Lower the wings of humility out of mercy to your parents

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Imagine I have to limit drama and lower the wings of humility to them out of mercy lower the wings. You know, wings are for birds and the birds they fly with their wings. In other words, you might have power over your parents. You can fly above them, you can slam the door in their face, you can hang up in their face, you can do it. But Allah is saying the

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law of the wings of humility, out of mercy just like they showed you mercy lower than

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Minagawa, what does that mean? mean serve them. When you go when as married people, when you go back to your parents, don't wait for them to bring the food up, and to serve you. You go and serve them. When you get to the house after your marriage. You go in there with your kids and you wait expect to have to put the food and to bring the tea and to bring you do that walk. you lower the wings out of humility, humble yourself humiliate yourself before your parents. You bring them this kind of stuff use of them

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And on top of all this once you've served them, don't think that was too much. At the end the losses were cool.

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With all have this kind of goodness, add on top of it for them as well. doesn't stop. Goodness to the parents doesn't have a limit. It doesn't have a limit. It's open. The door is open just like the doors of the paradise are open. There is no limit for anything that's good do it.

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bestow Your mercy upon them. Just like they showed me mercy when I was young. robber baron is a hero