Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #07 – Long Necks and Gray Hair

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of gray hairs in Islam is discussed, with examples such as the infamous "has wet hair" sign and a woman with mark on her head. The speaker emphasizes the importance of honoring older individuals and building a community of strict rules. The trend of marks of decisive loyalty and bravery on the Day of Justice is also discussed, with marks revealed through animals and being made by people of authority. The speaker notes the importance of shaping the community and bringing honor to individuals, especially for individuals with marks of legal systems.
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Your first gray hairs can be really, really stressful. They're a wake up call. And that's why many of them, they say when Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh LM noir miracle, Maya Tanaka, Rafi himanta, Dr. wotja community, haven't we given you a long enough life to figure it all out and the Nabil, the warner came to you? They say that gray hair is actually the Warner that Allah is talking about. It's a sign that you're getting closer to your return to Allah subhana which Allah which is why the prophets lie. Some said Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah in a Hara agenda who had Belov us a Tina sunnah. Allah will forgive a person up until they reach the age of 60, meaning the proof has been

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established against them at that point. So that's one element of this. The other element is what caused that gray hair to sprout other than old age gray can be induced, of course by stress. And Allah says about the Day of Judgment, Yo man, yeah, well done. Shiva, that it would be so severe that it would turn a newborn's hair gray. The prophets lie Selim, he was known to not have much gray hair, but he had this sudden onset. And when he was asked why he said, che Bethany, who to Allah to her, it was all from Sudha hood, and its sister sorrows, the suitors that are like it. So what's the takeaway in this regard? Anything that was used for Allah, anything that aged for Allah, anything

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that was induced for Allah is actually a great sign of honor. You look at the person who has endured a wound in the Cause of Allah, or someone who put their joints through stress from the amount of worship or service that they did, or someone who has a mark of prostration on their forehead and the list goes on and on and on and on. But the point is that the marks of the righteous in this world will certainly be streaks of reward in the hereafter.

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One of the people the prophets lie some said Allah would not even look at or speak to on the Day of Judgment is shaken zani an old man who committed adultery because with all those years and with diminished desire, he still went ahead and disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. But on the other hand, you have those people who lived long lives of worshipping Allah and they're special. And by the way, we should be honoring them as well. The prophets lie some said Lisa Mina Magnum yo Hamza liana. Well, yeah, I'd have shut off her cabbie Ilana. He is not one of us, who does not have mercy on our youth, nor knows the honor of our elders and so Subhanallah the youth require mercy, not harshness.

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The elders, on the other hand, require honor not mockery. And that's how you start to build a prophetic and balanced community. So how does Allah honor that age on the Day of Judgment? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Men Shabbat, Shiva 10 visa vie de la canada who knew Ron Yokoyama, whoever grows a gray hair in Islam, it will be a light for that person on the day of judgment. And the prophets lie. Some also said that practically, do not pluck your gray hairs for that reason. You can dye them if you want to in ways that are permissible, of course, and you can cut your hair, but don't pluck them entirely, as they will shine on the day of judgment for you. So

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as you might have some of us the Rahimullah set up little NAS Etowah Binyomin piano, Elmo in one middle. He said Rahim Allah tonight at the most rewarded people on the day of judgment are believers who love long lives of righteousness. Now in the broader sense, it's not just about gray hairs. The gray hairs merely speak to this trend of marks of righteousness that are shining on the Day of Judgment. So for the Shaheed for example, the martyr the prophets lie so I'm sad mom and Majrooh when you draw healthy sebelah well Allahu Allah will be Manuel Draco feasability. No one is wounded in the Cause of Allah and Allah knows who is sincerely wounded for his cause. The larger a yomo

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piano, or Juho K at he yo majority will loan loan who Demin were Riri who misc he will come on the day of judgment, and his wounds will be looking just like the day that he was wounded. And the color of that blood will be the color of blood. But the difference is that the blood will have the smell of musk, and no one is feeling sorry for that person on that day because they are beaming with light in all of the places that they were wounded for the sake of Allah. So I think about Hemsedal the Allah outside with his chest beaming on the day of judgment or kind of the low the low tide and who said every part of my body has been marked for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala at this point in my

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life, and then you connect that to this other group of people you see below the Allahu Taala and this large group of people coming forward, and they have these long, elegant next, and the prophets lie some said animal at the Mona Otto to NASA and up and Yeoman piano, that the callers to prayer will have the longest necks of the people on the Day of Judgment

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melanoma. No Hema Allah He explains that the Arabs referred to nobility and people of leadership as people have long necks. So these people are the forerunners. Now some of the scholars they say that the man is connected to the masjid because there is a person that is so regular in the measure that the people yield to them for their decision making. And so there is also a position in this life that's denoted by that position in the Hereafter. And then there's something that connects to the tongue here, because this tongue is shouting out what shouting out the vicar of Allah, the remembrance of Allah, I will say the holy or the Allahu Anhu. He said that the profit slice I'm

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taught that even if you're alone in the mountains, call the other man. For verily the sound of the man's voice is not heard by a jinn by a human being or any creation except that it will testify for him on the day of judgment. So what's the takeaway from this? If I'm not old? I'm not a more than and I'm not a warrior. One of the questions that you're going to be asked on the Day of Judgment is on just me he female Abdullah, it's one of the first things you're asked about what consumed your body. So any wrinkle, and in gray hair, any one of those stretch marks for the mothers out there who literally were in jihad with their pregnancy, any dark circle under your eyes due to the

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sleeplessness from pm or from concern that you had for this Oma? All of that is going to be light on the Day of Judgment, so long as it was for the sake of Allah so long as it was sincere visa vie the law. And the practical side for the community is just like Allah subhanaw taala is going to honor those marks on the Day of Judgment. We see those marks in our community as badges of honor amongst us.

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pool it was easy for a wifey or Asia to roll we

What is the worth of your gray hair on the Day of Judgment? Your wounds? Your dark circles and stretch marks? When gained for the sake of Allah, these are all marks of honor for righteous deeds that He will reward for all of eternity in the most beautiful of ways.

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