Suleiman Hani – Unknown Legacies #04 – The 70 People Allah Brought Back to Life

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The group of people killed by their parents during Islam experienced Yo-yoers and held onto their arrogance. They were punished for their arrogance and eventually asked to see God with their own eyes. The speaker discusses evidence being seen through words and everyday conversations, and how people speak to God through words and signs. The possibility of evidence being present in the man's eyes is discussed, as well as the natural disposition of the book "God's speech."
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In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about 70 individuals who are unnamed.

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Now, of course, if they are 70, it's a group of people, they are going to be unnamed because they are too many to name and there's no maybe benefits for us to know who they are in terms of their names. But we're still reciting their story today. In surah, two out of verse 155, Musa Addison had to choose 70 Min submarine or modular naming according to meet so that they could do what so they can ask Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, because basically, Benny sloth had worshipped the golden calf after Mousavi Islam left. So now they have to ask Allah for forgiveness, He chooses 70 of his best man. And here's what happens on the way there. A group of them became very bold and they

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crossed the line. And they said adding Allah Hi John. They said we want to see or Musa we want to see Allah with our own eyes. So they crossed the line. They were struck and they were killed. And Musa Ali salaam bank the loss of how to Allah forgive us yeah Allah please forgive them yet Allah you are the All Merciful you're the one who forgives until when you know you are our Allah you are our support. You're our Protector. We have no one but you Ya Allah, please forgive them for that. Are you going to destroy us because of what the foolish amongst us have done? Yeah, Allah please forgive us. So Musa alayhis salam Meg's Allah subhanho wa Taala for his Rama for His mercy. And

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Allah subhanaw taala resurrects no seven demon, unnamed individuals, a group of people all struck, and they were killed, they were punished for what they did for transgressing for their arrogance. But then they were resurrected. And they begged Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness. Now, what's interesting here is not today, there are a lot of people who hold on to their arrogance, no matter what happens, no matter how many opportunities they get, and they don't repent. They don't change their ways. Their hearts remain hearted, and they hold on to their arrogance as a way of life. In fact, there are people today who say they won't believe in God unless they see God with their own

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eyes. Now in in Allah, Who are you to ask for that? Who are you to request that? Who do you think you are in terms of your status? To demand that the only way you will believe in God is if you can see God with your own eyes? Have some humility? Isn't it logically possible? Isn't it conceivable in your mind, that there are evidences proves that God exists that ALLAH SubhanA Israel without you having to see Allah with your own eyes? Of course, it's possible. And so oftentimes, we find in these conversations that I've had so many conversations with people like this, some who left atheism and became Muslims, some who left atheism became believers in God, some who remained as atheists,

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staunch, dogmatic atheist. But he started off with one question. And this is a question that many ex atheists have asked to their former fellow atheist? What is it? What would convince you to believe in God? What would convince you what is enough evidence for you, for you to say this is sufficient evidence for the one who's really looking to believe in God? I asked this question once to someone who said, prove to me that God exists. And this is this is the starting point for so many of my conversations, where people were still atheist and people who left atheism.

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He said, prove to me that God exists. And I asked, What would convince you what is proof? What would suffice? And he thought about it. In one story, for example, he thought about, he said, If I could see God with my own eyes, or he healed someone right in front of me right now, that will be evidence of his existence. I said, Okay, I see what you're saying.

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Isn't it possible that there are other evidences as well? Aside from the one you mentioned, that God has to appear before you and he'll someone right now, before you, is it impossible logically in your mind, that there could be other evidences out there? Like he could heal someone else, but you didn't see it? He's like, Yeah, that's possible. I said, Okay. I want to ask you a question. How many possibilities are there?

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He said, countless, of course, he's actually made a lot of progress without realizing up to this point. countless possibilities, evidences for the reality of God, aside from the one that you mentioned, okay, great. You've just proven to this person. And actually they've proven to themselves they've admitted that the requests that they had, by limiting, limiting the evidence that they wanted to believe in God was limited in an an irrational, unreasonable way, that it's much greater than that many more possibilities. Great. I said, what other possible evidences are there? And he listed random examples. I said, Okay, I have a random thought.

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Isn't it possible that one of these evidences is the speech of God, that God could have speech Cunnamulla that God speaks, and that he revealed to us his speech, and there are signs within it to answer the questions we've all been asking here.

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Humans have been asking, Why do we exist? What is the purpose of life? Where are we headed? Who is God tell us what the names and attributes what's after death?

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is like, I guess it's possible. Yes. It's possible that God has speech and that that isn't evidence, but it has to have something within it that proves it's from God. I said wonderful, great.

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Like, he says, for example, maybe it has knowledge that no human being has access to, like knowledge of the future. Maybe it describes things in a way that no human being could possibly describe. Of course, he's like, it can't have any mistakes, any errors, because if we find an error, then we falsify it cannot cannot be the speech of God is probably the speech of man. So Okay, what else? He starts listing things and of course, what is he listing here? He is listing here many different things that he's not aware of, that we already know about in terms of images and the miraculous nature of the Quran.

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I say Can I introduce you to a digital Quran? The miraculous nature of the Quran is like I already know about Islam. I really know about the Quran I saw, like everything I didn't see I said, I don't think you did. Because you just describe what you're looking for. And it sounds like you're looking for the Quran. And hamdulillah after a number of conversations, a number of discussions in depth discussions about the origins of Quran he ended up becoming Muslim. The conversation started with what he said, I want to see God with my eyes, and then I will believe, or if God heal someone in front of me, then I'll believe, but if you're really looking for the truth, you're really looking

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for an evidence that could change your perspective, then you have to be willing to consider that there are other evidences out there. Arrogance prevents people from doing that. If there's any humility left, any amount of the fitrah the natural disposition disposition that's still pure, then you wouldn't request something arrogance like that. You look at the evidence as as they are. May Allah subhanaw taala, grant us humility, guide us and guide others through us and make us from all those who are constantly asking the Lord for forgiveness, and looking for his signs all around us and accepting the signs around us and within us alone, man

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