Is China Injecting Muslim Women with HIV

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Okay, so I'm in private room in this in the charity headquarters with two sisters who get too upset when they tell their stories. You'll be seeing them in niqab and

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who hasn't been present and who has been injected patch of HIV. In the in the prison, one of the sister was pregnant one day were injected, and then her child is in this virus at tomorrow so they have to get regular treatment and the treatment is so expensive. Is there a policy a practice of the Chinese government to inject Muslim women with HIV AIDS she in Israel Ariane Obama

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This is the kind of torture they do it as a torture

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they don't know why they are doing they don't tell that that was HIV they are just injecting after later on if they find out it was HIV

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she has some signs of the tortures in her body.

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She helps out of the garden if

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she stayed in the prison about three months.

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I call them

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and say don't do the

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work I will do

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she was to don't and then she got married was among the archivists remember that. She was an eclectic was added philon ability to communicate with Amanda

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even available mishmash shoe that took that on me the cognition although they saw her that she had a story in her hand, but she didn't throw it on those

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socks on it. And then she went online and three hours later.

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So they can't bust him over. And the police came and took her

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job and three months she stayed in the prison Chokshi a

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minute so she her father

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work hard to get her back on those

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took the job took ticklish

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she didn't give her any food and drink. She was so

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sick. She was so long, lost weight and she was tortured a lot

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which is our electric shocks. So Kyoto with desert, you have the luxury to do or die we're doing medicine, the audio to see

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other charges that we I don't want to mention

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and you can look into Kyoto so Perpich either you can kill her when

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she was 250 kilos actually in the event They've taken her to prison and three months she lost 70 kilo Genki by Canada, the company should never

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even show

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that is a little soft in prison in China at the moment and then because he has been going through that torture and as she can

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she can imagine even during the first time because less is more towards at the moment as you can imagine most people going through all of that. What should we be doing? What should the world be doing?

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She just wants that east of charter you know the people who lives that have been taught to just release from this zone. This tortured stops. She does all of this and and this