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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of a "overcome from the glory of Islam" that is not just a loss of life, but also a loss of human bodies. The concept is used to explain how the physical bodies of the gods are protected from harm and that the physical bodies of the gods are only present when the decree of Allah is made. The speaker also discusses the concept of "overcome from the glory of Islam" and how it is not just a loss of life, but also a loss of human bodies.
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So you see these incidents online where a person is walking on the street and they don't see a bunch of cars that are coming and a truck, this huge truck is about to collide into them. And then suddenly, it's as if arm just pulls that truck away. And it goes in a completely different direction, or someone who misses four cars and they collide. And that person just stands there, and they're okay. Or, in some situations, you see someone that is involved in a freak accident, and you know, the guy that's jogging on the beach, and then suddenly a plane hits him while he's jogging on the beach, or something along those lines. And it's like you witnessed Divine Decree and precision,

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you witness that political philosophy out of that perfect court of law, and then relate that to your own self. You know, sometimes, you're on the highway and you're driving, and you're supposed to be in a car accident, you know, you're doing something that distracts you. And then in that moment of distraction, something horrible is about to happen. And then you see what happens around you and you say, Subhana, Allah, Allah protected me, those that have seen their children, you know, fall, and if they would have fallen just a little bit differently, right, then it would have hit the back of their head or this would have happened or that would have happened, and it would have been

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All of these things that we witnessed in our lives obviously speak to the overwhelming power of a loss panel to Allah, but they have something to do with the angels as well. Allah subhana wa tada says, la humara about to invade near the human healthy, following a human umbrella, that every single person has a guardian angel in front of them and behind them, that protect them from the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala now that concept requires a lot of reflection number one the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada you know, we're always so paranoid about the devil's the devil's the shell thing. They're everywhere the gym, the gym, every single human being has only one shape on assigned

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to them, and four angels assigned to them. Now everything else that that that's invited into your life of angels or devils is invited as a result of your good deeds or your bad deeds, but every single person has, proportionally speaking four angels that are with them, and only one devil, two angels that protect you and two angels that record on you. Okay, so the two angels that record and the two angels that guard you, but only one shape on that whispers and temps. But of course environments and deeds, invite more angels or more shouting, but what are those guardian angels do and what role do they play in our lives? Number one, they're always with you. They're with you

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during the day, they're with you when you sleep at night. They are with you for the most significant and insignificant moments of other moments of Divine Decree in your life, which I have the aim of Allah Tada, he said that those angels protect you, from any wild animal from any riding animal from any beast from any person who wants to harm you, even a number of other Nick, an ant that would be in your ear. If the decree is not upon you to be harmed, those angels will shoo away those bugs, they will push away those objects that are coming your way and protect you. I leave no Have you thought about the law tada and who he said, when he was told that there was a tribe, the tribal

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moron and they were planning to attack him. He said that they cannot harm me with anything unless Allah subhanaw taala has decreed it for Allah has set up guardian angels for each person. And the only time that a person is harmed is when those angels are told to stand down when they move out of the way. And that's what my boss told me a long time. And he said that out of obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala, those angels will protect you, and they will be there for you. And they will only move out of the way when a loss decrees otherwise. And this is a powerful concept on an individual level. Because you think about the story of the prophets lie Selim and gibellini. His Salaam,

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protecting him from his enemies are the Muslims in the Battle of beddit. And the angels being sent in hundreds to protect them to where the Muslims could even see that their enemies were being thrown off of their horses and the sound of a whip crackling on someone and they don't see the whip and they don't see who's actually you know, who's actually doing it. But they were just seeing these things happen in front of them or the profit slice. I'm talking about the end of times, where the jail would try to enter into Medina, but he would find angels at its gates that are protecting it from all directions in our own individual lives. If you think about that would have been about all

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the Aloha moments, that you have these angels that are in front of you and behind you. And the only time the only time that they stepped aside is when Allah subhanaw taala decrees that harm is coming to you. And that harm is what was decreed in the womb, also written by an angel, that your date of death, your lifespan, and that moment for you to go is now and so those angels Move aside when the decree of death comes your way only for your soul.

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To be transferred to another group of angels with the shroud either of Paradise or the shroud of hellfire.

Angels in your presence #1 – They’ve Got Your Back.

Do we have such a thing as guardian angels? What do they do, and how do we experience them?

This Ramadhan 2020 Imam Omar Suleiman guides us through the realm of the Angels, the Mala’ikah. Episode #1 is an introduction into the role and presence of the angels in the life of every man and woman.

Can you recall a moment when you are on your war somewhere and suddenly a car or bike that was definitely not going to miss you swerves and  misses you by inches?

That is the angel carrying out its duty to keep you out of harm’s way.

Each of us is assigned four angels – two who record our deeds and two who protect us. But sometimes despite the presence of the guardian angels harm does befall. Why?

Listen to this series to learn the who, what, when, why and how of the Angels.


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