Abdul Wahab Saleem – Preaching Tawheed in a Pagan City – Stand Up for What You Believe In

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and meaning behind the Prophet sallatiation, including the use of "naughty man" and "naughty woman" to express allegiance to Allah. They also discuss the importance of clear faith in Islam, history of belief, and the need for pride in one's life and heritage. The speakers emphasize the importance of remembering one's belief and not wanting to admit to one's beliefs. They also discuss the importance of not going against people and not wanting to admit to Islam, and the need for support for businesses that are Muslim.
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In an hamdulillah

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lush meadow who want to stay, you know who want to still feel

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when they're also below him in Shuri and fusina

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Women's a year Dr. Molina Mejia de la Hoefler moody Lella. On when you will the real Hoefer lucha de Allah wa shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah wa shadow no Mohammed Abdullah he was Zulu a man bad

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for all si como el Joby taco Allah here Zoa jelly in the Wizard of dunya will have our facility will Alana.

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But your brothers and your sisters, I want you to imagine

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the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam as he's in Makkah,

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the prophet is being told by Allah azza wa jal that now you have to stand. You have to stand up for what you believe in, come stand over Hamid

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stand what ended and start to warn the people.

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Everybody in society doesn't believe in what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam believes in. No one in society except a very few people, mostly weekend actually agree with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Everyone is opposing him. Some people are making death threats against the followers of Mohammed. Other people are trying to assassinate Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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everything is in his face. It's all difficulties after difficulties after difficulties. Ludo Merton, Bow to her folk about darkness is some of another. It's a very difficult time that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is going through

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in this time, a group of the people of Quraysh like Al Ali Dibner Mahira, like Al Asad and others, they come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and they say, oh, Mohammed, hello, Ma, fel tabooed Myrna boudoir Abu do matter, but come and let us worship what you worship.

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And you worship we worship. So they're asking him for a small concession. They said that let's worship what you worship. And let us worship what you worship as you worship what we worship. One year, you become us, and the next year, we will become you.

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That's all they're asking for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had many years to go.

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And if anybody had the ability to make a concession, it would have been the prophets of salaam because he knew that there are still some more times till the mission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comes to a conclusion

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was within this scenario that Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed one of the two Surahs that is known as Surah teleclass because there's two sources known as Surah to the class, the famous Surah class and also Surah to the carrier on both of these Surahs are known as Surah Taylor class the two sources that are basically meant to express your sincerity to Allah as LJ

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and these two sewers, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had a practice of reciting the sutras, especially in his different Sunon. So it's reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite the sutras in the Sunnah of Fajr. It's also reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite the sutras in the Sunnah of Maghreb, and it was also reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite these two sutras in the Sunnah of a thorough offense. Well, these are those two Surahs which express your allegiance to Allah. Your belief in Allah, your monotheism to Allah azza wa jal is that there's nothing else that you're willing to bow

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yourself down to, spiritually, ideologically, physically, except for Allah azza wa jal. These are those two sutras. And one of them is revealed in this moment, in this moment that the kuffar of Quraysh are asking the prophet to make a very relatively simple concession. The concession is that you worship what we worship for one year and then we will worship what you worship for another year. So we'll come somewhere in the middle. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says to the Prophet, who, in the wake of all of this, despite the difficulty, despite the trials despite the fact that everyone is against the prophets of salaam he says, Say and declare, make that declaration very clear. The

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beginning of that declaration is yeah, a you healthcare field room. All you who disbelieve Oh, Kufa, quite

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I want you to imagine this because now, some people are very hesitant to even use the word gaffer.

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They will say, Gavin, you're gonna offend someone. Why, okay? If someone had to be considered offending someone, it would be this situation in the most trying moments of the Prophet's life. But the prophet is told in that moment to make the declaration and begin by saying, cool, yeah, are you held cafiero? Say, Oh, you hold who are kuffaar.

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Because the word Gafford simply means disbeliever. It is us who have added a lot of different stigma to this word. And because of that stigma, we're afraid the media is against us. And this is against us. And they're talking about all these people. They say, infidels, that one, oh, my brothers, we have to explain to the people we cannot be back footed by people. We have to tell the people we are people of Dawa. We are people of calling. We can't have people putting us on the backfoot all the time. It doesn't work like that the word God fear doesn't equate to bloodshed, war, massacre, pillaging. This is just media. This is not what the word cafard means. It means someone who

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disbelieves in what you believe in. And that's what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is told to say to these people, despite the difficult trying time that he's going through, say, a U haul calf, your own all you who are could fall, who disbelieve in what I believe in. If people misunderstand a word, and they place all sorts of stigma around it, we can't stop using that word. Let me give you an example.

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When the British had went to

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in the 1900s, and they were there, and they attempted to conquer this place, they attempted to colonize this place. Slowly but surely some of the Arabic words they started coming into the British language. One of those words is a word that all of you and I and everyone uses and it's still there used in Britain till today in a derogatory way, and the word is bint. For those who are no English, they know English.

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There the word has meant. It's still used in Britain till today in certain parts of Britain that isn't the word basically means it's a derogatory term for a woman. Right? It's a scoring full word where you know, you can imagine what it would mean, in our language. I don't want to use those words in on a pulpit. But basically, it's a derogatory term for a woman that's very loose. So the word bint daughter, the word we use all the time, the word that is attached to the names of all of our daughters, Falana bins philon, this word became a derogatory term. Did we say because in England, the word is a derogatory term, I'll stop using it. If someone misunderstands a word, you explain to

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them what that word means. Because this is exactly what Allah is telling the prophets I send them as well. Wouldn't Yeah, you heard Catherine won't say oh, people who happen to be Kufa, let I will do matter I will do and I'm not going to be worshiping what you people are worshipping, we're different. And you know, when you're honest about your beliefs to people, people take you more seriously. But when you're wishy washy, and they look at you, and they think, Oh, this guy doesn't really stand for what he believes in, they start to say all, now they've got you on the backfoot, they will try to pressure you, they will try to teach you they will try to preach you to you. But

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Allah subhanaw taala is telling the prophet to Salem, when they're asking for concessions. You say it loud and clear. You don't have to be obnoxious. But you have to be clear, being clear worded doesn't mean you're an obnoxious human being. It just means you are a direct human being. It means you're a human being who believes and stands for what he really believes in law who do matter. But don't I don't believe what you all are believing what not and tomorrow be doing good. And neither all of you worship what I worship as well. I mean, if you have the freedom to do whatever you want, why don't I have the freedom to do whatever I want? Right? Because this is what we're talking about

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nowadays, right? Everybody wants their freedoms, they want to have their religious freedom, they want to have their sexual freedom, they want to have all sorts of freedoms. So then we also require that freedom, we want that freedom as well. We want to be able to believe in whatever we believe in stand for whatever we stand for. We want to be people who are able are given all the liberties that everybody else is given as well.

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And that's what Allah is telling the prophets of Salaam. He's saying, Say to them directly. I don't believe what you believe in. I don't practice what you practice, and you don't do the same thing. So why are you trying to compel me? Why are you trying to pressure me and I say this today because people are so pressured, that they're losing their faith from these pressures. Why am I

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Oh, brother, why my sister? Why do you feel pressured, have this might in your faith, glory in your faith, pride in your faith, be proud of who you are. Nobody should be able to take that away from you, you have to have is in pride in what you what you are your heritage, your lineage, your religion, have pride. All of the notions that you have in your mind are simply in your mind. In reality, if you look at reality, you have the opportunity to be as proud as anybody else about what you believe in and the way you practice your life and the morals that you choose to live by as well.

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Now, I Budo Mattei Bhutan, well and to be doing both and nor do you worship what I worship.

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Now we want to talk to a group of people today, and they're growing in number Sometimes people tell me you're too technical, but Oh Allah, He the reason why I talk about stock picks that are a little bit technical, because I'm pre empting. These fit and coming into the community, to the Muslims. There's a group of people now they want to spread something called the Ibrahimi. They want to spread a unified religion within this world. That is known as the Abrahamic faith. You've probably heard that term, but now they're taking it to a level two they want to make a faith that unifies all of the fates in this world, a faith that is based on the religion of Islam, it's based on Christianity,

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it's based on Judaism and everybody is supposed to just jump and hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but Allah is telling the prophets SLM. So tell the kuffaar la boo do matter Buddha and I'm not gonna be worshipping what you worship. Allah told us even about Ibrahim Ali he said, um, he told us that Makana Ibrahim Yahudi Yun wala Anna surani, Yun wala can Carnahan, even Muslim, that Ibrahim Ali Salam was not Jewish and he wasn't Christian, but rather he was monotheistic and he was a Muslim. It is part of the articles of your faith to believe that Ibrahim Ali Saddam was a Muslim.

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So when we talk about the Abrahamic faith, as in we are just an extension of one of the previous faiths we say no, we are the correct faith of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. We are the correct faith of Musa alayhis salam. We are the correct faith of Risa Ali Sarah, this is what our book teaches us. Ibrahim Ali Sarah neither was a Jewish nor was he Christian and Allah repeats this concepts again, this specific concept again and again in the Quran. So we believe in Islam, we believe in the Quran. We believe in the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim. And we believe that we have to worship Allah and Allah who is that he will Jalil alone. This is a premise that we can never let go of. I ask Allah

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subhana wa Taala to give a steadfastness on this faith, I mean, are SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in what early he was creationary?

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Alhamdulillah Hamden UF in Omaha? Well, you can't fit them as either or SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in wa ala early he was so heavy as a Marine.

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Allah Allah is that he was jealous. He doesn't stop in the declaration that he gives to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just one comment. But rather Allah tells the prophets of salaam to say it all over again. Allah tells the prophets of salaam to reiterate emphasize if someone doesn't understand what you believe in. You don't start telling them other things. You repeat the same thing because your belief is very clear. So Allah tells the prophets I send them to repeat and he says why Allah say oh Mohamed wala Anna habido Mab and neither in the future, nor in the past, nor in the present, will I or was I or will, or am I going to worship anything but Allah azza wa jal?

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I'm not going to worship anything but Allah, My God is Allah That's it. I'm not going to submit to your pressures, I'm not going to submit to your ideological harassment of me, I'm not going to change anything that I believe in. My premises are very clear. My God is Allah, The God of Ibrahim Ali Sara, the god of Rissa, la Salam, the god of Musa alayhis, salam, the God of all of the messengers, all of the prophets of God, all the apostles of God, God, this is the same God that they all worship and this is who we worship as well. One and to maybe do an AMA, I wouldn't tell him again, look at you, you're not doing the things that I do. Because now we see people,

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Allah who will stand involving themselves in the name of unity within practices that are pagan practices.

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There is a day of judgment my brothers, you have to stand before Allah and answer to him. You have this life to live as a test. Don't feel pressured by people. If you have to stay silent.

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And that is better for you. You don't have to talk and involve yourself in everything. There's a lot of things that you people can get involved in, but you have you make the choice where you get involved in where you do not get involved. Move back, sit back a little bit. You don't have to be in every single circle so that you know, people take pictures of you all over the world and, you know, sit back, focus on your deen, remember your ERA Ibrahim Ali Salam. He told his people that he's not going to worship anyone but Allah azza wa jal, there were consequences. They wanted to throw him in the fire. He said, I'm not going to make any concessions. The prophets, Allah Allahu alayhi wa

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sallam, he told his people that I'm going to worship Allah, there were consequences. The prophets I said Lim was exiled. He accepted the exile the prophets of salaam was they attempted to assassinate him. He accepted it isa la salaam, they tried their best to try to crucify him as well. He accepted, you have to make sacrifices when you are calling to Allah. When you're walking in the path of Allah, there will be sacrifices you need to make, people are going to mock you, they will say evil things about you, you still have to continue to embrace and hold fast to your faith, faith, your belief, because this is what's going to lead you to Jannah and then tell them Lacan, Dino, Kamali? Again,

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you guys have your religion? And I have my religion? Is this a very difficult thing to do? Answer?

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Is it complicated to tell the people that I have my religion, it is different than yours? What is the problem with saying that to people? Why are you afraid? There are so many people who are so afraid of their identity? Why

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will lie I walk around like this in every situation? I have never had any trouble. And when I do,

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I don't really mind.

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I don't really care. I'm still going to continue to identify as whoever I am. I'm not saying Islam is these clothes. By the way. This is not my intention at all. I sometimes wear pants and shirts, and I wear everything as well. This is not my intention. My point is obviously as if I'm dressed like this, I'm identifiably Muslim, right? So that's something that I do in all situations, I have been doing it for the better part of my life. And frankly, you know, I enjoy this attire, I don't plan on changing as well. Right? Maybe I'll have a different decision later on in my life. But this is how I am. And this is how I will be because I don't mind being identified by people as a Muslim

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as a practicing person who believes in the faith of Islam, someone asks me, What do you believe in? I tell them, I believe in Islam, you want to know about Islam, I'll tell you about Islam. Why hide your identity, especially the brothers, our sisters SubhanAllah. They wear their hijab, they wear their Islam on their heads. It's so evident, but the brothers who have been given the who's supposed to have the result, the pride,

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the last thing they want to be known as, as Muslims, because they feel like they're going to be put in vulnerable situations, it is true, you will be put into vulnerable situations, it is true. Statistically speaking, you'll probably have less opportunity at work in in better jobs. Statistically speaking, you'll probably have more prejudices that will be leveled against you in the way you interact with people. This is all statistical. So there's no doubt about the fact that you're going to have some hardship that you're going to bear because of the fact that you look identifiably Muslim, there's no doubt about that. But there's still people flourishing. They're

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working hard. They're working around the system. They're making sure they get what they need to write. And by the way, this is one of the reasons why I say to you brothers support your Muslim businesses, because the moon person who goes through all of the loopholes in the system, and they are able to establish themselves, and they are identifiably Muslim people. You have to support them. I personally drive extra to go to Muslim businesses whenever I'm trying to get a service. I do you all know how far I live. I literally drive further to go to a Muslim business so that my money is given to a Muslim because I know how hard it is for this individual to start a business. There are

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many stories like this one day I was sitting inside of a coffee shop, and someone came up to me and again, I'm identifiably Muslim. He started talking to me and he said that, you know, I know that. There's a lot of biases and prejudices. And he started having this conversation with me and he told me that in our city, the city where I live spruce Grove in our city, we used to have a Starbucks that opened up and that Starbucks,

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a group of Pakistani Muslims, they opened it up. And when they opened it up, it was one of the most

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established businesses in town. They bought it from somebody

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else. And as soon as they bought it, they were identifiably different.

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Was it because they're Pakistani? Or is it brown? Or is it because they're Muslims, whatever it is. They're identifiably different, different. So he said they were doing a great job, but people stopped coming to their business. And he said, it was such an unfortunate story in our city, that they had to close down their business because they look different. So I know the struggle I was raised up here, I know that the different way you look, that affects your opportunities in life. We all know that one brother over here in this very Masjid. He told me because he was black skinned, he could not establish a business. So he hired a white guy,

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to be the face of the organization. He said, The next week, I made $30,000.

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And he kept on going into Hamdulillah. He's made money. And this happens. So I know by looking different by appearing different, you lose opera Trinity's within this world.

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But that doesn't mean you're going to leave your principles my brother because these print this life is very temporary. Stick to your principles. Stick to your faith. Tell people clearly what you believe in you don't have anything to be ashamed of Islam has nothing within it, that you have to be shy of. Be proud of the faith that Allah has granted you This is Allah's gift upon you. I ask Allah to bless that you will learn to allow us to be proud of our faith. I mean, Robin attina for dunya has an awful lot he has worked in other been now what? Jonathan? Abrar Yeah, as he's we have a thought, or opinions salata insalata didn't have any mesh fracture, you wouldn't think of whether

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the Corolla Corolla? Yeah. lymphomatous

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