Nadim Bashir – Don’t Change the Laws of Allah

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the issue of parents' lack of understanding of Islam and the need for them to teach their children about the "how" of Islam. The segment also touches on the history and implementation of Islam, including the use of fishing Net and alcohol. The segment also touches on negative sentiment regarding the statement that one should not be within certain groups.
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salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi hmri about. One of the things that I always stress upon is that parents need to really teach their children and always remind our children about the fact that there is nothing that can change the standard of Allah subhanho wa taala. See, in our deen there is something called halal and something they call haram. And there's something called fickle by the way and FIP in Sharia are not the same things. For example FIP comes to the word fuck who you have glue, which means to understand something and that means that there's

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going to be a standard fit and then there's going to be some aspects of fit that are going to change from region to region and situation to situation. So hence FIP is not black and white. So fit is one thing, but then you have shitty and shittier there are things are Hala things are the haram. For example not money when Bushido the Allah one in a hadith narrated by a normal machine that the Prophet Allah He saw mentioned, Al Hala Albanian will haram Albanian that Hala is very clear, and the Haram is very clear. But what is happening today is that we are seeing a shift and we're seeing that change that people are trying to find ways to either normalize the wrong that is doing or

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they're trying to take away the magnitude from the sin mean that they're they're trying to, you know, they're trying to really

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develop this mindset that there is nothing wrong with the sin or the sin is only a sin and nothing major. And this is where the problem begins to occur. When we begin to normalize what is wrong when we begin to make what is haram into halal, that is a problem that we have. Now we see that in our society when it comes to doing something that is wrong, there's going to be four different different groups of people. Either you're going to have that one group of people that will stay away from the wrong you're going to have that one group of people that the see the wrong happening and they still just stay quiet. You're going to have the third group which is going to promote the wrong mean that

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they're going to say that the people who are doing wrong, they're absolutely fine and you should not just bother with them and they will they will endorse them. And then the fourth group is those who are the actual transgressors I guess an image of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada or in public they do things wrong. Now what happens is that Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentioned the story of bunnies star eat and in there he mentioned three different groups of people was an whom I'll call utility cannot have the little bow if you identify as somebody 30 him he knew whom yamasa him Shura where your Mala is between a letter T him Kedah lick and a blue homie Mark county of San Juan. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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mentions that there was the bunny saw it and Allah subhanho wa Taala had stipulated in ordain upon them, that you cannot do any kind of business on the day of Sabbath on the day of Saturday. And Allah subhana wa Tala wanted to test their commitment, their religious commitment to Allah Subhan Allah to Allah. So Allah caused the fish to come up the most on the day of Saturday. Now Bonita saw and they began to do is that they thought that to themselves, that okay, we won't fish but perhaps we can find a loophole in the laws of Allah subhanho wa taala. And we will work our way around the laws of Allah subhanho wa taala. And let's put our fishing nets on Friday. And on Saturday, we will

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stay away from business, we won't do anything and then on Sunday, we'll go and collect our nets again and inshallah we'll catch a lot of fish. Now at that time, there were three different groups, the group that committed wrong, the group that told these people that do not do this, and then you have the third group, that we're telling the people who were, who were endorsing what is right there, we're telling them that just leave these people alone and just mind your own business. Now, Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentioned that he saved those who were who were endorsing the good, who were reminding them that what they're doing is wrong. So the people who were endorsing what is right

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ALLAH SubhanA save them and Allah said behind the destroy those who transgressed against the limits of Allah subhanho wa taala. However, interestingly, we find in the Quran, that Allah did not even mention the third group. Allah did not mention that group that told those who were doing a remodel find a yarmulke to stay away and just to find their own business. Allah not even mentioned them. Now, one thing that's interesting too, that we note in the Quran is that when Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to show his displeasure about something he either does two things either mentioned he doesn't mention them at all. Or number two is that he mentioned them in the third person. So

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Here we find that Allah Subhan did not even mention them at all. Now there's a very interesting story that we find in regards to this idea. And this is a story about Qatada and his teacher if an ibis, now Ibis is reading the Quran, and he's reading this ayah in the Quran, and patata comes and he sees that his teacher is busy reading. So he just sits back. And you know, one thing that we find very common, especially when it comes to many Islamic seminaries and so forth, part of proper Adam and respect is that people will sit back and they will wait for the teachers to finish. Either they're reading a book, or they're engaged in slot or they're engaged in Viken, and so forth. But it

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was just part of that, Adam, in that respect, I remember even myself when I would go to my own teachers, and I would want to ask a question, but I saw them that they're busy with something, I will not go and tap them on the shoulder and so forth. But it was just part of that up in that respect, that you just sit back and you wait for them. You wait for them to ask you that if we need anything or not. Unfortunately, America we don't see that too much. Anyway, so uh, tada. He sits back and he's just waiting for his teacher to ask him and then he begins to see his teacher crying. So he goes to him and he says that Why are you crying and remember Qatada is a tabula tabula is

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someone who who visits or who has seen or has met a hobby so he meets rabbits and then he says, Why are you crying? And he's telling him that look at this idea, why should I not cry? Look at this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala does not even mention the third group here in this aisle. And then he says to Qatada, he says Qatada. How many times do we see people doing wrong things? And yet we don't say anything. Now it's important first of all, to understand that this is where there's a very well known Hadith the Prophet I'll send them that fits into this situation. And that is the Hadith. Monroe minicom. One cranfill Yoga UbD for Illa, Minnesota for Billy Sunday for England, Mr. Phobia

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Colby with Erica Iman. Basically the property, as I'm saying that if when you see something wrong that is going on, it is part of the nature of a believer that you have to do something to stop it. So once again, ALLAH SubhanA wa is telling us that do not be amongst those group or that group of people that will just say, okay, just mind your own business and do not stop them. We should not be amongst that group, we should be amongst those who will address the wrong, there's two ways of addressing the wrong either you're going to address it physically, or you're going to address it verbally, the property is I'm saying, Monroe, I'm an uncommon workaround for you or your hobby it

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you stop it physically. Now there are some people who just don't have that stamina, who do not have that inner strength to go and stop something physically, they're probably shy internally and so forth. So the priority is some said, then they then say something verbally, but then you may have some people who are verbally so weak inside, that they just do not have the confidence to go and say something, they're either scared of something and so forth. And there were Sahaba like this too, for example, has seven fabrics or the yellow on a very calm Sahabi who cannot, you know, do what many Sahaba could do. So the property is always telling us that if you find yourself in this kind of

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situation that you can do anything about the wrong. The last resort is that make sure you always consider it a wrong in your heart. As long as a believer considers What's wrong is wrong. And in their heart, they mean it that it is wrong, then they inshallah will be steadfast upon their faith. But the minute in our heart, we began to believe that, oh, what's wrong with it? For example, we all know there's no sugarcoating about it. Islam has mentioned that homosexuality is haram It is haram. So now when you have people who say that, Oh, you know, sending home, this person is homosexual, that persona, sexual, and it's all fine, they're a good person, and so forth. Once again, this is

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where we begin to meddle into the laws of Allah subhanho wa taala, we begin to start manipulating these kinds of laws of Allah subhanho wa taala. And remember that we cannot do these kinds of things. This is where our EMR begins to decline. You know, today, I hear things such as that, oh, this person is committing a sin, but do not tell them that they're committing a sin because you may hurt their feelings, as if now we've got to this point, that to even tell a person that they're doing something that is wrong. It's wrong in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah has declared it wrong. The Prophet alayhi salam has declared wrong, yet we won't tell that person that they're doing

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something that is wrong, because we may hurt their feelings. What about the feelings of Allah? What about the feelings of Rasulullah? sallallahu alayhi wasallam? What about their? What about their matter? And what about their opinion? This is why it's very important. I'm not saying that you go and you call this person out in public. And you call this a person, a sinner in public, or whenever you see them, you say, oh, Senator, what's up? You don't say these kinds of things? Of course not. That's not what our Dean has told us to do. But at the same time, when you start saying that, Oh, a sin is not a sent because you may hurt their feelings, or this person is doing something that is

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haram but it's fine because they are a good person. This is when we began to start manipulating and we start changing what Allah has made.

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haram into halal or we begin to normalize the Haram and that is where the decline begins. So I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala we have to always remember that what is wrong is what is wrong and is it will always be wrong. No matter what culture says, no matter what time says no matter what era we are in, if it's wrong and Allah and it's properly some have declared something that is wrong, it will always remain wrong. If something's there is halal, it will always remain halal. And the minute if we if we don't have the stamina or the strength to stop something that is wrong, at least in your heart, always remember that you think and you know that it is not right. As long as you can, you

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still have that same feeling and as long as you respect the the opinion of Allah and the, the opinions of prophets of salaam that is what matters most of this kind of situation but the minute you start changing what Allah is preferably some has declared what is wrong, what is wrong and what is right. That is where we are going to be declining in our faith. And that is where we won't have the standard left in our deen ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect our iman and to protect that the Iman of our upcoming generations immutable Allah mean Dr. Malachite salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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