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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now begins the Tafsir of Surah so special that Allah has made it obligatory upon us to recite this Surah in each and every rakat of the Salah – Surat Al Fatihah. Why is it so significant? Do we fully comprehend the magnanimity and grandeur of this Surah also known as Umm Al-Kitab (the Mother of the Book)?

In this particular lecture, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi analyses the meaning of the phrase – Rabbi Al Alamin. Why does this phrase garner such a profound explanation of its meaning?

Listen intently and be mesmerised.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Rahmani Raheem tema de Chioma Deen here Kanagawa canister in Surat on Mr. Team Serato lagina and I'm daddy him Hayden mobile Be it him motherboard lean mean Surah Al Fatiha is really one of the most unique students in the entire Quran. It is a surah that Allah subhana wa Taala is obligated upon us to recite in each and every Raka of each and every seller, how many times we recite Surah Fatiha and yet how much of it do we actually comprehend and understand inshallah tada in this series of lectures beginning today the first of Ramadan and inshallah continuing to the end of the month, we will be doing an exegesis of seal of suited Fatiha and every

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lecture will be related around suited Fatiha and the first third or maybe even half of the month will be a directive of certain factor and then inshallah after that we'll branch into other related topics regarding students and Fatiha and I'll mention inshallah, how that will happen when we get there. Students will facha is a surah that Mr. masucci lists over 25 names for but really there are only four names that are mentioned in the Quran in this and in the sooner Surah Al Fatiha is mentioned by name one of the names is in the Quran. And the sooner mentions three other names. The four primary names of pseudo tel Fatiha is of course number one Al Fatiha itself. And this name Al

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Fatiha has been mentioned by our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the famous Hadith reported in the fourth sunon that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that mela Mia cannot be Fatiha till Kitab he who does not recite the fact of the book Felice Amina, he has nothing to do with us, meaning every Muslim must memorize certain Fatiha if you don't know certain Fatiha, you are not a Muslim. You are not Muslim, because our Prophet says to them said whoever does not know Fatiha and in the ancient Arabic when they when they're saying you're correct, it doesn't just mean recite your current means Yeah, your current means to memorize whoever has not memorized surah tel Fatiha has

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nothing to do with us. And of course, we know that every Muslim in the world has their relationship with Saudi Arabia, even those who don't pray regularly, they know Surah Al Fatiha, what does Fatiha mean? Many people translated as the opening but it is more profound than that. In fact Fatiha actually implies the way out you're stuck and Fatiha is the way out of the place that you're stuck. And that is why in Arabic a victory is from the same root verb but either join us or LA he will fit here fetta means victory. You were stuck, you are surrounded by an enemy then Fatah comes and fetta means the victory the opening. So Al Fatiha is that which will save you from every problem that

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you're in. Al Fatiha is the opening out of the problems of your life when you're surrounded when you have no other solution, and Fatiha will create that solution for you. So this surah is a way out of your daily problems. It is a victory for each and every struggle also it is called alpha because alpha quite literally is the opening of the rest of the Quran. So alpha to have means it is the one that opens up the rest of the Quran. Some of the scholars have said that it is as if the rest of the Quran is a commentary of certain factor, the certain thought you have is the beginning and the rest of the Quran is merely commenting on the beginning or the opening. And that is why some have said

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that the fact he acts as an introduction to the book of Allah, you know, every author has an introduction. Every time somebody writes a book, you mentioned the methodology, you mentioned the overall goals. So the fact is, if you like the introduction to the rest of the book of Allah, and therefore the meanings of the entire Koran have been summarized. They are, if you like contained in certain factors. So this is the first of its many names. The second and third name were actually very close to each other. And they are omo Koran and omole Kitab and we're going to do them together because really they're the same thing on melcor on one of the names of Fatiha Al Quran, and one of

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the names of Fatiha on Al Qaeda. And we all know even non Arabs know what au means. It means the mother that's what we call our mother. And therefore some have translated the Quran to be the mother of the court.

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But in reality is deeper than just mother. In fact, the meaning home doesn't mean mother originally own meant the basis of the origin of. So you call your mother own because she is your origin. But in fact own means the the origin only means the person or the basis. So omo origin means the extract or that which combines the whole or on own well kita means the gist of the Kitab this is really what it means, and that the term omachron normal Kitab it is mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu idea he was seldom in the famous Hadith our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hadith is reported in a Buddha within Muslim by Mohammed and many other books. Our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that every prayer in which the Koran is not recited is mutilated. This is a hadith that is an authentic hadith, every prayer kulu salatu salam yaku raffia the old mill kita so he called the Quran sorry, he called Fatiha Omen kita if the if the gist of the book has not been recited, then the prayer is considered mutilated, ie it's not a full prayer. It's not a complete prayer. And why is the Quran called or why is the Fatiha called omo Koran. Why is the fattier called on multitap for many reasons, because first and foremost it is the origin or the beginning of the book. As we said it is as if the Fatiha is the introduction and the rest of the

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Quran is a commentary on the Fatiha It is also called omo Koran because the fact they have comprises all of the meanings of the Quran. The fact that begins with praising Allah subhana wa tada commands us to worship Him alone, and that includes obeying his God, and then tells us about the life in the hereafter to hate. The salah and our hero are all included in the fact you have the main fundamentals of what we believe are included in the fact you have the fact you have combines between internal knowledge and external commands. And these two internal knowledge and external commands are the two basis of the entire religion. Why did Allah reveal a book to teach us so that we can act

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properly have in an AMA so far combines between Islam and Iman? Because the most profound verses would have had to had we'll talk about this verse maybe for 20 lectures maybe towards the end of Ramadan, or the latter half of Ramadan, the most profound verses sorts of fat there has er cannot do what he can sustain. He cannot would you alone do we worship and worship is the external actions. What kind of stain You alone are the one we asked for help our two what our heart is attached to you. So a body is external. And it's the honor is internal worship is external, that's actions and seeking Allah's help is internal. That's your heart relationship with the law. So this verse

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combines between outer action and inner knowledge. And we'll talk about this in shallow data again, in the course of this series. Also of the reasons why the fatter has his own milk or almond milk it up is because it summarizes the most powerful Names of Allah subhana wa Tada. The most powerful names of a lot are mentioned in this one surah and they are a Rob And Allah and Allah Rahman. These three names are the three names that summarize everything to do with the names of Allah. And again, we will talk about each of these names Allah and Rob and our ramen. Each one of these names summarizes entire oceans of knowledge. And these are the primary names even though fact I mentioned

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two more names. And that is a Rahim and Al Malik or medic eo Medina, these are also mentioned, but the three primary names and all of the names of Allah come under these names are Allah, Al Rahman, and Arab. And we'll talk about these names and shallow data in separate lectures of the reasons why factor is called milk Eat up, is because it talks it talks about the social conditions of mankind, all of mankind is divided into three categories. And that is a dinner Serato Mr. Tim Serato leadin announced it him late in the movie it him What a ball in three categories for mankind are mentioned in certain facts. And these are the three categories of mankind, those who have knowledge and act

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upon it, that is an anti him, those who have knowledge but don't act upon it, that is moldoveanu him, those who don't have knowledge, but they're trying to act without knowledge, and that is modeling. And so all three categories of mankind are summarized. In fact they have and that's why it's called omega keytab. Another reason why the fighter has called omega keytab is because the three pillars of worshiping Allah are indicated in the sutra the three pillars of worshipping Allah, our love, and hope and fear, hope and Raja and hope these are the three pillars that we worship a lot on and the fact they have comprises these three pillars and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. We

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praise a lot because

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Because He is worthy of being praised you praise the one whom you love Alhamdulillah we love Allah subhana wa tada our Rahmani, r Rahim. Allah is merciful. So we hope in his mercy madico Medina, he is the master of judgment day we are terrified of Judgment Day. So love and hope and fear based upon these three emotions What do we do? A yuck and not good we worship you based upon love and fear and hope. So this is almost Kitab of the reason why the Father has called on Makita is because in the same verses, Allah subhana wa tada mentions the perfection of believing in Him in Him alone, the perfection of tawheed to hate of Allah is not just saying there's one God because everybody says

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there's one God, even pagan religions, the intellectuals amongst them, they say, oh, there's really one essential God. So what makes our tawheed different from other people's monotheism, our tawheed comprises of multiple factors. First and foremost, we affirm a loss perfection in who he is. Secondly, we perform we we affirm a loss perfection as a Lord over us relationship with us. And thirdly, knowing that Allah is perfect and he is our Lord, we then worship Him alone. These are the three ways we unify a lot. We unify a lost perfection in who he is. That is and hamdulillah we praise a lot of Ravana Rahim we praise a lot. We then affirm a lot perfection in his relationship

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with us. That is a Rahmani Raheem, that is Maddie Chioma Dean, he is sorry, that is a bit odd. I mean, excuse me, his relationship with us is a bit odd. I mean, and a reminder of him and malakian within his relationship with us is the Lord He is merciful. He will judge over us and we affirm he cannot Buddha, what you're going to stain You alone are we going to worship once again, there are three unique things that we do in a law store. Here we affirm number one that Allah is perfect. Number two, that he has a perfect relationship with us. And number three, that we will worship him and him alone. This is why our tawheed is different than any other religions though he our

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monotheism is unique because we affirm Allah is perfect, we affirm He alone is the one who has any cause in this world. He is the one who brought it into existence and everything happens by him and then what do we also do we worship him and him alone. All of these three categories are mentioned in the in Surah 10 Fatiha so these are some of the reasons why factor is called omo Koran and Makita. So going back we said Fatima has four primary names number one is Fatiha number two is Oman Quran number three is Ahmed Kitab. What is the fourth name of Fatiha This is the name that Allah mentions in the Quran. There is a name of certain facha in the Quran, and that is sub l masani sub i's

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mahtani. This is a name mentioned in the Quran and is also mentioned in the Hadith several methoni Allah says ensuited aged verse 87 what are called a NACA sabba aminul muthoni one or under nauseam. This is a powerful verse that shows us the status of Sudan Fatah, Allah says we have given you seven mahtani sabad muthoni. And along with it we have given you the magnificent or on it is as if Allah is saying we have given you Fatiha and along with the fact that we have given you the Quran that is magnificent. And this shows us the status of students and faculty that it is as if the rest of the Quran is a commentary on this one. Surah So Allah is telling our Prophet system we have given you

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the sub al Madani, we've also given you the rest of the Quran, the Quran and alvim the magnificent Koran and the names of Allah Thani what exactly does it mean? My Sunday means to follow up the Arabs no Mussina Mussina means they came one after the other pairs in pairs they came basically line after line. Some scholars have said factor is called sub muthoni because every time you finish reciting it, it's only a matter of time before you have to recite it again you finish one record, the next record will recite Fatiha if the solid finishes Two hours later another sweater you will recite Fatiha so one interpretation so bad muthoni You're always reciting facts you have but the stronger

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interpretation and the shallow the clear one is that mahtani here means that which is frequently recited not just following up, but everybody is reciting Fatiha. This is the seven verses that are often recited sabad mahtani, the seven verses that everybody recites all the time, nothing is recited more than the Fatiha and Subhanallah brothers and sisters, how often is this sort of recited at any given second in any day of the year hundreds of millions of people around the world are praying sada and they will be reciting pseudotyped Fatiha on average a Muslim who just barely prays not even the full end soon and 200 just the average Muslim who's just praying. What is the

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Barely required will be on average reciting Fatiha 30 times a day, 30 times a day. This translates into 11,000 times a year. Even if we estimate that 50% of the Muslim world is praying, this would mean that on average, the surah is being recited over 20 billion times per day. 20 billion times in an average day, that works out to over 7 trillion times per year. And that is just in one year. Can you imagine since the beginning of when the Quran came down until the day of judgment, How many times will this sort of be recited while law he there is nothing that even comes close to something being recited like sort of the fact that no document no creed, no him no praise in any language of

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any religion, even comes a fraction even 1% of the quantity that certain factor is being recited. So why should a lawn not qualified there are several muthoni the seven verses that are always being recited For indeed nothing is recited in this entire globe, even a fraction of what sort of tell facha is recited and this is enough of a miracle of sorts. In fact, you have and it is enough of a blessing of certain factor Sula, Telford to have is one of the first students to be revealed. In fact, many of the early scholars they claimed that pseudotyped factor is the first revelation but we know this is not true. If Kroc was the first Muslim it was the second Some say it is the third Some

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say it is the fourth definitely factor is in the first five students revealed definitely using certain factor is within the first five suitors revealed and in fact, it is the first surah that was revealed in its entirety. Think about it. If karate did not come in its entirety. The first five verses came, Muslim men would have known they came down 510 verses that's it. Then the rest of the pseudo was revealed later. Fatiha. Surah Fatiha was the very first sutra that was revealed in its entirety. And again, this shows the significance that before Allah revealed any sort of certain factor came down in its entirety. And Buhari reports from Abu Zubaydah memoranda, that one day he

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was praying and long story of the long head it will just give you the pertinent passage, the profitsystem said to him that Oh sorry, should I not tell you have the greatest surah in the whole book of Allah before I leave the masjid. So I will say that said yes. Then the process of continued talking, talking, talking, then he stood up to leave a booth, he said Yasuda, you said you're going to teach me the greatest surah in the book of Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen these are these verses are the sub al Madani and it is the Quran and alvim so he said to always say that this surah is the greatest surah in the book of Allah subhana wa

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tada and we conclude today's quarter with one beautiful Hadith reported by a Muslim that even at busted that one day, the Prophet sysm and Jubilee, were sitting down in the masjid, and it isn't, so a Muslim is authentic. They were sitting in the masjid, and God heard a noise in the skies, and they both looked up. And gibreel said to the prophet SAW Selim, this is a door that has opened up from the heavens, it has never opened since the beginning of creation until now. And an angel came down and greeted the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting up and gibreel said this angel. Allah has not allowed him to come down Up until now. This is the first time he's coming down since the beginning

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of creation. So something unique is happening, something big is happening. What is this big thing, the angel then says Yasuda law that you have been given to lights to know that no profit before you has been given. In other words, the angel has been sent to give this news to the Prophet system, you have been given two lights that no other prophet has been given. Our Lord has said that no matter what verse you recite of these two lights, you will get what you asked for the first of these two lights as soon as Al Fatiha. And the second is how our team suits and bacara the last verses of Surah Baqarah. These two are something unique that no prophet has been given before our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so it is it is indeed very essential and very useful that we spend much time talking about this beautiful sutra and that will be in sha Allah who tada the topic of our Ramadan hot arrows and helpers and inshallah we'll continue this tomorrow, which is our qumola heroine was cinematic to La Habra culture.