What’s Love Got To-Do With It?

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The speaker discusses the importance of knowing one's identity and community in order to love one another. They share their love for their community and their own experiences with their own identities. They also mention a person named Brooke who spoke in a video about their community.

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So alikhan

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Norman Rahim o salat wa salam ala Rasulillah he saw Salam a couple of minutes I promise you is not going to be long. When I was in the third grade I was about eight years old and I learned the song that I never forgot. Would you like for me to sing it for you now? It's not going to happen

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but the song was something like this getting to know you getting to know all about you get into like you get into hope you like me? And there's nothing like knowing about Allah and His messenger.

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What's Love Got to do with a tuna turn x the question What does love have to do with everything? I leave this for you to consider. Let's say the Hello Jana has taught me know Allah to Mannahatta to hobble. You never go to Jana until you believe and you never believe in to love one another. So the question we have before us Do we love one another? I don't mean those muscles from your own country only. Or your own city or your own tribe, your own color. I have many identities.

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You could say I'm Ricky Yan. I'm American, like you American. We should want the best for this country. And every Kenyan I'm African. My forefathers were African as well. I'm black. But my greatest identity is unknown and a Muslim. Why? Because they will not be one black person in Jannah because they're black.

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Not one person in hell because they wide. No, by Allah's permission, and the good that we do, that's when we get it inshallah. So I just wanted to let you know insha Allah that I love you, I love this community.

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It's not like New York City, but it's it's it's good.

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So listen, may Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to bless you and as I leave,

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you know, I love all the Companions, my two favorite companions, Abu Bakr and Omar right. When you look at Abu Bakr and Omar, their character is impeccable, but their personality is different and night and day. And the thing I loved about Omar is that he always kept it 100 I'm not saying the other ones didn't, but he did give me one example. He said Yo Salalah and to have William and Cooley share in Illinois FC. You are more beloved to me than anyone except myself. Call Hola, Omaha Takahashi Laker Manav Sikka no OMA until I'm more loved even by yourself. He says L n Euro Salah and how will a human life say and if you think that the prophet does know what he's talking about, go to

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Surah nine, verse 25. And that will show you that the Prophet alayhi salat wa salam wasn't speaking from himself, but he's speaking from Allah. You cannot love your parents, your children, you know your husband, your wives, all of that, more than you love Allah

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and His messenger as salaam alaikum