Irshaad Sedick – Surah Yusuf 11

Irshaad Sedick
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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the dream of the King

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once more, is that there were seven thin cows consuming seven fat cows. And there were seven green stalks of wheat and seven dry ones. Notice now after all of these years, we're in the frame of never use of illicit Islam with former cellmate comes back, simply just because he needs something from him. And then we use the valley center. Sam doesn't tell him Oh, now you want to go? You know, after all this time you forgot about me, but now I have to be there for you. No, no, I'm not going to do that. Let's first strike a deal. No, he came with the request that we use Somali citizen was a person of goodwill. It was a person of goodwill. It's not about what others do to me. It's about

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what I do to them. It doesn't matter when people transgress my boundaries. You know, even though I might have a right to retaliate, but what's more important is how I treat others because that is going to be the basis upon which Allah subhanaw taala is going to treat me.

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Now never use of a citizen without any hesitation dolls in the interpretation of the dream. Car a Tesla owner sobre su Nina Durban, comma satune. Further roofie sumali in la parte de la Mata, Kuru number usermod, a citizen 1000. You will plant now for seven consecutive years. And what are you going to harvest from what you plant, then you're going to leave it in its husks. So the wheat normally comes with the grain and then the husk over it. And we consume it without the husks generally. So he says leave it in the husks leave it in its spikes, except a little that you're going to be consuming. So now is giving them instructions. You're going to still consume, obviously,

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but you're going to do it within the rations. Everything else is going to be stored through my team embedded vatika Sabanci that, after this, you're going to have seven difficult years, meaning you're going to have a drought, you're going to have a famine for seven years. You have Khulna mapa de la una de la colina moto soon, and during those seven years, the famine, drought will consume everything that you're going to plant. So you're not going to be able to plant anything that this route is going to consume everything you guys are going to be eating from what you have saved. Now, the only thing that you're going to have with us in Candyland. minmatar soon, a little from that

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which you will store

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through my team in Barcelona, Cameroon, but then after that, it will be a year fee you often see in that year, people will once again be thinking there'll be quenched or fee acetone to the extent that in that year there'll be juicing once more juicing, meaning they'll be squeezing grapes, they'll be squeezing olives, you only do that when you have a surplus, you're not going to be squeezing grapes and olives, except in the Western Cape. We rely on those type of things. But you're not going to generally speaking be squeezing grapes and olives in the time of drought, right because the economies work differently.

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So this is of course the glad tidings now this messenger of the king, the taxpayer of the king, he's got amazing news he can go to the king now and you know he can get anything he wants because he's just given the king away to save the people.

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So he goes to the king of Carlisle medical Tony be the king says bring me this man. Bring me the man who interpreted my dream because obviously the king can see the value in abuse of the other advisees they were not able to interpret the dream so bring me Never use of rsfsr falam majha hood rasuluh when the messenger you know the same person as an upbringing, the message to an abuse of not abuse of himself. The messenger comes to him. Now we used to say to the messenger caller jr in Arabic, he's now go back to your load go back to your king. So hannula why why do you think you would say go back to your king. This is the at this point the prophets are sent is actually a hadith COVID

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caffine is Tafseer mentions this that the Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam actually said, you know if it was me, and that offer was presented to me I would have taken it after being in prison for so long. The King just freed me and abusive is not happy. He says no Arijit Arabic go back to you load fast Allahumma bol nice Atilla t Katana ad owner. First I want to know what is the matter what is the ruling now with regards to those women who kept their hands? You remember those women who kept their hands? What What do you say about them now? What's the verdict with regards to them in rugby Kadena Aileen, because really my lord knows about the plot in a plan. Never use of Alessandra first wants

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to be exonerated because he understands that in order for him to hold on.

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Any sway in order for him to hold any power within his community in order for him to be able to do anything positive, he needs to keep his reputation clean. He knows Allah knows, he just stated that he knows Allah knows. So he's not worried about what people think simply because he's worried about what people think like some of us might be, you know, what is this person gonna say? And what's that person gonna say? A person of taqwa is not interested in what other people think and say, as long as they are good with Allah. As long as they are good with Allah, they are not swayed by the opinions and the thoughts of others. But the easy time we what people think about you makes a difference. And

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that is when you actually want to make a positive difference in society. So anybody who's going to hold such a tank with people have to listen to them, people have to follow them. It's the human being. But as you can see in our society, the moment somebody makes a mistake, it says though, No, you know what, we can't follow that person. We can't listen to the talks. We can't. It's crazy. But that's the human nature allocated humans like that it's a weakness that we have within us. So we need to be careful that if you want to hold any sort of positive influence over others, that you keep our reputations as clean as possible. Never use of one to be exonerated first.

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Paula Malhotra bokun either our tune the use of an FCC Allah skips a few details and immediately now they somebody addressing the ladies, the ladies who wants to get their hands. say he says to the ladies, what do you people have to say about yourself? He's looking for a confession now or he's looking for some sort of evidence now. What do you say about that situation where you attempted or allegedly attempted to seduce an abusive use of

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you know, when you attempted to get into sleep William

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Khulna even said, Now remember this is years later Harshad Illa remember this expression? We came across it not too long ago. It's like saying Subhana Allah, perfect is Allah Allah forbid Harsha Nila ma alumna Allah he mean so we don't know any evil with regards to you. So we can't say anything bad about him. This is the type of impeccable o'clock and adapt that he had. They knew him to be a good person. They said we have nothing evil to say about him. call it murottal Aziz, then the wife of the ministers de Leyva, she herself now speaks and has herself. She says now the truth has become manifest. Now there's no escape for me. And she says, an hour or two Who am I in fact, was the one

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who seduced him and not the other way around. We're in the hula Mina saw the video he is from among those who tell the truth. So Hannah was an abusive Alexa to us. And I'm not knowing what's going to happen. It's unlikely that people have such high rank in society are going to lower themselves and confess, you know, for a man that's in prison, but they did as Allah Allah wills that he can do and an abusive is now speaking, that is in order that the Aziz now Leah and Emma Annie in order that he knows that I love Hulu, Bill Joy, that I did not betray his trust when he wasn't around. Because he's concerned. He's worried that the person who looked after him, so you could say his adopted

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father, so to speak, the person in whose house he grew up in and videoed him and looked after him. He doesn't want that man to think that he betrayed his trust. That's an important person's opinion. Or that is the opinion of somebody who's important in abusive so that matters. Because an abuse of Allah salat wa salam does not want to be a cause of hurt for somebody who was a cause of benefit to him. And he's just wanting to clear his name he to learn from all of this, we don't have time to elaborate on you know, how we should apply every single area of this in our lives. But we do need to think and take cognizance of the fact that we have mothers, we have fathers, we have wives or

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husbands in the case of the ladies, you know, we often are so concerned with what the rest of the dunya thinks of us, what people on Facebook thinks of us, what people at work, thinks of us, etc. But do you know do we all realize that the opinions that our parents hold of us is an opinion that alone might just tell them as well that the way our wives or husbands think of us and our HELOC and our that our adapt is the way in which I'll let Alan might just judge us in the deaf cam. These are the important people who really should be concerned of in our lives. Now the use of Elisa two sentences when Allah Allah Yeah, decadal for me, and I have conviction that Allah will never cause

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the plots and the plans of the betrayers to be successful. So behind Allah, so this is a turning point, again, is many turning points in the story. This is an amazing turning point because now an abusive is about to be released from prison. And not only is he about to be released from prison, but look at how he's climbing the ladder according to Allah.

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Plan he now is not only in the home of the minister, now he's getting to the palace of the king. Because the King once in a personally for his advice, what position has never used to find himself in next we find out tomorrow evening in the Night Out of Africa and in Hungary la hora, para me

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