who corrupt the world. So the principle again, for that last one, for I have 2322 and 23 was to preserve family ties. Make that a major goal and you'll

00:31:12--> 00:31:29

notice the happiness and blessings that come with it for yourself and for the entirety of the omentum. Verse 24 is our next principle. What number is this principle wise? We've covered five in previous sessions and today I believe this is maybe our fourth already having them that we are number nine

00:31:30--> 00:32:05

locks upon their hearts FLIR to the balloon and Purana Amanda Lubin follow her? Do they not reflect on the Quran? Or their locks upon their hearts? We all say and right now you're studying Tafseer We all say we believe in the Quran, great Alhamdulillah and that we see the world through the Quran and Hamdulillah. And then the question is, how often do we connect to it? How often do we learn it? How often do we study it and reference it and think about it are there shackles upon our hearts, meaning, if you are not reflecting on the speech of Allah, and you're not connecting to it, and you're not moved by it, then look at the state of your heart and be very, very, very concerned for

00:32:05--> 00:32:42

it. Do you not seek to ponder the Quran, it gives you the keys to success, the pathways to salvation, the warnings and the glad tidings, the balance that you need emotionally and psychologically, the rituals that you need to practice the history as well may Allah Subhana Allah bless us and forgive us alone. I mean, imagine a door with a lock on it behind this door are all the most magnificent things in the world. And you're like, Man, forget billions of dollars. If I can get behind that door, I can just be the happiest and most successful person, but you choose not to use the key that you have. You ignore the lock. So to unlock it, to unlock it is for you to be connected

00:32:42--> 00:33:19

to the Quran, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and of course through its re citation. And this indicates that there are many people who see the signs of Allah, but they are not moved by it, they refuse to accept it. And then we're not talking just about non Muslims here. This is the reason that many Muslims will see and know the signs of Allah, and they'll ignore them. Their hearts not affect the middle or protect his own greatest pure hearts alone. I mean, it's as though there's a partial lock or unblock on that heart. And a sign of the shackle is that we are no longer connected to the Quran, that we abandon its resuscitation. We abandoned to the bone to reflect in the Quran.

00:33:19--> 00:33:57

This is one of the reasons you'll notice this year in Hamlet. And in the last few years, there have been so many organizations and institutes trying to teach people not just the TFC but also reflect more on the Quran. In order for example, the Acton Institute 30 for 30 Mashallah beautiful program, the turn every year, you have hamdullah another institute last year as well the Quran reflections in this year as well the Quran reflections at the ICT locally Alhamdulillah and local Masjid as well. We've had Tafseer classes with reflections for many years at Hamdulillah that we are continuing because we need to constantly protect the state of our hearts. May Allah subhana accept from OCS

00:33:57--> 00:34:06

specific classes as well through another live Institute, including AR T including Quranic vibe, I believe, now Shahzad and other courses like that hamdulillah baclofen.

00:34:07--> 00:34:42

So the question is, what do I do about it? If I feel like my heart is partially blocked? What's the cure? The cure is the variable and itself. To connect to the truth is to study the Quran to be moved spiritually, to read it knowing that it's speaking to you that Allah is speaking to you. It awakens then hearts and reinforces the living ones. And it protects those seeking protection as they go about life with all of its hardships and it's temptations and the need for resilience. The believers are those who when Allah isn't mentioned, they find the hearts move wodgina who are either truly utterly him to the tune email this delivers recited in

00:34:43--> 00:35:00

in the title we pray yesterday Subhanallah when they recite the Quran or the Quran recited upon them, it increases the mean Iman while it'll be him here to work and they put their trust in Allah. Studying the Quran will increase your token, connecting to the Quran and unlocking basically the heart will

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

allow you to have a greater level of resilience and trust in Allah, which comes with optimism, which comes with kind of like a cool and calm and collected movement forward towards Allah subhanaw taala. While it'll be him your token, there's a story here about an example of a man who wants to commit a sin. And someone said to him as advice, because they saw he's about to commit this in, have tough on the law, a tequila fear of loss of pantalla. Meaning how can you do that? If you're Allah subhanaw taala a tequila, and his heart was moved by that meaning he abandoned the sin. He abandoned him the thing that he was going to, are we doing the same thing today? When somebody comes to you says fear

00:35:37--> 00:36:08

Allah, somebody advises you, when somebody sends you a message when somebody sends you a hadith? Somebody says, you're not supposed to be doing that? Or does the ego the Kibby, or the arrogance kick in and the person says, You fear Allah? No, we're supposed to be receptive to know, see how because we care about improving, we care about becoming better, thank you deserve more credit for the advice, at the very least, just thank the person and move on. And then think about it later. You know what, maybe there's something I need to change, maybe there's something that I need to do differently. The believer does not reject the advice or the revelation. Because if you reject

00:36:08--> 00:36:45

people's advice frequently, and you get very defensive, and so on and so forth, when you're actually actually doing something wrong. You should be worried that maybe you're doing the same thing with the Quran. Maybe you're also rejecting those commands. When the Quran comes to you that I added a hadith. You're thinking what have an excuse, you're justifying, you're ignoring, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us all, Lama Amin. So the believer is the one who submits to the revelation conforms to the revelation and does not try to change the revelation to conform to his or her desires, that you're not trying to change Islam to suit you, as many people are doing today. And many people are

00:36:45--> 00:37:19

learning from the downfall of Christianity and the increasing forms of liberalism in society and secular atheistic movements. So what are they doing? They're kind of forming what they believe they want as a religion. They're forming their own ideas. I'll take this I'll reject that. I'll accept this command. But no, this one no, you're too strict. This is for the religious people. This is cultural this is this and that come up with an excuse me, Allah, protect yourself. Conform your desires, to the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala. And know that it will increase your piety increase your email, increase your Tawakkol and brothers and sisters, if you ever received Quran in

00:37:19--> 00:37:49

front of anyone else, be sincere knowing that it could have an impact on your hearts. Be sincere if you're a quality if you're an Imam, if you teach your siblings, your family, your sisters if there's with other brothers or other sisters that Halaqaat remember the level of sincerity that is required when you recite Quran in front of others to also benefit other people you want their hearts to be moved for the sake of Allah as you want your heart to be moved as well. They have lost a path to exit from all of us long journey. And then there are two verses here together.

00:37:50--> 00:38:28

So the principle that we just covered just to be clear, the ninth principle is to connect to the Quran unlock unlock your heart, unlock your heart, locks upon the hearts are things we want to remove just like Muslim sister Maya for sharing that story references while doing they can before Subhanallah somebody committing a sin May Allah subhanaw taala protect this night as a woman as a 25 in the London or 10 New Allah at the very embodiment of a and 11 will Buddha Shame on him. So whatever. Those who relapse into Cofer after Islam came to them after they were guided, it is the devil that tempted them and lured them with false hopes. Then it can be unknown or really Lavina

00:38:28--> 00:39:02

Carrie humanas and Allah so nuclear comfy bags. So nuclear comfy Bowden Emery will law reanimate estado. That's because they said privately to those who also hate what Allah revealed. Remember the people that we referenced before they hate what Allah revealed. So there's something wrong in their hearts. It's not wrong with Revelation, it's a problem with the heart. They would say to these individuals, we will obey you in some manners, but Allah knows what they are hiding. Brothers and sisters, nothing is hidden from Omar, nothing is hidden from Allah. Nothing is hidden from Allah subhanaw taala. If you want to write down five different forms of being witness, go ahead and write

00:39:02--> 00:39:35

these down your witness, for example, by people, right, sometimes people will see you. So you testify for or against other people when they have judgment. Number one is people number two is the environment. Right? The Earth itself will testify for people on that day. So if you read Quran, you're out walking in nature, you're hiking in the mountains, and you're making a vow and you're reading for them, we hope that the environment will testify for you on the Day of Judgment, the article itself will testify. Number three is your body, your hands. And this has mentioned many times in the Quran like and so to say that about the details, especially for those who are evil,

00:39:35--> 00:40:00

that their body will testify against them will speak in fact against them. Number four are your angels recording your deeds. And number five, Allah subhanaw taala is a witness or you are Kapha Billahi che and that should suffice for you. Five different forms of being witnessed. Is that not enough to change? Is that not enough to become a better person to have some May Allah guide us and protect us? Few would change and people are one

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

Watching when you know your body will speak or we know there are cameras for example many people in this era of zoom in the last few years so how long I remember when everything first went online. Many students were struggling especially middle school students like this is a major responsibility you can expect many students to sit down have their cameras on take notes and actually pay attention a lot of students have their cameras off. In fact some students turn their cameras off after they logged in and then they went to sleep so one time one kid shot long he he logged in so his his attendance is there and turn off his camera everyone's cameras were off except the teachers and then

00:40:35--> 00:41:06

he went to sleep on the bed right behind his laptop and then his younger brother walked into the room national a little troll and then he I guess he turned on the camera somehow turn on the camera and the mic and now the entire class is watching this kid sleeping on the bed lawn mustache. How do you act when you know you're being watched? How do you act when you know the camera is on? You act differently as soon as you turn off the camera you're a different person in a lot more but different here in one sense of privacy and then there's a difference here in terms of sinfulness May Allah protect us and guide us remember Allah is always watching and remember the different forms of being

00:41:06--> 00:41:45

witnessed your angels are recording constantly. Verse 27, okay for either to refer to Mala Mala it will be reborn I will do one more adventure on and then 28 Then you can be a notable mascot Allah will carry horrid wanna HuFa Makaha? Madam Allah, it's so heavy and frightening brothers and sisters? How horrible will it be for these individuals, when the angels take their souls hitting their faces and their backs? Now in law, what are these angels referred to as enough Quran? Does anyone remember the angels that take the souls and are very severe the angels of punishment? Who can tell us what they're called? So these angels are hitting the hypocrites. They're hitting them in the

00:41:45--> 00:41:50

face, and they're hitting them on their backs as well. These angels are referred to as

00:41:52--> 00:42:01

all kind of Nicaea that's a really good guesstimate. And Khurana here doesn't agree. These are the angels that are taking their souls, and it's going to be a very severe taking.

00:42:02--> 00:42:10

These are another hot solar to Nazjatar very opening on Nazjatar. These are the angels to take with that force.

00:42:11--> 00:42:48

Why are their backs being beaten as well or hit as well? Why are their backs being hit their faces because they insulted the truth and they were very corrupt, and they turned other people away from their backs because they turn their backs on the truth. They turned away after the truth came to them. Right? These are the I talked about the one who received guidance and then they turned away from it. They rejected it. The inner Allah subhanaw taala tells us what about them and if 28 That's because they follow whatever displeases Allah, and they hate whatever pleases Allah. So he rendered fashional Palmetto Wallahi. This is frightening brothers and sisters pay attention to the state of

00:42:48--> 00:43:21

your heart. Notice what Allah says here in just these two heavy words what Curry who didn't want to, they hate the things that are pleasing to Allah. They hated, they hated pleasing Allah subhanaw taala. That is a sign that the foot was corrupt. The acts of worship that you do, especially as we enter these 10 nights of Ramadan, may Allah bless us all except from us. These acts of worship, think of them as a way for you to love what is pleasing to Allah, Allah is pleased with you. Allah loves you for what you're doing. Allah appreciates your acts of worship. So keep doing them and love these things. consciously think about how much you love these acts of worship. And that will help

00:43:21--> 00:43:50

you to improve the quality of your salon, your CRM and every act of worship, that you will love to do the things that are pleasing to Allah. That's how you find your niche. That's how you purify the football. Up to this point, up to this point, I had 20 of the surah. There are 10 characteristics that are mentioned about the people of evil, what the disbelievers and even the hypocrites that are referenced 10 different characteristics. And I'll list them here for you for those who are actually interested. In fact, rather than going through all of them,

00:43:51--> 00:44:26

they reject the truth. They deter others from the truth. They hate what Allah revealed. They have locks upon their hearts, they mark the believers, they assume they don't need a loss of data as their mobile. Number seven is they said that they would follow only in some matters meaning they're accepting rejecting messing around the religion. They assume Allah won't expose them. They cut off family ties, and their deeds are nullified verbal format of numerous times. And then Allah subhanaw taala says and Hasim AlLadhina filopodial be modelled on Liu Fringilla Donald, do they think the people with sicknesses in the hearts that Allah is not going to expose them? Remember that you are

00:44:26--> 00:45:00

exposed in times of adversity? Your heart, may Allah protect us all from any adversity, your heart becomes exposed in times of hardship, and the hidden parts of the heart also come to the surface. So trials bring certain things out that are important. May Allah protect us all. And this reminds us as well that when you see other Muslims, sinning, conceal them, so that Allah will conceal you advise them so last time somebody sent somebody to advise you. There are many examples of brothers and sisters in many communities who have told us their stories and said, sometimes I'll be in a new masjid or I'll go to the masjid and

00:45:00--> 00:45:34

It's very cliquey, it's very judgmental. People can't say talking about personal details. Can't say talking about each other is very hurtful. And they're doing this and that they're, they're revealing things about others. Did you hear what she did? Did you hear the brother who stopped praying? Did you hear their sister took off her hijab? Did you hear about this person who ran away or has a boyfriend or girlfriend Did you hear Did you hear? So they start passing around these discussions in which there is no benefit to your athlete or in mentioning somebody else's situation? You go to that person if you know them and advise them but don't expose their flaws to other people. May Allah

00:45:34--> 00:46:11

protect us may Allah concealers May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us, Lama Amin and may Allah is trying to make us amongst those who benefit from what we hear, conceal for others and ALLAH SubhanA will conceal you. These are of course references to individuals were exposed. And then finally a authority here at Las Panatela says one owner shareholder or intercom fell out of the MBC mom had Allah will he would have exposed these people to your Prophet while the 31st known Philip neutron and you would have known them by their appearance but you will surely recognize them by the tone of their speech will Allahu Allahu Allah fully knows everything that you are doing or people the more

00:46:11--> 00:46:45

Iman you have, and the more you sharpen your intellect, you will notice increasing with it is what your feed Rasul Allah will bless you with feed also the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood and light from darkness sometimes even to be able to notice on the faces of people who are lying and deceiving and hurting Muslims, you'll be able to notice certain things that there's a goodness in this person. Of course, this doesn't mean you can see behind the scenes or anything like that. We're talking about the highest levels of philosophy and intuition that comes from Allah subhanaw taala. And then finally here and we'll end on this note, pay a 31. While no blue one nickel Pattana lemon

00:46:45--> 00:47:14

Mujahideen, I'm in comas already when everyone else will come, we will surely test you all believers to see to prove those of you who truly struggle in the last cause. Brothers and sisters. I'm not going to go into detail on this. But as we are delving into the last night of Ramadan, push yourself and remember every day you're given life in this world is an opportunity to be tested. Now test here does not mean difficulty. Of course the test here is to see who's going to do it. Right Let me hold off on motohio Liam lower company

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