Unknown Legacies #02 – The Woman of Modesty

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Allah subhanaw taala describes her and this is the story of the daughter of Schreib. It is Sarah, that she comes to Mousavi Salaam. We know nothing about her in terms of her characteristics. We know what she says. We know what they went through when they try to water their flock. But there's only one characteristic that we know about her. What was it? Term she Alistair here she came walking to Musa Sinha with modesty higher, a higher is a lot more than just once

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in more than 100 ayat of the Quran Allah subhanaw taala references Prophet Musa alayhis salam with so many experiences that he had with his long and extensive journey. And throughout that journey, there were a few individuals who are unnamed amongst them as the famous story in which after Musa Hassan goes through what he went through and tries to escape from Egypt towards Medina, the city of Meridian on his way to this region, he stops at a place and he notices a group of people shepherds, basically watering their flock and then he notices to women and they have their flock but they are not able to basically take care of them or nourish them. So what does he do this is the famous story

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Musa it said I'm going to help these two women the daughters of Schreib at a hair salon and he's very strong Musa he said um so he takes care of this massive rock that was blocking part of the spring and musante salon was able to then water the flock then he goes and retreats to the shade Allah subhanaw taala tells us for support from matawa inwardly he goes towards the shade. Imagine standing sitting under the shade, and he makes this dua that is so famous that so many people today know what did he say? We'll call upon Robbie Neelima and salsa in a game in Hainan Felipe. So he said, My Lord, I am in need of whatever good you are going to bestow upon Musa the salah made this

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do I know this do out today. Some people refer to as the dua of marriage, right? They'll make this dua to get married. Some people realize that this dua is for a job, of course the DUA is for everything. Musa alayhis salam took care of the situation while he himself was in difficulty. When he left Egypt, it was said that he traveled during the nights one of the scholars said is reported by even Kenya that he traveled only at night so that he would not be seen. And he traveled for eight days and he had nothing with him. And he was so hungry. He was starving in his basically his stomach was into his body, meaning he was really really hungry. He would literally eat some of the leaves

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that he would find. Mousavi CERAM should be exhausted looking after himself when he sees these two women and he decides to help for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and then he makes this dua for all it'll be in Neelima and delta Iliyan in Hainan familia, what happens? He makes this dua and eventually, one of the two sisters comes to and Allah subhanaw taala describes her and this is the story of the daughter of Schreiber. And he has said that she comes to Musa alayhis salam we know nothing about her in terms of her characteristics. We know what she says. We know what they went through when they try to water their flock but there's only one characteristic that we know about

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her. What was it 10 She Alistair here? She came walking to Musashi Sinha with modesty HYAH HYAH is a lot more than just modesty. And one of my teachers actually would recite this time she artista Yeah, he would explain and then he would continue Anastasia and call it and then he will say upon modesty continuing as well. She said my father would like to reward you for helping us. So in other words, my father wants to thank you and appreciate what you did for us. Right he was not able to himself. The father is old while buena *hole community is an older man. So these two daughters are shy. Ali salaam basically got their help for Musa they said um, and then he came and then he sent his

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daughter to call Musashi, Sadam that we want to reward you for that.

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Musa alayhis salam goes to the House of shrine, and he tells him what he went through. And he tells him, don't worry, that's Don't worry, you have been saved from the wrongdoing, people, you're in a better place here. And one of the daughters then says one of the scholars says it's the older daughter, one of the daughters of Shai buddy salaam, then says basically my father, why don't you hire him? Because the best of people you can hire and lower you, I mean, is the one who is strong, and the one who is trustworthy. So we have two characteristics of Musa Allison that we know of, and one characteristic of the daughters of China that were told to us only one, and that it was higher

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modesty, Musa Salam, why was he to be hired, what's going on? He's to be hired because he basically helped them in a time of need, and also he was very strong. He was trustworthy in that he was righteous. He was very pious, shy about Islam could tell that Musa Ali Salam was a trustworthy person. Also he didn't say or do anything inappropriate, or he didn't say anything inappropriate to the daughters of chai when he helped them. He helped and

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You walked away and made dua,

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then the father decides, I would like to marry you to one of my two daughters, he understood the hint. This is a trustworthy man. This is a characteristic that is rare, and he is also very strong. So he would be a very righteous and very good husband. So he asks him to marry. Basically, his daughter, some scholars say again, the oldest daughter, and Musa de Sena agrees and the in exchange, he would work for Shabbat, Islam for eight years as a shepherd. And if he wanted to add to it, another two years from him, he would and it was said that Musashi Salam did that. Now, the story here about this marriage is very interesting. The story goes back to that moment in which he may do

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as well

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football or be in Neelima, and center, you don't even have an advocate, I am in need of anything good You bestow upon me. And immediately we find on the same day that he left Egypt with absolutely nothing at all. Nothing at all. Musa Sena gets married, and he gets a job and he has safety and security. Musa Alistar gets all of that in one day. Subhan Allah.

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Make dua to Allah subhanaw taala. But don't violate your principles. don't violate the characteristics that are good. Mousavi Salam remain trustworthy. remain a mean name is also strong. Seek out that strength that you need, and keep making your art and do not give into anything else. Keep your standards high. The daughter of show I erased it out. She's unnamed in the Quran. She's the daughter of shine, she walked with modesty and modesty, loose translation of the word Hyah. It's very interesting that today when people talk about modesty, the first thought that most Muslims might have is modesty is about women, Muslim woman and it's about hijab, right the covering of the

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body in an appropriate way. But usually what people think about with hire as a first reaction, hire is much more extensive than that. That is one part of it. And it's a very crucial part. But it's much more than just your appearance. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said Be modest before Allah ista human Allah have called higher with their their right that is required, what is that referring to the Sahaba as della sola, we are people of modesty, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam clarified and I'm paraphrasing the Hadith for you to have monastery before Allah is for you to be conscious and cautious of what you allow your mind to consume, what you take in, and for you to be conscious and

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mindful of what you enter into your stomach, what you eat. So eat like a pure eat, what is how that and eat so that you are not wasting your energy, what is good, and also it is for you to be detached from a dunya to reflect on death often. So you're reflecting on death, it's a part of higher it's part of real modesty, because then you'll prepare for it. You're preparing for your meeting with a law, you're likely to change your behavior, your appearance, your speech, it's not just about your clothes, it's about the internal state as well. When you detach from this world and you attach your heart to the external you'll have a more complete higher this is the higher the profit solar system

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is telling us to have. Now Allah subhanaw taala tells us about this daughter of shrine, she's unnamed in the Quran, her legacy still being recited to this day. And you know one thing about her that she had modesty if Allah subhanaw taala described her with modesty, she may have many other traits we don't know if that are good. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us modesty in a time and place in which modesty is disappearing in society, in which people are becoming very shameless in their actions in which people are losing their morality left and right. Even Muslims are being influenced by what's happening outside of the Muslim circles, even Muslims can be impacted and

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changed the way that they dress, change the hijab that they have or remove it altogether. They may change their speech, they may change their interaction with the opposite gender. Why? Because people who lose that with their secular or liberal values will look at Muslims and say, that's weird. You're different. Why are you doing that? Why are you restrictive? Why are you doing this? And why do you have boundaries? Higher is a trait and a branch of Islam, in fact, is one of the defining branches of Islam. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the complete and extensive concept and notion and implementation of higher for all of us for all men and women and may Allah subhanaw taala to die

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upon it as well. Lomani